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Austin Animal Eye Clinic - 19 Reviews - 12034 Research Blvd Ste 8, Austin, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (512) 250-1104

Austin Animal Eye Clinic

12034 Research Blvd Ste 8 (at (Hwy 183, S. Access Rd.) Between Oak Knoll & Duval)
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 250-1104
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Austin Animal Eye Clinic - Austin, TX


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The staff were so amazing! my dog had to stay over night to get I.V.'s and monitered and they told me to call and check up on him as much as i wanted to and come visit as much as ...


These people are irresponsible and do not know what they are doing. My 17-year-old cat, Percy, had been having some breathing issues and had been treated for asthma, but had not b...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/16/2012

Not a happy customer. Took my dog in to see if he had a blockage. Got xrays and the vet misread them! I left thinking that wo the surgery he would not make it through the night. The vet ended up performing surgery and then later called me with the 'great news'- nothing in his stomach! I ended up with an expensive bill and a another vet bill for the next day for observation. The owner, Dr. Johnson refused to refund me. Plus my pet now has a 5 inch incision on his belly and 2 wks recovery. Poor customer service from the owner. Clearly only cares about money. more

Irresponsible, Uncaring, & After Your Money 6/13/2011

These people are irresponsible and do not know what they are doing. My 17-year-old cat, Percy, had been having some breathing issues and had been treated for asthma, but had not been tested to find the cause of the breathing problems, by a previous vet. On a Friday night we went into this emergency clinic, because I wanted to have Percy put in an oxygen tank and X-Rayed to see what was wrong with him. When I got there, the girl at the front desk, who reeked of marijuana, asked me what was wrong. I said I wasn't sure, but I gave her the pills that he had been given from the previous vet and told her that he had already had a shot a few days before. She took him in his carrier into the back, and put me in a room alone. In the past, Percy had had very traumatic experience at vets, and ever since he had always been very afraid of the vet offices. After about 20 minutes I could hear Percy screaming, and then it stopped. A vet, Dr. Stacy Cox, came in the room and told me, ""Well, we gave him a shot, and one of the pills."" He had just gotten a shot at the other vet, and I had just given him one of the pills. I said, ""Why did you give him more?"" The vet replied, ""We had been told it was asthma by the front desk girl. ""No. I brought him in to find out what it was. Where is he now?"" ""We have him strapped down and we put him in a muzzle, because he was fighting."" I said, ""He's 17 years old, having breathing problems that could be related to a heart condition, why would you put him in a muzzle?"" She said, ""Oh. I didn't know he was 17 or that he had a heart condition."" Having been to this clinic with him before, I assumed they would read his paperwork before treating him like any reputable vet clinic. Immediately someone came in to ask me how I was going to pay, all while Percy was strapped down in the back with a muzzle on. I was filling out the payment paperwork, while asking if they could do something for Percy and get him out of the muzzle. I also asked if they could X-Ray him. They tried and came back and said they couldn't do it, because he fought them. I had asked them to put him in an oxygen tank when we got there, and after the X-Ray attempt they did. I later found out through the vet records that during the attempted X-Rays, Percy had stopped breathing and turned blue. It was after this that they put him in the oxygen tank. They never told me that this had happened, and they let me take him home, although there was a great chance that he had suffered extreme negative side effects due to the lack of oxygen, including heart attack or stroke. In the ten minutes I had been there, they told me that I had rung up $450. If I wanted to keep him in the oxygen tank, that it would be another $450. I decided to take him home because it didn't seem like he was getting any help there. Rather than let me take Percy out of the oxygen tank to put him in the carrier, two people came in with gloves and towels and they picked Percy up and he started to fight. I heard him scream as they twisted him. I heard the vet say, ""He's twisted! He's twisted! You're turning him the wrong way."" They dropped him in a cardboard carrier that closes at the top and sent him home with me. When I got home and opened the carrier, his eyes were rolled back, his face was drooping like a stroke victim, and he couldn't eat or drink, or barely breathe. This was a million times worse than when we had gone in. I continued to call the vet for the next two days, but they would not return my calls, and I was terrified to take him back in again. After two days, Percy died, and I feel that this vet clinic played a large part in his death. His primary vet later said that his death was most likely caused by an overdose or a heart attack. When I called to ask for an explanation or apology, they thought I just wanted my money back and hung up on me. If you truly love your pet DO NOT take them to this place. This place just wants your money. more

