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Austin Vet Care

4106 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78756
(512) 459-4336
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Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX
Austin Vet Care - Austin, TX


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I took my two dog's to Austin Vet Care last night (during their walk in hours) for their annual exams and vaccinations. I will admit that I did wait for almost 2 hours until I was...


if you bring your dog in for a routine check up and its healthy. Then someone says you should get a heart worm test, its only $50 and could save your pets life.The part thats a re...

watch out!! 7/7/2011

I have 3 dogs that have been patients of Austin Vet Care and I have watched the customer service steadily and rapidly decline. The staff can't seem to get anything straight when it comes to pricing and they don't seem to update their records. I took my dogs in to receive a lepto shot. Appartently this is a 2 part shot, you have to come back in 3 weeks for the 2nd shot (booster). With my one dog (Dexter), I was told to just come back for the 2nd shot and there was no charge for the shot or the visit and no appointment was needed. This last time I was told I would have to come back in 3 weeks for the 2nd booster shot and there would be a $15 dollar charge for the shot but no office visit (by vet tech ast). Today I received a call that my dog was past due for all kinds of vaccinations which were ALREADY done 3 weeks ago. I was also told that when I bring my dog in for her booster that there would be a $15 fee for the shot and a $15 exam fee (Julie office staff who was EXTREMELY RUDE)! Exam for what? She is just getting a shot. I didn't get charged an exam fee with my other dog. Seperately, I received some rebate coupons from Heartguard and Frontline in the mail from Austin Vet Care. They want you to buy these products from the Austin Vet Care office but you can get the SAME products from their ownline pharmacy Vet website for much cheaper (link is on Austin Vet Care website). Its a scam. I was told I couldn't purchase the Heartguard from the online pharmacy even though they don't stock the 12 month supply. I called and talked to an office person and they confirmed with management I could use the rebates. Way too many people do not know whats going on here. I was told to bring in the rebates for them to sign, I drove 30 mins each way for this and once I got their I was told I don't need them to sign anything. Who knows if Heartguard will honor these rebates since Austin Vet Care did not fill out the Vet portion. Go to another Vet that has their act together. You will be much happier. more

If you love your dog . . . . 6/26/2011

Pookie was a wonderful dog who took care of my recently widowed friends kids. 94 my friend brought her dog Pookie into this vet had an infection in her uterus . Friends had used this vet for years (and apparently had an unpaid bill) and because she knew them the Dr refused to operate until she gave them 1000 up front or he wouldn't do anything. He told her to take her dog home and let it die. Long story short the vet refused and with the nurse crying he let her die. If you do anything, avoid this vet at all costs if you love your pet. They are dollar signs only to him. The kind of vet that victimizes people because the "know someone" who owes them a couple bucks is a creep. A widow with two kids lost their beloved dog that day to a money grubbing hack more

Don't go 4/15/2011

The prices are exorbanent. The service is horrid. The vet was good, but not worth the trade off. The staff does not seem to be organized, kept me waiting for over an hour with almost no one in the waiting room. Require tests that have never been required before. Seem to be more interested in money than providing good service. more

One of the BEST Vet's in Austin! 9/10/2010

I took my two dog's to Austin Vet Care last night (during their walk in hours) for their annual exams and vaccinations. I will admit that I did wait for almost 2 hours until I was able to see the vet, but it was worth it in the end. Dr. Callaway was great with my dogs, especially Harley my 8 year old english bulldog with a whole list of issues. She was very knowledgeable about Harley's issues and gave me great advice on how to handle them. And the best part about it was how affordable it was!! Just a little over a $100 for the both of them!! I highly recommend Austin Vet Care to anyone looking for a caring and affordable vet in Austin! more

Money more important? 9/4/2010

My vet moved a solo practice to the Lamar location. I was not pleased with the place itself on the first visit, but wanted to keep my doctor. However, they would not renew a long standing prescription for allergy medication for my dog without a monthly visit (for a dosage that lasts more than a month!) That means either my doctor was writing and refilling a prescription without adequate follow up in his solo practice, or this clinic is interested in generating fees that are unnecessary. Whichever answer one chooses it is not positive. more

