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Banfield Pet Hospital - 28 Reviews - 315 Gellert Blvd., Daly City, CA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (650) 488-6070

Banfield Pet Hospital

315 Gellert Blvd. (at NEC Serramonte Blvd/Gellert Blvd)
Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 488-6070
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Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA
Banfield Pet Hospital - Daly City, CA


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Thanks for answering all of the questions I had. I know it can be hard to deal with me sometimes, but you did a great job and were extremely patient. I really appreciate it. Se...


I took my dog Deacon to Banfield today for a vaccine...he needed anal expression the last time I went 3 weeks ago and I was quoted 16.dollars. I wanted to check first internally t...

Banfield Bogus Billing!! 10/18/2012

I took my dog Deacon to Banfield today for a vaccine...he needed anal expression the last time I went 3 weeks ago and I was quoted 16.dollars. I wanted to check first internally to see if his glands were packed before I did the procedure. When I went today October 16, 2012 the price went up to 27.00. I am on the highest monthly plan, paying 39.95 per month and saved a Whopping 3 dollars and the price changed. I was also told by the receptionist that the monthly went down, but the the procedures such anal expression, ear cleaning, vaccines, nail clipping etc WENT UP, of course with out any notifications to the consumer. She never mentioned about the sign up fees.....funny how that got missed. That is new folks, the insignation fee, like the gym..Banfield now charges for other plans, so basically you are paying for a whole year almost up front for your comprehensive to make sure they get their Banfiled money up front. This way if you can't afford it, you have already paid them, so they more

Incompetence or gross negligence you decide 7/11/2012

I gave them 1 star because it was required otherwise if possible I wouldn't even consider giving it to them. Let me begin with my dog who was leaking urine and so we took him to banfield. They said that the prostate was enlarged and putting pressure on the urethra thus making it difficult for him to pee and is the reason why he's leaking. The treatment for this was of course neutering him, but because his plan didn't cover this they recommended that I upgrade to the best one. I knew that these "plans" are NOT insurances and that if I were to upgrade they will charge me for the higher price each month and downgrading will be impossible. So I decided to take him to his old vet(vet before banfield). Got him neutered and all for a lot cheaper than banfield with the plan. Anyway he was fine till the second day when he started to vomit. I ask his old vet what happened and they said it was NOT due to the surgery. I called banfield afterwards and they to said the same thing and suggested that more

Great job 2/29/2012

Thanks for answering all of the questions I had. I know it can be hard to deal with me sometimes, but you did a great job and were extremely patient. I really appreciate it. See you soon. more

Not good 11/3/2010

Some of the staff is good and some not so much. The Wellness plan they push on you is a rip off. The mass amount of complaints that they get are deserved. My 10 lb maltise nipped a nurse as she was handling him coming out of surgery. She went to the hospital (for a bite from a 6 mo. old puppy that you could not see a week later) and now my dog is listed with the SPCA as a bitter. What kind of vet nurse can't handle a 10 lb puppy who was just neutered?! They did not even bother to tell me when I picked up the dog, I had to hear about it from the SPCA. more

STAY AWAY; Don't sign up for wellness plan 6/24/2010

Please don't sign up for the Wellness Plan. We brought our new dog in @ 4 1/2 months to be looked over. We only had 48 from the date of purchase to report any problems to the breeder. He was given a excellent bill of health, but the said they don't recommend vaccines given by breeders because they maybe stored at improper temperatures or administered improperly.\r \r They then told us about this great program (not) that would cover deworming and vaccines not to mention neutering. I knew that it would cost us 100 dollars at our vet to neuter and that didn't include any pre-op bloodwork so, I figured it would be a great deal not to mention spreading the cost over a year. So we received our vaccines, clean bill of health and rescheduled 3 wks later for booster shots.\r \r After getting our booster shots and trying to set up a neuter appt we are told the dog has a heart murmur and that they can't do the surgery until we have a electro cardiogram done at the cost of min 250. After reading more

You will save NO money with these dipshits 5/20/2010

It's amazing that I walked out of the hospital very pissed off. First I was on time 9:00 AM, the "Dr." was late 20 minutes, the Dr. can not discuss costs, the nurse does that Holy Sh*!# 500 bucks to look at my rescue kitty? I will NEVER trust a critter to these folks. I think the "Dr.'s" get a cut of the fees in a big way, hence the inflation. With a different cat I did a comparison with a real vet and the real vet with no "program" or yearly "program" cost about 30 to 50% less across the board. I wish I had read this info. before. Snotty b!tch at the front desk, Nurse who was very nice but know's what's up and is embarrassed, and the "Dr." guilting me into tests that I did NOT accept for another 200 bucks. WTF! Find a real vet, these folks are jerks. more

