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Barcelona Restaurants

15440 N Greenway Hayden Loop
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 603-0370
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Recently took some good friends out to celebrate their anniversary and chose Barcelona for our entertainment. Arrived around 8:30pm and the Jazz singer was still performing.....w...


This used to be a date night favorite for my wife and I, but no more. The crowd and atmosphere have really changed and it is no longer the classy night out I remember...

A turn for the worse... 6/15/2011

This used to be a date night favorite for my wife and I, but no more. The crowd and atmosphere have really changed and it is no longer the classy night out I remember... more

Changed, but not enough 3/16/2009

Hadn't been to Barcelona in probably six months. I was getting emails and facebook messages about all of the "great changes" and the "new Barcelona" and thought I would give it ONE MORE TRY. Well, big waste of time. They spent a lot of money making more VIP areas so they can entertain Hugh's friends for free and over charge the rest of us poor schmoes on bottle service. Kathy was her smiling self and Johnny the perfect host but it didn't make up for lousey service, arrogant management, bullies for security guards, terrible cocktail/bar service and a totally btichy hostess who was more concerned with talking on her cell phone than seating the four of us. Dinner was OK - not great, and over-priced. The management still walks around looking good in a suit but doesn't interact with employees or customers. At 9:15 on a Saturday night the place was mostly empty. The band was on break for almost our entire dinner. We all agreed we will never ever go back. It is the same bad time I had come to expect from that place. Save your money. Pros: Kathy, Johnny and food Cons: everything else more


AVOID BARCELONA!!!! WORST NIGHT OUT!! They used to have great bartenders, but apperantly have fired the good ones. $15 cover to walk into an empty bar is bullsh*t. Especially to hear pre-recorded lip synced music . After paying way too much for cold, chewy calamari & old overcooked salmon, management was rude and distasteful.... just like the food! Pros: N/A Cons: WHERE DO I START?? more

worst employer! 2/5/2009

worst employer!!! worst employer! worst employer! worst employer! worst employer!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! Pros: music-band entertainment Cons: management more

COVER CHARGE 12/22/2008

Barcelona was once a great place to hang out. Was in there on Saturday night and the place was empty. What made it even worse is that they have the gall to chage men a $15 cover charge. It is definitely not worth it. So many other great places to go. Avoid this place if at all possible. It had its day, now it is done! more

Bad times 10/26/2008

can't say much good about Barcelona, saturday night and a kind of gangstar thug, little rich boys, old rich men, tacky young girls looking for a sugar daddy crowd. Went to see the supposed great band and they were lousy just like the over priced food and drinks. The band actually used recorded music to play with and this is supposed to be a great club band ? Had 3 sleazy female singers that must have all come from the same low-rent escort service, non-could carry a tune. You might want to bring security with you as some of the crowd do look and act like they are gangstars. Save your money and time and go to a better place then this,like mcdonalds...LOL Pros: none Cons: over priced, low quality, lousy crowd more

Avoid 9/25/2008

Went on a Saturday night with a bunch of friends from work, we will never go back. This place is so cheesy, the food was cold and awful and then, when the place turns into a nightclub it is scarey! We escaped to the patio to get away from the bad karaoke music, what a joke. We are never going back. Stick to the hot clubs that Scottsdale has to offer and stay away from this joint. Pros: hmmmm... Cons: Very "dated" place, karaoke bar more

Awful 9/14/2008

This supper club is cheesy!! And the band is cheesy, they look like dorks, wannabes. My friends and I thought it was a joke! Skip this place, you're not missing a thing! Awful, and the crowd is not so cool Pros: none Cons: cheesy and not classy more

