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Banbury Cross - 43 Reviews - 705 S 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT - Breakfast Restaurants Reviews - Phone (801) 810-2846

Banbury Cross

705 S 700 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
(801) 810-2846
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Banbury Cross - Salt Lake City, UT
Banbury Cross - Salt Lake City, UT
Banbury Cross - Salt Lake City, UT


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I have been going to Banbury Corss for donuts for as long as I can remember. The donuts are wonderful and they work very hard to make sure all of their products are quality an...


The whole Family are Dirty Mexicans! Rude! Vulgar! Nasty! & the Dumbass! Kid who answers the phone says NO ENGLISH! & when I called back he knew English!!!!

I Agree %100 ASS HOLES! OWNERS! 4/22/2012

The whole Family are Dirty Mexicans! Rude! Vulgar! Nasty! & the Dumbass! Kid who answers the phone says NO ENGLISH! & when I called back he knew English!!!! more

Donut Craving!!!! 8/7/2011

I woke up with a donut craving and having just moved back to SLC after eight years I was sad to see the Salt Lake Donut Co. was gone. So after searching the tubes for a donut shop, that was actually open on sunday morning, I found Banbury Cross Donuts not to far away. I read some of the reviews and was apprehensive about going but after going to Smiths and not being satisfied with their selection, and remember I was CRAVING donuts, I went! Service was good, and fast. There really wasn't time for bad service. I was in and out before the song that was on the radio I was listening to was over. The donuts are good and I am sure I will be back. more

Good donuts, HORRIBLE service! 6/29/2011

The donuts are great, but in the last year, the selection is dwindling and the service is HORRIBLE! I've waited for 10+ minutes at the drive up, made eye contact with those working inside, and still, no one comes to take my order. WTH? Too bad that the new owner/manager doesn't see customer service as what has driven the past success but will inevitably drive the coming failure. What good is a roomful of donuts with no one to buy them because you've pissed off nearly everyone in the valley? There are more and more donut shops opening up all the time, so why would your customers put up with this non-service behavior? Guess what? We won't! It is NOT the American way! more

Best Donuts in Town 3/10/2011

I have been going to Banbury Corss for donuts for as long as I can remember. The donuts are wonderful and they work very hard to make sure all of their products are quality and made on time, especially when you are making orders on the holidays. I had the pleasure of getting to know the owner when I was working at the gym where she works out and I can tell you that she would never stand for some of the things that have been said on the reviews. I've also met her children and they are all very positive workers. Everyone has "days", including everyone on this thread. If the things that people have said really happened, then that's a shame, but you should know that the owner's do not take these types of things lightly and they do everything they can to make things right. I would suggest if you have a problem, you call and ask to speak directly with the top owner. She doesn't mess around and will want to keep her business running smoothly. Unfortunately, there are soooo many sites like this out on the web that it's impossible to follow them all. more

Yummy Donuts 2/24/2011

I had my first Banbury Cross donut while in the hospital when my son was sick. I have never had a donut quite like this one, cinnamon crumb, it was the biggest donut ever. We asked the nurse where they came from and we have been going to Banbury ever since.. I have never had a bad experience, not once. I have also been treated with respect, my donuts have always been of the best quality, I will continue to go there. more


I have read alot of reviews on Banbury cross and couldn't help but notice how terrible the harassment and name calling was from the owners daughter twards some people whom posted negative reviews. I work for a company Banbury delivers to and I must say the doughnuts are out of this world yummy! I have encountered 3 employees, a man , an older woman, and the owners daughter, and the man and older woman are the Nicest people you will ever meet. The daughter is a little rude but no longer delivers donughts. I believe it is very unprofessional and extremely rude what she has written on peoples reviews, wich leads me to believe that those negative reviews are true but I must say the doughnuts are delicious and the other employees are very kind.. as the saying goes... Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. more

Best Donuts Ever 9/16/2010

I've always had a good experience at Banbury Cross. The donuts are wonderful, and the service has always been fine. Sometimes it's a little slow, but I've always had courteous employees serve me. more

Prices 6/27/2010

$8.97 including taxes is the cost for a dozen donuts. Bought a dozen this morning, and had no problems with the service. They were actually very friendly. Pros: Great donuts, great selection, good service. Cons: Expensive, short business hours more