Amazing staff and service!!!! 4/18/2010

The staff were so amazing! my dog had to stay over night to get I.V.'s and monitered and they told me to call and check up on him as much as i wanted to and come visit as much as i wanted! They explained everything that was wrong soo well and everytime I called for an update they were so nice and told me exactly what was going on. I hope I never have to go to the emergency clinic again but if I do I know my dog will be in great care and I will get great service!!! Pros: staff kindness, excellent care, showed legitimate concern more

excellent and thorough eye care 2/23/2010

My dogs LOVE Dr Schifrin. He even saw one of my horses many years ago and gave me a good handle on what I was dealing with and what to expect. \r As far as the dogs, he got to the bottom of what was going on, gave us a good treatment plan (explained what was needed and how to get it done, even if the dog wasn't co-operative) and kept excellent records. \r \r He may not be much of a hand-holder, but I wasn't going to him for that, and he is kind to the dogs. I needed the best care I could get for the round ones. French Bulldogs are known for having eye injuries. \r \r My little old man jerked his head hard during a procedure. Dr. Schifrin wasn't happy about that, but just because it worried him. He explained why and then took steps to have better control of the wild one. In the middle of this he told me about a new tool that prevented any risk of damage to the eye. \r \r Personally, I'm very glad he is available to us. Pros: He really knows his stuff . Cons: It's far from my home but worth the drive. more

Good With Animals, Bad With Their Humans 11/16/2009

Dr. Shifrin is a good doctor. Our young dog suddenly developed a cataract and he is pursuing a course of aggresive treatment to try and help us avoid surgery if at all possible. That being said, his people skills can leave something to be desired. He reminds me of a mad scientist. While at our last visit, I misunderstood his jargon and it sounded like there had been no improvement in her vision/eye. When I asked if this was the case, he jumped all over me and began to ask me a series of obvious questions, such as ""Look at her eye- look at her eye and you tell me if the cataract is still there- is the cataract still there?!"" I was shocked at how rude and condescending he was. There are few animal eye doctors in Austin, Tx, so we will take her to him for at least our next appointment, although I might not go with my husband next time. Plus, as I mentioned before, I don't have an issue with the treatment of our dog so I think we will keep our next appointment and look at a 2nd opinion if there is not as much improvement as we'd like. If you go visit Dr. Shifrin, just be forewarned that he is much better with dogs than their humans! Pros: Good doctor, reasonably priced Cons: Impatient, quick-tempered, condescending more

Best Emergency Veterinary Care in Austin! 1/7/2009

I have had the unfortunate need for their veterinary emergency services for several of my pets that have had medical problems including rattlesnake bites and pancreatitis. Whatever the ailment, my pets and I have always been treated with courtesy and compassion. From the receptionists to the veterinarians, it is obvious that the staff are dedicated to saving the lives of pets and that they take their jobs seriously. I have not always had the most emergent case and have had to wait for my pet to receive care; however, the ?triage? makes sense and works for every pet that comes through the doors. I?d hate to think that a pet suffered or died because priority wasn?t given to the most serious needs and was instead given in time of arrival fashion. I hate that emergency veterinarians are necessary, but I am thankful every day for the doctors and staff at this hospital. They have always provided the best care for my 4-legged family and I am grateful that they serve our community. If you have a medical emergency, this is the ONLY place you should bring your pet. more

use in case of emergency... 1/1/2009

This really isn't the place you want to end up at if at all possible. Expect everything they do to be 2-3 times the cost of a regular vet, and they tend to over prescribe not under.\r \r That said, if its the middle of the night and your cat/dog/squirrel is oozing fluid from the head this is the place I'd go to. Pros: open late Cons: more expensive than daytime vet more

