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I have my auto loan and switched all my bank accounts to them 4 years ago from US Bank. Set up auto payment for auto loan and have never had any problems with any of my accounts. ...


BECU used to have great savings and CD rates and low credit card rates. Well, they're still better than a bank but when you compare them to other credit unions (Alaska or Navy Fe...

Horrible! 5/19/2017

Customer service is disrespectful and the presentation that they are for the little guy and actually care about people is totally bogus. They are the worst kind of bankers. Totally untrustworthy. Lots of hidden fees and predatory lending practices. more

Transferred charge from saving yo your checking account 4/18/2017

Beware of this bank! They would charge for everything! If you transfer your money from saving to checking account for more than 3x they would charge you $30 non refundable fee! You can't even argue that with their sucks phoneline customer service. They're always right! Even when I came to see a real person at the bank, she won't even budge down, careless! I had to close my account down with no symphaty or sorry from that woman. Becu sucks, you're only dealing with machine! more

Not your father's BECU 2/18/2017

BECU used to have great savings and CD rates and low credit card rates. Well, they're still better than a bank but when you compare them to other credit unions (Alaska or Navy Federal for example) you'll find that BECU CD rates are about 1/2 of other credit unions. The interest rate on my BECU Visa is now higher than it was in 2007 when Federal Reserve interest rates were 3% higher than they are now. How often do you see BECU advertising on TV? How often do you see BECU sponsorships? How many brick and mortar satellite offices have they built and staffed in the past 10 years? Those all cost a lot of money and it prevents them from providing you with rates. Don't take my word for it - go to other credit union websites and compare CD rates. more

The Trend Continues to Fall 8/24/2015

BECU ads are so misleading !! BEWARE of their latest misleading Re-Fi ads. With my 800 FICO I couldn't get their best rate !!! Even though I was told I could. How sad to see BECU go from a personal member owned institution to the ways of the world banks with their deceptive sales campaigns. more

horrible service ... not personable 2/17/2015

If i could give it zero stars i would. I got cut off in the middle of an informative phone call and i called back and they wouldn't put me in contact with her. the man was rude. i am tired of dealing with this company and hoping to switch from them to a reasonable company where i am at. I don't want to give them any more of my money they don't deserve it, we got with them because of where we bought our car. not impressed would never recommend. more

HORRIBLE 12/2/2014

BECU is horrible. I am not happy with them. They are always trying to get me to pay extra fees when not necessary, and making things up about my account. I moved to TX where there are no BECU locations so I called and they told me that I have a 10 day grace period with no penalities, but then I logged on and saw that I was given fees everytime ( twice a month ) because my payments werent on time. So I got a call from them and they said that since I had it automatically out of my BECU account that the 10 day grace period doesn't apply to me. Im sorry I am human, and since I have it straight taken out I am not allowed to have mistakes or things happen where it doesnt get there in time? NO that is not okay with me. I really can't wait to get out of this credit union and go somewhere else or have this car paid off soon. I will never recommend them to anyone. more


I rate one start only because you cannot rate zero stars. The only banking they have is via teller machine. Cannot cash checks and the website is a bloody disaster. I am changing banks immediately. DO NOT JOIN THIS CREDIT UNION ABSOLUTELY THE WORST EVER....... more

Becu not helpful in times of trouble 7/1/2013

When I got divorced 13 years ago, I got to keep my house and a large chunk of equity. Shortly after putting the house in my name, I took out a second mortgage with BECU to do some house repairs. My plan was to sell the house when the kids turned 18 and the child support was over. Unfortunately the market took a tumble and I am left with NO equity and a house payment that is too high. Luckily, My first lender CHASE is willing to modify my loan. BECU is NOT participating in the HARP program and WILL not help. Wait, I take that back. They will, for three hundred dollars up front, reduce my payment by ten dollars a month.I have never missed a house payment and I want to continue making my payments, I just need a little help to do so. Unfortunately that's not the kind of help BECU wants to give. Who would have thought CHASE to be more reasonable than a Credit Union? more

don't do mortgage refi with BECU 5/16/2013

After 90 days waiting without any message, i called and called, my loan officer still don't know when they can close my loan. if you want to get your refi done, don't go with BECU. more

Heartless & Ruthless 5/1/2013

I don't even want to give BECU one star! I have banked with them since I was 14 and am 41 now. I trusted them so I bought my first home with them in June of 2007, right before the recession hit. I purchased the home with my current bf who I am still on good terms with. We lived in the house for a year together and then two years broken up because we could not sell the condo for what we owed due to the econonomy. Finally we just had to give up and BECU had us out of there in exactly one year. They turned around and sold the condo for $100k less than we bought it for. The law in WA State that lenders had to mediate with homeowners had just passed but they legally did not have to meet with me because at that time smaller institutions had that option. So they opted not to work with me. They turned me out of my home that I could have easily afforded for the price they sold it to someone else for. I loved my home and my neighbors. It still upsets me even though it's been two years. Shame on them. There whole "people first" ad campaign makes me want to puke. more

Used to be a small town bank. Now it's a corporate soul crusher. 3/13/2013

I've been with becu for 30 years. Financed two houses and two cars through them. Then they became t a big time credit union. Too big for their britches. Fee gouging, poor customer service, miles of telephone menus, no one returns calls. Their loan process has become more troublesome than BofA. Credit card interest is not the lowest anymore. I've moved mine to a smaller credit union . One that is still the way becu once was. more