Put your hands in the A-yer... 7/24/2008

Recently took some good friends out to celebrate their anniversary and chose Barcelona for our entertainment. Arrived around 8:30pm and the Jazz singer was still performing.....was kind of worried the place had changed and lost it's pulse...but then ....bam.....after 10:00....the DJ cut in....and the band "Envy" started up. The place was packed.....we're talking....fog....lights...and the best mix of today's top and old school mixed in. WHO cares whether the band sings their own songs or along with the actual song... It's ENTERTAINMENT....and they look GOOD doing it......Scottsdale and North Phoenix...desperately needs more venues for the 30 - 40 crowd.....Barcelona should consider expanding to the Desert Ridge area....Maybe a Retro 80's type it it......Later much... Pros: Great Dancing Fun...packed like a good dance should be. Cons: Could be a bit cooler (Temperature wise)...Need to crank the AC down... more

Barcelona in Scottsdale 6/22/2008

If this is Scottsdale's Hottest Niteclub then I'm in big trouble! I went there last nite by recommendation that it's chic and upscale with a crowd of many ages. First of all it's hotter inside the place then outside in 110 degree weather! Can the owner please put on the ac? And I don't consider a place that is gawdy with christmas lights wrapped around every pole a chic thing. Less is definitey more in this case. Each room is filled is mass crowds of pretentious young cloned girls with breast implants protruding from their tops who are looking for a rich guy to marry. And every young guy is pretending that Lamborghini parked outside with the rental license number is their own so they can find themselves a rich girl to have a "good time" for the evening. Tacky is a good word for this place. The dance floor is crowded with repetative music . I don't recommend Barcelona to people who REALLY have an intelligent understanding of the words "vogue", "chic", "classy" and "upscale". It's downright dumb! Cons: Thumbs Down more

live band? lip sinc pros, musicians bad actors 4/13/2008

I went to Barcelona's to check out the band envy. They sang and played over a record. I am a musician, and I was sick when I witnessed this. Most of the time they were just letting the record do the work. I am a keyboard player and a singer. I watched their keyboard player--what a joke. That guy didn't change patches once, and had his hand on the same chord most of the time. He even had it there when there was no keyboard playing, and vice versa. I can't believe that Barcelona even claims they have live music. They should be ashamed. People on the dance floor were eatin it up. Even the real artists when they play those songs live don't sound that good. Please. more

This place has gone downhill...bad 3/2/2008

Let's just say the entertainment there used to be the best. Now, the entertainment is a complete rip off of the band they used to have. It's like comparing the movie Grease (zowie bowie) to Grease 2 (the current band). What a joke. Bad clone of something that was amazing and great. Pass on this place, it's got bad vibes, plus the service and food is a joke. more

Danny and all his people are s*xist pigs, but then so are most nightclubs and bars 2/8/2008

I've never even been there... All I need to see is a s*xually discriminatory dress code, cover charge, and how their website represents themselves and their reputation preceeds them, and I have no desire to patronize the establishment. Danny and his investors can sink all the money they want into making it the premiere destination in Scottsdale, but the fact remains they are discriminatory and s*xist, and should be humbled- and the pretentious idiots who keep going to these places should wake up to how bad they are being exploited and how badly they exploit themselves and others. I have met many people who both do work there and have worked there and they all say the same thing- Danny and crew rely on s*x and pretense to keep raking in the millions, and most are not entirely proud of their association, but like most of us, they still need jobs to survive, and sadly, places like Barcelona continue to r*pe people of their money (and dignity). This stands true for not only their patrons, but the employees or would-be potential employees, as they practice s*xual discrimination blatently in their hiring and employment, which alone, again like most every other nightclub and bar, should get them the full weight of the law brought upon them- but apparently this isn't something governments and enforcement agencies follow through on regularly, at least not without prompting from a persistent, concerned public. I pick on Barcelona specifically since they seem to be be making the attempt to make their name currently as THE spot in Scottsdale / Phoenix / Arizona, not out of any specific grudge. Shame on all of us who continue to let this kind of s*xist, discriminatory behavior to happen and mostly because we just want to hook up or be seen. In Barcelona's case, what did we really expect from a guy who made his fortune from a carwash? more

Usually good, but stay away for new years eve, I'm not going back again. 1/1/2008

