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Ballroom in Fremont - 28 Reviews - 456 N 36th St, Seattle, WA - Happy Hour Reviews - Phone (206) 634-2575

Ballroom in Fremont

456 N 36th St (at Francis Street)
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 634-2575
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Ballroom in Fremont - Seattle, WA
Ballroom in Fremont - Seattle, WA
Ballroom in Fremont - Seattle, WA
Ballroom in Fremont - Seattle, WA
Ballroom in Fremont - Seattle, WA
Ballroom in Fremont - Seattle, WA
Ballroom in Fremont - Seattle, WA
Ballroom in Fremont - Seattle, WA


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Also....I dropped my cell phone here in a BIG Saturday Valentines Day crowd and I thought id never see it again. A worker found it and made sure to answer when I called from my fr...


I have been going down to Fremont for a couple years now, after I returned from college. The atmosphere in general is amazing and the town is just fun to be in. Until you get to...

GREAT pizza! 5/2/2011

This bar is fantastic.Dancing and high volume crowd on the weekends, and a great happy hour with laidback atmosphere on the weekdays.The pizza is delicious.Not on happy hour the pizza and bar menu can be a little pricey, but the slices are above average in size and the drinks are always stiff.They have a really fun outside seating area with fireplace and outside bar.The service is friendly and usually very quick.I always enjoy going back to this bar whether its grabbing a slice of pizza or drinks on friday night. more

Young fun crowd 11/1/2010

Drinks are nothing special, but my favorite part is to just hang out with friends there and mingle with the crowd. more

Fun People Watching 8/31/2010

Fun place to hang on a sat night, lots of people, drinks were $$$ more

Great place to hang out in Fremont 8/17/2010

The Ballroom is awesome- you can have dinner, drink, dance, play pool at pretty good prices. It can get pretty crowded on the weekends, but the weekdays are pretty chill. Generous shots- the first time I went was on my 21st birthday and they hooked me up! The DJ's are cool if you make a music request too. The bartenders are always friendly- its like a neighborhood place that you can still dress up for! Perfect place to hang out without the annoying Belltown scene. more

Great place to grab a stiff one! 7/6/2010

I've been here a few times and each time I've played pool - at the same table, nonetheless, for $6 for however long (I believe). The hot female bartenders with great suggestions, patience, and personality (yes, I'm a chick) always give me the drink I'll like - and I like it, and it's a good and strong one. Last time I enjoyed a huckleberry, cranberry, and lime drink that was just fabulous. It was shaken and strained the first time, poured over ice the second time, can't say anything for consistent presentation, but the thing tasted the same. I didn't like the fact that it was $9 per drink, but hey, clearly I bought them. The appetizers and pizza here are pretty damn good, but the onion rings, man, they are NOT greasy, beer battered and just right. Get there for happy hour to save a few bucks. Now for the disclaimer: This place is a meat market, a hooking up type of meat market. Sure they have a DJ and some dancing, some trivia nights, but I would not go here alone as a single chick. Yuck. Go with friends and you'll have some fun. But definitely go! Pros: Strong Drinks and Great Onion Rings! Cons: Meat market, and not the kind of meat ya want more

Ballroom Blitz - Dance all weekend long 1/19/2010

I've been to the Ballroom a few times since moving to Fremont. It's a big space with a dining area, pool tables, dance floor and a spacious patio with a fire pit. So far my visits have only been on the weekends where the dance floor seems to be primarily a place to hook up. The clientele differ slightly from Friday to Saturday night but the goal seems to be the same at the end of the night. Expect some touchy-feely guys and a soccer mom or two losing their inhibitions on the stripper pole. I'm not sure if the DJ's are on a permanent rotation or if they have guest DJ's filtering through, but my preference was for the Friday night mix which was heavier on the Hip Hop side and less sing-a-long Top 40 choices. While the weekend crowd seems to be a bit of a meat market, which I'm not ruling out purely for it's "OMG is this really happening" factor, I've heard that the Ballroom is a completely different place on the weekdays and have a popular Trivia Night on Wednesdays. Pros: Pool tables; Photobooth Cons: Meat market on the weekends more

