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Baker's Gun Shop

11530 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 522-4575
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Baker's Gun Shop - Seattle, WA
Baker's Gun Shop - Seattle, WA


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i was living in olympia for the past year but in september i'm moving back to seattle, i've previously had pretty good experiences with this place. i read in a couple other posts ...


After reading some of the reviews I decided to relate my experience from a few years ago. \r I have a few side by side shotguns and decided that two could benefit from some work....

Avoid this place if you have any options at all. 9/13/2010

After reading some of the reviews I decided to relate my experience from a few years ago. \r I have a few side by side shotguns and decided that two could benefit from some work. I went by Stan's at the old location and spoke with the two gentlemen who were working there. One older gentleman with the handle bar mustache directed me to the gunsmith. Both names now escape me. \r After a brief examination I was quoted $120 to correct a single trigger sear issue where the gun discharged both barrels when fired. The other gun was off face and they quoted me $100 to correct it. Both prices seemed reasonable so I gave the green light. I was quoted 1-2 weeks to get the job done.\r About an hour later, I got a call that one of my guns was ready. I returned happily and picked up the gun with the sear issue. The cost was $150+tax for the labor. It struck me as a little high given the very short amount of time that could have elapsed between me leaving and getting the call but I was happy to have the gun ""fixed"" and paid the bill, went home and put the gun back in the safe. \r This is where I should state that I have several guns and I was not in any hurry to get the second shotgun back. I did however note on my calendar when I should check back in. I first called about a month after I dropped it off and was told in a friendly manner that it would proably be another couple weeks. So I waited 3 months and stopped by the shop. Again as friendly as can be given the very reasonable quote on the services. As you might guess, I was told that it would be another couple weeks. I gave it 4 or so months and stopped by again. This time I was informed that the shop was relocating and that my gun was in safe storage but was probably done. \r I waited another month and stopped by the new shop. They searched for about half an hour and found my gun but the work had not been done. ""Too busy moving"" was the excuse. I took them at their word again and left. At this point I was having concerns that something was not right. I was still very interested in having this gun fixed and there really aren't many people qualified to work on a double barrel shotgun in our area. Without dragging this on any longer, the result was after 18 months I stopped by, picked up my gun as I had left it and it sits in my safe just like it was the day I dropped it off. No apologies or effort made by the staff.\r Adding to my distaste for the experience, I finally had an opportunity to take the gun with the sear issue out to the range and found that the firing both barrels problem still occurs about 50% of the time.\r Be warned or at least not surprised if your experiences are similar.\r \r A side note: It is interesting that the only positive review really had nothing to specific to say and the user name is ""curtcobaingirl"". I'm not sure how well known it is that Curt Cobain purchased his infamous 12ga from Stan Baker prior to ending his life. (Google it if you would like.) I wouldn't hold any gun shop responsible for the actions of another individual but it is a strange coincidence. more

Do not do business here 8/1/2010

I had been a regular customer of Stan Baker Sports in Seattle since 1988. In 2008 I left a Browning A-Bolt 7mm rifle with the store to sell on consignment. I signed a consignment agreement under which Stan Baker Sports was to receive a consignment fee of 20 percent of the rifle’s selling price. In May 2009, having received no report of a sale, I telephoned the store to let the staff know that I would be retrieving the rifle. The person I spoke to on the phone told me the rifle had sold for $600. Later the same day I went to Stan Baker Sports to collect my share of the proceeds ($480) from the sale of my rifle. During my visit I spoke to a man who identified himself as Bill Gerdes, whom I believe to be the new owner of Stan Baker Sports, which had moved from its old location. Mr. Gerdes told me I would have to wait for payment. For the next two months I called Stan Baker Sports about once a week and spoke with either Mr. Gerdes or one of the employees during each call. On each occasion I spoke with Mr. Gerdes he offered some excuse for failing to provide payment to me. For example, he told me on one occasion that he was too busy to take care of my payment, and on another occasion that he was busy waiting on a customer. My last call was on July 11, 2009, when I spoke with Mr. Gerdes and demanded to know when I would receive payment for the proceeds of the consignment sale. Gerdes evaded my question. I lost my temper and ended the call. As of August 1, 2010,I still have not received payment from Stan Baker Sports. Unfortunately I do not retain a copy of the consignment agreement I signed because I handed my copy it to the counter employee when I visited the 2009, and did not recover it from him before leaving the store. Obviously based on other reviewers experiences it wouldn’t have made any difference. However, the transaction records required of a Federal Firearms Licensee under federal law will show the rifle entering and leaving the inventory of Stan Baker Sports, if the records have been properly created and maintained by the licensee. This review is based on a formal affidavit I signed for another client who was preparing a lawsuit against Stan Baker Sports. Cons: Dishonest business more

still in business? 7/14/2010

i was living in olympia for the past year but in september i'm moving back to seattle, i've previously had pretty good experiences with this place. i read in a couple other posts online that he was getting evicted or something? is the shop still in business as of July 2010? Pros: everything was done as asked Cons: that it might be closed? more

