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Auntie Em's Kitchen - 47 Reviews - 4616 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (323) 255-0800

Auntie Em's Kitchen

4616 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 255-0800
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Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA
Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA
Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA
Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA
Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA
Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA
Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA
Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA
Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA
Auntie Em's Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA


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very nice people!!! I ordered a small salad and a cupcake this last visit (i've been there 3 times) and I forgot my wallet and they were so nice as to tell me to bring it next tim...


My girlfriends and I went on Sunday to celebrate a birthday since we heard Auntie Em's was so great we had to try it. It was a disapointment as soon as we saw it. The parking was ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/15/2014

This place is heaven on a Sunday morning for breakfast. Get the pancakes fully loaded with a side of sausage. Or get the brown sugar french toast with a side of sausage. Or just get the sausage. Be prepared to wait for a table. It's worth it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/15/2014

It's worth going anytime. ANYTIME!!! more

not impressed 4/24/2011

I waited for 5 minutes at the register and was ignored by not one, not two, but three employees before I decided to take my business elsewhere. the strange part was it wasn't crowded like it usually is, and it was Easter morning! We got parking right in the front! if it's not crowded and I can park in the front of this establishment, yet I can't even get a ""hello! one moment please.."" then that should tell me how long I'll be waiting for a water refill! Larkin's is right up the street off of Colorado and their service was amazing! their food was phenomenal! That turned my day around.. ^_^ more

don't believe the hype -- or let them cater your event! 12/14/2009

Friends of mine used Auntie Em's to cater their wedding. The food was fine but the service - leading up to the event, during, and after - was horrendous. This place is super pretentious and borderline arrogant about their quality and the uniqueness of their offerings, but then they don't deliver. That's a fatal combination in a town with a multitude of culinary offerings. Good food is important but NOT worth putting up with poor customer service, whether you're throwing a big event or going out for brunch on a Sunday. Shop around before committing to any sort of relationship with these people - there are other caterers out there who are more customer-friendly AND less pricey. Pros: they know how to cook Cons: horrible service, especially catering more

cupcakes are delicous 2/5/2009

very nice people!!! I ordered a small salad and a cupcake this last visit (i've been there 3 times) and I forgot my wallet and they were so nice as to tell me to bring it next time. \r The cupcakes are always fresh and yummy (wait, not yummy because yummy's cupcakes are nasty) the salad was tasty and unique. \r I will go back again and again. very nice people and the food is tasty.\r \r Cons: parking more

Breakfast, Lunch or Cupcakes 1/10/2009

After reading some of the bad reviews I am happy that I have only eaten there for breakfast and lunch or to pick up some cupcakes. Although the ""dirty"" review has grossed me out a bit. Grrrrr. \r \r In all honesty it was the cupcakes that brought me in to the place, but now, I do enjoy the food and the diverse staff at Auntie Em's. \r \r I love to see a success story and it seems as though this place is one of them. Great for them. Although, I would suggest that the owners get on any of the ""dirty"" issues and cross contamination (touch face = wash hands, not go back to slicing meat). Pros: Cupcakes more

Even Toto would pass on this place... 7/26/2008

\r Arrived for dinner around 6 PM and the employees were far more intent on eating their meals, than serving the few customers in the place. Tables were dirty, most of the specials listed on the board were not available (how about taking a minute to erase them?) and the staff was slow and disinterested.\r \r Maybe this place was on the Food Network, but they are difinitely off the map now. If you even think of going here, I suggest you continue on down the 134 FWY, just a few minutes more, and enjoy the great and reasonably priced restaurants in Pasadena (where there is always parking available). Pros: Hummm? NONE! Cons: Bad service, unclean and overall poorly managed establishment more