No complaints, seemed honest. 9/2/2010

I'm really surprised to see any bad reviews, everyone seemed helpful and friendly over at the Metric office. I haven't been back since the initial visit but I certainly planned on it.. I'll probably fish around and double check a few prices just to sate my curiosity. But my experience was positive and certainly less on the guilt trip than many vets I've dealt with over my lifetime. I told them I had x dollars, they came back with this would cost you x dollars and cover everything (it was more than I'd told them I had) So we went over what everything was, and all of the tests seem valid if that's what you're worried about. Any trained medical professional is going to cover their own butt and not say "NAWW NO NEED FOR THAT LEUKEMIA TEST" then a few months later your kitty is very sick.. and you say WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME TO TAKE THAT TEST? I don't know the letter of the law, but I fear the vet could well be liable for some sort of malpractice. People aren't always rational or calm about their animals, I look at it as they're giving you full disclosure on potential issues. If you feel bad about that (and sometimes I have) that's just life, it's not always awesome. My point is there's a certain amount of liability when a professional anything speaks.. try to keep that in mind. The society we live in dictates people need to watch what they say/suggest lest i they suddenly find themselves tied up in some ridiculous law suit.. Anyway, I told them what I had, we decided on the best things the kitten would be needing and the things we could try again another day or think about/research. She even referred me to a website where a community of vets discuss things so I could read up on the tests and procedures they recommend. (the leukemia test for example) All good, everyone happy. Bottom line in my book they seemed to like animals, were candid about potential risks and if you don't have the cash for it they didn't seem to feel an urge to beat you over the head with a guilt club. I'd rather they told me the potential risks and I make an educated decision. Lastly, it IS a business. They are here to make money. This isn't animal planet pet rescue. Just like you and I they deserve a fair rate of pay for work done. In ideal world it would be free. All that said, I've known some shady vets, it does happen, be aware, read up on your pets. Hell, its usually even kind of interesting once you start reading... ;) more

Great Service, Friendly & Knowledgeable 7/6/2010

I brought my mom’s dog here over the weekend for help with fleas and couldn’t be happier with the service. I called them first and the girl who helped me gave me so much information and different recommendations on what our best options were. We then showed up an hour later and spoke with the front desk person that couldn’t have been more helpful. it was pretty busy in there but she still took time to clearly explain all the steps in going about this horrible flea problem. We were soo relieved to know there’s an answer out there and finally after weeks, feel in control of this situation. Thank you! Cons: none more

Best Vet! 6/23/2010

My husband and I have been taking our dogs, Harvey and Lola, to Austin Vet Care for several months. When we take our dogs in for the regular care, the staff is familiar (not a lot of turnover!), friendly, and our vet, Dr. Gwinn, is great! We always get a printout of dates to bring our dogs back in for shots and check-ups. Another great perk is the ease (and savings!) of being able to order our preventative prescriptions online, and having them automatically sent on schedule. This is all pretty standard, like a lot of other great vets. The difference with Austin Vet Care is their 24 hour care and emergency services. We've had two emergencies (badly torn toe nail and spider bite) and they fit us in immediately - on the weekends!!! - and there were no exhorbidant charges for emergency care. Further, I can't believe what I'm reading below about charges and being "out for money,"- we've always had the opportunity to speak with a tech and the veterinarian to discuss the best course of action for our pet - and for any service - even the routine stuff, we get a printed, itemized statement showing the high and low end of what to expect for fees. Further, whenever we have questions, they front desk staff has been very helpful and accomodating, even when we're panicking about an emergency situation. We love Austin Vet Care - and our dogs are happy and healthy! Pros: 24 Hrs, Great Staff, Upfront Pricing, Online Rx Cons: none! more

BEWARE 6/7/2010

My son's cat was extremely ill and he took his cat to this place. The first visit cost $715. The second visit cost $2700. A friend of my son's called around and asked how much other vets would charge to place and remove a catheter. Other vets said $400-$500 at the most. DO NOT USE THIS VET. They do not care about you except how they can exploit your love for your animal. Pros: friendly staff because they want your money Cons: charge 7x more than other vets more

overpriced and dirty 3/11/2010

if you bring your dog in for a routine check up and its healthy. Then someone says you should get a heart worm test, its only $50 and could save your pets life.The part thats a red flag is not that they suggest the test but that they know your dog is on heart worm prevention medicine. They are manipulating naive costumers into additional charges they do not need. Also the exam rooms are dirty. if this is what the public area looks like what do the private ones look like that we are not suppose to see. Pros: very previnitive medicine Cons: Excessive tests and unclean rooms more

