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Baptist Memorial Hosp-Desoto

7601 Southcrest Pkwy
Southaven, MS 38671
(662) 772-4000
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The ER, Dr's & Nurses were all very helpful. I had a heart attack and they saved my life. I don't want to go back but would highly recommend this place to anyone.


I went to Baptist Memorial Hospital Desoto on Nov 9 2011.It was the worse experience i ever had there.First of all when i got there at 7:22am i sign end and everything.That part w...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/15/2014

Dr .Wadsworth in Hernando , Mississippi has the worst group of support staff, very rude the waiting room is smelly and cold , the staff seems to favor overcharging patients, not very helpful, His score with the BBB is F... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2013

There are and have been some tremendous individuals that have worked at this facility over the years.\r \r It will be interesting, after the opening of the new Methodist Hospital - Olive Branch, to see how many of those present and former employees end up at the new hospital...preaching, teaching, and healing.\r \r It's good to see people now have a choice. I hope Methodist - Olive Branch doesn't become Methodist - Desoto. \r \r They have a wonderful opportunity and I hope they don't blow it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/25/2013

I have been to Baptist Memorial - Desoto 3 times in the last 4 months only because they are the closest to my home. I gave birth there Nov. of 2012 with my second child. It was not a wonderful experience like my first birth. The doctor (Kumar) was very rude and was very annoyed that I demanded to speak directly to a doctor instead of having messages relayed to me by nurses after being hospitalized for over 24 hours for monitoring of the baby. I had a birth plan but of course that all went out the window. They kept me hooked up to the monitors during the entire labor, which makes managing pain naturally very difficult. The woman that gave me the epidural was even more rude than the doctor demanding answers to questions while contractions are coming nonstop. All of which answers were allready answered previously and should have been in my file. The nurses were ok but seemed to be happy to leave me alone in my room unless the monitors went off. The pain management was very unreliable. If you can help it do not have your baby there. I also had to take my newborn to the ER twice already for sickness. The ER waiting room and hospital rooms are really gross (dirty). The ER staff was fine but both times we were there for 9-12 hours which I find rediculous. \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/27/2013

I am really in the dark here. I have always gotten great care from Baptist Desoto Hospital and as a matter of fact my sis in there now getting great care. She is in ICU and her nurses Amanda Schultz and Tyler Cox are great, very attentive and helpful. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2012

I took my husband to BMH in October 2012 for a kidney stone. We were in the ED for 9 hours and were treated so unprofessionally that if anything like that ever happens again, we will go to a hospital in Memphis. We were treated rudely, and they attempted to discharge him with no diagnosis and he didn't see an actual Dr. until we demanded to see one. more


I went to Baptist Memorial Hospital Desoto on Nov 9 2011.It was the worse experience i ever had there.First of all when i got there at 7:22am i sign end and everything.That part was ok.It was one other person in front of me.That person was called about 10 minutes after i was checked in.Ok when i was finally called to the back at 8:30am i waited in the RAZ waiting room for a hour in a half.Then when the lab called me for blood i almost messed my turn after the other people told the nurse i was going to have blood work did.When she came back for me and put me in the room i waited a full hour before a NP came too see me.He said i was very dehydrated and that he was going too start a iv for me to get some fluids since i was vomiting for two weeks.He never started the fluids.I was running a fever when i got there and nothing was done about that.He order for me to have an chest xray did.After that was done i was put back into the RAZ waiting area where i waited for 2 more hours.When it was time to let me go home i didn't even get to see a doctor or the man that treated me.What i got was a very RUDE NURSE WITH A VERY BAD ATTITUDE.She didn't explain anything that was going on with me just had me to sign paper saying i was being released.Everytime i go to this hospital it the same thing over and over again there never can find anything wrong with me.I don't know if this has something to do with me not having insurance but this is no way to treat a person.I walked in in pain and here it is 2 days later and i'm still not doing any better.The last time i went to this hospital i was told nothing was wrong when indeed i had pneumonia on both of my lungs.I had to drive a hour a way from where i live to find that out.It's not our fault that this is the only er in desoto county. more

