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I had been researching and interviewing for near 2 years, only to learn from each subsequent contractor, builder, or bath installer that time frame HAD to be at least 3 days, if n...


We bought a full tub and enclosure 9 years ago but have been trying to reach them for MONTHS! They won't return calls OR email. Our next step is to picket their store as repairs c...

Pretty short "lifetime" 6/9/2015

We bought a full tub and enclosure 9 years ago but have been trying to reach them for MONTHS! They won't return calls OR email. Our next step is to picket their store as repairs can't wait until they feel like getting around to it. more

FINALLY ~~ The Perfect Solution !!! 4/29/2014

I had been researching and interviewing for near 2 years, only to learn from each subsequent contractor, builder, or bath installer that time frame HAD to be at least 3 days, if not longer; depending on 'what they find behind the tub/shower walls'. Seriously? Mostly, from past experience, I knew enough to realize that many building companies count on starting the job in combo with disappearing to bid other jobs, along with juggling several staff members, depending on their capabilities and experience. In short, a mismatched, mangled tangle of poor scheduling and incomplete instruction. During the appt with Palmer, he provided information about Bath Fitter, and took time to look at the job site, and understand that a one bedroom, one bath condo had no space for long delays. He was able to sort timing and materials to perfection. He estimated no more than two days, but thought it could be done in a day and half. What helps most in the Bath Fitter process is that they sell, manufacture and install, all within one company. Products used in manufacturing shower pans and walls and doors are all made in the USA, and their manufacturing plant is in Tennessee. After everything is measured and specified, the order goes for manufacture, is then shipped, and an installation date is sorted for the customer by the office staff. An intelligent and smooth operation from beginning to end. Top this off with guaranteed pricing, no matter what they 'find behind the walls' . .. Aaron, my installer, arrived on time, as appointed, worked without interruption from morning to late afternoon, and kept a clean work site throughout. He laid floor coverings as well as bathroom sink & cabinet coverings, and vacuumed up debris as he worked. Excellent company, top quality finish; you will NOT be disappointed~! Jess, Bellevue WA more

What a Great company and Experience! 11/4/2012

My wife and I had Bath fitter come to our house and give us an estimate on or old tub and cracking bad shape tile wall. The person who came by was friendly and respectful. There prices were very reasonable, about right in the middle of all the estimates we had received from tumorous contractors. The sales person didn’t pressure us one bit even saying not to buy if there company isn’t the right fit for us. Wow. So we went with Bath fitter. The installer was very nice and speedy. The water was back on in an hour and the entire job done in one day, he was done around 3:30pm. Our bathroom is so beautiful now and so easy to clean. more

Bath Fitter Mountlake Terrace 4/24/2009

Having read the reviews, none are from Bath Fitter Mountlake Terrace, WA. Each bath fitter is independantly owned and operated as a franchise. Be sure you are looking at the Bath Fitter location in your area before making a decision based on incorrect information or gossip. more

Bad Taste Bath Fitter - Beware Women Homeowners... Rent a man 2/5/2008

Beware all independent women who own your own home. Bath Fitter will take an hour of your time utilizing slimy hard sell approaches wrapped in a coupon waving soft sell environment. "Oh, I'm sorry - your husband must be here for this presentation." - My husband is not the one making the final decision about this remodel. "It doesn't matter. Technically I cannot give this estimate unless I have both homeowners here." - Great since I am the ONLY homeowner. This is MY house & MY name is the only one on the mortgage. "Sorry, I could really get in trouble for this. When will your husband be home?" - Listen..... If I decide to go with Bath Fitter then you will be getting a check from ME. My name will be the only one on the check. Not my husband's…. Please let me note that I am a well established, professional 35 yr old who is on her 3rd home. I'm also a business owner of 10 years who is from New York City. Somehow my newly married status (of 6mo) suddenly makes me a baffling idiot! I didn't realize that I would be teleported back to the 1950's!! Beware that if you have a coupon - it is only good if you agree to use their services ON THE SPOT. They may even offer you another discount if they can plant a sign in your yard. AGAIN- only if you SIGN ON THE SPOT. BAD VIBES: As soon as I told the sales woman that I would NOT be making any final decision today - her demeanor completely changed. Sales lady went from "happy, lovely & personable" to "used car salesman". People... if Bath Fitter is such a great product then why do they have to pressure the heck out of you to buy? The bath/tub replacement was 6k. Last time I checked this is a decent sum of money. Who hands over a check like that without considering options & getting other price estimates?? Awful, awful & frustrating experience for this female homeowner. more

