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Batey Muffler Shop - 16 Reviews - 5303 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN - Auto Parts Reviews - Phone (615) 297-4765

Batey Muffler Shop

5303 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 297-4765
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Batey has worked on two cars that I have owned one being performance and one being a everyday driver. I was fully pleased with the ending result of each car. They where extremely ...


I had a high performance exhaust to install on my 2008 roadster, I was suggested by a friend to go to Batey for the install. After the install my exhaust rubbed the ground every c...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/19/2013

This guy is the best ! I took my truck in because I thought I needed a new catalectic converter. Mr. Batey put my pickup truck up on the lift and did a thorough inspection and told me that my exhaust system was fine. He then used a machine to find out that I had a bad O2 sensor. He pulled my pickup out of his work bay and told me that he would see me in a few years when my exhaust system goes bad. Mr. Batey didn't even charge me a dime to do all that. I know when it's time for new pipes, I am going to go there. Hard to find honesty like this in the world of automotive repair, but I think I found a shop that is ! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/19/2013

I had Batey's Muffler Shop replace my old rusted exhaust system on my vehicle. I was shocked ! Not only was the price way better than I had expected, the parts were quality and the service was amazing. I give this place 5 Stars. Definitely the place to take your wheels for muffler and pipe work ! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/17/2013

Dennis Batey and crew are the absolute best !!!! They have kept me running solid the last 13 years here in Nashville. Batey's Muffler is the most honest straight shooting muffler shop you will ever find. They never try to sell you anything you don't need, and they are a hard working family shop. Nothing but quality work and downright good people ! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/14/2013

These guys are awesome. I took my Altima in with a horrible sounding exhaust. I didn't have an appointment and within 15 minutes, they had diagnosed and fixed the problem! Best part is, they only charged me $45. Very honest, dependable, and fast. Highly recommended! more

Batey has worked on two cars that I 5/30/2012

Batey has worked on two cars that I have owned one being performance and one being a everyday driver. I was fully pleased with the ending result of each car. They where extremely helpful and honest when it came to the price. They also took the time to find out what I was expecting the ending result to be so that I would be fully satisfied. They have been in the same building for over 30 years that should tell you that they do quality work. more

Highly recommended by others, but not me. 5/7/2012

I had a high performance exhaust to install on my 2008 roadster, I was suggested by a friend to go to Batey for the install. After the install my exhaust rubbed the ground every chance it got. I had left the shop with out a properly installed exhaust and Batey (and staff) didnt warn me. I returned the next day to ask if he could adjust it, he became quite defensive and accused the manufacturer (Solo Performance) of building sub par parts, and that I needed to take it up with them. He confidently proclaimed ""Ive done this for 31 years, and I know a manufacturing mistake when I see one"". Trusting him, I called SOLO, and was put in touch with a rep that was shocked at the photos and video of the exhaust I sent him. He then asked me to return to the shop so he could talk with a tech and work things out. He even offered to send a whole new exhaust if the tech said it was needed. I returned (3rd time) to Batey at which point he stopped me at the door all but yelling ""What are you saying, that I didnt install it right?!"" Talk about feeling awkward, I just wanted some assistance with a bad situation and to make my car drivable again. Mind you that I NEVER once raised my voice during any of these encounters, nor did I argue with him. Why? I am a mechanical and systems engineer by trade, I KNOW how hard it is dealing with the public and fabricated parts from distant providers, plus I try to put faith in my friends recommendations for cheap and easy exhaust installations. Batey refused to talk to the manufacturer. He raised the vehicle one last time hoping to show me the problem in the design, so I video taped the event. I immediately noticed two bolts going into the catalytic converter that looked ""stressed"" as the heads were rounded and the washers were cracked unevenly under them. Batey noticed I was videoing the damaged bolts and became hostile. He ordered the car to be lowered and told me that ""Ive done my job, now go find someone else to harass"". I called SOLO, they recommended Midas on Nolensville road. A tech there immediately said ""oh I can fix this, it just needs to be loosed and pushed in properly"" He then showed me how the parts were not even fitting correctly from the exhaust into the converter, and slowly rubbed his fingers over the damaged bolts... to which he said ""uh oh"" he tried to loosen them, no luck. He had to drill them out of my converter. BATEY CROSS SCREWED THE BOLTS IN. This totally explains why he refused to even once loosen and adjust the exhaust to a proper height, why he blamed SOLO, and why he became so hostile as I videoed the damaged bolts. The Midas tech was able to install the exhaust PROPERLY in 15 minutes. He even buffed out the scratches on the pipes where I had drug the ground due to Bateys poor install. Talk about going the extra mile. (He also commented on how well made my exhaust was, and that I had picked a real ""winner"") I hate that I am supporting a chain over a local, but if the locals are too prideful to admit a mistake, or inability to install a simple exhaust (I could have done this if I still owned a lift and air tools). 31 years of technical experiences is wasted if you become too prideful to admit a mistake. I am not going back to his shop to ask for any money back, he was quite aggressive when I pulled out last time. So I will leave him to the BBB. I am simply going to swallow the $61 Midas bill just to avoid going back to this guy. I never had to order additional parts to complete the install, everything was right from the beginning from SOLO. I dont doubt this place has recommendations, he was super friendly as he courted my business, I just hope your installations go flawlessly or else you may end up with a very arrogant owner with poor ""damage control"" skills. more