Go back to Kansas Auntie Em!! 7/25/2008

I arrived there at around 5 p.m. to beat what I thought would be the Friday dinner crowd. when i walked in the employee's out numbered the patrons six to two. as i looked for an open table i found many, one of which was clean enough to touch. the employee's were eating and could not be bothered with an actual paying customer. When a lady did decide that maybe i wanted service she came over and took my drink order, iced tea, sweetner please, ""we're out"" ok i will have the Quiche, ""We're out"" ok the roast beef ""we're out"" ok so i order a sandwich. In the meantime one of the employee's turns some god awful head banger music on and decides he can sing to it to further my glorious dining experience, WRONG! So myself with my new headache now have moved out side, choked down the meal, \r overpaid for it said,""I'm out! \r You're out Auntie Em! You're out of a customer. I bet your employee's dont even notice till you tell them ""we're out"" of business............. Pros: Pros? not even! Cons: All more


My girlfriends and I went on Sunday to celebrate a birthday since we heard Auntie Em's was so great we had to try it. It was a disapointment as soon as we saw it. The parking was horrible and the place was smaller than my bedroom, people were so crowded together you could hardly move and the door always stayed open so flies were buzzing around. You could not quite tell who the servers were and all looked like they just rolled out of bed. I get the atmosphere is supposed to be somewhat bohemian and garage saley but it just seemed dirty. If I am going to pay $9 for a sandwich I have to be sure that it at least comes with fries! The only thing good about this place are the cupcakes, they were very tasty and it seemed each of them weighed about a pound. But the cleanliness of the staff and kitchen make me think of what could be in the cupcakes for that extra flavor. This is not a repeat experience for me, once is enough! Pros: Cupcakes, maybe Cons: Parking, Cleanliness, Service more

scrumptious red velvet cupcakes 6/14/2008

We shared the chocolate, carrot cake, and red velvet cupcakes. Hands down, the red velvet was the best: moist, light. and not too sweet.The frosting could tip the cupcake over :), but you have the freedom to add however much sweetness that you like. Yum! :) And even though it was lunchtime that we went, we had prompt, friendly service. more

Long lines mean nothing - cleanliness is key 5/6/2008

Having a job in the entertainment industry, I am always looking for a great place to buy treats for the people I work with. I had heard many great things about Auntie Ems and was eager to bring their cupcakes and cookies into a studio meeting I had coming up. On the day of my meeting I went by Auntie Em's to pick up the goodies I had heard so much about. The line was nice and long and out the door. I waited patiently, noticing firemen and policemen having lunch outdoors. Once I entered the place I noticed there were a few flies inside. Flies fly around - there's a door - it happens. I was able to look past that only because I was in line and I was not sitting and swatting, like some people I noticed. As I got closer to the counter I got a better look of the open kitchen. My stomach turned a bit to see someone (who was slicing meat for a sandwich) scratch their face and then touch the food. At that point the food in the display case now looked inedible and I was no longer interested, so I left with nothing. more


One star is too high a rating for the ne Auntie Em's Kitchen. Once the biggest, and best, little known secret in Eagle Rock has fallen to the food network ""chique"" attitude. Virtually overnight they have changed their image and lost their personality and customers. Their usual Friday lunch ""standing room only for a table"" and ""to go"" was empty. Once customers drove up and spotted the once slatted tables and eclectic outdoor seating replaced with flowing white table coverings and black linen napkins, well they just kept driving. Many of the staff have been replaced with cold, non-friendly ""cheffy"" types, many now wearing pressed white ""chef"" jackets with matching decorum. The laughing fun crowd and staff are gone. No matter what the reason, this is one reviewer that will not return. Once a Gold Mine has been transformed to fools gold and the yellow brick road has been permanently tarnished. Cons: Total failure more

Good velvet cupcakes, but their employees (cooks too) are a cast of long-haired bohemians w/o hairnets. 2/1/2008

Food is decent. The same can be said for the customer service. This is just a trendy spot for now and that reason alone they thrive. However, I found it appalling that none of the employees there (of whom all appeared related) wear hairnets over their long, greasy, red flowing locks. Especially the males with thinning hair! My cupcake was hair-free though and tasty to boot, so 3 stars it is.\r \r Pros: Velvet Cupcakes! Cons: Potential employee hair within the cupcakes. more

