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Avenues Women's Ctr

455 E South Temple Ste 202
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 355-9951
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I saw Dr. Laine for the birth of my daughter. I really liked this center. My doctor and her staff were all really nice and very competent. Dr. Laine would listen and answer all my...


As creepy as it is, I have gone to the Avenues Womens Center for several years simply because Dr. Macy is the doctor that delivered me. My mother took me here for my first obgyn v...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/4/2014

Bad experience! I'd scheduled an appointment for an annual exam and Mirena removal and was told at the time of schedule that the NP would be able to complete. The wait time wasn't horrible but the experience in the exam room definitely was. The NP spent an hour walking through other BC options even after I'd told her several times that my husband and I had discussed all of our options and I didn't want anything at this time. I received a referral for her dermatologist friend to look at moles that she was concerned about and had to schedule a second appointment to complete what I'd requested the first time.\r NP will not take NO for an answer and strong arms you into making a ""decision that is best for you"" even though this is the first time we've met or talked.\r Would not recommend. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/11/2014

Always running behind schedule. Takes 3 months to see the actual doctor instead of the PA. Last time I went in to talk about getting pregnant and the doctor scheduled me for some really painful and expensive testing. Without even talking to me for 5 minutes Dr. Macy told me I needed to lose 20 lbs. I'm 5'6 and 145 lbs. normal healthy weight. Even her nurse called her the weight nazi (her words not mine). She seemed a bit embarrassed that Dr Macy had even said it. I am in the market for a new Dr. This time one who listens. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/28/2013

Beyond Horrible!!! I can't even begin to explain my frustration with this place.. Every single appointment I went to I waited at least 45 minutes to go back and see the nurse practitioner and I always saw the nurse practitioner... I never once met my doctor.. Sure I understand that I was not pregnant.. was I trying ?? Yes very much and I was having some problems so I would have loved to address that with the Doctor. I was bleeding for weeks and then I would stop for a couple days and then start again for weeks.. and I came in to see the practitioner and had to call in as well because it kept happening.. all I got was oh ya that's NORMAL... umm hellooo in what book did you read that in?? !!! Then there is an emergency at work and I can't leave so I call over an hour before my scheduled appointment to let them know and they charged me 50 bucks!! WTF.. I never got 50 bucks from them when I had to wait over an hour after my scheduled appointment.. They are just beyond ridiculous.. it's a joke!! You get better service at Planned Parenthood!!! I have never actually hated a place before as much as I do this place... they are all rude.. no one is friendly.. it's like they drink cranky juice before they get to work!! ugh.. DON'T GO HERE!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/3/2012

I LOVE my doctor and the staff at this clinic. While it has taken some time to get in, I have never felt rushed during my visits. Dr. Cannon has been incredibly supportive of me before and during my pregnancy, and she takes the time to listen to my thoughts and concerns. Definitely recommend to others. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/18/2012

This is my first negative review on a business. Years ago this used to be an excellent clinic. I have had two very disconcerting experiences in the last two days. Yesterday, the Nurse Practitioner appointment was 40 min late. I was then told Patients only scheduled for a ten minute appointment and I would need to reschedule for an additional apponmtent since i wanted to discuss a couple of different issues. they acted as if getting me in for the next day was a huge favor. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/14/2012

I saw Dr. Laine for the birth of my daughter. I really liked this center. My doctor and her staff were all really nice and very competent. Dr. Laine would listen and answer all my questions without making me feel stupid. She really would take the time to show she cared. I had zero problems during my pregnancy, birth and labor and will go see her for any future births. The only issue I did have, which other people have mentioned, is that sometimes you have a wait to see the doctor. I personally don't think it is that big a deal because I expect to have some wait time when seeing any doctor, especially when my appointments were always at the end of day. I think expectations need to be reasonable. more

Would not recommend 2/20/2012

As creepy as it is, I have gone to the Avenues Womens Center for several years simply because Dr. Macy is the doctor that delivered me. My mother took me here for my first obgyn visit, and I've just kept coming back for my annual visits. I am now 22 and am going to find a new doctor. Each time I have gone in for my annual checkup I have been kept waiting for at least 1/2 an hour, like other reviewers have. Then when they do take you back, and if you see a NP you will see about 5 diff people who all ask you the same questions regarding your health. No one apparently talks to anyone. Any time I have had questions about my birth control, or switching to something else no one seemed to have time to talk to me. On top of that, dont expect a call regarding any testing you have done during an annual. I have always had to call them for any results. They seem to be too busy to handle anyone with personal care anymore, and I will be going somewhere else. more