Custom Magnaflow System on my 2010 Dodge Challenger 5/13/2011

Dennis has been my exhaust person for years. He just put a true dual custom exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers. Not a prepackaged kit. Cost about 1/2 what the kit runs. He did a Great Job. Sounds Super and Looks Awesome!!! Thanks Dennis more

Excellent Service 4/20/2011

I hate taking my vehicle to the shop, I even changed the engine out myself, but I cannot work on Catalytic Converters or Exhaust. I was apprehensive about taking my vehicle to someone, but found the good reviews about Batey. Dennis was upfront, honest, and gave me a fair price. He double checked to make sure that he ordered the right part, and when it got there, it was. Even when they had trouble getting it installed (worn studs on exhaust manifold, not their fault but mine from the engine swap) they were still courteous and friendly. I will highly recommend them to anyone needing exhaust work!! more


After a horrible experience at a local Nashville muffler shop and so much trouble with my truly beloved Volvo 240, I found Batey's via the internet and read all of these great reviews. The best referral is from others! I called Batey's first and was told I could supply my preferred parts (at my request). I was given a very reasonable and affordable labor quote. I decided to add a few other things after that too. Upon arrival at the shop, I was greeted by Mr. Batey with one of the most down-to-earth and friendly personalities I've come across in professional service in a LONG time. My elderly Mother adored him ... that says a lot! Trust me. :-) He fixed an annoying LOUD rattle in a split second that had been driving me crazy for 2 years! He allows the customer to be interactive with him, and shows individuals everything he is doing and explains things in detail. His work is impeccable. He does NOT try to do work that isn't necessary, and tells the customer what lies ahead regarding repairs. I appreciate that more than words can express! I added a rear muffler (brand he sells) to my repairs, which comes with a warranty. He stands behind his work! He took time, and slowed down long enough to point out that my transmission mount and motor mounts were almost disintegrated!!! I had repair work done twice elsewhere before arriving at Batey's. No one pointed this out to me, and one of the shops had my car for 12 days and couldn't figure out why my engine was jumping up and down like a maniac. They never put it on a rack, but told me they could obtain wiring diagrams for my vintage Volvo like it was a spaceship from Mars or something. I was told my fuel injectors were bad (not so), but they neglected to put the fuel filter on that I asked for and took them. It was still in the front seat when I went to confiscate my car after 2 weeks because they wouldn't call me. They have been in business for 30 years too. Crazy. A new fuel filter installed elsewhere solved part of the problem. I had even written on a work order for one of the places to check the motor mounts. Unreal. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Batey for showing this to me because I could have easily had a wreck after I saw how mutilated and melted they were with my own eyes! He told me to come back and he would make any necessary adjustments to my exhaust system after I had new mounts installed. Wonderful! My money is tight right now due to numerous repair bills, and he put a new tailpipe on for me as a bonus because he wanted me to be happy. It's simply refreshing to find someone that is not only trustworthy, but also gracious in this day and age. I will be a loyal customer forever to Batey Muffler Shop. I grabbed a stack of business cards while there, and I'm handing them out to everyone I know!! I'm a very picky individual too. Try them out. You won't be sorry! Disregard the comment on here about Mr. Batey being condescending to women. That reviewer must have a giant chip on her shoulder. I wasn't treated like that at all. Mr. Batey's expertise, professionalism, kindness, and honesty met all of my expectations, and then some! more


Best Muffler Shop in town. Dennis has done the exhaust on every vehicle I have ever owned. He is THE CUSTOM KING, and stands behind every weld in his systems. He has, to date, done 5 custom dual exhausts for me and he is about to be doing my tuner's exhaust as well. I have never had a problem with any of his work! Even when I broke a hanger off in the mud, he repaired it no charge! Dennis Batey isn't just the best muffler guy around though, he's also a world class gentleman! All the guys at the shop are friendly and professional, and the work is completely affordable! I just can't say enough about Dennis and his shop! I hope he's open for another 20-somethin years! In fact, I'm headed down there today just to say hi! Thanks for everything, Dennis! -JCampbellTN more

