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Back Bay Plastic Surgery

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Back Bay Plastic Surgery - Boston, MA
Back Bay Plastic Surgery - Boston, MA
Back Bay Plastic Surgery - Boston, MA



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Ever since I can remember, I have hated my breasts. I always had to look for clothes (swim suits, spaghetti strap, strapless) that had padding in them. But at the same time I neve...


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Results way better than I expected!!! 4/25/2012

Ever since I can remember, I have hated my breasts. I always had to look for clothes (swim suits, spaghetti strap, strapless) that had padding in them. But at the same time I never wanted to do implants because I just didn't feel comfortable putting anything foreign in my body. I also had c-sections leaving me with one more flaw that gave my self confidence another blow. Then a friend recommended Dr Delvecchio for abdominoplasty and while I was doing my research, I also found out that he does breast augmentation with fat injection. This turned out to be a perfect option for me especially since it uses my own fat instead of implants and gives them a more natural look. Dr D took his time explaining the risks and rewards associated with the procedures. I asked about the worst case scenarios and he gave me his honest opinion and also explained exactly what kind of results to expect. The days leading up to surgery were tough because I had to wear a suction bra and it can be an extremely uncomfortable experience. But the pain was totally worth the results. Dr D and the staff were very supportive throughout. On the day of the surgery, Dr D even offered to put some of my leftover fat into my hips. Dr D is a perfectionist and I can see it in the results. I absolutely love my breasts, my hips and my abdomen!!! I love shopping for clothes!!! Even the aftercare has been phenomenal. I had some fluid in one of my breasts right after the surgery which required me to visit his office once every week for a month and Dr D was very patient and made sure that I got the best care possible. Thanks to Dr Delvecchio and his staff!!! more

Love my new nose! 9/27/2011

I went to Dr. Del Vecchio after a substantial online search of plastic surgeons. Dr. D is super attentive and approachable. His office staff is also extremely nice and helpful. I went to Back Bay Plastic surgery because ever since I was young I have hated my nose. It was too wide and had a large bump. Dr. D was able to explain my options, show me examples of what my nose could look like, and clearly explained the surgery to me. He and his staff were also highly available to answer any of my questions in person or by phone. Thanks to Dr. D my nose looks amazing! It is everything I could have asked for and more. I feel like Dr. D really listened to my concerns and preferences and gave me what I asked for. I would sincerely recommend you go to Dr. Del Vecchio for your plastic surgery needs! more

Amazing work! 9/19/2011

I went to doctor Del Vecchio as a referral by one of his recent patients. My boobs were very asymmetrical. The right one was a good cup size larger. He suggested to do silicone implants both 400cc. He chose to use the same size implant in each breast even though there was a major difference in their appearance. You could really tell he knew exactly what he was talking about and he knew what was perfect for my body. The operation went well and my boobs now (2 months post) are perfect and now symmetrical in size and look natural. I would recommend anyone who is looking to enhance their body to see him!! He will know exactly what is right for you and make you look amazing!! more

thank you!! 9/13/2011

After breastfeeding four children I had pretty much given up the idea of ever wearing a lowcut shirt ever again. That being said I didnt want bouncy balloon boobs either. Dr Del Vecchio was extremely easy to talk to. Since I didnt want implants, we talked about using fat from my thighs and lower back to ""perk up"" my breasts. The operation went very smoothly (this was my first surgery and I was very nervous). I would definitely recommend this operation to women looking for a natural lift more

Amazing butt& lipo 9/12/2011

I was not happy with my body before i had this surgery done! i had dr. del vecchio lipo my abs and inject it into my butt! I could not of even imagined better results! he did an amazing job! He was very informative about everything. He worked with me to squeeze me in the week after my consult so i could get it out of the way before summer!! also he didnt kill me with the price! He was very plesant and comforting throughout the whole expirence! i would 100% recomend Dr. Del Vecchio to any one interested in getting any type of plastic surgery !! My butt is amazing! and my stomache is flat! I love my body now and couldnt be more happy!! the recovery time wasnt long and no scars were left on my body! Dr. D was amazing! HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!! more

Exceptional Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Del Vecchio 11/1/2010

