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Aveda Institute Atlanta - 24 Reviews - 1745 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA - Education & Instruction Reviews - Phone (404) 649-7119

Aveda Institute Atlanta

1745 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 649-7119
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Aveda Institute Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Aveda Institute Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Aveda Institute Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Aveda Institute Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Aveda Institute Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Aveda Institute Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Aveda Institute Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Aveda Institute Atlanta - Atlanta, GA


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If you want a great stylist request Tricia Brooks! She gives a great cut and color, even great foils! Be patient because they are students and it will take a long time. They ha...


I used to go to the Institute in Denver and it was always fine, often really good, sometimes great. The big thing with Atlanta is the teachers don't check on the work. In Denver...

Great value. I'll be back. 3/22/2012

First off, Citysearch needs to update the address. (As of Dec. '11, it's on Peachtree NOT Piedmont.) My few previous experiences with bargain--priced hair salons were fairly awful, so I was reluctant to make this appointment to be styled by a student. VERY GOOD results! And unlike some other reviewers, I didn't find the cut any more time-consuming than at typical salons. Some tips to make the most of this surprising bargain: 1) Ask for a GRADUATING student for a few dollars extra, and you won't feel like a guinea pig. I paid only $21 for my cut and the differences between this and any other Aveda salon experience were minor: an instructor came over a couple of times to consult with my stylist; I was asked to fill out a satisfaction check-list at the end; and the atmosphere of the room was busy and noisy rather than laid-back and spa-like. 2) Go in knowing what you want and be clear. I specified long layers with a side-swept fringe, and that's exactly what I got. I'd give you my stylist's name, but since she's about to graduate from the program, it's not relevant to this review. Suffice it to say, she has talent and has been well trained. When it came time to cut my fringe/bangs she did the blow-dry first, since hair gets shorter when it dries and she knew I was concerned about the length. This is a smart step that many experienced stylists skip. In summary, I'm delighted. I won't call this the best haircut I've ever had, because the best are typically the result of a detailed consultation, a daring mood, and some creative freedom on the part of the stylist. That isn't what I asked for this time. What I hoped for - and received - was a very good technical cut for the price of a hack job. I'll be going back for color and might even splurge on highlights, having seen some respectable color work emerging from the surrounding chairs. more

Great for the price! 2/22/2012

If you want a great stylist request Tricia Brooks! She gives a great cut and color, even great foils! Be patient because they are students and it will take a long time. They have to have the instructors check the hair at certain points in everything they do in order to make sure they are doing it correctly. They are graded on everything they do. Don't diss on Aveda Institute! You just have to find the right student. I DID!!! more

Botched job, unapologetic, unprofessional 8/26/2011

They did a botched job, were rude and unprofessional. Some of their staff realized that and started snickering when they saw what she did. They half apologized but then shouted me down when I tried to explain. The student got the manager of the salon and her mentor and followed me into the lobby where I tried to pay quietly and leave. One of them pointed to me and asked, ""Is that her?"" The student stood inches away from my face and demanded that I explain exactly why I was not happy with the service, adding ""It's not my fault that you're unhappy with your appearance."" Laughable. She was an overweight, inexperienced student insulting a customer. Her manager said: ""She's going to graduate beauty school. Where did you graduate?"" I told them that I was a college graduate and did not need to go to 'beauty school'. Do not go there. If they do not like you for whatever reason they will deliberately do a bad job and hide behind the fact that they are a school. Don't buy that. If you care at all about your looks, pay for a real salon where they are obligated to be professional, deliver quality service, and gosh, even be nice to customers. more

don't waste your time or money 5/20/2009

i get it. it's a SCHOOL.... so you can't expect much. but the quality of the haircut is ridiculous. i've tried it about 4 times. i would MUCH RATHER spend 10 more bucks and go around the corner to the VAN MICHAEL where their ""students"" are fabulous. more

You people are ridiculous... 5/11/2009

Just FYI...I'm going to vent! This is a SCHOOL you imbecilic morons! I can't believe some of you spoiled whiny brats have the audacity to come on this website and trash hard working STUDENTS. God forbid one of your precious hairs be an inch too long. These men and women work their butt's off! If you want to take your unnecessary aggressions out on someone, then talk to a teacher at the Institute. Can you imagine if someone talked that way on a public forum about YOU?! Much less while you were trying to LEARN and PURSUE your career! Where do you people get off acting like this? Grow up you selfish pigs! Pros: It is affordable and the students give 110% Cons: Occasional grouchy and insensitive customers... more

The teachers need to pay more mind 5/7/2009

I used to go to the Institute in Denver and it was always fine, often really good, sometimes great. The big thing with Atlanta is the teachers don't check on the work. In Denver they would always come, make sure everything was even etc. Atlanta, they nod at you as you walk out the door. Last cut I got was way off - when I got home I realized I had a whole chunk of hair that was about 2 inches longer than everywhere else. I went to a real Aveda salon to repair it. The students vary, but it is on the teachers to check it and in Atlanta they rarely do check. Pros: Can be good Cons: Can be bad more

