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BAR CRUDO - 26 Reviews - 655 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (415) 409-0679



655 Divisadero St (at Grove Street)
San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 409-0679
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BAR CRUDO - San Francisco, CA
BAR CRUDO - San Francisco, CA
BAR CRUDO - San Francisco, CA
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met some friends here who swear by this place & had to agree, the seafood, prepared raw, was imaginative, delicious, fresh tasting & atomsphere was funky, vibey & welcoming (thoug...


Most of the food was good at Bar Crudo, though the plates were small and the prices were extremely high ($13-$30 for most items, and $2.50 per oyster). The seafood soup - their si...

What's all the fuss about? 5/26/2010

Most of the food was good at Bar Crudo, though the plates were small and the prices were extremely high ($13-$30 for most items, and $2.50 per oyster). The seafood soup - their signature dish - tasted like a bowl full of butter. Too rich and not enough of a fish flavor. I've had better in a bread bowl at the wharf. The service was pretty shoddy as well. So bad, in fact, we almost left before we were seated. I went in around 7, and asked if I needed a reservation for a party of three in around an hour. The host said no, so my friends and I met for drinks and showed up at Bar Crudo at 7:45. We were told the wait would be 10 minutes, so we had some drinks at the bar. At 9PM, I asked about our table, and we were again told ten minutes. I think they'd forgotten about us! at 9:15, we were finally seated, but no one came to take our order until about 20 minutes later. The food took forever, and the soup came out last instead of first. There also seemed to be several servers, all asking us redundant questions because they clearly don't communicate with EACH OTHER. We weren't quite sure who our server actually was. By the time the dessert menu rolled around at 10:30, we didn't order any, because we just wanted to leave. Seriously bad experience. We won't be returning. Pros: Very Fresh Seafood Cons: Unapologetic, bad service. Soup was like a bowl of butter. more

Great Raw Seafood 2/2/2009

Great raw seafood bar though don't try to go with over four people as you'll have a hard time getting a table. more

lovely, tiny, delicious seafood prepared mostly raw 8/9/2008

met some friends here who swear by this place & had to agree, the seafood, prepared raw, was imaginative, delicious, fresh tasting & atomsphere was funky, vibey & welcoming (though not for the claustrophobic). recommended for fish lovers who prefer theirs raw. Pros: fun, upbeat, everything we ate was delicious & left us wanting more (not a problem for us) Cons: very tight - not for the claustrophobic type - long wait, with reservations, on street more

inexcusable for San Francisco seafood 7/26/2008

I was really excited to try this place as their menu seemed inventive, but I soon found out that their ""inventive"" crudo dishes were their way of covering up the poor quality of the fish. Then we received our crab that was served raw. This was unacceptable as crab is one thing that should never be served raw and it was a mistake on their part. How do you overlook such a thing? We left immediately for fear of what the remaining dishes may bring. They obviously do not care about their food and who wants to eat raw fish from people that aren't paying attention? Pros: I got to eat at my favorite Italian place when Bar Crudo couldn't deliver Cons: fish more

good, but not worth it 6/16/2008

I had heard so many raves about this place I saved it for a special occassion and brought my parents herer for a weekend celebrating fathers day and my mom's bday. We had made reservations several weeks in advance after hearing it was tiny, but still had to wait over 40 minutes for our table. But that was fine, we were prepared to wait and just hung out in tunnel top until they were ready for us. Yes, the beer selection is impressive, the wine we had was nice but I wasn't impressed with their selection of wines, but again, that was fine the beer list was something that was a fun unique twist and they went well with the fish. We ordered several of the appetizers, the lobster and heirloom tomato salad was my favorite, a few cold dishes and some clams and the soup and the cheese platter. Overall we were able to try over half of their menu, pay a few hundred dollars and we still left hungry! The portions are snobily small. Although everything we tried was good, nothing was that unique or really that impressive. Everyone left very dissappointed and we didn't feel it lived up to the hype. The atmosphere was nice and the service was ok, but was just bummed out overall. Cons: pricey more