Great service and superior caring 11/12/2008

Our dog was, literally, near death. He had gone into shock and they reacted immediately to the situation and today he is totally normal. Yes, it was expensive, but not out of line with other emergency care we've had for animals. The same team of two vets cared for him during his stay from Saturday until Monday morning. The chart printout was in great detail on the checking on him and what they did. The staff up front was attentive. I saw a review that talked about odor -- hey, it's a place full of animals in varying stages of emergency distress. It's not like your dog is just in to get his nails trimmed! Pros: Quick, professional, effective, caring, easy location to get to Cons: Expensive, but probably not more than comparable emergency care more

Quality Emergency Care 8/7/2008

This clinic is exclusively for animal medical emergencies on weekends and overnight. Animals must be picked up and transferred to a 'regular' clinic by 7 am. I've used this clinic many times and I have to say that the negative reviews made me wonder if they were speaking of the same clinic. All of my experiences have been positive. \r \r I've taken in a squirrel and an opossum that were struck by cars, and both were treated without cost to me. In the case of the opossum, it had to be euthanized immediately and the staff worked efficiently and humanely to see that it was done. The front desk staff do care about animals; they were upset that a driver could allow an injured animal to suffer on the road without care.\r \r A year ago last winter, my cat was diagnosed as having masses growing in her lungs. Due to the ice storms, the expensive specialist in Round Rock closed their office. We were unable to get test results back and so we didn't know that she had cancer. In the mean-time, her lungs filled with fluid and she was suffocating. It was dangerous driving, but we were able to get our cat to the clinic and a dedicated vet. The vet was able to drain the fluid from our cat's lungs, allowing us more time with her before we eventually had to have her euthanized.\r \r The other times I have used them were when my dog hurt his back after he tried to jump a fence (and got stuck), I had to take my cat in for an emergency blockage of his urethra, and I found a kitten with a broken foot and a degloved mandible. Every time, the animals were treated with a high quality of care, with particular consideration for pain management.\r \r For the procedures my animals have required, their bills have been expensive; I have observed many other clients with emergencies that ended up being minor and only had to pay a couple hundred dollars. They've never charged a per hour fee like the emergency vet on North Lamar does. The clinic has always been clean during my visits. Pros: Hours of operation, dedicated staff, knowledgeable staff Cons: expensive more

Horrible Smell, Horrible Service 6/1/2008

2 hour wait. Vet used that tone like you are an idiot for wasting my time. (You know what I mean if you've ever heard it- don't they train doctors how to acknowledge patients with proper concern and encouragement?) Didn't take my concern about ear mites seriously when I said they were itchy, inflamed and unusually waxy, and said her ears were NOT inflamed (what's all the pink then, idiot?) were just dirty (she DID have ear mites and I had to pay another vet bill later to get them checked properly). Lied to a tech about why she ordered bl@@d work (because I had a lot of questions she couldn't answer- bs). She either ordered them for my peace of mind (insulting, because I wasn't acting worried- certainly not worried enough to NOT be ASKED if I WANTed to pay an extra $75 for unnecessary tests) or to bring the bill up to something worthwhile for them. I imagine it was the latter. The place wreaked of urine and was crowded with sick, dirty, and bl@@dy animals that I couldn't totally keep my dog from being exposed to. It's just a travesty. I can't believe this is all the entire N. Austin area has to choose from for emergency vet care. It's sickening. Austin is probably the most progressive and pet friendly city in the state and yet it's still the south, that's for sure. This is what Austin gets because it demands no more for its pets. It's shameful. Pros: If you are DESPERATE, there is this one place you can go for help Cons: You wouldn't want to go here unless you think your pet is going to die, and even then, try to find someone else! more