Never Again! Avoid this place. 12/31/2009

A big group of us attended the NYE celebration at The Ballroom thinking it would be a great time. My brother is married to a Colombian woman and some of her family and friends were here visiting. They speak a tiny bit of English but not enough to know what someone is saying to them. One of the Colombian women had been feeling homesick and sad all day. Late in the evening she was sitting in a booth resting her head on her boyfriend's shoulder. She was not drunk, not sleeping and not belligerent. They were sitting at our booth, keeping to themselves when a "manager" came up and accosted her. He threatened to kick her out because she looked like she was "sleeping." Because she and her boyfriend do not speak English, I calmly told the "manager" that she doesn't understand him and that she is just sad, not drunk. He then got in my face and told me the next person to talk besides her would be escorted out. Again, he threatened to kick her out and again she did not understand him. I repeated that she doesn't speak English and that she is not drunk. He then escorted me out. I requested to talk to a manager and several minutes later the same man came outside. We talked on the street in front of the bar where I again calmly explained the situation. He did not listen to a word I said, accused me of saying obscenities which was not true and then lied to me telling me he speaks Spanish. I did not hear him speak a word of Spanish to my friend and highly doubt he knows the language. Anyway, he dismissed my story, stormed inside and told the bouncer that if I tried to come in to call the cops! Please understand that I was completely calm throughout this situation. If this man was indeed a manager he needs some lessons in people skills. He proceeded to infuriate my entire group by coming back outside and yelling at us and basically made us look like the bad guys in the situation. None of my family or I have ever been treated like that before. For a $25 cover charge, I expect to be treated better. We will never go back. I am going to spread the word about what a horrible place this is. Pros: big place Cons: management, security more

Helpful staff also 12/26/2009

Also....I dropped my cell phone here in a BIG Saturday Valentines Day crowd and I thought id never see it again. A worker found it and made sure to answer when I called from my friends phone and returned it immediately. Thanks guys! Pros: Pool, dancing, alcohol Cons: None really more

Great Bar for any occasion 12/10/2009

i originally stayed away from this bar because of its fri and sat nights, but i was missing out. This is a great neighborhood hang every other day of the week. It has pool, pizza, photo booth, fire pit. The staff is always nice and the drinks are great. Come check it out! Pros: pool tables, photo booth, great drinks, friendly staff Cons: weekend nights more

Angry bartender 7/8/2009

We went in there on July the 3rd during the zombie walk. We were dressed as zombies but besides that we acted normal. The bartender ignored us and told his waitress that the punching period of the night was about to start. One of the customers jokingly asked him where his zombie spirit was and he said that it was the fact that he had to work more that upset him. We left after hearing this and went next door where we had a great time. more

Best Trivia Night in Town! 2/4/2009

The Wednesday night trivia at the Ballroom is by far the best trivia night in town! We have been to many different trivia nights around the city and they don't even come close. Every once and a while we will go try out a new trivia spot and we quickly run back to the Ballroom, nothing else compares! Tommmy is a great host, with an awesome personality who keeps everyone engaged, has great questions each week, keeps the game going at a good pace and the trivia has different facets which keep it interesting. Whether we win or lose we always have an amazing time at Trivia with a Twist! Pros: Trivia, the staff Cons: none more

One of the best spots in Fremont! 12/16/2008

I went to The Ballroom with friends a few weekends ago and we had a great experience! Unlike some other places in Fremont and around Seattle, this place actually has enough space to move around and quite a bit of seating to accomodate its guests. It does get busy at night, but not overly-crowded which makes for a good atmosphere. The bartenders were great and all the drinks I had were wonderful! We chose to sit by the firepit, which was a nice spot to warm-up after walking outside in the cold. There's a good mix of people here, pool tables are clean and well-kept and the DJ and dancing were pretty good, as well. I recommend going before 10 to avoid cover charges and to get priority seating. Pros: Ambience, service, seating, music, drinks Cons: Parking can be a pain more