love this place! 1/26/2008

Sometimes it feels like I want to keep a place all to myself, this is one of those places. However, this post is only fair since the reason I went was because of reviews read and suggestions received. Bar Crudo is simply great. Its small and attractive with the tiny open kitchen right in front of you as you walk through the door. There are two bar seating areas on the first floor, one in the front window and one that partially surrounds the kitchen. There is also a small seating area upstairs, though I haven?t ventured up there as I have opted for the bar seating area. The feel of this place is great, the staff is ultra friendly and they offer great suggestions on both food and wine. This is a raw bar and fish house. The menu is set up for cold and hot plates, all of which are ideal for sharing, which is really the way to eat these days. The staff told me that the menu changes frequently though a few of their specialties stay on the menu. We tried all 8 of the cold plates which offer 3-5 pieces of various fish, prepared in interesting, unique and tasty ways. Although a raw bar, this isn?t sushi and many items are cooked or seared?.a fun way to try fish in many different preparations. Pros: open kitchen and close proximity adds to the fun of this place. great beer list. Cons: not for people who are afraid of a crowded place more

The best place to go if you have a second date later that night.(EAT UP!) 8/19/2007

This place is overrated, overpriced and most of all disappointing. I entered the small contemporary restaurant expecting exquisite dishes with generous flavoring. What I got was minuscule portions of inferior quality fish served with dab of sauce to keep it in place. The plate I was describing was the Crudo sampler(don't quote me) It came with Tuna, scallops, fluke one other fish who's names escape me right now. The plate was of average size but its contents were not. Four individual 1oz portions of fish, keep in mind this was not a small plate it was an entree.Next I ordered the Whole Main Lobster. The best thing was the hot clam chowder unlike the lobster, they serve it cold and precooked, with a side of butter. Lobster only tastes great with butter when served hot, so to make a long story short It was bad and the only bit of redemption was the good service. I do not recommend eating here. more

Small space, big on service and quality 8/1/2007

Bar Crudo is a fantastic experience for seafood lovers. My boyfriend and I had the small seafood platter, and the hawaiian ono and artic char (highly recommended) crudos. Add in 2 glasses of wine for myself and 2 beers for the boyfriend and the bill came to $100. Yes, the crudos are such small portions but it well worth it for the cozy atmosphere and excellent quality. Having reservations is key, otherwise the wait downstairs can get a little cramped. You don't go here and expect to be belt-busting full. Come here with the expectation of enjoying your company with some wine and sampling the best raw menu the city has to offer. more

Great for appetizers, but you still need dinner 12/16/2006

I guess I didn't know one really needed to go out for dinner after eating here. The oysters were great, lobster great-although I do prefer lobster hot, and the tuna bites were good. However, we were really hungry after this and then found another restaurant to have dinner. Turned out to be a VERY expensive night. They offer no sides to accompany the fish: they need to add some sort of potato dish, or maybe some really fabulous bread selection-which their's is not-in a basket, like at Balthazar in NY. I probably won't go here again. Pros: Cozy lil space, convenient location, oysters Cons: Needs better bread or fries more

totally hip experience 12/9/2006

this tiny little place has great atmosphere. very modern and very chic. the food is california-japanese fusion, and very yummy. very similiar to sushi. give it a try, and head next door to the tunnel top afterwards for drinks. more

Very enjoyable evening - nice food, atmosphere, experience 9/13/2006

I never really noticed Bar Crudo...I thought it was a drinking bar the few times I strolled by. But this last time, I noticed the menu, and got excited. I'm a big fan of other raw fish dishes -- tuna tare tare, poke, sashimi come to mind. Came back that evening with my wife and a friend, and we tried ALL of the crudos on the menu. The combinatons of flavors and textures were great, and although some weren't my favorite, they certainly did hilight the fish iteslf, rather than overwhelm. The big favorite was the arctic char. I tasted the seafood chowder and wasn't that thrilled, as it relied (at least this batch) very heavily on sausage and bacon for the base flavor. The cheese plate was great -- all Spanish cheeses, paired nicely with fruit, honey, and nuts. The waitress was great -- I really appreciate that she knew *every* ingredient of each of the 10 plates she served us. Keep in mind that the portions are small, so if you are starving and want food immediately, you may want to wait on your visit. But DO go here, very good time all around. Pros: The crudos and nice cozy atmosphere Cons: Gets VERY loud upstairs more