My Banbury Experience 5/20/2010

Yesterday before going to Banbury Cross I read some very negative reviews on this site. As a result, I went in expecting to have a bad experience but it was actually very positive. I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful the staff was. They were prompt and professional and even assisted me with taking boxes of doughnuts to my car. Most importantly, It goes without saying that the doughnuts were delicious! Give Banbury a chance before judging based off of reviews. I'm not saying their service is perfect but they were voted #1 in Utah for a reason. Pros: Delicious doughnuts Cons: Limited parking more

Have Only Had Good Experiences 4/22/2010

I came to Citysearch to look up the phone number to Banbury Cross to place an order when I noticed some of the negative reviews. I was kind of shocked because I have only had really good experiences with the staff. So I felt I needed to weigh in. I get multiple dozens at a time every other week or so for my clients up at the Univ of Utah. They love them! We are not professional bakers but we think their donuts are the best around. And again, I've never had a bad experience with the staff. They have always been polite, courteous, and helpful! Pros: Good donuts Cons: Not much of an ambience for hanging out there more

Staff has ATTITUDE!! 4/2/2010

I went to get 4 dozen doughnuts for a family event when I arrived a girl almost ran me over on my way to the door then she flipped me off. I figured it was another patron and proceeded into the cottage. I was deciding what to get when the girl whom almost ran me over came waltzing in in pajamas and long brown hair everywhere and went to the back. I was completely disgusted at that point she literally looked as if she rolled out of bed and went to work. Almost running me over aside I couldn't order food from someone whos hair was long and not in a net or anything. When I asked if she was making the doughnuts she got very snotty and said I box them is that a problem. I looked at the girl dumbfounded for about 5 seconds and then walked out. I am sorry to say I didn't get to taste the doughnuts so I can't comment on the flavor but the service and the hygine of one of the girls working can guarntee I will never be back nor would I reccomend it to anyone! I have read many of the reviews and think next time I want to try somewhere new I will ask around and read reviews had I read about the terrible service to begin with I would have saved a trip! I don't know if this was the managers daughter but fro the reviews I've just read I'm guessing it is. TO ANYONE and EVERYONE BEWARE of this bakery!!!! ******Also I have gone thru all the reviews as well as comments and there are horrible posts on people's reviews from the owner who also posted a comment on my review. I am shocked at this behavior and it show's me I should not give them another chance****** Pros: can I do 0 stars? Cons: they are soooo rude more

What HAPPENED? 3/20/2010

I moved away from Utah three years ago and came back recently. On my first visit back to Banbury Cross last weekend (a place I LOVED before I left), I got flat "raised" chocolate bar donuts and they were drenched in frosting to cover the depressions made by the inadequate raising. Are they freezing their donuts prior to baking now? On top of the bad quality, one of the most vacuous and seriously rude employees I have every run into in any business (and I've lived on both coasts!!!) asked me for my order, and when I started to give it to her...she just walked away...mid-sentence... and didn't return. NICE! Luckily for me, another worker had time to get and fill my order between his ducking and throwing of dough in the food fight that was happeing in the kitchen (in plain view of the customers, and OVER the worktable where about six other people were working without aprons, hairnets or concern that what was being thrown over the table in the food fight could end up in the dounuts they were making). I don't know what's happened to Banbury Cross- but it's a shame. This place used to be great. Pros: They used to be good- maybe they can be again? Cons: Quality and Service more

owners daughter will verbally attack you for bad reviews!! 3/5/2010

------Update- ---- The daughter has been harassing me since I posted a negative review about her.. she's been saying extremely rude things and personally attacking me, I guess it just shows what kind of service and people run this place, also she delivered doughnuts this weekend yet continues to say I'm a liar and she doesn't deliver. I TRUELY HOPE EVERYONE reads the HORRIBLE things management has said in comments to people that give them bad reviews It is a real statement of what kind of service they provide and it backs up every negative customer service comment anyone has ever posted. I am sincerely upset with the behavior of the owners and wish they would use this resource to work fixing the problems at the shop rather than harass and tourment people for leaving a review they didn't like. Pros: doughnuts are good but not worth the treatment! Cons: EXTREMELY Unprofessional managorial staff!! more