Just Plain Hood-Winking 5/19/2010

I signed a one-year contract for a Banfield's Wellness Plan for our dogs in Dec08. Whittier,CA location. In June 2009 we moved from CA to WI. We notified the vet and nurses multiple times that we would move out of state and discontinue service with Banfield. At the last appointment, Interstate Health Certificates were prepared for the move. We re-iterated the permanent discontinue of service and discussed the billing. We were told the policy would expire in Nov of 2009, credit card would continue to be charged until then. We agreed. We asked specifically if anything needed to be signed to cancel, but were assured that the auto debits would discontinue after Nov 2009. Long story short, Banfield has continued to charge over the last 6 months!!! \r \r Upon calling Banfield representative told me for the Jan-Mar charges a request would have to be submitted for approval on the refund, and Dec 09 is too long ago to even be considered for a refund. ?Not acceptable,? I said. Sudden more

Avoid at all costs 8/4/2009

Not all Banfield hospitals are bad. My dog has been a member of Banfield hospitals ever since I adopted my dog from my aunt 3 years ago. Back at that time, my dog was already a Banfield member. For about a year or two, I was a member of Banfield's Daly City hospital. I was not satisfied with their service, so I transferred my wellness plan to Banfield San Mateo. Banfield San Mateo's service is MUCH better than Banfield Daly City. As happy as I was with Banfield San Mateo, I had to enroll my dog back to Banfield Daly City because of the location from my home. I live in the Daly City area, and Banfield San Mateo was just too far for me to be dropping off my dog and later picking him up from after his day-long appointments. My dog's been a member of Banfield Daly City for about another year, and I'm still unhappy with Banfield Daly City. Just now, I've decided to cancel my Banfield membership and take my dog to another pet hospital for his vaccinations/treatments. more

No help for the poor 6/25/2009

I brought my dog there in April because he had some kind of infection on the outer parts of his eyes and they gave him eye ointment medication. I noticed his eye got better but now (June) the problem is coming back. I called Banfield to try and get a refill but was informed they couldn't give the medication without seeing my dog, I told them it was for the same exact problem he was seen in on April and that my husband just gotten let go of his job which meant I had no extra money for a dog visit but was informed "unfortunately that there was nothing they could do." I asked if they had any other place they can refer me to? which the reply was try humane society. I tried but they don't do check ups for pets. Not only are the Banfeild non sympathetic but they're misinformed too! In short I searched the web and found a company who charges half to deliver it to me . Thank goodness for the internet. Because of my experience with Banfield, I will no longer bring my dog there nor shop in the store. more

Unhappy with Banfield 4/14/2009

Bad service and over priced, you should just go to a local vet near you. They over charge you and they put you are on hold for over 5 minutes that is a long wait when you are holding and you are on the job.\r \r What they wanted to charge me for my dog was over 300 I went to a local vet near me and they charged me $100. \r I would never set foot in there again unless my dog got sick while walking by their. more

Wow where do I start. Too many bad stories. 3/10/2009

The Veterinarians from my experience are only there every so often. Damn neer different doctor everyday. There seems to be a high turn over for the doctors. I feel like they don't spend the time or they are over booking appts. One of my bad experiences was i had brought my dog in to get some bumps checked out on his body. They gave me some med. and the DOCTOR told me if he is not better in two days bring him back. Two days later he was still the same, so I called ahead to see if I can bring him in that day. They told me there is no available appt till next week. I ended up bringing him in anyways bitched and complained till they saw him. I thought that was some b/s. That's just one of the experiences. I have too many bad stories about this place. I feel they need to do restructuring. I would NEVER EVER recommend this place if you care about your pet. more

I agree...HORRIBLE...1 star only because I HAD to rate 3/3/2009

My dog was very ill and I called to make an emergency appointment. They advised me they could see him in 3 days. I explained my dog couldn't eat, what he did try to eat was lost as soon as it hit his stomach, drank excessive amounts of water which again, was thrown up almost immediately, was shaking constantly, listless, the symptoms go on and on. The person on the phone again stated that they didn't have anything. Frustrated I hung up and called another Banfield, 30 minutes (at least) from our home. They were able to see my dog right away. We made the drive there and within minutes they advised us our dog needed more tests than they were able to do at this hospital could we go to Daly City where they have more equipment? Well of course we can since that's where we live. I explained to the Dr. that we had asked for an appointment there and were told they didn't have anything for 3 days. He apologised and said he would call them and let them know we were coming. We drove back to Daly Ci more

HORRIBLE! 12/6/2008

Just read what everyone else has written...except the one or two people who actually had a good experience there...for which is somewhat subjective - if it's the "hospital" itself writing positive reviews, or a client who didn't have anything done more than a simple check-up. Frankly, unless your dog has a big red target on the front of their head, the "docs" don't seem to be too thorough with their exams, missing symptoms and/or a diagnosis. \r \r Oh...and the prices are horrific! Get a real vet! more

Banfield is all about the Animals! 8/19/2008

There is a reason why Banfield is a major corporation. Its because they work hard at helping pets and treating them like family. Banfield does extensive research on medication and vaccinations before they are are given to your pets. That in itself is more than any other animal clinic can say. They are on the pricey side but its quality medicine and you get what you pay for. Now, when wanting to bash one hospital because they didnt do things the way you would have liked, remember this...there is a reason they are all over the world! more

Banfield Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Participants 7/22/2008

