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Barrington Staffing Svc

3216 W Burbank Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 954-8220
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I have to say, I'm extremely surprised at all the negative reviews about Barrington. I am currently with 4 temp agencies, and Barrington is by far the best. Two of the agencies ...


If only I had read these bad reviews first! I agree 100% I saw an Admin job they listed on Craigslist, sent a resume and they called me to set up an interview. I specifically ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/6/2013

Faulty/Fishy Staffing Agency - Barrington will not tell you how long the temp position is for. Once hired, they do not keep in touch with you as often as they did when they were encouraging you to take on a position thru them. Then suddenly, out of the blue, one day after work hours they will give you a call to notify you that your temp position has come to an end. No previous heads up or anything. Just a sudden 'hey, since its after your scheduled work hours, I needed to call and let you know that today was your last day, you do not need to show up tomorrow/Monday"". more

Couldn't Be Happier 10/22/2009

I have to say, I'm extremely surprised at all the negative reviews about Barrington. I am currently with 4 temp agencies, and Barrington is by far the best. Two of the agencies I'm with haven't gotten me a single day of work, the other one has gotten me one assignment, and Barrington gets me at least a few days of work every one to two weeks. Barrington is a small company and I feel like they really know you. I came in with a referral from a friend, and they knew exactly who she was and what companies she's temped at without having to look her up. That gave me an initial positive reaction about the place. Whenever I call to follow up on a job, all I do is say my name and they know off the top of their heads which job I am calling about. They know me, and I feel like I have a personal connection with both Gaby and Janet. Within a week of signing up I was placed at a two week position. Never have I received this type of treatment. In this economy, I feel like Barrington has really done it's job. Of course I would love it if they could find me a permanent position, but right now I'm just happy to be able to pay rent. Pros: Gets me work! Cons: Nothing Really more

Impressed! 8/30/2009

Anyone looking for good temp work should definitely give Barrington a chance. After being let go from a permanent job, I applied at many different temp agencies in hopes of being placed immediately. But even with qualifications I wasn't contacted for anything. After many disappointments, I found Barrington and decided to apply. I was offered a temp job within a week of singing up, and have been contacted with other prospective positions. I currently work with other Barrington temps and they have all expressed satisfaction with this agency and their performance. In short, I've had a great experience. I would highly recommend giving them a try. Pros: Friendly people, reliable placement Cons: Nothing so far! more

Great Job Connections in this Area 8/28/2009

Through the use of Barrington Staffing have come to rely on them for much of my income. When they send me out they will always brief me on the job requirements and more importantly the history or culture of the situation I'm walking into, As a plus it is always a location that is close to my residence. Like many busy places I do call 2-3 times a week to find new leads on permanent jobs or pending temp positions and to keep Barrington updated on my schedule. Times are tough out there and I have been without a permanent position for a two years now, but thanks to Barrington I have been able to make ends meet. I've read the negative reviews on this site and I just have to say competition is fierce people. There are no jobs out there. The ones that I have seen have been requiring a 4 year degree for a $12.00/ hr position. No one is handing out cush jobs left and right. Do the work, call in, improve your admin scores. Take a lower paying job for a day or week, keep the ball rolling! Pros: Good staffing relationship Cons: Current state of Economy more

Don't Waste Your Valuable Time 7/17/2009

If only I had read these bad reviews first! I agree 100% I saw an Admin job they listed on Craigslist, sent a resume and they called me to set up an interview. I specifically asked the girl on the phone if there was a typing test because my typing was only about 30 words a minute AND the ad they posted did NOT require fast typing only basic computer knowledge, filing and friendly personality. She said ""Oh, there shouldn't be any tests for this position"". THEN, for this LOW PAYING part-time job I was there 2 1/2 hours!! Tedious long tests after she said there ""shouldn't be"" tests. BAIT and SWITCH> I should have left but I guess they knew I wanted a job, so she lied just to get me in there and I have not received ANY follow up from her. I once did sales and mentioned I did not want to do sales because I am not that great at it . Now THIS is outrageous. She told me SHE was terrible at SALES too!! Hold on, isn't what they do SALES?? OK- if these people can't sell their applicants...need I say more?? A good staffer calls her clients and says ""I have got a great person for you. You have to meet him/her"" Cons: Two and a Half Wasted Hours more

