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Barking Lot

1030 Goff Rd
Columbia, SC 29229
(803) 699-7077
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I will NEVER use another kennel, because the Barking Lot has provided the upmost care for my pets over the past seven years! They are loved and nurtured there, and I feel so comf...


Ursula you are a horrible person and your kennel is the worst place in the world for animals. You pack in over 100 dog's over holidays and only have room for 45. You half your 4x8...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/10/2012

Oak loves coming to the Barking Lot. The staff is very friendly. We love being able to pick him up on Sunday. It's very convenient to leave him for the weekend. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/5/2012

Charlie loves staying at the Barking Lot. He never wants to come home. I recommend the Barking Lot to all of my friends. A great place for boarding and reasonably priced. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/25/2012

I love this place!! More importantly my dog loves this place. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/13/2012

Always a great experience when I bring my 2 dogs in. The staff is great but most of all very cozy. more

Worst Place ever 12/14/2011

Ursula you are a horrible person and your kennel is the worst place in the world for animals. You pack in over 100 dog's over holidays and only have room for 45. You half your 4x8 runs and put 2 large dogs in a 4x4 space. Your play yards are never cleaned properly and your dogs don't go out as often as you advertise. She is an absentee owner that only shows up for money. You are rude to your clients and your employees. I should know I used to work there. more

Good Place 10/10/2011

I have boarded my dogs here several times...they are always happy going in and happy and healthy when I pick them up. They do have kinda odd hours but I have always been able to work with it....It's quite busy in the morning at drop off time so I believe many people have not had any problems. I will take my dogs to the Barking Lot again soon! more


I will NEVER use another kennel, because the Barking Lot has provided the upmost care for my pets over the past seven years! They are loved and nurtured there, and I feel so comfortable leaving them there for any amount of time. NO ISSUES, EVER, BEST PLACE EVER! more

Terrible Place 1/25/2011

I needed to board my puppy over the holidays and went in for a look around. The woman at the desk was obviously drinking. The room smelled like poo and there were hardly any dogs there. Needless to say I left. I found a wonderful sitter to keep my baby in my home over the holidays and things where great. I wish I'd read these reviews before I wasted my time. Everyone needs to be very careful with whom they leave their pets. Especially here! more

Sad 1/20/2011

My boyfriend and I are going out of town and we were really considering boarding our dog here while we were gone....until seeing these reviews. Honestly, it is not the reviews of ""other people"" that is disturbing but the comments made by ""cricket"" who is obviously an employee or owner. How embarrassing. I'm sure they are upset with the bad reviews they are recieving but when people are stating you have bad customer service on review sites...don't PROVE what they are saying by trying to ""defend"" your actions by arguing on a website. Without even coming by to meet the staff and see the facility, the comments made under each review are enought that I can already tell I don't want to deal with these people! What a waste! more

why is my dog taken care of by drunk!!!! 11/26/2010

This place is a joke!!! I thought i was at a night club cause the lady at the front was drunk and smelt of alcohol as she tried to tell me my dog would be taken good care of ,OK!! Looks like she couldnt take care of her self much less my dog. I could see that there was little dogs to the left of the waiting room and i could see that some of them had poo in there cage! I wasnt about to leave my dog with this drunk! Although when i was in the day before,the place was a it should be, the little blonde girl was very nice and very helpfull so i was going to board my dog there.Untill I met NIGHT CLUB! NO WAY!!! How can this person be aloud to care for animals. I was also told that the owner spends time with each and every one of her animals, I NEVER SAW HER... hmmmm..... and there were dogs out side by there selfs all alone in there LITTLE AREA. But i read that my dog would be played with by one of the staff or the owner at all times, and go for walks several times a day. I was there with (Night Club) the lady at the front , for an hour but didnt see this happen hm........ I wouldnt want to be left there so Im not going to board my dog there either ,dog lovers beware!! more

Worst Customer Service 11/7/2010

I took my poor dog to these people on a couple of instances. I was dissatisfied after the first visit but still thought to give them a second chance. This will NEVER happen again. The dogs stay in less than sanitary conditions, the customer service is awful, and the staff seems afraid / mis-treated by the owner who has an appropriate name of Ursula. Other kennels in the area have been far superior and are just as reasonably priced. If you love your pet, you would not take them here. more