In addition to the previous outline of complaints (which was incredible) and participating in the class action, which I'm doing, you should bombard your email complaints to the following addresses:\r \r Director of Operations:\r CEO:\r \r I have a friend at one of the major networks who told me that they've just completed an investigative piece on Banfield including hidden footage of mistreatment of animals, unlicensed and unqualified techs administering treatments, medications, assisting in surgery and staff meetings advising staff to disregard requests to cancel Wellness plans.\r \r The more people that complain, the louder the voice. more

Ban Banfield 7/21/2008

As a consumer dispute resolution counselor, here?s what I advise with regard to Banfield if you want to get resolution and possibly compensation for your Banfield billing and animal care experiences:\r \r 1. Join in on one of the THREE class action lawsuits that are being considered or in preparation against Banfield Pet Hospitals by going to the law firms? websites and listing your complaints. Definition of a class action can be found at: The more people that sign-up, the greater the resolution and possibility that you?ll be compensated for your emotional distress down the road. The law firms are as follows: \r \r\r Once there clink on "Inquire About Your Potential Case" and fill out the online form giving specific details of your problems regarding Banfield. Please, make sure that you include either your phone number or send them an email on the link within the "Inquir more

Go to real vet, not Banfield 7/13/2008

Employees at this type of place can't get real vet jobs, so they go to Banfield. Just drop by a Banfield Hospital sometime and watch the staff. They are untrained and basically are trained to work in a fast food place. I would never take any of my pets to a sub-par "hospital" like Banfield. They don't care about animals, only ripping people off with their "insurance" plans,\r \r Banfield rips off people who are ignorant and don't take the time to find a real and qualified vet. If you love your pet, take them somewhere else! more

Do NOT go here. 7/8/2008

If you love your pet, do not bring them here. Do NOT sign up for one of their wellness plans which are scams. They jack up the price of their services and also put your pet through unnecessary tests and meds to make up the money. I feel horrible for ever making my dog go here before I did proper research.\r \r Just look up "banfield sucks" on the internet and you will see a world of complaints. \r \r I am lucky in that I'm just losing money, a lot of people have lost their pets by bringing them here. more

Banfield Should be Investigated 2/20/2008

As a former employee, I can tell you first hand that this place is a giant rip-off, and has been for many years. After three years, I left because I couldn't stand listening to constant daily concerns about how mistreated pets and clients are. How can you be loyal to a company if you feel this way? First of all, this place doesn't offer "insurance" plans. The Wellness Plans are prepaid levels of plans that are "maintenance" plans. The only things that are covered are the vaccinations, some blood tests, some ua's, and a supposed comprehensive exam. You pay x amount of dollars each month depending on the plan level. According to your contract, if your dog or cat runs away, gets killed, dies, or is given to someone else, you are still responsible to pay this plan off. Now, you would think that most people on reading this would think twice about signing. Truth is, the agreement is given to the customer at the desk, a quick run through is given, then the customer is asked to sign up. The more

wouldn't recommend.. 2/14/2008

Banfield in Daly City is probably one of the worst places you could bring your pet. The staff seems uninterested and unwilling to help. I dropped my cat off at 8a.m.. They said they would call as soon as possible to have her picked up.. I waited all day and finally got a call around twelve hours later only to find out that all they did was take a urine sample from her! I called them back the next day because I was having trouble giving my cat her medication. She would spit it out every time I put the tablet in her mouth.. I explained this to the person on the phone and all she had to say was, "Well, you have to just put it in her mouth." I asked her if there was an easier way.. We already tried hiding it in her food but it was no use. She had nothing to say except.. "Just put it in her mouth..." I wasted my time trying to get help from them. more
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  • A great local veterinarian loves your pet (almost) as much as you do by providing the best preventive pet health care. From nose-to-tail veterinary medical exams to vaccinations, microchipping, dental care and surgery, you'll find the vet your pet deserves at your neighborhood Banfield Pet Hospital®. We're committed to partnering with you to ensure your pet's long-term health and happiness, and your peace of mind with:
    • 900+ hospitals with convenient evening and weekend hours
    • Optimum Wellness Plans® for affordable and comprehensive year-round care
    • Online access to your pet's medical records with membership
    • And so much more!
    Banfield is here to take the best possible care of your furry family members. We hope to meet you and your pet soon!”. Our veterinarians and technicians are skilled at treating a variety of pet health concerns. From the time your dog,cat or other pet joins your family,you can count on your local Banfield veterinarian to work in partnership with you to provide the best pet healthcare available,from preventive care to surgery and more:

    • Emergency Care
    • Parasite Control
    • Vaccinations
    • Early Morning Drop-Off Service
    • Cardiology
    • Radiology
    • Dentistry
    • Dermatology
    • Geriatric/Senior Patient Care
    • Internal Medicine,
    • Microchip Implantation ID
    • Nutrition
    • Spay/Neuter Services
    • Veterinary Surgery
    • Wellness Exams

    Other Services:
    • Shelter Adoption Benefits


  • Established in 1955, full-service pet hospital for veterinary care offers preventative health care, modern facilities and wellness plans for pets.

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