I am a 33 year old female that had breast augmentation surgery from another plastic surgeon 2 years ago. I was not happy with my results of the 1st surgery. I felt they were not even, 1 side was larger than the other, there was slight ?bottoming out? and in my opinion they were too large for my frame. I decided to research other plastic surgeons in the Boston area as I was seeking a breast augmentation revision. I was very pleased with the information I obtained from Dr. Del Vecchio?s website and more importantly the personal treatment and guidance I received from my consultation. I met with Dawn (office manager) first who made me feel extremely comfortable during my visit and has proven to be a huge asset to the practice; very knowledgeable and welcoming. I then met with Dr. Del Vecchio who went over my options and walked me through what he would do to generate the results I so desperately wanted. I knew from pictures and testimonials that he was an exceptional plastic surgeon. However, I am here to write that he is additionally exceptional when it comes to revisions. Obviously breast augmention revisions are much more complicated for a surgeon than an initial/first time augmentation. I felt so confident and comfortable that I immediately booked my surgery date and am now over 6 months post op and couldn?t be happier. I highly recommend Dr. Del Vecchio and his staff if anyone is seeking breast augmentation surgery/revision. more

Thanks for my new life! 10/20/2010

I have been waiting all my life to find a surgeon I could really trust and I was lucky enough to bump into Dr. Del Vecchio. From day 1 I felt extremely confortable and happy to put my life in his hands although it was going to be a common liposuction, or so they say. more

True Professional-Proficient Physician 10/8/2010

I am a 31 year old from Eastern Massachusetts and I chose the services of Back Bay Plastic surgery for my breast augmentation. From the start I was 100% confident in the worth ethic and expertise of Dr. Del Vecchio as well as his staff. Dr. Del Vecchio's assistant showed that she truly cared by taking the time to talk with me and answer any questions I had. The doctor himself was wholly professional and enthusiastic to accomplish my aesthetic goals. Exceeding my expectations, Dr. Del Vecchio performed a successful and comfortable surgery and I finally have the confidence I have always wished for. Thank you Back Bay Plastic Surgery, you changed my life for the better. more

Back Bay Plastic Surgery is the BEST!!!!!!! 10/6/2010

I am 28 years old from Rhode Island and I went to Back Bay Plastic Surgery for my Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty this past September 2010. more

The Best Results by the best surgeon 10/6/2010

Doctor Del Vecchio and his staff made my surgical experience a very good one! He's professional and since the first time I met him I felt he was the right Surgeon, the best one. Doctor Del Vecchio and his staff cared about me not just at the beginning but for the whole process, including the post-op one! Honestly, I couldn't have been more happy with my surgery, I had great results . I strictly reccomended and I do reccomend Doctor Del Vecchio with all of my friends that want to deal with plastic surgery. What can be a nightmare with some surgeons turn into a wonderful life change with Doctor Del Vecchio. Thank you so much! more

Dr. Del Vecchio 8/24/2010

Dr. Del Vecchio is one of the best in his field. I had a face lift for the first time and my results were fantastic. Additionally, my recovery went smoothly and I was back at work within a few weeks. When I discussed the surgery with the doctor, I asked him to make me look myself, just younger and that is exactly what he did. Additionally, he is a fun and friendly individual, though very busy, who helps a patient laugh through the process. I would strongly recommend Dr. Del Vecchio, if you are considering your age and regaining a more youthful face. My results were excellent and worth the money. more

This doctor is the best 7/19/2010

This wasn?t my first face-lift. I had one over 40 years ago. Then I had another about 20 years ago (do the math) when I had corrective surgery after the removal of a melanoma on my right cheek that left my face distorted. Inasmuch as the right side of my face lost elasticity, I decided to go for a consultation with Dr. DelVecchio. I had found Dr. DelVecchio in my search on the internet and compared him to other surgeons. I could not have made a wiser final choice. Upon entering Dr. Delvecchio?s office, I was welcomed by a pleasant, friendly and efficient staff and I felt completely at ease. Dr. DelVecchio made his recommendations and I immediately scheduled my surgery for May 20, two weeks after the office visit. And I liked him well enough to trust him. I have had absolutely no regrets. He fixed my neck which had developed ?age? wrinkles. He fixed my lips which had dropped and shrunk, particularly on the right side from the melanoma removal. He fixed my ear lobe which had been previously pulled down too low on my left side in an attempt to balance both sides of my face. And he fixed my eyebrows to match one another. Would I do it again? I certainly would! I love the way I look now and I?ve already recommended Dr. DelVecchio to those to whom I admit the lift. My daughter will be consulting him because she likes the way I look. There is no better endorsement than that. And if I decide to improve other areas, he?d be my only choice. Thanks Doctor DelVecchio. Pros: personable, sensitive, experienced, great office staff Cons: none that I can thinbk of more