BAD BAD Crowd 10/23/2008

I have been going down to Fremont for a couple years now, after I returned from college. The atmosphere in general is amazing and the town is just fun to be in. Until you get to the ballroom. I read on here from 2007 that purses were stolen from people and coats etc, Ill give you one more. I was there with a crowd of like 12 people, we knew what we were getting into when we walked in, crowded bar, loud music and so-so drinks, which was essentially just what we were looking for. What I was not looking for was to have something put in my drink...I ended up blacking out (after one drink that I remember drinking mind you) and passing out in a corner. Luckly my fiance was there to carry me out of the bar while I was still passed out. The scariest part of all this was that he carried me out past the bartenders, past the bouncers and no one asked a thing, like "Hey does that belong to you?" Nothing. I could have been carried out by the creep who put something in my drink. Not a good crowd, if you choose to go keep an eye on your purse, coat and your drinks. more

Great Food, Great Service, Great Happy Hour 5/15/2008

I have been a regular at the Ballroom since the day it opend. I have seen the Ballroom change and grow and the Ballroom it is today is the BEST!! It is a great place to hang out during the week and early on the weekends. I admit sometimes I like to people watch late night on the weekends. The entire staff at the Ballroom is GREAT! If you go in there once, the next time they remember you! That is a rare find in Seattle. Everyone needs to give the Ballroom a try once! Pros: Great space and staff Cons: NONE!! more


I am so appalled, all around not a good experience if it weren't for the company I was with! Our waitress at first was very nice and helpful but as soon as she got a couple of tables of guys she was only to be seen flirting with them. Our second round of drinks sat at the bar for five minutes before I got up to get them with our waitress MIA. If you decide to give them a try anyways I recommend sticking with beer as the rest of their drinks are weak, seriously WEAK. The music I swear they kept bumping up the volume 10 notches every 30 minutes. It was difficult to carry on a conversation when we first got there but it just kept getting louder. I woke up with a sore throat from trying to talk. It seems like they are trying to compete as a "club" with Belltown or something. Then to top it all off at the end of the night when we asked for our check we waited another ten - fifteen minutes before I got up AGAIN to go do something our waitress should have been on top of. I shouldn't have to go ask AGAIN for my bill. Sadly enough the tab was started on my card therefore I couldn't just pay in cash and be done. Unfortunately our party had six people at one point during the night and therefore they charged us the automatic gratuity. She didn't deserve the 18% but the rest of the staff didn't deserve to be stiffed on her behalf. I can't stress how much I DO NOT recommend this bar. Pros: The wings were good. Cons: Poor service, poor service, poor service, poor service. more

Always a good time 4/19/2008

On weekends, it's a huge scene. Three quarters of the hook ups are initiated by women. Consequently, guys who go around hitting on women are guys that other women don't want. The men who do the best are those who get along well with (and are recognized positively by) other men. The large booths are often taken over early by groups on weekends, sometimes for special occasions. So get there early or reserve a space if you're planning a soiree. Avoid open-toe shoes, large purses and dangling cell phones. Only people with limited exposure to the real world leave their personal items unattended in any large establishment. Security at the Ballroom has improved dramatically. Overtly drunk people are not admitted or are 86'd if they drink too much inside. Weeknights are pleasant in such a large space. There's a DJ on Thursday nights too, when it's not crowded. I love their pizza. It's drawing a more diverse crowd now. The Ballroom is always a good time. more

Sketchy Crowds 12/28/2007

I used to be a big fan of the Ballroom when I was in college but recently I have been dissapointed with the crowd that is taking over. Rather than college kids, it has become a thug bar. On a recent visit my purse was stolen from right next to me. It had my belongings and a friend's inside. At the time of the theft, the staff was less than helpful even though our wallets and keys were taken. The next day, they failed to return my phone calls and when I finally got a hold of them, they left me on hold twice for more than 3 minutes. This is not the first time I've had things stolen here. About three years ago, someone stole a coat of mine that was at the table with us.This is not the bar it used to be and I would not recommend it. If you go, keep your coat and purse on....the crowd is not to be trusted. Cons: Crime more