I've been to Barcelona several times and have enjoyed the high-quality food and usually good customer service. New Years Eve...whole different story.........It started out with my whole party ariving at the door, we checked in with the hostess who was taking people to their reserved tables, and as soon as I checked in and was she went, leaving the rest of my party at the door getting carded. I ran to follow her to see where our table was. We lost my friends in the crowd and after she showed me where the table was, I spent the next 15 minutes trying to find the rest of my party. The food was "alright" at best, waitress was so-so, not as friendly as their staff usually was on regular nights. To top my evening off, as I was walking through the crowd, I got a fully tray, holding somewhere between 24 and 36 FULL glasses of Champagne dumped on me. Not the waiters fault- but still. I was soaked, champagne in my eyes, in my ear and I inhailed some. Some of the glasses broke on my head- luckily not cutting me. I could wring out my shirt and it was dripping of Champagne. The three or four waitresses just stood there laughing, not taking any action at all. I had to walk up to the bar and ask for towels. I got back to my table- our waitress fully knowing what happened, as she was standing there and saw the whole thing- didn't ask if I needed any more towels. I have worked int he nightclub industry for YEARS and have done nightclub consulting... if I had staff that was so apathetic, they'd have been all fired!!!!!!!! No one as far as management was alerted that a guest had the equivelent of a bottle and a half of champagne dumped on them, no one came up to apologize, or to offer anything- the whole experience runied my evening. Luckily, our outside table had a heat lamp and I cranked that up to dry out...Barcelona, I am dissappointed- sadly dissappointed. more

Food ok, service ok, Band "envy" trashy 12/26/2006

We came into town for the holidays and our Barcelona experience was not that great. crowd was not very classy and the band "envy" was nothing to be envious about. I read the last review posted, and it does seem that this band is singing along with the record. They bring in a trashy crowd... Food was good. Several nice employees, even they were complaining about the band. Our group probably will skip Barcelona next time we're in Scottsdale. Pros: nice employees Cons: live music... more

Band Envy ROCKS! The reviewer that claims lipsynching is SMOKING CRAK! 12/5/2006

I was at Barcelona on a Saturday night, Dec 2nd, 2006 - and the band Envy was INCREDIBLE! They had 3 singers (two guys, and the awesome Bridgett), and they all were performing lively covers of all the hottest songs - everything from Jay-Z to Fergie - and there was simply no possibility that these renditions were lipsynched - NO CHANCE AT ALL. Be prepared to dance YO AZS OFF, and have a GREAT TIME. THE ROOF, THE ROOF, THE ROOF IS ON FIRE - WE DON'T GIVE A DAMN, LET THE M'fER BURN! Pros: Food better than expected, GREAT HOUSE BAND, awesome venue for fun! Cons: You may find yourself wanting to move to Scottsdale, so you can go every week! more

bad service, bad entertainment 11/4/2006

I brought a large group to Barcelona and we will not go back. Service was bad, fook Ok and the band "envy" was awful. This place is expensive and we expected better. more

Best Happy Hour in North Scottsdale 11/2/2006

but if you value your hearing, leave before 8. The food is unpredictible: sometimes good, sometimes not. It's never great. but when you're getting appitizers at half price (like you would be during happy hour) as well as all your appletinis (and any other alcoholic beverage) it's worth it. more

club is ok, didn't like band 10/25/2006

I took about 10 of my friends to Barcelona on a Saturday night and we were not that impressed. the club is not that hip and the band "envy" was pretty bad. The girl singer was trying so hard to be like the other singer that Barcelona used to have. Bad imitation. We were disappointed. Pros: large restaurant, patio is nice Cons: band not that good more

A Great Saturday Night 10/23/2006

I'm not sure I've ever had so much fun in one night. I went to Barcelona for dinner with my wife last Saturday night. We drank in La Rouge and danced to the house band until they kicked us out. Barcelona seems much more like something out of Las Vegas than a neighborhood North Scottsdale establishment. Great food, great band, great time!!! Pros: Good music Cons: Hard to get served when band was playing more
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