Awesome doctor, awesome results! 6/30/2010

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted larger breasts ... and I never got them naturally! My self confidence was very low just because trying to buy a bra, bathingsuit, or a shirt, was always difficult. My family & friends thought that I was crazy & that I didn't need anything, but I researched getting breast implants & made my decision. I researched everything I could find about impaltns online, asked people who have had impalnts, had 2 consultations with Dr. D and also spoke with other plastic surgeons offices besides Dr. Del Vecchio before making my decision. I asked every question in the book, and he answered all of them. Dawn made me feel very welcome also! She is his assistant. Between the both of them, I felt at ease & never rushed. Although everytime I went to the office, it was busy, they never pushed me along. I had my breast aug on 6/4/10 ... Its almost been four weeks later & I could not be happier! The recovery wasn't too bad & Dr. Del Vecchio made him self available for my calls even after office hours. I went from a 34A to a 36C with saline implants. They couldnt look more perfect. He never talked me into going too big as some reviews have said. He helped me pick the perfect implant size for my frame & I'm so excitied to start wearing clothes, bathing suits, ect! Thank you Dr. D! I highly reccomend him & his staff! Pros: very imformative & straightforward, very caring Cons: 1 hour away from home, very busy office more

Outstanding Plastic Surgeon 1/28/2010

Dr. Daniel Delvechio is an outstanding Plastic Surgeon. After the birth of my two kids, my body features drastically changed not to the best, but sagging. I wanted breast augmentation but was scared because I did not trust any surgeon. But fortunately I came accross DR. Delvechio's website. When I read his background and saw before and after pictures, I immediately decided to book an appointment. The moment I walked into his office,I had a good feel. The staff are wondeful, welcoming and excellent in all the explanations they gave me. The moment DR. Delvechio did my consult, on the spot I made up my mind to do my breast augmentation. He is patient and will explain things over and over until one understands.I consulted with three Doctors before him and he was the best. Pros: Outstanding Plastic Surgeon more

A First Class Job By A First Class Surgeon! 1/10/2010

I followed Dr. Del Vecchio's instructions to a ""T"". I accepted his advice that aesthetics were more important than size, leaving size to be determined by my body shape and posture. I asked lots of questions, got full answers and let him be the surgeon. From the discussion forums I expected a long and difficult recovery. I still participate in the forums and share my experiences with others but I am way ahead of their progress in every respect. I am amazed at how quickly I was able to get back into action. I attribute the shape, look and feel of my breasts and my excellent recovery to Dr. Del Vecchio's fabulous work! Initially my intent was to have saline implants via transaxial approach. I needed a lift but was afraid of scars. Dr. Del Vecchio told me I needed a lift and I tried to minimize that. Ultimately I recognized that he was right and that my breasts would look more natural, be more comfortable and conform better to my body habitus with silicone breast implants along with a vertical lift. Like everyone else I was very concerned about size and despite all of the efforts of Dr. Del Vecchicio and his staff I was never sure that I would get what I wanted. Finally I listened to him. I couldn't be happier with the look, size and feel he gave me. My other great fear was scars. At first I wanted to avoid a lift at all costs. When I realized a lift was necessary I tried to limit it to a Benelli, but knew in my heart that a Benelli was insufficient. When I capitulated I knew I was condemned to ugly scars, but I trusted Dr. Del Vecchio. I am three months post op., my scars are minimal, my breasts look great and feel great. Even the reduced areola looks wonderful. Dr. Del Vecchio is truly a remarkable surgeon. Pros: He has the eye and hands of an artist; caring staff more

Dreams really can come true! 12/3/2009

I made the decision to have my breat augmentation after years of careful consideration. Like many women, I never thought I could actually go through with it until I saw Dr. Del Vecchio's work with my brother's girlfriend. I was amazed that he took this patient from basically nothing to a full, natural-looking D cup. From that moment on, I was sold. Seeing how wonderful she felt and the confidence she had in Back Bay Plastic Surgery gave me the courage to move forward with my decision. I can guarantee that had I not seen her results, I would still be wearing my padded bras, sitting around forever wondering ""what if..."" Pros: Premium results & excellent customer service more