Wish I could be that ineffectual and get paid for it. 10/17/2011

My husband went the first time for this abscess on his cheek, it was huge, painful and oozing ""something"". He was in agony when we got there and promptly after a 4 hour wait we were shown to a room. 40 min later a nurse practitioner? arrives on the scene and dons a pair of gloves. She then scrunches up her face puts the gloved hands on the hip of her filthy coat and says ""Oh looks like an abscess."" Well no crap lady what gave you the first clue. She then informs us that they can't lance to relive the pressure, That you need a plastics guy for that. Matter of fact never even touched him at all. Just a disgusted face and a pissy haughty tone. So she orders for a shot for the pain and a script for a STRONG Sulfa based antibiotic. Not the end...No. So less than a week later he is having an allergic reaction to the sulfa antibiotic. Swollen tongue, hives on his trunk, face, arms, chest. trouble breathing, tightness in his chest.To the ER we race. We get there and he says those magic words, so I'm told ""I am having chest pains."" and we go back within 30 min. He is given the worst IV i have ever seen by the triage nurse, who refuses to leave it to his actual nurse(an attractive young man). I am left to guess that the bimbo was looking to impress the Murse, by epic failing the IV. So pepcid and antihistamines on board IV. The doctor orders an EKG, chest Xray, and Many labs without ever seeing him. When he does make it to the room he tells us its a staph infection ""Very Serious"" and he needs to stay overnight and see an infectious disease guy in the AM. Then he expects an answer that very second, dick. Well his scare mongering works by freaking us out and he just earned the hospital at last count $3,000+ and the infectious disease guy the next am basically laughs at the idea that it was anything other than an allergic reaction to a sulfa antibiotic. Next time my family has an emergent situation that just CANNOT wait we will go to St. Francis. more

Completely Unprofessional! 9/14/2011

I was instructed to go to the ER by my pc physician a week back due to a confirmed abnormal heart rhythm causing sever discomfort. I arrived at 3PM and they performed a 5 second EKG before sending me to a room where I encountered a unprofessional stay from there on. To begin with, the nurse came in and said the EKG looked fine. I reported that my symptoms had remained consistent for 24 hours, but only occurred every minute or so and probably could not be detected with the 5 second EKG. The nurse hooked me up to an EKG, a blood pressure monitor, and a blood oxygen optical monitor and then left. During the next 10 minutes, the monitor alarm went off several times while reporting PVCs on the screen, but no one came in to address the alerts. After 10 minutes passed, the nurse can back in and established an IV that was never to be utilized and shortly thereafter an employee came in and took numerous vials of blood. I was informed that radiology would come get me soon. About 10 minutes later, a male employee came in and told me I needed to have x-rays taken. I had to disconnect the medical equipment myself and followed the employee to the radiology area, where people seemed more concerned with laughing and cutting up than doing their job. 2 X-Rays were taken, and I was escorted back to the room. No one reconnected the equipment, and after about 10 minutes, I decided I need to do so myself. I then remained in the room for probably 2 hours listening to the alarm going off periodically in solitude with the sole exception that the lab techs came in and tapped my arm for a third time since they needed another vial of blood. Eventually a doctor came in to interview me. He seemed surprised at the alarm going off, but also perplexed as to what was causing it. He did not comment on it either way. The doctor then proceeded to interview me, but seemed to lack even the basic knowledge of my complaint. The doctor left with the message that they would look at the test results and get back with me. I remained in the room for about another hour, when the nurse came in and informed me that I would need to move to a results waiting room for a brief period. The room reminded me of a nursing home, and 4 quite-ill patients were awaiting their ahead of me, some which appeared to be most likely contagious due to their persistent coughing. Instead of a few minutes, the wait turned out to be over 2 hours. During this time, 4-5 more patients entered the waiting room. After the patients ahead of me were moved out of the room, I was subsequently bypassed by all but one of the patients that entered the room after me. The single nurse conducting vitals on the patients apologized to me several times as he assured me I was next, and only conducted my vitals about 10 minutes before I finally went back to the room to get the diagnostic findings and regimen to follow. Once there, the nurse hastily removed the unused IV and EKG contacts, and informed me I could change back into my clothes, all while my symptoms remained the same. About 10 minutes later instead of the doctor returning, a female nurse entered with a piece of paper and reported that the doctor recommends I contact my cardiologist the next day and make an appointment, something I could have done at home and saved myself the 6 hours of discomfort and correlating bill. I inquired about the EKG and lab results, and the nurse simply responded that they were all fine. I seriously doubt the EKG was ever even recorded or monitored. The discharge paper simply had scribbled on it palpitations. From there I was instructed to go to checkout, where the hospital took extra care to make sure they received my insurance information and billing profile. It is unfortunate that the ER 10 minutes from my house is no longer a viable option. I will be going to a higher-rated ER in the future, most likely meaning a 30+ minute drive. I strongly suggest all avoid this ER in the future if they value their health. more