One of the fairest, trustworthy and honest people in town 9/1/2010

Went there to fix a muffler. Didn't need fixing, told me to save my money. Fixed a hanger that had been improperly re-installed. Checked the manifold, said it was good. Went for a ride. Diagnosed the problem as a weak motor mount that was causing the problem. Took car back to where I bought it. Mechanic went for a ride and said it was a weak motor mount, that he had indicated in his tech report to the dealership. After calling the dealership on their shinanigans they agreed to fix it for free. Mr. Batey gained nothing from this episide financially. Always honest and best muffler shop in town. more

Best place in nashville 8/23/2010

Batey Muffler did a great job and were the best price. On top of all that they were very fast and friendly. Honestly you could look other places but you won't find a cheaper place that does the job correctly. more

Exceptional Service 7/19/2010

I found Batey Muffler on internet.Because of good reviews decided to check them out.\r Needed a catylitic converter for my Honda CRV.Price quoted was way cheaper than everywhere else.\r Told it would take an hour I was on the road in half that time.\r I'm still amazed how painless process was.\r Family owned and undoubtedly friendliest shop I've ever been to. Pros: Friendly and Professional more

Batey Muffler Shop 6/7/2010

Went to have my muffler looked at at Batey Muffler, and I was told that it may still be under warranty. I called the company that makes the muffler and they told me that it was under warranty. They sent me a new one and I was able to put it on myself. I took it back to Batey to see if it was put on properly and then I was on my way. I paid $0. Thanks for the warranty tip! The owner of Batey seemed very genuine. Pros: exceptionally friendly and out to help the consumer more

30 minutes - great service great price 5/19/2010

I pulled into the lot at 2:30pm in my Honda Accord. The eldest Batey put my car in the air and let me take a look. The entire pipe from the catalytic converter to the muffler was rusted. The muffler had a hole in the side.\r \r He quoted me $299 to change out everything from the catalytic converter to the tailpipe. I didn't get any quotes from other shops, but that sounded about right, so I agreed.\r \r I went next door, bought a chili dog, ate it, walked back to Batey's, and literally 5 minutes later my car was ready.\r \r I pulled out of their parking lot at 3:05pm and the car passed emissions with flying colors. It's a lot quieter now, too.\r \r If you need a muffler, call Batey's. \r Pros: Fast and Friendly Cons: NA more

AWESOME SERVICE!!!!!!! 2/12/2010

This morning (2/12/10)I went to Batey's on the recommendation of a local body shop. Mr. Batey kindly greeted me when I walked into the shop. I explained to him that I would like an estimate on getting a rattle fixed that the dealer said would cost me $900 to fix. He and his son pulled my vehicle into the shop. A few minutes later he returned and clearly explained what the problem was and quoted me a price that was 90% cheaper....YES...90% cheaper than the dealer estimate. What's better than that was that he and his son were able to repair my car in about 30 minutes allowing me to make it to work on time. I would definetly recomment Batey's Muffler Shop. The service is quick, the prices are very reasonable, and the work is top quality. THANKS BATEY""S MUFFLER SHOP!! D Pros: Friendly, honest, reasonably priced Cons: Non more

Awesome Customer Service for Women 12/17/2009

Mr. Batey and his son were very helpful and does awesome work! I have had work done two times with him and I am a single woman. He has done nothing but be very helpfu and his prices are better than the chains around town. I always try and support the local businesses in town and Batey Muffler is definately one I would recommend!!!! more

you two revierws must be male!!! 12/11/2009

My rating would be a zero if I could!\r \r Bateys treats women as though they know nothing about cars. Wrong! Don't talk down to women or jerk them around and you might end up with so much business you'd have to be on open past 5PM and on weekends. You know, a time more convenient to the rest of the world. Ick. I'll NEVER give them my business. Cons: horrible hours, condescending to women more

Best Price in Town and the Best Service 12/31/2008

I brought my car in to get a new muffler and found the staff to be extremely helpful and conscientious. They were done within the hour and I was on the road again to the tune of $98 dollars. The owner even recommended other shops in town that are honest and have fair prices. I would go back in a heartbeat for any muffler problems I have in the future. Pros: Great price and fast service more

Excellent Service! 2/20/2008

Batey Muffler has a highly professional business etiquette, squeaky clean property, fast service & better quality of parts. Unlike a franchise garage, they still have a small-town attitude toward service, and treated me like they expected to see me again -they will.\r \r more
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