What? You Haven't Been? 8/30/2006

I will echo the person who recommended the sampler plate, particularly for diners new to raw fish, as I was. Really, I was skeptical about the food, since I barely eat sushi. As I discovered, this is a whole other ballgame. The joy of raw food is as much the intensity of the accompanying flavors (lime jalapeno or a simple amazing slice of the freshest peach) as the ""clean"" taste of the various fish, which are nicely varied, with species like Hawaiian tuna I'd never tried or known existed. I will also caution, yet praise, the chowder. My friend and I shared three plates (yes, the portions are restrained, but again, the flavors slow done any tendency to wolf down your meal), then ended with the chowder. This dish is over the top RICH, sort of the antithesis of the rest of the menu, so sparing in oil or fat. But the cream and butter kick in. The beige color is unexpected and totally beautiful. The select morsels of fish are perfect, despite varying cooking times. By itself, the chowder (and maybe a shared sample platter), with a glass of Reisling, is a great meal. Pros: The popular Tunnel Bar next door makes a mean mojito Cons: We sat at one of the two counters downstairs. By the end of the meal it was full and a bit cramped. more

Best Chowder Ever! 8/20/2006

Bar Crudo is my new go-to seafood spot. Everything is delicious, from the simple cold crab and lobster, to the out-of-this-world chowder. I am not big on the raw stuff, but I hear their namesake crudo is outstanding as well. The wine list is smallish, but well chosen, and they have a great selection of beers, mostly from Belgium. The restaurant is tiny, though not cramped, particularly mid-week. more

Get better and fresher fish elsewhere 4/25/2006

The food was disappointing and the service was very slow. It took over 45 minutes to get our appetizers which was raw; can't imagine how long it would take to prepare cooked appetizers. The service was slow and the food was just so so. We allocated two hours for a pre-theater dinner and we didnt have time for desert. We won't be running back to this restaurant anytime soon. Pros: Can't think of any Cons: Slow service more

Not a 9.9... 4/24/2006

The location is pretty cool, on top of the Stockton tunnel. The service was ok. The waitress got confused with our order then our bill. And the kitchen was unbeleivably slow (for preparing raw food!). Overall, the food was good but not exceptional in any ways. The wine, however, was quite good. Not entirely bad, but not a 9.9! more

User review by jimd 4/12/2006

Ive been spoiled by amazing crudo in New York at such places as Esca or Crudo. My opinion after tasting a large selection of Bar Crudos crudo dishes is that they are unnecessarily simple and boring. I had a very good tuna Nicole salad, but the cheese platter was forgettable. Their selection of wines by the glass was awful. I found the service slow and a bit confused. Its a shame cause the space is great. Pros: Space Cons: Crudo more

Exellent food, small portions 2/2/2006

So the food here was truly excellent. Very well presented and great tasting. the service was fantastic as well. The only thing is the portions are small so be prepared to eat a few plates. Not overly pricey but you may feel it is once you get your plate of food. Definitely worth checking out more

Great place, but not what I expected! 1/18/2006

This place really took me by surprise, but not totally in a bad way. I was expecting prices in the $ range (according to the Citysearch review), but it was more in the $$$ range. However, the food was divine and the ambience was super romantic. I loved the tiny lofted dining area, even though the service seemed to be slow considering we were the only clients there most of the time. We got the small seafood platter to start with, which was excellent. Overall the seafood was great, and wine was good ($30 for a bottle), and they kept the bread coming.Overall I would go back, but I definitely didn't expect it to be as expensive as it was. Pros: great seafood, great ambience, cucumber water Cons: pricier than expected, parking, slower service more

awesome! 1/3/2006

The restaurant is beautiful, the food is superb and the service is warm and adorable. I love this place - the scallops are divine, and the prawn/beet salad is a must. I have to admit I was skeptical, but I'm definitely coming back to this place next time I'm in town. Pros: the cucumber water! Cons: they need dessert more

Delicious glistening jewels of fish 12/10/2005

Hooray for me - Bar Crudo is only a 5 minute walk away! I've been in 4 times now, and been delighted with the food, service, cozy/chill ambience, even the music - every time. The staff is super friendly, and the space is cozy and inviting, right down to the adorable mermaid paintings on the walls. Oh, and the FOOD! Everything I've had there has been fantastic, but here are some a couple of things that I'd recommend trying if you go there for the first time: Arctic Char with tobiko & dill, mussels with chorizo (or maybe it was linguica), the cheese plate, the liver pate... actually... everything there is delectable. ENJOY! Pros: fantastic seafood, nice wines/beers, wonderful service Cons: what cons? more
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  • After outgrowing its wildly successful and ridiculously tiny original location, this pioneering raw fish bar landed across from NOPA on Divisadero in what must now be one of the hardest one-two...

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