The Best Drinks in Town!!! 3/11/2007

WOW!!! Did I get an introduction to party time last Saturday night! I was playing pool with a friend of mine an all of a sudden there was people kicking next to us giving us help on our pool shots, as well as buying us shots and drinks. This place is incredible!!! I will be here every other day. Amanda ROCKS! Thanks for the greatest customer service, this is something very rare in a heavy stream industry like this. Thanks to all, I will see you very soon... The Tiqulia and Carrona was Great!!! Take care' Frankie S. Pros: Amanda, the drinks, and everybody else that put this event on. Cons: PARKING, Please take a cab!!! more

College crowd, but i like the variety 11/20/2006

About a dozen pool tables, heated outdoor area (fireplace and heatlamps), small dance area (with a cage) and a few tables and stools to lean on... this place is typically packed with decent looking, drunk college kids. Yes, I was one of them, but now that I'm not I still enjoy it very much! I like that you can chill out and play pool, and once you've got a good buzz go and tear up the dance floor. It can get packed in there, though. The food is typical bar fare, large portions and decent priced. It's really a good time for anyone in their twenties. more

Decent space for serving decent drinks to self-important college kids 10/24/2006

Basic facts - pool tables, good beer and general congregational space makes the "Ball Room" seemingly attractive. Fremont has a lot of circulation of people on the street which usually makes for eclectic crowds, especially on the weekend. However, such is not the case for the Ball Room. Drunken college girls and guys are in full force and are hard to gauge - sometimes entertaining but usually just a cause for going elsewhere. However, the general experience of this otherwise clique-y meeting spot improves if you are able to secure a pool table that isn't in the way of people back-and-forthing from the dance floor. The floor is often sticky in high traffic-areas and the high-traffic areas are often consumed by clowns. Pros: good beer, pool tables (when available) Cons: weekend crowds, general attitiude of younger patrons more
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Owner Message

  • Fremont's premiere pool hall, lounge & nightspot.
    Outdoor bar with a fire pit, 6 big screen HD TV's, NFL Ticket, 6 regulation pool tables, photobooth, DJs, trivia, and more.

    We are serious about our 28" hand tossed New York style pizza. Choose from 24 toppings or compliment your slice with great salads and apps. We also offer a full selection of beer, wine and premium liquor & our bartenders know how to treat you right.

    Happy Hour Daily 4pm-7pm, and Sundays 12pm-7pm.
    Late night on food every Sun - Thurs 11pm-1am.

    Sun - Tues $2 PBRs and 1/2 price pool all night long.
    Wed "Twisted Trivia" hosted by G Money Professor.
    $5 to enter with great monthly drink specials and prizes.

    Friday- DJ Tamm of KISS FM, Ladies Free till 10pm

    Saturday - DJ Warren - Ladies Free till 10pm
    Try out your moves in our cage or on our elevated stripper pole. That's right!


  • The Scene
    This warehouse space holds nine regulation pool tables as well as an adjoining "function room" that doubles as a disco-ball-dappled dance floor. An attractive, laid-back mix of frat grads and Fremont funksters pack the place, especially on weekends. A well-edited selection of beer sells for $3.50 a glass, $11 for a pitcher and the libations, as well as an ever-spinning CD player, help get the crowd in a celebratory mood.

    The Draw
    Bartenders serve a full assortment of spirits, as well as snacks, from behind an intricately constructed, dark wood bar. Food options all ring in at $10 or under and dwell mostly on old-fashioned comfort food like beef brisket, sloppy joes and mac and cheese--but there's also a Middle Eastern plate for the more exotically inclined.

  • 12/13/2005 Provided by Citysearch

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  • Hours:

    Daily 4pm-2am
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    Visa, Master Card
  • Neighborhoods:

    Fremont, Lake Union