HORRIBLE!! 5/18/2011

I recommend NEVER going to Baptist Desoto for ANYTHING. I went to the ER there in 2006 for kidney stones and told them I thought it was kidney stones, but they ran SO many un-needed tests on me that it ran my bill up. At this time, I did not have insurance. I have faithfully been paying these people $25/month since then. I called them today to see if they would write it off, finally-- because I'm now on disability, paying other hospital bills since my wreck and no longer living with my parents. They won't.. so f*ck these people. I'm not quitting and I HIGHLY recommend staying away from there. They have been known to kill people due to their negligence. They we rude, uncaring and don't listen at all. Trust me, I've spent time in a handful of hospitals and this one was the WORSE. more

Horrible Hospital 10/28/2010

I took my son there with a head injury in June. They made us wait for over 6 hours in the waiting room. They took less than 10 minutes to see him and have continued to bill us for various things since. I would not recommend anyone going there since there are not even in a rush to see patients who they make wait for a while. Once the doctor finally saw us he was nice enough, but didn't do anything. I ended up having to take my son to his pediatrician who was so much more helpful with everything then they were. more

Great Hospital 9/20/2010

The ER, Dr's & Nurses were all very helpful. I had a heart attack and they saved my life. I don't want to go back but would highly recommend this place to anyone. more

I would not recommend this hospital 9/1/2010

Baptist Desoto wasn't my first choice hospital to have my daughter but I really didn't have a choice and it was close to my home . Before having my daughter I took a tour and decided that maybe it wouldn't be that bad after all. At first everything went pretty well, I had a really nice nurse that new what she was doing but it soon all went down hill. Another nurse came in my room to draw blood and I have had blood drawn several times in my life and I think this was the the most painful blood drawing experience I've ever had. When my docter arrived and started his examination and he informed me that my water had been leaking for some time and the nurses did not pick up on this. I'm not done, time for the catheter, they ended up having to take it out several hours later because I was in so much pain and had not urinated that whole time, I was told later by my doctor that the catheter must have had a kink in it but they played dumb and I never got and explanation from any of the nurses. Last but not least after having my daughter and been transported to my room they needed to transfer me to my room bed a couple nurses came in and one of the nurses made the comment ""we've got a big one here"", in reference to my weight. OK people I had just had a baby and a C-section I'm gonna be swollen, beside the fact of what I had already been through a rude remark from a suppose to be professional was not called for. I work in the healthcare field myself and I still can't get over what I had to experience at Baptist Desoto, so if you plan on having a baby and you want a good experience then I wouldn't go to this hospital, I wish someone would have told me!!!! more

baptist desoto 5/12/2010

I was having abdominal pain which was bad enough for me to ditch my nice saturday night for an ER trip. As soon as i got to the desk i was ignored. The nurse was yelling and cussing at another lady through her window. I heard her saying they have no doctors, how hard is it to move them... so on. Frustrating, i decided to wait I was hurting so bad. Five hours later i stood up and every single person that was there before me was still sitting there. They took my blood weighed me and threw me back out in the waiting room. I was thinking i had appendicitis. After several more hours and still no movement i left, I had to get the car back to my husband so he could go to work. I felt a little better but started a fever on monday. Tuesday morning i woke up with 103.5 and i knew there was something wrong with me. Went to minor med and they saw blood in my urine a 15 white cell count and told me to go straight back to the ER which i was so delirious from the fever i'm surprised i made it. i dont think i was conscious for the wait but im not sure how long it was. I was burning a fever so hot i don't remember a lot.. I know the took me to a back room where there were people sitting around with ivs in their arms right next to me and i literally felt like i was dead. then there were people who looked fine and like they needed to go on home. Triage is to route by importance of the medical situation and they must not know that process whatsoever. My mother went to the nurse's station and demanded to know a timeframe on when her daughter would be receiving some medical care. and the nurse's rolled their eyes and they brought me a wheelchair and said come on let's go get your vitals and then we'll bring you right back.. Nice to know that kind of dismissal is coming from someone who has your life in their hands. needless to say i didnt go back to that room when they saw my minor med lab results and saw my ridiculous fever and my delirium and pain level. They straight iv'd me and shot me with pain meds and ordered fluids. I was moved to an acutual room where the nurse failed to hook up my drip to my iv and my husband had to notice that it wasnt connected 30 minutes later. i had to drink contrast for a cat scan and call the nurse when i was done. my husband called and let them know they said wait one hour we'll come get you... the lady came over the intercom and asked my nurse what time did she finish her contrast and she didnt even know... good thing my husband was there to take notice and let them know. my diagnosis was serious but i am glad it wasnt life threatening if it were and i was there alone... i may have died. I would never ever recommend this hospital. bad quality service, slow and apathetic people. Methodist Germantown was a wonderful hospital when i was having my son. Im so sick that my insurance changed and i have to use baptist, it is really worrisome to me to know that if i ever get very sick i could receive such horrible care. Pros: ones they know youre abt fall out screaming they take notice Cons: slow, apathetic, poor attention to NECESSARY detail more