Not safe for pets 10/13/2010

I had boarded my baby with this facility several months ago. And had an awful experience and since have boarded with a diffrent kennel and was very happy which prompted me to post this to help warm others that may leave their baby with this horrible place. It started out nice the young lady i met was very friendly and my baby seemed to take to her and on that day of my dropping off I also met the groomer who was also very nice and attentive. I was so happy with the girls when asked about grooming I happily said yes to a bath the day of pick up. I finished with the paperwork and was on my way, I had called to check in on my little girl and was assured everything was great. I was told what a little angel my baby was being and how she was being spoiled with extra play time since they were slow and this i was very happy about still all seemed very good. It wasn't til i picked her up that it all fell apart.That day another lady was behind the desk it was later in the day, it took her a minute to even remember my dogs name after a few minutes of speaking to her I could smell beer on her, Then she started to tell me all about my baby, all about the dog she couldn't remember just minutes before. This threw up a red flag. Then I peeked at her in the next room since the cages where she was kept were right off the waiting area and her cage was soiled she the began to say it was because she was excited to see me she must of had an accident. Please understand she has been boarded many times throughout her life and NEVER had that happened. Then this lady started to give me items that were not even mine and when she returned the LEFT OVER food to me I knew something was wrong I had only given enough for her stay! Why was there any left? Well the answers i was given lead me to more questions. ""She wasn't eating"" then why was i told she was? ""well she just didn't eat that much? Why wasn't I told she wasn't eating well? "" I think she was the one whose food we couldn't find at first so we gave her HOUSE FOOD"" What is ""HOUSE FOOD""? Which would explain the loose stools she had for days after I got her home. Well I had picked her up and WOAH she stunk it didn't seem as if she had a bath at all and her hair didn't even seemed like a brush ahd touched her. When I asked about weather or not the groomer was able to bath her and why was I charged if she didn't, I was told that the bath was done the day before I picked her up and that she was done not by the groomer but by the kennel worker that morning. I thought I made it clear the day of. I also thought i was getting her done by a professional but I was wrong. I have not been back to this kennel the confusion at this particular kennel is just to much to put my dog or me through again. The shady way they do business is beyond me. I would love to have this place investigated but I found out that the state of SC has no regulations kennels must follow. So BEWARE where you leave your pets I know after speaking to a few friends that have used this kennel I was told the owner is rude and only cares about the mighty $$$$ and it shows with the lady I delt with that day i'm not sure if she was drinking beer on the job or just failed to shower after a night of drinking but that is a chance I wish niot to take. A good friend also had her dog kenneled there that came home hurt and he was never taken to the vet for his injury during his stay instead it was looked over and not even brought up to his parents. How can you trust them to care for animals when they don't remember them or notice if they get hurt? I READ A COMMENT THAT THE OWNER KNOWS ALL THE DOGS BY NAME AND SPENDS ONE ON ONE TIME WITH THEM AND I AM SORRY BUT THAT IS BULL WHEN THE EMPLOYEES DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE DEALING WITH AND DOGS ARE SENT HOME INJURED AND NO NOTICE IS GIVEN TO THE OWNERS. PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN DEALING WITH THIS KENNEL. more


I have what you would call a VERY spoiled 11 year old Golden Retriever who suffers from severe seperation anxiety whenever i go out of town. I finaly found a place where her and I are incredibly overwelmed with the services at the Barking Lot. I did a un-announced stop in at the facility to give them a look. Lets just say i was impressed from the get go. I was greated promptly by a smiling and very friendly staff. Without hesitation I was shown the entire facilty and found it to be amazing clean and friendly. The owner Ursula personaly spent quite a bit of time with me and my Golden and listened to all my concerns about boarding my dog wih anyone. I had a horific experience with the last place I boarded her and i ended up with quite and extensive vet bill from her being mis-cared for. Ursula and the staff made me feel very comfortable. After checking my baby in a few days later for a 4 day stay. I was having a bit more anxiety than my pet was. I called each day (sometimes several time) to make sure all was well. The staff was very well excepting of this and assured me she was doing awsome. Upon my arival to pick her up..she was brought out to me and she was so happy. Yet, to my surprise..wasnt' ready to leave. This has never happened before. let's just say..I thought I spoiled her too much. Well, obvously they spoiled her a bit more. I cant thank the owner and staff for there incredible facility and I will be recomending The Barking Lot to everyone I know. If you care about your pet in any way and want the assurance that they will be cared for while you have to travel. There is no other place like this for your loved one. Thank you very much and cant wait to see you again to start her grooming there as well. You girls ROCK!! Pros: INCREDIBLE CARE AND COMPASION Cons: ABSOLUTELY NONE more