Do not go here for mani/pedi 4/29/2009

Obviously they are students, so you don't expect the best from them. I have gone here for a haircut, where it took 2 hours to blowdry my long, curly hair (it takes me 20 minutes). Haircut was mediocre--nothing spectacular, just a plain haircut that I could have gotten at great clips. I have also been there for a facial. My face just feels nasty afterward with so much product on it. Most recently I went in for a pedicure ( I don't know why I keep going back) and had the WORST experience. 3 different people worked on my nails. Do not ask for a french manicure, b/c they don't know how to do that. White tips were not striaght and I had them take it off and just cover with regular nailpolish. Even that was bad. They kept putting coats on top of each other so the nailpolish never dried. An hour after my pedi the nailpolish was still not dry and ended up messing up from my shoes.....and this was put on my the instructor. It was just bad! I was there for 2 hours and had the worst pedicure ever. I understand that they are not professionals, but if you charge for a service, you should give it well! Please avoid this place if you are looking for any sort of quality. If you go, make sure you have a lot of time put out of your day for the appt. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Quality of services more

Unhappy with services 3/12/2009

I would not return to the Aveda Institute. I had an appointment for a 30 minute pedicure and to get a polish change for my fingernails. The ""30 minute pedicure"" lasted an hour and 10 minutes and did not look good when it was finished. She did not put my feet under a dryer so after I drove back to work I slipped on my open toe shoes and my pedicure was instantly ruined. I also had to tell her that I did not have time for the finger nail polish change since the pedicure clearly took longer than expected. Very dissapointed overall and will not return. Yes, I did know that students would be performing my services but they should not advertise a 30 minute pedicure if it simply can not be done in that time. Pros: Cheap Cons: You get what you pay for. more

Disappointed after several visits 11/10/2008

I have always been a big fan of Aveda Institues including the New York and St. Petersburg training schools. However, my experience in Atlanta could not have been more disappointing. I have been several times and the last 3 times I have waited at least 30 past my appointment time. For one of the appointments, I waited nearly 1 hour. The stylist I booked, and loved, was given to another client and I was given to a very green student who ultimately did a decent job, although it took her nearly 2 hours to cut my hair. Pros: Price! Very cheap! Cons: Always late, service takes a very long time more

Dirty and disorganized 10/10/2008

I went here for a haircut and have always been a loyal Aveda customer. This place was dirty, disorganized, and unprofessional. I won't be going back even if it is less expensive than the regular Aveda places. I would rather pay more and have a better experience. Possibly use an Aveda certified independent salon. Cons: Poorly trained and late staff, disorganized, dirty, unprofessional, out of products more

Not what I expected from an Aveda Institute! 10/10/2008

I have been going to the Aveda Institute in Seattle for years (and even worked there briefly) so while I was visiting family in Georgia I decided to take a chance and go to the AI in Atlanta. I trusted the brand and didn't think it would be risky, since I know what Aveda is all about. This experience was totally different from my experience in Seattle, however. I went in for a bleach and tone to get my new growth touched up and made a beautiful blonde to match the rest of my hair. The toner was burning my scalp though, and I told the student who was doing my hair and she washed it out. She told me if it wasn't toned enough, we could try it again to get it to the right. Well, my hair was orange and hideous. There were also brown spots where she didn't work the bleach in well enough. It was awful. I begged them to finish it, but the story changed and they refused to do anything more to it that day. I understand they were trying to protect my scalp, but they shouldn't have told me we'd be able to try again if that wasn't true. I left nearly in tears, and very disappointed that I had to spend another tank of gas and 3 more hours fighting traffic to drive to Atlanta the following day. The next girl who worked on me was able to fix it mostly, but now there is a white halo around the crown of my head where the first girl overlapped the bleach onto hair that had already been bleached last time I got a bleach and tone. Also, they tried to charge me an extra $20 for extra product to run the toner through the rest of my hair, when I had already payed for a bleach and tone for long hair the previous day. I got the feeling that this Aveda Institute was more about squeezing every penny out of you for shoddy service than providing excellent service at a fair cost. I would never go here again and I wouldn't recommend this place. Just goes to show how much difference management makes at different locations! Pros: It's relatively cheap... Cons: .. but not worth the risk! more

HOLLY is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8/22/2008

Great! Although there are students here (and yes you shoul be aware of that.... obviously!) they take great pride in their work and learning. I came in looking for a change- for cheap obviously. Holly was OUTSTANDING!!!!! one of the instructors was there step by step helping create my new Asymmetric look. I have gotten so many compliments and i love it. it was a great change and i was very impressed. Yes it does obviously take longer since their is instruction involved, but if you want to get all that fluff and a quick cut pay 10's more. Go to Aveda and ask for Holly! more