Think Twice 9/20/2009

An employee yelled at me when I questioned their customer service. more

Best Donuts and Service in Town 8/10/2009

Every time I step into this magical doorway of delectable donuts, I am delighted! A+ service, combined with the best donuts in, (or out-of) town, makes me want to come back again and again. And I do! The donuts are always fresh, fluffy, and frankly, out of this world good. The young manager, I think his name is Ryan, is very courteous and professional. Pros: Best Donuts in Utah more

This is the place for great donuts!!! 7/30/2009

My first time in the bakery and totally impressed by the huge selection of fresh donuts (my favorite...the raspberry filled). The clerk who helped me was wonderful. Fast, cheerful and very courteous. I'm glad I decided to check out the shop...will definitely come back! Pros: Wonderful assortment of donuts that are pure heaven. more

Lousy Service 7/19/2009

The location is great~ The doughnuts are the best, But I always think twice about how much I abuse I want to take from these very unhappy workers. Pros: Best Doughnuts around Cons: Really slow, sullen, and positively downright rude help. more

Good donuts-Horrible Service 5/18/2009

They always get our order wrong. Not once has it been right. Whether we called it in or thru the drive-thru. They can't understand what you tell them. I guess they don't speak English very well. My suggestion is to hire employees that know what their doing!! The girls are nice but they act confused sometimes. Then there's a guy there that just didn't have any patience at all. He said to more less hurry up he had other customers waiting! I was offended it was a $40 or more order for them. You'd think they'd love the business I was giving them ! They need to improve big time on customer service and being polite and getting the orders right!!! It's a joke! But the donuts are wonderful if you can stand the service!!! I'll go back but not as much as I used to! I recommend it to very few people!!! more

Best bran muffins 2/27/2009

Love the bran muffins, hate the service. Good thing I found out at little the Starbucks kiosk sells bran muffins. Now I can eat my muffin and avoid that nasty shop! Pros: best bran muffins Cons: bad service more

best donuts in SLC, but they are rude, rude, rude 1/12/2009

I'm not a donut expert, but i pick up two dozen to share at work every month when I have to work a Sunday. Other than that, I don't eat them. Everytime I have been to Banbury the workers have taken around 10 minutes to get the donuts (drivethrough) and they have always been fresh. Of course I go to work at 0630, so they had better be. Be prepared, the workers seem very confused if you request something from the norm, say no nuts for a food allergy, and take longer. The workers also tend to be moderately to exteremely rude. Wonderful donuts though. I really like the apple fritter and the strawberry glaze. The donuts go twice as fast if they are from Banbury! Their coffee and orange juice is very good, too. If a dunkin' donuts or a krispy kreme were on the way to work I'd probably stop there instead. As it is, they are the only decent place in the area to get donuts. Smiths and Albertson's aren't even close. Will continue to go there until there is another quality place to pick up donuts on the way to work. Pros: Excellent donuts, drivethrough, good coffee and orange juice Cons: rude employees, expensive compared to competitors more
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Owner Message

  • Delicious donuts and other baked goods including muffins, cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, apple fitters and more. Our donut varieties include: glazed, chocolate covered, raised donuts, maple frosted, strawberry frosted, cinnamon crumb donut, cake donuts and old fashioned. We also serve delicious coffee, milk, chocolate milk, orange juice and fountain drinks.


  • The Scene
    A small cottage on one of the busiest streets in the city. Inside, you'll find just what you'd expect: cases filled with sugary treats. There are several tables along the windows, in case you like to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee with your doughnut. There's a drive-thru window, but the parking lot is pretty small, and the cars during the morning rush often create a logjam.

    The Food
    Doughnuts of all sizes and shapes--glazed, frosted, jelly-filled and more--as well as bear claws, twists and doughnut holes. If doughnuts are not your thing, choose from a variety of muffins--blueberry, apple-cinnamon, chocolate chip and other flavors.

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  • Hours:

    Monday To Saturday From 05:00 AM To 05:00 PM Sunday From 05:00 AM To 02:00 PM
  • Neighborhoods:

    Central City