Do NOT wait until morning! 5/1/2008

This clinic has always treated me and my pets with care and compassion, and when emergency care is deemed unnecessary they have the ethics to tell me I can wait to see my regular vet. They've even taken injured wildlife from me to care for at no cost to me. They are honest, hard-working, kind, and they DO know what they're doing.\r \r I have had to take several pets to them over the years:\r -- our ridgeback when she swallowed a stocking and blocked up her digestive tract (life threatening)\r -- our cat when he ate an insect that made him foam at the mouth (scary but not dangerous)\r -- and just this weekend, our beagle whose gall bladder went bonkers (he was dying.)\r \r They made a quick, tricky diagnosis, went out of their way to arrange an emergency weekend surgery at another clinic for us, and even helped us figure out transportation to the surgeon. They helped save Tyler's life and I will always be grateful to them! Pros: efficient, knowledgeable, open when you need them Cons: hard to find -- call for directions! more

Horribly expensive 2/19/2008

This a first time posting for me. I took my dog to this place because he was pouring, and I mean pouring, an unusual substance, much like ketchup, from his rear. I am frantic with worry over my dog, which is why I took him to an emergency vet clinic. I have no complaints about the staff, except for the vet himself. The vet acted like it was no big deal, told me they were going to run some tests and to come back when it was time for the clinic to close at 7am. I couldn't even walk out of the clinic without paying $441. When I return, I have to pay another $165 for tests done after we paid the initial fee. They charged me a fee for hooking something up to the dog that prevents him from tangling the IV cord. My dog was completely listless, after being so ill. I don't think he was doing judo in the cage or anything. The vet proceeded to shrug it off as something he ate. I took my dog to my normal vet, as he had been kicked out of the clinic (and thank God, there's no telling how much more it would cost me). My vet gave my dog a thorough check-up, and gave him some antibiotics for $65! My pet is healthy now, but if I would have known it would cost so much, I would have waited to go to the regular vet. I understand all the cost if I would have to had call someone and have them meet me at an office. This place stays open all night. All I wanted was for my dog to be alright--and he is. But I have to wonder if just an IV and a place for him to be comfortable would have been okay until I could get to my vet. It sounds harsh, because my dog's health has no price limit on it, but I felt like I got bent over and taken for a very uncomfortable ride. Pros: It was open Cons: Price gouging, apathetic vet more

Lobby Your Texas Legislator on Vet Care 11/15/2007

Do you have a pet that has experienced horrendous treatment at an Emergency Vet Clinic? Have you experienced outrageous treatment by an Emergency Clinic? Notify your Texas legislator about the issue. Vets are regulated. Dr. Scott Johnson owns a number of Emergency Clinics in this area. I've discovered incidents of the following: he has diagnosed an animal has having a minor situation then the animal died that night; his doctors told a client that the pet ""wanted to die"" ; his clinic, after racking up several thousands of dollars from a client, first acknowledged an over-charge of less than $100.00 and then refused a refund and then refused to ever allow the client to bring an animal into a Scott Johnson owned clinic. I also understand that he was refusing treatment at the Round Rock clinic, which was an Emergency Clinic at night, while an animal was in care after recovering from surgery during the day. And Johnson is on the board of directors of a nationwide association. Lobby your legislator for better care and supervision of Emergency Clinics since these clinics are a scarce commodity and since Scott Johnson owns almost a virtual monopoly in this area. Pros: Some of the Vets are very good; and sometimes they are not. Cons: Virtually A Monopoly Owned Service in Austin, With the Owner Acting As Such more

RUN away from this clinic if you love your pet 8/15/2007

Run, don't walk away from this clinic. I love my pet, but after my experience here I would rather wait for a REAL veterinarian at a REAL clinic to open than ever go back here. These yahoos don't know what they're doing. Maybe they actually did when Dr. Celeste Treadway was the Medical Director here years ago, but they don't now. (Take your pets to Dr. Treadway at Lakeline Animal Clinic--that's what I did after these yahoos here told me ""everything is fine"" with instructions to go home and watch my pet. Had I followed their ""instructions"" I may have watched my pet die in front of me. Yes, that's how stupid they are. No wonder the other reviews slam them and note misdianosis.) My pet was seriously ill and could have died and the yahoos at Austin's Emergency Animal Clinic could not care less. They will not return my phone calls. I understand a Dr. Scott Johnson owns the clinics. He should do the people and pets of Austin a favor and close the doors. Yes, we would be without an emergency animal clinic, but in my opinion we are now anyway.\r \r more