Unprofessional! RUDE! 6/3/2009

Don't waste your time ....Staffing agents are RUDE more

Unprofessional..... 6/2/2009

Don't is not worth the time.. more

RUDE!! 6/2/2009

The worst recruiters & people skills I have EVER . more

Ineffective + Non-responsive = Thumbs down on the Barrington Staff 11/30/2008

I went to Barrington Staffing in Burbank back in June, 2006. I completed the application and did well on the tests. I have yet to hear from the Barrington staff. Gaby was my initial contact and I called her in October, 2007 about a job I saw listed in a local newspaper. She left me a voicemail indicating I needed to update my profile. I called her back the same day and provided the info she needed. I never heard back on the job that I had inquired about. Frankly, I don't know how they stay in business with their lack of follow-up and poor treatment of applicants. I am wondering if a previous reviewers suggesting that Barrington's staff might be prejudiced may be onto something. I am an english speaking, female baby-boomer and most certainly a ""minority"" in the working world. I could really use an affirmative action program right NOW! more

Worst staff agency ever! 10/15/2008

On the first day on my way to work for this agency I got into a car accident. (not my fault)\r I immediately called the BS agency and told them what had happend. Gaby's (one of the staffmembers) first response was ""Oh, I don't know if I can hold your job."" So much for human compassion. I ended up making it to work unharmed thank God, but received a phonecall 2 weeks later from Gaby again around 7pm on a Friday night. She informed me that the company no longer needed me and that she was surprised I didn't call her before since she told some girl to inform me about my job termination. Some girl, how about my supervisor or HR? Then Gaby had the audacity to tell me that she had a job for me that Friday but since I didn't call her it was gone now. She did offer me another job 4 weeks later, so far from my house that it would take me one paycheck to get me there. \r Every day when I called in they immediately told me, ""no we have nothing now, but check back tomorrow."" click.. Their pay is low and they only exist for themselves, I am sure they handle their clients as bad as they handle the people who apply for a job. After all, they are getting paid, no matter what. Cons: everything more

Stay Away from this company 2/21/2008

This company is a fraud and discriminates. They advertise jobs that pay just above minimum wage but then require you to have this long list of qualifications, even though they don't put some of those requirements on the posting. So if you see their job postings like on craigslist, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! When they don't want to hire someone they make up qualifications that didn't exist before.They never respond to the resume that you submit, and when you call them they either give you the runaround or ignore your messages. They never return your calls. I think there are labor laws against employement discrimination. I wonder the companies that they contract with know their hateful practices. Their office staff are rude, uneducated and need to be fired. This company needs to be investgated by the labor department and also sued. LIARS and FRAUDS. more

Very unprofessional and greedy 10/18/2007

I would NEVER recommend this agency to anyone seeking employment. I found \r everyone in the office to be offensive and unprofessional. They offer the lowest\r wage jobs in the county. They expect you to possess all these valuable skills, yet pay nothing for them.\r They very obviously only care about their profits and will use their employees for\r everything they can!!! Cons: everything more

Barrington Staffing 9/19/2007

I believe all the good reviews written about Barrington Staffing is done by their own staff .\r \r I feel they hire underqualified candidates who would take lower wages so they retain most of the fees . \r They keep posting jobs on Craigslist and elsewhere but keep all applicants at a standstill and brush off any enthusiasm with ""we will call you"" !\r The staff members I met were uneducated, cold and prejudiced. I am sure if you are hispanic you will have a better chance!\r more

Unfriendly and unresponsive 11/17/2006

I asked around and heard a lot of negative things about \r Barrington Staffing, but I thought I would give them a \r chance anyway. There was only one nice person in the \r office when I first arrived, but unfortunately she left. All the other \r people were very unfriendly. I would ask questions and they would \r ignore me. One woman really looked me up and down and made\r me feel uncomfortable. They never called me about a job and I felt\r overall that they just didn't even care to try to find me a job. I personally\r would never recommend this agency. Cons: Unfriendly and unmotivated more