Outstanding results! Dr. Del Vecchio is the best! 11/3/2009

Dr. Del Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery is the best in Boston!! I conducted months of research and had multiple consultations, also with highly recommended surgeons, before deciding to have my breast augmentation done by Dr. Del Vecchio. Based on his educational background, client recommendations, personal references, and before / after results on the Back Bay Plastic Surgery web site, I knew that he was the perfect surgeon for me. In addition to his written resume, multiple contacts of mine in the medical field also recommended his work stating it?s ?exceptional?. After a serious review, I booked a consultation. The office was able to book my consult within a few days. It?s conveniently located in a private building on Newbury Street. The entire staff is beyond excellent!! My consult consisted of an exam then personal conversation with the doctor to review his opinion, process, and costs. I knew right there and then that I wanted to book my procedure with him. However, my request was somewhat unique. I had a vacation booked three weeks from my consult. The Doctor and office scrambled to schedule my surgery within three days! My surgery was quick and seamless. The pre and post operative appointments were easily scheduled; all of my questions were answered during that time. I?m a thorough person so I tend to ask many questions. Never once did I feel as though I was a burden. My breast augmentation changed my life. I?m a 5?1 petite woman. I went from a size A to small C. Shopping for clothes is exciting! Wearing a bathing suit is no longer stressful. Everything fits perfectly, as it should. My figure feels in proportion, sexy, and natural. I couldn?t be more pleased with the results!!! It?s now two months after surgery and my breasts look incredibly natural. My procedure has given a handful of my friends the courage to learn more about breast augmentation. They too are meeting with Dr. Del Vecchio to learn more about their options. Dr. Del Vecchio?s work is art! It?s amazing. This procedure was one of the best choices in my life and the results are beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I knew that my end results were dependent upon the surgeon I chose. Thankfully, I couldn?t be happier with my decision! Pros: Amazing results, convenient location, excellent staff more

Awesome Plastic Surgeon 9/3/2009

This was my first surgery. Had lost about l70 lbs and had a lot of loose skin. Had a tummy tuck and a thigh plasty. My confidence level has had an absolute change for the better. For the first time I wore a bathing suit without a wrap to cover my legs which were pleated and hanging. What a gift. At age 66 I look and feel like a 50 year old. Thank you Dr D for my new fountain of youth. Am looking forward to my next body improvement. lol Mimi Pros: Relates well. Fantastic results and very caring. Cons: Can't think of any more

My 2nd Surgery... no regrets! 3/3/2009

This was my 2nd surgery. The first time I had breast augmentation was in California. For the most part I was happy with my results but I wanted more cleavage as my breasts acted as opposing forces never to touch for fear of who knows what (looking good?!?!)! Additionally, part of my ribcage protrudes unilaterally... so without any cleavage to cover this, it looked funny (even with big breasts). Dr. Del Vecchio did an amazing job! My breasts actually touch now when I wear a push-up bra AND he recommended I switch from saline to silicone so -bonus!- my breasts feel 100% more natural than before. I am very pleased with this procedure (as is my hubby!). You can't see my deformity anymore and I'm loving it! Pros: An excellent surgeon - very good clinically... and isn't this why you would choose him? Cons: He did introduce himself to me twice and it's clear he doesn't review his charts before speaking with you... you need to remind him of your case each time. more

awsome sergeon 2/18/2009

I'am so glad I picked Dr del vecchio as my sergeon. He gave me a breast lift and the results were amazing!After so much research and so many consultations I knew he was the doctor for me. From the moment I went to his office I felt comfortable, the receptionist was so nice to me, I was a half hour late because of a storm and besides the doctors busy schedule he took the time to see me.the staff was very helpful with questions and appointments. when I finally meet Dr del vecchio I felt comfortable. He was very professional and listened to my concerns and explained all my options. He used a technique with the brest lift called auto augumentaion (uses your own brest tissue to give you fullness were you need it.) Dr del vecchio is very informed and experinced with breast sergury. He is also very confident, witch helped me trust that he would do a good job. My sergury was at North Shore medical the OR team was so nice to me and made me feel calm. The night of the surgery Dr del vecchio even took the time to call me to ask how I was feeling, I felt like I was a close friend. At my one week follow up visit I was amazed with the results. My expirience at at back bay plastic sergery was grate! The time and money was definitely worth it! THANKS Dr. Del Vecchio!! more
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  • Back Bay Plastic Surgery specializes in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery for the Boston area. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio holds the finest credentials in the field of plastic surgery from Harvard Medical School, Yale University and Mass General Hospital. Privately located on the elegant street of Newbury, Back Bay Plastic Surgery yields exceptional care and dramatic results to all their clients.

    This cosmetic plastic surgeon provides supreme servicing for breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facelift, rhinoplasty, breast lift, breast reduction, otoplasty, botox and an array of other procedures for the face and body to achieve your desired results.

    From minimally-invasive enhancements to comprehensive cosmetic surgery for men and woman, Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio of Back Bay Plastic Surgery embodies the experience to bring to fuition your cosmetic plastic surgery expectations.


  • Specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery, with interactive patient care and consultation, popular Boston practice also offers microdermabrasion and laser treatments.

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