It is a school 7/17/2008

I am an aveda graduate, not from atlanta but from another aveda institute. I just want people to know that it is a school, students go there to learn the basic skills. It is not anyones fault when a bad stylist comes through. Just like everything else some people are gifted and some are not, and how you figure that out is to GO TO SCHOOL. I would highly recommend any aveda institute to someone who is not overly picky and is open to change. They will not let you leave with a terrible haircut.... it may not always be what you want, but it would not be bad. And the same with color. The institute I attended they would always offer to redo your color for free if you did not like it. I just hate it when people go to a school and expect perfection. These students are only in school for 10 months and 3 of that is classroom. They are not experianced professionals. Thanks Pros: Cheap aveda color Cons: time more

Inconsistent but average 7/2/2008

Aveda is one of those places where the quality of the work is so unpredictable because the students graduate so soon. Therefore, you probably only get to go to the same person twice or maybe three times and then they pick a new person for you. If you want a nondramatic cut (like a trim) then I would go here. If you want to do something dramatically different with your cut, I would not go here as they are not that experienced with hair (most of the time the instructors have to show them what to do). For the price, I liked my highlights 80% of the time. There have been some occassions where my highlights were not as nice as other times, but overall you get what you pay for. I'm very picky about my highlights and I've been to nicer salons and ended up liking the highlights I've gotten at Aveda Institute more than the nicer more expensive salons. The one thing I hate is you can't request a level. When you go for an appointment, unless you give them a name you get who is available that day. They have 3 levels at the salon and the higher the level the more experienced the stylist is. Pros: Price Cons: Different person everytime because students graduate more

This is a school 6/20/2008

Hey, People! Hello...???? This is a Freaking SCHOOL. People right out of high school move to Atlanta to attend this cosmetology SCHOOL so that people like you can get a cheap cut or color (spa services if you choose) and still feel cool, and tell all your friends you use Aveda products.. If you want to be a nit-picky cry-baby, then go pay full price for your service! Don't ask a student who has been training for a couple of weeks in each different department (cut, color, styling, etc.) to give you an ""Aveda"" quality service. Let them get out into the world and get some experience a little bit before you go tearing their world apart, because you don't like your dollarfifty hair cut! Excuse me, but am I the only one who has read the disclaimer on the door stating ""services provided by students under supervision""??? Who does not read that, and understand you are walking into a school where you are acting as guinea pigs for 18+ year old kids who are LEARNING ?? Good Lord, people. and by the way, AVEDA is a brand of products, not the name of this school, not the name of any salon out there, they are a brand name. Like Kelloggs. Now, go buy some shampoo. Pros: Students get the chance to screw up your hair and you can't do anything about it Cons: same more

Lousy hair cut 4/15/2008

I heard about Aveda through a friend. The reviews here also seemed decent, so I decided to give it a try. I had shoulder length wavy hair, which I wanted cut and layered. Pros: cheap, attentive staff Cons: unsatisfactory hair cut more

Great services even for men 9/18/2007

For the past two years on January 26, I have been taking the time to unwind and have two great services done. I started in 2006 shortly after moving to Atlanta with an idea, do something just for me and alone for a few hours on my birthday. After much thought; I decided to do a massage and facial after having a good lunch. I asked around town and heard from a few people that the Aveda Institute had great services. After calling around and fretting over having a facial done because I am not used to having any type of services done besides my barber telling me that my beard would at times cause my skin to be irritated due to facial hair growth, I set an appointment with Aveda and the services were great. The massage and facial where superb; I enjoyed the services so much I've made it a tradition. My first time experience with services like the ones they have at Aveda opened my eyes to good personal treatment for men and my second time was better than my first. more

Great Facials! 6/22/2007

I just got back from a one hour facial with Lea, and it was wonderful! It was in the community room; where there are about four other beds, but everyone is so quiet you won't even know they are there. Yes, it is a ""school,"" so it won't have the total spa atmosphere, but the value for the price is awesome! Lea was very informative and gentle, and she made recommendations for products because I asked. She didn't pressure me to buy anything. You can't beat it for $35!!! Pros: location, ample parking, value for price, great service more

Don't get your hopes up 6/15/2007

Aveda is a salon for stylists in training which explains the amazing prices ($12 for a cut). However, for that reason, I would not suggest going there for a complicated cut or a dramatic change. I have been there several times and usually leave satisfied but not impressed. If you have a simple hairstyle and just want a trim this is the place to go. (As opposed to paying $50 at a trendy salon). Pros: Super cheap! Cons: You risk leaving with a boring or mediocre cut more

Horrible Haircut! 5/29/2007

I just recieved the worst haircut of my life yesterday! I had long hair halfway down my back and now it's almost to my shoulders! The layers are terrible and it looks like someone put my hair in a pony tail and hacked it off! Beware more
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Aveda Institute Atlanta is not just a beauty school, we are training the next generation of trend setters. You can also receive hair and spa services from our students at inexpensive prices. Contact us to schedule a tour of the school or book an appointment at the salon.

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  • Financial Aid Available to Qualified Applicants, Careers In Cosmetology and Esthetics, Priority Placement In Top Aveda Salons & Spas, Nac Cas


  • Beauty school and service center offers hair salon and spa body treatments, including facials, wraps and makeup.

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