Great Boarding and Grooming AAA+ 5/27/2010

Even tho' The Barking Lot, Inc. has strived for 16 years to provide the best care to all the pets who board with us, there are a handful who for one reason or another have chosen another kennel for their needs. The Barking Lot spares no expense when procuring cleaning supplies that are safe for use aropund the pets (we use cleaners that eliminate HIV and work on a molecular level to combat odors) and are constantly cleaning. We are open for business every day of the year, to include all the big holidays (Christmas, 4th of July, etc) for drop off and/or pick up. And as hard as we try, there will be a small percentage of people who are not happy with anything we do. We can only focus on the clients who tell us repeatedly that their pets get excited when they turn onto Goff Rd. and know they are coming to us for a stay. All pets are comfortable, safe, and content while in our care. The comments/reviews found here are not representative of the care and concern given to over 2,000 pets who board with The Barking Lot annually. Pros: This was my 1st time there Dog Looks Fabulous Cons: none so far more

As an ex employee 5/10/2010

Good Luck... Pros: Playtime 6x daily, reasonable rates, loving caretakers more

Do Not Board Here 3/10/2009

I have boarded my dogs there twice. The first time was over Christmas. I had a death in the family and had to come home on Christmas day to take care of some things. I went to get my dogs and she tried to charge me for the full time I had booked. That would have had me paying for 8 days I wasn't even going to be there. The last time I called to tell them I was going to be out of town one more day and needed to keep my dogs there. No one told me they close at 10 am on Tuesdays. I showed up, the open sign was on, the front door was open and the owner was inside. I asked to pick up my dogs and she would not let me have them. She got mean and tried to yell at me. I had to call the police to have them come out she was so unreasonable. I would never leave my dogs there again or have any of my friends take their animals there. The owner is truly one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met in my life. She has a chip on her shoulder and taked it out on everyone else. Do yourself a favor and do not ever take your animals here. It will save you from having to meet her. Pros: Nothing Cons: Most unprofessional owner of a business more

Bate & Switch 11/19/2008

After being quoted for the $20 per day for two animals (regardless of weight) the 7 day stay would've been $140.00 plus tax. After being charged & having paid for the $38 per day totaling $226.00 plus tax an employee tried to offer a discount of $40 off because she felt the owner was at fault. I'm seeking a reimbursment of $86.00 through an outside agency. I also do not want anyone else to have to go through this same experience. At this point after what my neighbor & I went through we would ABSOLUTELY NOT reccommend this ""business"" to anyone. Also, the employee's that ""dealt"" with the pick-up of the dogs had nothing but negative remarks regarding the owner and the establishment. For example, specific comments include: ""She (meaning Ursula) is not a people person"" and ""She has had many complaints from previous customers."" I wish that more consumers had been active in the past regarding this business, it could've saved me a lot of time and grief. Pros: The Kennel was large enough for 2 Labs Cons: Customer service & price scams more

Try working for them! 8/25/2008

I worked for these women for quite sometime - although I enjoyed my job, these women were TERRIBLE to work for. I busted my behind for low pay, long hours, to be accused of being out all night partying when I was tired because I'd been doing the job of 5 people. At first they were happy with the work I did and my enthusiasm, but as time went on they got more and more nasty. The owner never got involved with the business unless it was during big holidays and she was just as bad to work for. I felt like the red headed stepchild working there. One of the women had such a grudge on me that she would make up lies about me and report that I hadn?t done specific parts of my job, when it was my routine to double check all tasks were done before I would leave for the day. I miss working with the dogs, but I don?t miss the harassment and belittling I got while working there. These women have no compassion for other people, their customers or their workers. On one good note, this is one of the most sanitary kennels I have ever seen and your dog will be treated tell, but you will have to sacrifice good customer service. more

Good pet care 1/12/2008

I was sent this website through email from a friend. I am sorry that these people had a bad experience at the barking lot. I personally have taken my dogs there for several years. They have been groomed many times and we were completely satisified with their grooming. The dogs love to go there and get so excited they almost pull me down getting to the door to go inside. They have boarded there many times with no bad experiences. I would recommend this kennel to anyone for boarding and grooming. more

Owner has no compassion for humans 1/9/2008

Although I have nothing to indicate my dog was not treated well, the owner of this kennel has no complassion for human beings, so how could she have compassion for animals? more
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