Will say anything for more money. 1/8/2010

At my cats appointments, Austin Vet Care kept giving me statistics to make me feel like my cats were in dire risk. For example, "You should probably do the Feline leukemia/Hearworm test." My cats had the leukemia vaccination..."well, no vaccination is 100%." Ok, tell me how my cats would get heartworms..."from mosquitos." My cats are indoor cats..."50% of heartworm cases are with indoor cats." What are the symptoms of heartworms...."unfortunately there are no symptoms on cats until they are near death. This test is the only way to be sure." So let's break it down to percentages. Two cats receiving their annual checkups at $46/each with 2 booster shots for $10each ($40/total). My bill there would have been $132. However, once Austin Vet Care proceeded to make me feel like my cats were dying and only this test, at $65/each, could save them, my bill became $259. All I have to say is 50% of your money can be saved if you never enter Austin Vet Care. Pros: They like animals Cons: Use guilt to make more money more

Thanks so much! 7/10/2009

I just got my little puppy 2 weeks ago and she was de-wormed recently by the Metric Austin Vet Care clinic earlier on the day I sent her in to this E-Clinic. Apparently her case was pretty serious and she was throwing up as well as pooping/diarhea-ing worms so me being out of town at the time, asked my friend who was taking care of her to take my puppy to the E-clinic since they're open 24 hours... The people up front were awesome and amazing... I explained to them my situation and once my friend got to the clinic, they took my puppy in and took care of her until I came back to town... the cost wasn't TOO much, but reasonable. Overall, they're awesome people and I'll go back to them whenever I need help with my dogs. Thanks! Pros: Great service, understanding vet staff! Cons: A little on the pokey (slow) side... more

great place!!!!!! 1/8/2009

I came to this hospital with a really sick puppy and I didn't have very much money. They helped me the best they could and even gave my pup fluid under his skin and a couple of injections and didn't charge me for them. I left and came back with a little more money and they still helped my puppy (he had parvo) They gave me all the directions of what to do for home treatment, I have to say things were very scary for several days and a lot of hard work. I am very grateful for their help especially since I was a little rude to the tech at the beginning of our visit and they didn?t even hold it against me. They really do care about the pets. I did read the other reviews on this site and all I can say is that THERE IS TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY Pros: 24/7 and they really care Cons: none more

high price for poor service 12/16/2008

Long story short: I paid $254 for a vet to tell me that a cat peed itself. I volunteer to TNR (Trap and release) feral cats. After trapping, I take cats the to Austin Humane Society (AHS), they spay/neuter, vet, test & 'tag' the cat, then I release it back to the colony after it has recovered. I picked up 15 cats last week (5x more than usual due to the urgency of the conditions of the cats combined with freezing weather). One of the cats, which was being held for care/recovery by another volunteer was not doing well, so was taken to this vet (which is procedure per the program). The caretaker thought the cat was injured due to being spayed. The vet's initial exam 'confirmed' what the caretaker thought, that the surgery at AHS, punctured an internal organ. Due to this, they called me to authorize payment SPECIFICALLY for the repair surgery 'required'. I talked to the Dr. and told him I am 40 miles away, but thought that the cat just peed itself under stress. The Dr. countered that no, corrective surgery is required asap. Fortunately, before surgery they realized the cat only peed itself, but stuck me with the cost of the errant surgery prep of the cat. My point, is that the initial exam, $46 on the bill is legitimate, the rest of the bill, surgery prep was not required. I understand mistakes will happen, but OWE up to them, especially if you are a professional, they charged me for their mistake and refuse to return my phone calls. DONOT trust your pet?s health to these crooks. Pros: open 24 hours Cons: feels like a shady car dealership more

A great veterinary in Austin 9/26/2008

I saw Dr. Brandes at Austin Vet Care at Metric and felt he took good care of my indoor cat and didn't over-inoculate per my request, example a FVCRP 3-in-1 versus all the 4- and 5-in-1 vaccines which are overkill for an indoor pet, often adversely affecting a cat's immune system. I think Austin Vet Care and Central Park are the only vets that actually offer these vaccines and the others could care less. I appreciated that he took good care of an ear fungus and did follow up on my cat. This vet is reasonably priced. If I could say there was one thing I really liked, it would have to be the *lack* of arrogance so predominant in veterinary care in Austin, Texas. Pros: All thumbs up more

If you're looking for a full service animal hospital - choose this one!! 8/11/2008