BEWARE OF BATH FITTER!!!! 11/21/2007

I am a former employee. I am writing this not out of bitterness, I actually left on good terms. The hours were great and so were the benefits. I managed a branch office in the mid-west region, but was not considered to be a branch manager. I gave over a year in good faith and service to this company and have an excellent, educated and informed perspective on Bath Fitter as a company. It is surprisingly and unfortunately negative. All employees, including installers and office staff are grossly underpaid with expectations from management to take on extreme work loads. I was the unofficial manager of the office, even recognized in those terms by the branch manager, but was not rewarded in any manner for my skills or services. (Customers would call and ask for me, 'the manager' by name!). Installers are paid a measly 7.8% commission rate on installations, which usually average around $1,000.00 but keep them working on the job until around 7-9 pm. You do the math. It was common for the local branches to hold Help Wanted Open Houses that are advertised in the newspaper every 2-3 months, in which they hire off-the-street installers and salesmen. The reason behind hiring people with little to no experience is so that Bath Fitter can train them with Bath Fitter's guidelines... A recipe for disaster. Not only is the turn over rate absolutely outrageous but installers are only required to complete 6-8 weeks of training - only 3-4 of which are used in a hands-on training facility! When our location was desperate for installers, our branch manager approved new hire installers to work after only completing the written course training portion of 4 weeks. Desperate times call for treading a thin legal line, apparently. When questioned by me and other staff regarding the decision to allow this the branch manager responded by saying 'who's going to know besides us?' The people who knew ended up being the angry, disatisfied customers who's bathrooms were left in damaged, leaking, shoddy condition for WEEKS waiting for resolutions. Sometimes these were customers only bathrooms with children or grandparents residing in the home. The manager would instruct me to handle all complaint calls and 'use my best judgement' to resolve them. I dealt with a laundry list of complaints on a daily basis and it only kept growing as I made my exit from this company. Just so you have an idea, I can recall installers breaking 50 year old porcelain antique bathroom floor tiles and our company never reimbursing, replacing, or repairing them because they were 'too old.' (So what? Does that mean these customers are not entitled to compensation?) That complaint still had not been resolved by the time I left the company. It's an everyday occurence to have a liner installed crookedly. Of course it is usually the 'fault of the homeowners floor tiles for not being straight.' Yes, that unfortunate excuse was actually given. Never the fault of poor craftsmanship - OR Bath Fitter. This, not to mention the terrible caulking jobs with large gaps, leaking walls, liners with bubbles behind them...these bubbles must be due to the fact that the walls are not perfectly level, right? Laughable. There was an ongoing issue with a customers home in which the plumber that BATH FITTER provides (not one the consumer choses) actually broke a water pipe behind a wall and did not say anything and just left it that way. A few hours after the installer completed the job, the homeowner's kitchen ceiling light directly below this bathroom was flooding with water and his entire kitchen ceiling needed repair. This went on for WEEKS and WEEKS with Bath Fitter trying to escape responsibility. 'Oh, it's the plumber's fault, not ours...' The branch manager finally agreed to send out an installer to repair the drywall and ceiling of his kitchen - an 18 year old, fresh out of high school, green handed kid with NO experience in the realm of home repair. Branches rarely made good on promises to compensate customers for bills they incurred from repairing damages our company made to their property - like the steam cleaning bill from blood on white carpet and not removing shoes leaving scuffed and scratched floor tile despite being 'required' to lay down a drop cloth. Some customers file complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and as soon as Bath Fitter hears of these complaints they are immediately addressed and the situations rectified. Most of the time Bath Fitter attempts to settle issues before complaints are filed, but that only strings trusting consumers along for a waiting period of up to months before the office makes good on their promises. The salesmen, or 'estimators,' are paid only an 8% commission rate on sales. The are not given an hourly rate and usually have around 6-9 calls a week. Of those calls, approximately 30% will sell. Most of the salesmen estimate on a part time basis because of this and therefore it is not their primary means of income. They are instructed by every level of management to make each sale a high pressure sale wrapped in a low pressure atmosphere. They are told to hike the price to an outrageous level and then charm the price down. For example: 'Well, Mrs. Mathers, this package is normally around $7,000 (completely made up) but if you decide to purchase your liner system from me tonight I can lower the price to about $3,000.' Most estimators that I've met could care less about Bath Fitter as a company and even less about their 8% commission rate. There are absolutely no incentives for salesmen, excuse me, 'Estimators' to go out and make sales. If you haven't picked up the trend yet, my main point is that a company's only as successful as the management and employees it hires. And from my experience Bath Fitter fails in both aspects. That's why I left. I wanted no more ties with a company of this negligence. They have unhappy employees and hidden, cowardly management. I have spoken with many Bath Fitter employees who complain of the very same things I've written here, which is so unfortunate because this company has the potential to be more lucrative and successful than it is. I'm shocked that they have been in business this long. Of course there are those 'couple thousand satisfied' customers that they keep telling me about...hmm. From my experience these customers are satisfied - only after Bath Fitter takes responsibility for their managerial and costly in-home blunders. Do you have the time, money and patience to do business with a company like this? You'd be better off doing the project yourself. Bath Fitter is a total scam. more

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One star is too many 5/12/2006

I had a not so great experience with Bath Fitter. We have them rip out an old Euro tub that was in our main bathroom and replace it with a large stand up shower. The salesman who came to the house was great, but from there the experience went downhill... First - the plumber they sent to redo the pipes in the wall was very nice - but he was there until 11pm on a weeknight. Not really convenient when you have three small children who need to get up for school the next morning. Then - the sales guy's measurements were incorrect, but they only discovered this error *after* removing the old tub. So we were left with a ripped apart bathroom with a gaping hole in the floor for ALMOST TWO WEEKS. Unfortunately this meant we were down to one functioning shower - over Easter, with house guests. They did absolutely nothing to rectify the problem, despite several phone conversations and a letter. Oh wait - they did send us a "we're sorry" letter with a $100 coupon for another service *if* we referred a friend. Hmmm... let me think: FAT. CHANCE. more
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