Stan Baker Shooting Sports 6/4/2010

Had similar horror stories as the three articles below. With one differance. In order to correct Bill's incompetance I will have to spend a thousand dollars to have a new barrel installed on my rifle.\r Brought my rifle in due to a blown out casing stuck in the chamber ( two months before deer season). He removed the casing. He said he had to remove the barrel from the receiver in order to remove the lodged casing. When the rifle was returned (after elk season) I test fired it at the rifle range. Guess what , the neck of the fired casing is now bulging. So now Bill says the rifle has to be rechambered.He said he removed the barrel and machined one thread off of the barell and recambered it. Now, when I get the gun back it is heavily scrathed. We agree to have the rifle reblued at a reduced price. Six months later after the first bluing attempt did not work. I finally demanded my rifle back. All during this time I hear excuses 1-100 why it's not finished. Now I take the rifle out and test fire it. I had to pry the bolt up. As I find out later on, this is due to excessive pressure. Took the rifle to Dennis. I watched him disassemble the barell from the receiver. The barell was not tight. Typically you have to use both hands and your body to pry it off. As the gun smith showed me, there were two threads machined off instead of one. Sorry for not being so literal. Every time I repeat this story my blood stats boiling. \r \r Up date, 6 5 10 \r Went by there today. There is a Washington Department of Revenue Lein for $9500.00 in back taxes owed letter posted on the door. Well what do you know there is justice after all. Pros: Zip Cons: Lousy service, Poor workmanship and over priced -**** more

Watch Out! 1/16/2010

Beware of this business and Bill, who says he owns it! Last June I brought two rifles in for possible consignment. Bill told me he’d be able to sell them, and recommended the prices, and at the time Bill seemed to me (mistakenly) to be somebody whose promises could be relied upon. Bill gave me his usual written consignment agreements, which listed the prices and the usual 80/20 split for the two rifles. Didn’t hear a peep from anybody at Stan Baker Sports in July or August, so I called in early September, and was told both rifles sold quickly, in July. But not to worry about my money! Bill would send me the check for my share in a few days! So I was told. No check ever came, even though every few weeks or so I’d call and again be promised my share of the money Bill got months earlier, in July. In December I visited the store, and Bill personally looked me in the eye and promised me he’d send my money to me not later than Dec. 29. Another promise broken. When I visited the store and saw Bill personally again on Jan. 16, 2010, Bill agreed he owed my money to me, but refused to pay anything, even though Bill got the money for both rifles six months earlier! Beware of this place; I believe I’ve been ripped off and wouldn’t have anything to do with them in the future. What a shoddy way to treat a customer. To date Bill has kept all the money he got from selling my two consignment rifles last July - over six months ago. I would not trust anything he says. Cons: many broken promises more

An extremely poor run business 12/12/2009

Drpped off a 12g on November 4, 2009 to have an adjustable butt plate and pad installed. The Smith had me show him my LOP so I thought this guy really knows what he is doing and we're off to a good start! Little did I know what a frustrating experience this would turn out to be! I provided my email, two phone numbers etc. and asked how long it would take for the installaton. The Gunsmith said 1 to 2 weeks. Sounded reasonable but after 1 month, the gun had not been worked on. Another 2 weeks went by and still no installation. Keep in mind that I had made several calls to see how the work was going. I always got an excuse that the part had not arrived yet and that they were backed up do to an employee getting hurt on the job. I offered sorrow for the employee being hurt but question the versacity of the statement! What kind of gunshop takes more than a month and a half to receive a butt plate and pad. I finally went to the shop to check on my gun on December 10th 2009 and work still had not been started. I asked the Gunsmith for the return of my gun and he started lamenting with more excuses that the part was still not in and sometimes takes 6 months. I asked for the return of my gun and was out of there! It was probably a blessing that this incompetent gunsmith and poorly run business did not work on my Bowning Cynergy Classic Trap. All of my fellow shotgun owners know how difficult it is to go without our guns for a couple of weeks let alone a month and a half expecting to have work done and then continue to receive excuse after excuse with no plausible reason why work has not been done let alone not even started! I really feel badly for customers who fail to do their homework and research a reputable gunsmith. Stan Baker Gunshop is not the place to have work done on a shotgun and I would also give it a negative star rating as one of the other reviewers offered if possible but the one star rating is for receiving my gun back in tact! I would avoid the obfuscation, disappointment and not offer patronage to this business and carefully research other Gunsmiths! Cons: Can't trust that work will be completed as promised! more

Avoid like the plague 8/9/2009

I dropped off a .20 gauge side-by-side for some work in early September, 2008. At the time, I specifically said I'd like the work done as long as it was less than $200. And I wanted the gun in time for the '08 upland season, which at that time was still a full month away. Weeks, then months went by, no gun. I called regularly and was told ""we're backed up,"" or ""our guy is out sick,"" and various other excuses. Finally, just yesterday, I picked up the gun. Nearly a FULL YEAR after I dropped it off. The bill was nearly $300 (the gun probably isn't even worth that much), a third again as much as I was expecting. When I mentioned that, and the fact that they'd had the gun for 11 MONTHS, the guy said, and I quote, ""You gonna pay for the f#@!*&g gun or not?"" This guy was so incredibly rude and unprofessional I was momentarily dumbstruck. He proceeded to cuss me out several more times, then stated that he had to ""walk away, before I do something I regret."" Like what, shoot me? I never raised my own voice, nor did I use any profanity. I merely pointed out that the bill was much higher than I was expecting, and that in light of the fact that they had taken nearly a year to complete a very minor job (cracked stock), that perhaps some ""adjustment"" might not be out of order. Well, I don't care if Baker's IS the closest gun shop in town. They'll never get another dime of mine. I'll happily make the drive up to Kesselring's, where the employees still seem to understand that customers are important. Baker's- - what a bunch of lowlifes. If it were possible to award NEGATIVE stars, I would. I urge you to boycott this pathetic excuse for a business.\r \r Addendum: In the interests of full disclosure, it's only fair that I report I did receive a phone call this afternoon, 8/11/09, from ""Bill"" at Stan Baker's, offering me an apology on both his and his rude employee's behalf. While I appreciate that he took the time to phone me I still have no plans to patronize this business again. Cons: worst customer service I've ever experienced more
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