Great Jobs 8/27/2006

I've read the reviews about Barrington and I have to tell you, I was a little iffy going to them since there were a couple of bad reviews. Good thing I did go because if not, I wouldn't be going to 2 (and counting) interviews this week. While registering, I overheard a couple of people who was making a stink about the whole thing. I heard this one girl, she came in w/an attitude and she expects to be helped. Unbelievable! I was patient and went through all of the mind numbing process but, if I hadn't, I wouldn't be having this much luck going to interviews. The staff was great. They actually ask me if I was satisfied with my scores and asked me if I wanted to re-do them. They even advised me on how to improve my resume. So far, I'm satisfied with the service and the job selection. I've registered at another agency and they weren't as great as this one. The other agency didn't even go over any job for me. I don't even think they sent my resume's to any jobs. I'm happy w/Barrington! I tell all my friends about it : ) Pros: Staff and Job Selection Cons: Manual Math Test : ) more

Great Service and Job Selection 6/21/2006

I went in and one of the interviewer told me about several positions that they said matches up to what their client is looking for. I told them that I was interested in all of them and they had my resumes out to different jobs! They gave me suggestions on how I can improve my resume, which helped me out BIG TIME! I was interviewed with many of their clients and they actually gave me the option to choose which company I would like to work for! I was such in a bind to look for a job since the company I was working for is closing down and thankfully, a couple of my friends actually temped for Barrington and they told me to go there. They have the friendliest staff and they would call you when they get new jobs, tell you how much it paid and all of the information that you need to know if you won't mind doing that job. The only thing is that I was there for 2 hours or so since they made me do all that testing! I guess it helped out since they did get me a job! I had to do math testing MANUALLY! There was a multiplication and division test, which I found weird. We all use calculators now. Anyway, it was okay I guess. Overall I had a great experience and I have read that one bad review about them and it's not true! They are a great and I was lucky to find them! more

Efficient & Helpful 6/21/2006

I came in and one of the supervisors sat me down and explained to me what the whole process was about. She told me that I was to fill out all the new hire paperwork so when they find me a job, I get to start working as soon as possible. I had a great experience and within a week, I got a job!!!! : ) They were very thorough and called me everytime there was a job that matches to what I was looking for. I highly recommend this agency! more

Dependable and Professional 6/14/2006

I walked into Barrington Staffing and within two weeks I was working. My Experience with Barrington Staffing lead to a permanent position. more


I had an interview today, walked-in explained to the personnel what kind of jobs I was seeking and supposedly to meet with an interviewee. This person told me we can help you with the placement, but you have to fill out an electronic application before we can set you in to your field of jobs. After I was done, they gave me a W-4 form and ask me to fill it out. I asked, ""Why?"" - The person says, ""It's our policy."" After I asked, ""Why, again?"" - The person sent me out the door. That was really unhelpful!! The person didn't even ask, if I have a resume with me or provide any help after I questioned why to fill out a W-4 form, if I am not even hire for a job?! I really don't see a reason why to fill out all my personal information when they didn't have a job available the first place. In the end, the person says ""we have your information store and we just don't have anything for you right now at this moment."" I never was invited for an interview. Their policy is to draw people in and fill in the electronic application and waste people' time!!\r \r Pros: No Pros! - None. Cons: Unprofessional! No Jobs Available! more

Barrington Staffing, Where nothing gets done 5/30/2006

I recently signed up with Barrington Staffing in the first week of May. What I came to find was that Barrington Staffing does not have a qualified staff of it's own let alone help an individual find work. After completing everything that they asked of me Barrington never once called me in 3 1/2 weeks. Even with me calling once or twice a week it never went anywhere. The phrase was ""we haven't found a match for you yet."" On my final call, Barrington Staffing went on to say that I was ""snappy"" with them. Not only did this staffing agency not find work for myself but then went on to make excuses about how I had handled them. And of course, the excuse was entirely false. Anyone that ever has interest in Barrington Staffing should do some research and then change there mind. Pros: No Pros Cons: Unprofessional more
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