Misdiagnosed our puppy's broken leg!!! 4/27/2007

Our 10 week-old puppy knocked a heavy speaker over onto herself, and broke her hind leg. This happened after-hours, and she was in a lot of pain, so we took her to Emergency Animal Clinic. The vet on-call took front and side X-rays of her leg. After waiting for nearly 2 hours, we were surprised and relieved when the vet told us that the puppy's leg was *not* broken, and that she just needed to go home and rest. She gave us the X-rays, so they could be added to her records at her normal vet. The puppy continued to be in a lot of pain, and cried (in pain) all night long.\r \r In the morning, I thought something was wrong, and decided to look at the X-rays Emergency Animal Clinic had taken the night before. I was shocked to see a *large* break in the puppy's hind leg on that was blatently apparent on both the front and side X-Rays. I brought the X-Rays to our daytime vet -- sure that the Vet at Emergency Animal Clinic couldn't have possibly misdiagnosed a bone broken that badly.\r \r Sure enough, our daytime vet confirmed that the puppy's leg *was* broken, with a large ""butterfly"" break, which explained why the puppy cried all night long. The daytime vet cast the broken leg, and instructed that the puppy needed to be immobilized for the next 4-5 days, so that the bone could set properly.\r \r To make matters worse, I called back Emergency Animal Clinic that same day, to ask how they could possibly have misdiagnosed a broken bone that was clearly visible on both x-rays, and they were *completely* unapologetic. They insisted that, even if they had noticed that the puppy's leg was broken, they would have not treated the puppy differently?!\r \r I definitely would *not* recommend Emergency Animal Clinic for treatment. Cons: Ignored complaint, Outrageous charges, refuses to negotiate more

Saved my dog's life 8/21/2006

The vets @ the Emergency Animal Clinic saved my dogs life when he was suffering from pneumonia. My regular vet gave up on him and suggested euthanasia; they gave him a 30% chance of overcoming the pneumonia. I had my dog transferred to the clinic (for a weekend stay) and the Drs were able to nurse my dog back to health within 2 days. Every employee @ this hospital is extremely professional, compassionate and courteous. The Drs are superb and under no circumstance did they perform or bill me for any unnecessary treatments. I highly recommend this clinic if your pet needs medical attention when your normal vet is closed. Pros: Great Service, Compassionate Drs more

Misdiagnosis 3/28/2006

I took my dog in for a rattling sound in his chest thinking he had a cold or pneumonia. All tests were normal, but the vet said there were foreign objects in his stomach and intestines and he needed surgery right away! I consented for fear he would die, but there was nothing in him at all. Then the vet said she needed to do a second surgery in case the first one was leaking from all the biopsies! Again, nothing. Still, he had the sound in his chest. I finally got him out of there after dropping $3000, and my regular vet gave him an allergy shot which fixed him right up. Unfortunately, my elderly dog endured an enourmous amount of pain and suffering which this clinic refuses to make right. I would not recommend this clinic unless you are pretty sure your animal is going to die otherwise. Pros: none, none, none Cons: Ignored complaint, Outrageous charges, refuses to negotiate more

Excellent Care in an emergency! 8/25/2005

This place has the MOST caring staff and I would recommend them to anyone. When my Boo-Boo (who had a heart problem) needed care at 11 p.m. they did all they could to save him. 3 days after he died we received a sympathy card in the mail. I couldn't have asked for better care. Fully equiped and ready for any emergency. No wait time. PROS: Excellent, Caring Staff - Worth every penny CONS: more

Great Experience 8/10/2005

I took my dog here at 3 a.m. in the morning when she was in excruciating pain. The staff here were very good and kind to my poor dog. They immediately gave her something for her pain. more

Very Caring! 7/27/2005

This is not where you want to be at 2 in the morning, however the physicians and vet technicians make it a little easier to cope with. They were very supportive and caring when we had to send our 12 yr old cat to kitty heaven. more
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