I was looking for a new vet for my awesome new dog Rocco and after asking around town I found this place. It's right across the street from Central Market in Central Austin. The waiting area is nice and large and has a "happy" feel to it. The vet technicians and the vet I worked with was very nice, answered lots of my questions since I was a new dog owner. The receptionists at the front were very nice as well. Everyone seemed to love Rocco as much as I did!! I also like that they are open 24/7 and I can pick up my prescription refills after work or weekends. Also, if I have an emergency I can take her here and not somewhere were they don't have her history or Dr's he doesn't know. This place is top notch and we'll keep them as our vet as long as we are in Austin. Pros: 24/7, Staff, location more

one of the best 8/8/2008

The first time I went to Austin Vet Care after hours clinic on Burnet Rd they did ask for the $500 deposit and I have to admit I thought it was excessive.But the care they took was beyond what I expected. The second time i had to take another kitty there for a several day stay I don't remember being asked for the $500 deposit but I did ask them for an estimate and I did pay it up front which only makes sense. They took excellent care of my kitty and she is now well and back at home. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. more

Best Vet in the World! 11/16/2007

I just need to say how much I appreciate and love Dr. Calloway. She has been my primary vet for my 2 special needs dogs for many years. Even after I moved to San Antonio, I could not find a vet I could trust with my babies as much as her. Her bedside manner with animals is truly special. She has always been honest and eager with any issues my dogs have had, and believe me, they have had a lot! My little bulldog, Layla, had gone beyond medical help, and I had to make the decision to put Layla down. Dr. Calloway and her staff were very helpful and understanding during this difficult time. I think the entire staff was crying with me, and that did give me a little comfort, knowing that they understood the love of an animal. I would travel anywhere to have Dr. Calloway take care of one of my animals, she is truly one in a million! And to address the other people complaining about high bills. Please understand, this is a 24 hour hospital. They employ 24 hour care with a doctor always on staff. This is extremely expensive. Far more expensive than a typical vet office. It is a business, at the end of the day, and although they take great care of the animals, they also must pay the bills! As we all know, good doctors don't come cheap! more

I Won't Take My Dog Anywhere Else! 11/6/2007

I have been taking my dog, Otis, to Austin Vet Care at Metric for the past year and I have nothing but positive things to say about the staff, the facility and the care that Otis receives. Each time I walk in Otis and I are greeted with smiling faces and a warm hello. The ladies at the front desk even talk to Otis to make sure he's comfortable in the environment. The first time I had to take Otis in to see the vet was when I thought he had Parvo, a deadly disease to puppies. I was of course emotional and the doctor was very compassionate and let me know exactly what everything meant and the plan of action he was going to take. I felt very educated about what was going on. The second time I took Otis to Austin Vet Care was to get his vaccines. I went on a Wednesday when they have half price vaccines (which I did not know about) and everything went perfectly. When I went back yesterday for a check up and more heart worm medication I had a credit for $16.15 that I was unaware of. Turns out it was from me paying full price on the half price vaccine day. I didn't even know I should have had a credit. They are definitely not money hungry people here. I trust everyone at Austin Vet Care and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new vet. Pros: Friendly Service, Caring Staff, My dog is comfortable there more

I second that...these are money hungry people! 10/19/2007

We took our baby cat in, only because our regular vet was closed and it was after hours. He had a seizure. When we walked in, we hadn't even been there 2 minutes when they said "That'll be a $500 deposit!". We were crushed to not have that kind of money, knowing our little one was screaming in the back. They showed no compassion for us distress and in the end, did little for our cat. They even misdianosed him with ear mites (having nothing to do with the seizure). He had no ear mites. And to boot, the young hipster vet kept referring to him as autistic. It wasn't helpful (and wasn't true) when we were visibly upset. Cons: lack of compassion, seriously over-priced, spams you with mail and email. more
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  • Located in Central Austin, TX, Austin Vet Care is a veterinary practice whose staff members are client centered, patient advocates, who deliver health care in a team-based system to ensure optimal health for all our patients.

    The mission of Austin Vet Care is to provide our patients, the public and our veterinary colleagues with the highest possible quality of veterinary care, emergency medicine, and customer service while creating a safe, challenging, and enjoyable environment for our employees and our patients.

    We are dedicated to healing animals and ensuring their quality of life, through education, medicine, nursing, and love. See our website for an online video, special offers, and more

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