Expect LESS than SUB-PAR! 12/29/2011

I have been to the clinic now 3 times in the past 2 years. I have yet to be taken back (from the lobby) within a half hour of my appointment... and even when I am taken back I have to sit and wait for another 30 minutes. The first time I was there, they tried to change the Dr. I had schedule (in advance) to see, because she had to run out of the office on an emergency. I was ticked to say the least. I had a bunch of tests done at my last appointment (for a serious issue). They told me they would call with results. So I waited, and waited, AND WAITED. I figured NO news is good news. After a month +/- they called to tell me they had MIXED my results up with ANOTHER patients!!!!!... that really makes me feel confident in the 'CARE' they provide. Then to top that off, I didn't get any of my regular bills, instead started to get the threats to turn me into collections for no-pay. Recently I forgot about my appointment and remembered 30 minutes into the 'scheduled' appointment. I work 4 blocks away. They told me that I would need to reschedule and pay the 'no-show' fee of $25. Yet it is acceptable to them to waste my time when I have been there which has cost me! Looking for a new clinic today. One with satisfied patients. more

Going downhill fast. 9/20/2011

Been going to Dr. Cannon for 13 years. Last year, she had me waiting an hour. Today, I have a 5PM appointment scheduled and was told when they called to confirm that my appt is at 5, however the Nurse Practitioner always runs about an hour behind. WHAT???? I asked why they schedule appointments at one time but ""know"" it won't be kept. Really?? more

Staying with Dr. Macy 1/6/2011

I was referred to Dr. Macy by a good friend when I got pregnant with my first baby. I had never been to the hospital before for anything other than a few stiches (once), so I was completely unaware of what to expect when having a baby and a bit nervous about the whole thing. Dr. Macy was very nice and professional with me. She listened to all my concerns and was patient and answered my questions. She is a bit forceful when gaining too much weight is concerned. She put me on a special diet that I felt wasn't enough food even if I wasn't pregnant. I have also heard from others that she is very concerned about weight gain. But, I also knew she was doing it to help me in the long know...not get depressed about how much weight I gained and to keep me healthy. So, I was ok with it. She is very direct and gets things done. At the hospital I noticed that she knew what she wanted done, when, how, etc. She has done this so many times. It was a bit scary for me since I had never been through a birth before. Especially when I had to have a C-Section after 28 hours of labor! I was scared to death and hadn't processed the possibility of having a C-Section, which is my own fault. However, I felt that she could have explained a few things to me and been a bit more sensitive to my concerns about the surgery. Even if they seemed irrational(she never said they were irrational) to her...remember 28 hours of no sleeping, no eating, stress, etc. can make you a little bit irrational! :) The surgery went awesome and I healed quickly. She is an EXCELLENT surgeon. She knows what she is doing. And, I felt safe with her. I never feared that she didn't know what she was doing. She was totally professional and honestly, my baby is alive because she knew what she was doing. It had the potential to be a bad situation but she did everything right and it went smoothly. She has one nurse that is extremely blunt and comes off rude at times...Stephanie, I think is her name. But, after you realize it is just her personality and don't take it personal she grows on you. She is nice it just takes a bit to get used to her. Her other nurse (can't remember her name) is a sweetheart and makes you feel very comfortable and welcome from the start! Just hope you get her! I have never had a bad experience with the office or billing staff. Always nice to me. Sometimes you have to wait a while in the waiting room, which is very nice and professionally designed. Reminded me of a spa. All in all, I considered my experience with Dr. Macy and avenues womens ctr, good. Yes, I wish I was dealt with a bit more sensitively at times, but I can deal with that to have the peace of mind that I am with a doctor that is professional, knows what she is doing, and is an excellent surgeon. I will be having her deliver my next baby! more

life threatening bad experiance 9/10/2010

I think this clinic has way to many patients then they can care for. I went to this clinic for a year and never once met my doctor. I have had allergies to birth control in the past and my nurse practitioner prescribed me a progesterone only pill as a ""test"" to find out what part of the hormone I was reacting to. After filling my prescription I found out that my mother had a stroke when she used that same pill. Not knowing if I should still start the birth control I called the clinic three times and left two messages for my nurse practitioner. My messages and calls were never returned and I will never return to that place again. They didn't seem interested in providing me with care. more