Nightmare at Desoto Baptist 1/19/2010

My husband shot a nail through his finger in Oct. & was taken to Desoto Baptist ER. He was seen fairly quick, that wasn't the problem. At first we were pretty pleased with the care & bedside manner of the doctor & nurses. They were making jokes, which helped my husband to relax and all so when they brought out the bolt cutters & rusty pliers we thought that was real funny. Unfortunately for my husband, it wasn't a joke. They cut the nail in half with the bolt cutters, then they sliced his finger with a scalpel so they could have enough room to get the rusty pliers under the nail to pull it out. My husband followed the cleaning instructions to a tee (a little obsessively) & had to go back twice over the next month because he was in horrible pain & it kept swelling up with massive amounts of pus. Each follow up visit he was treated as if he were bothering the ER staff & was just given antibiotics & sent home. After 2 months of constant pain & no relief in sight he went to another hospital & was admitted immediately. Now my husband is going to lose his finger because he has a staph infection that has gotten into the bone. I am sure that had the doctor not used the rusty pliers or the subsequent visits had been taken a little more seriously he would not be going through this amputation. I STRONGLY recommend NOT going to this hospital! I had heard so many nightmare stories about them & now we are having to live through our own nightmare because of them! more

Do not go to this hospital!!! 4/6/2009

We went to baptist when my husband cut part of his thumb off. We had to park a street over and walk to the emergency room. We waited an hour with him in pain and bleeding. They took him to triage and did nothing but move him over to ED. We were there 45 mibutes longer waiting to be called back again. They waited another hour before they gave himm x-rays and it was 3 hrs before he got a shot to numb the pain. We were in there for over 5 hours. For them to numb it and cleqan it before we left. Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Emergency room at Southhaven Baptist hospital 9/4/2008

I had a medical emergency and went to Baptist hospital in South Haven Mississippi. I'm from the St. Louis area and had no other choice of a hospital. I was bleeding internally and upon arriving at the Emergency room, I was processed and placed in a small room. Unfortunately for me, this occured on Labor day weekend and the hospital was basically shut down. I saw the nurse in the ER and she got me as comfortable as possible. I briefly saw a doctor and gave him the name and phone number of my oncologist in St Louis who was aware of my emergency. According to the ER nurse, my doctor advised the hospital doctor to use a three way cathator to empty my bladder and relieve my stress. I waited for over six hours before the ER doctor gave the nurse permission to do this procedure. To make a long story shorter, I was told I needed a urologist to review my case. The ER doctor admitted me to the hospital and other than the cathator no treatment was given. I was in extreme pain and discomfort. The next day, I asked if the urologist had been called. I was told he was not requested and would come on the following Tuesday after the holiday. I complained so forcefully that the On call urologist was called and he came to the hospital. After he checked me out, he immediately performed surgery on my bladder to correct the problem. I spent another day in the hospital and when I left, I drove home, glad to get out of there. The only positive thing that I can say is that the Emergeny room nurse (Phyliss) and my room nurse (Brandy) and others tried their best to care for me. Pros: great nurses Cons: ER doctor failed to take action more

Not for children 12/12/2007

First time in the ER with a child was a nightmare on many levels. Do not want to rehash but I was told later I should have gone to Le Bonheur; they know how to work with upset children and upset parents. more
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