Do not make the switch to BECU!!!!!!!!!!!! 12/28/2012

This credit union used to be good when it was not available to everyone. Since that switch they are worse than the "bigger" banks. DO NOT open an account with this credit union, there customer service is horrible and the amount of locations keeps going down. more

becu: just as heartless as a big bank 8/20/2012

I hate becu more than big banks now. Their NSF policy is evil. At least a bank customer care rep will reverse NSF fees if your other checking accounts had the money available at the time of the NSF transaction. At least a bank will have a time of day where you can deposit money the day of the over draft if you go over your limit and can deposit money to cover the overdraft hours later. NOT BECU. They will charge and not reverse any NSF fees even if you have the money in another account. I've never been treated so hard nosed at a bank. Banks will at least give you a day or an hour to deposit the money into your account. Becu had taken $300 in NSF fees from me in the last 3 months where I had auto withdraws that I was depositing money to cover the very same day that I would get hit with 5 NSF fees they refused to reverse at all. Becu us way worse than a big evil bank. I should have stayed with Boa and I despise Boa. But at least they could give me grace with depositing money only hours after my account goes onto the red. Having my own small business my income is erratic so having some heart and understanding about getting money into my account the same day as the transactions that go through is apparently just too much kindness for Becu to give. I really really really hate becu. I wish I'd stayed with an evil corporate bank instead. Don't join becu. They are horrible and they will not work with you with any understanding for even the slightest need for grace. more

Horrible customer service 8/3/2012

We moved our money from Bank of America to BECU. We had heard that they had great customer service and we wanted to get away from banks. Outside of checking/savings, the customer service, specifically construction loan dept and home equity loan dept, has been stunningly unprofessional. BECU recommended a home equity loan as a way to finance our home addition. We wasted four months actively pursuing a home equity loan only to find out that - at the end - that our project does not qualify for this product. Our loan representative was not properly trained and provided us with the wrong information. We received an apology and our money back from the appraisal. We were directed to the construction loan dept and told that there was a loan product coming available in July that we might qualify for. They would be in touch. We waited until July 11 but did not receive a call. As of today, Aug. 3, I have left nine messages with the person who was supposed to call me back. She called back after msg number 5 and left a voice mail msg that she would like to talk to me about the construction loan. I called back, left another msg. Over the past three weeks I have left two messages with her supervisor, one msg with the loan dept manager, one msg with the branch manager. I have not received a reply from anyone. We are going to move our money. This lack of professionalism brings into question the integrity of this credit union and we are not comfortable having our money handled by such an unprofessional institution. more

BECU has always been good to me 12/30/2011

I have my auto loan and switched all my bank accounts to them 4 years ago from US Bank. Set up auto payment for auto loan and have never had any problems with any of my accounts. The online banking makes it easy to move around money and pay off loans. Lowest interest rates around and pretty easy loan application process. The Tukwila BECU center is very good. They approved my loan in 5 minutes and did the rest of my transactions online or over the phone. Only thing is that they questioned a few transactions that were normal (but large amounts) but didn't question some that were out of state (which I had made). I wish the mobile banking app would come back to Android. I used to use it all the time and it made monitoring my accounts extremely easy. They seem to be somewhat on the forefront of technology, trying to offer their customers the latest and greatest things. Never had a negative experience with them and I plan to use them for my future loan/account activity. more

Becu sucks big time! 12/20/2011

i used their ATM @ the alderwood location last Dec 18 2011 and I tried taking out $500.00 and it wouldn't let me so I tried again and still wouldn't and says on the machine that I've exceeded transaction limit, so thinking that maybe their policy on amount limit has changed. I tried again but this time for a lesser amount for 300$ and I finally got the money, however I was not able to get my account balance because their network was down or something. Monday comes 12/20/2011 and I went back to becu to get some more money and I did a balance inquiry first like I usually do and lo and behold all of a sudden i am missing $1000.00 on my acct. I immediately went to the teller and she tells me that I withdrew that amount on the 18th of Dec . Told her that I asked for 500$ twice on the atm but only received 300$ the third try, she also told me that I have a max of 1000$ for withdrawal in one day. If so, why was I able to get the 300$ after supposedly taking out twice 500$ withdrawal?! The teller tells me that it will take 24 to 48hrs of investigation for them to review their cameras and audit all the transaction on that ATM! In the meantime, I've no money in the bank and I'm still waiting for them to return my hard-earned money on my acct. I am contemplating to go to king5 and report this incident to Jesse Jones!!! I've been with becu for more than 10 years and this is the first time that this thing happend to me. more

Amazing!! 10/5/2011

Have been at BECU for 12 years and love love love it. Amazing customer service! more

BECU sucks for bussiness banking 6/7/2011

They won't let you transfer money online from your business account to an external account. Had I known, I never would have opened an account more

BECU can kiss my BUTT!! 2/14/2011

Give them a NEGATIVE 1000 Rating... Traded my car in and now banking with another bank WAY BETTER than BECU.. The dealer PAID off the remaining balance and BECU sent me a THANK YOU letter in regards to paying off the loan. Well they are now calling me saying that I am over due on making payments for the car I DON'T HAVE!!! WTF BECU?? I hope you go out of BUSINESS!! more

Shake your hand with the right hand, stab you in the back with the left. 1/13/2011

My mother banked with BECU for years. Everything was fine with them so she took out a car loan. As long as she was paying on time they were her best friends, but when she lost her job and asked them for help they not only told her they wouldn't help her, but then wouldn't call her back. She left dozens of messages, spoke with managers, wrote letters. Nothing. She finally ended up just handing over the keys because of all of the fees they kept tacking on. I laugh at all of the commercials about them being a "family bank." more
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