Dr. Macy and her staff are amazing! 8/8/2010

I am amazed at some of the poor reviews, but I suppose it depends on the doctor. Dr. Macy was by OBGYN for a few years before delivering my 2 children. She has always taken the time to make me feel like I got my questions answered. Sometimes, she had to run out and deliver a baby, so her nurse would take over. She was also great! Although the wait can be long, that is the way it is in every doctor's office I've ever been to. Dr. Macy and her staff are caring and provide exceptional care! more

Unfriendly 5/28/2010

Horrible Billing office staff. Unwilling to work with you when you need to make payment arrangments. Rude, and unprofessional on the phone. Will not go back. Cons: busy, not personal, unwilling to listen more

Great Clinic 4/23/2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Beards since 1990. She delivered all 3 of my children. The first two with no complications, the third had some problems that were taken care of within the first month, but this wasn't any ones fault, just bad luck. Pros: Proactive Nurse Practitioners Cons: Busy Doctors more

Where's the bedside manner? 11/27/2009

I went to this clinic because it was close to my work. They were efficient, but totally uncaring on any sort of personal level. I felt I wasn't listened to toward the end of my pregnancy and they dismissed my symptoms as typical end-of-pregnancy discomfort. I was a week overdue and really felt I had preclampsia. All I can say is I'm glad I listened to my instincts instead of the idiot nurse because I did have preclampsia and really had to advocate for myself to get the medical treatment I needed. Needless to say, its not worth the risk for me to ever use this clinic again. Pros: ummmm.... Cons: Treat you like your just a number, don't listen to concerns more

Save Yourself the Trouble 11/24/2009

I would not recommend this place unless you are pregnant. I've seen a lot of doctors and I've never been so offended and horribly treated in all of my experiences. My nurse practitioner spent more time telling me about how fat I looked and new diets she was trying out while I sat in that ridiculous paper gown, waiting for the examination that came 30 minutes later. Pros: Comfortable Chairs Cons: Everything Else more

Please do not go there 8/27/2009

I was told that this place is better than some places in West Valley City. I would prefer Copper Canyon Women's Center by Pioneer Valley hospital. I always had to wait over an hour or two. My chart is always missing. Doctor Laine is worse than her nurse. She will only take 2-5 minutes and never answer to your questions. She will expect you to find your own answer on google or something. Receptionist always reading some books, Come on, call your patients make sure they are reminded for their appointments or make sure everyone who is leaving would be able to set their next appointment. Maybe other doctors are better than this, but this time I am just cannot wait to see my baby and will not come back this place. None of my friends will go there for sure, unless they improve greatly. That might take years and years of work sadly. more

Horrible...! 6/30/2009

Where do I begin: 1. Unresponsive and rude staff 2. Don't plan on talking with an actual doctor. They have way to many staff that often talk first, and don't listen to what is really going on with you. 3. Upon meeting with them on specific issues, nothing was ever dealt with. The response was to always schedule another appt or to call back, and then you deal with a PA who spews stuff off before she even looks at your chart, and then goes, ""'..oh yeah.."" Pros: They still have their medical licenses Cons: too many to name.. more

Good luck getting a timely appointment unless you're an obstetrics patient 9/22/2008

While I like the doctors, it is a real pain in the neck to get an appointment without having to wait 3 months. I tried making an appointment in February - the first available was at the end of May/first part of June. Another time, I called in September - can't get in until a week before Christmas. The reason is obstetrics patients take priority...and when you finally reach the day of your appointment, more often than not, you will be stuck waiting for over an hour because of an ""emergency"" with an obstetrics patient. Now, mind you, an emergency definitely takes priority but... when the first time mother's baby has hiccups, that is NOT an emergency and she should have to wait just like the rest of us.... this has happened more than once. I just wish that somewhere, in Salt Lake, there was a woman gynecologist who does NOT do obstetrics. more

I'd drive 500 miles to keep this doctor. 8/24/2008

I started going to The Avenues after my first child was born. I had had a horrible experience and had felt my c-section. When my daughter (now almost 7) was only 3 months old I found out I was pregnant again. I switched to The Avenues that day. They were incredibly helpful and caring. The were very professional and able to handle my questions and concerns. I used them for babies number 2 and 3. Now I live 500 miles away, but still make the drive once a year for my physical. They can't be beat! Pros: Recently redecorated wating area, all women doctors Cons: can be difficult to find their office at first more
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