Horrible Service 1/8/2008

I've been here several times, and have to admit that the food is not bad, however after this past weekend I will not be returning to Auntie Em's. After waiting in line for close to an hour, (we were told there would be a 15 to 20 minute wait), they gave someone else my seats. I had heard my name called and when I approached the server I was told that they must have accidentally sat someone else in my seat. I was then told I'd just have to wait. Great job Auntie Em's, you lost a potentially long term customer, and a very large catering account!\r more

Loved it, loved it, loved it! 9/24/2007

I had heard about Auntie Em's from several friends, so Sunday, my husband and I took a trip to Eagle Rock from Malibu. It was so great! We sat out front and enjoyed the sun. Our server was super friendly and accomodating. I had an excellent tomato/avocado breakfast sandwich, and my husband had the french toast, which he loved. \r \r And, of course we took some cupcakes to go! I had a red velvet. I noticed some bits of batter that seem to have congealed (sp?) and were hard, but other than that, it was delicious. My husband had the chocolate and couldn't stop raving. \r \r Great job, Em's! We will definitely be back soon! more

Don't waist your time or money 9/20/2007

I heard about this place through a friend, so I went there to buy some cupcakes. I called ahead of time to make sure they had ""cupcake minis"" and they did but she didn't want to put 30 on hold for me and gave me attitude -it's not what you say it's how you say it. Anyways I get there the place is small looks dirty and the kitchen is a total mess and NOBODY wears hair nets and from standing there 5 minutes I saw....ewwwwe you don't want to know. And the cupcakes aren't that good anyways.\r Pros: mmm let me think...NONE Cons: SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE more

Best cupcake, nuff said! 9/2/2007

This is the mother of cupcakes. It is generous, it is meaningful. It is the reason why I , a single female have breakfast there with all those mothers and their crying babies and large strollers. I don't care, the cupcakes rule!\r more

Over the top, but average 8/10/2007

Friends and television have been raving about the cupcakes at Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock lately, so I decided to give them a try. You'd think, living only a few blocks from the place, I would have tried it before...but this past Monday was the first time. We brought home chocolate cupcakes in the ""regular"" (read as humongous) size, and a couple of the others in the mini size. My niece and I split a chocolate one, and my half was so top heavy with frosting that it immediately plopped over onto its side. These treats are literally 1/2 cake and 1/2 frosting. The frosting was sweet but not overly so. The cake itself though, was very dry. I have to say I was disappointed in my chocolate cupcake. Thinking, it was probably a fluke, I decided to try one of the mini red-velvet cupcakes. I really enjoyed the frosting on this little tidbit, but cake was dry. Maybe I'll try it again...but I have to say that at this point, I much prefer the cupcakes from Sprinkles. more

Red Velvet Rave 6/9/2007

& I won't stop there! I had the pleasure of spending yesterday afternoon enjoying the treats at Auntie Em's. The red velvet cake is divine - even after sitting in the fridge overnight, the cake remained moist, delicious and just as tasty as it did the day before. The carrot cake was equally as moist and delicious the second day. I can't say enough good things about this place. The staff were incredibly friendly - watching everyone pitch in to help out with the red velvet cupcakes was a sight to behold! I watched a team at work - doing their best to meet the demands of hungry customers. \r \r I'm way over on the west side of town and if ever I find myself suffering from a red velvet cake craving, I will, without a doubt, head on over to the east side for those tasty treats. OH! and the sandwiches are great too, as are the cookies and the soup and get the idea. This place is great. Pros: Great atmosphere, delicious cupcakes, friendly staff, delicious foodstuffs... Cons: $$, a hike for those of us on the west side more

Best Red Velvet Cupcakes!! 5/23/2007

I love this place. The service isn't fast but I don't expect it to be and the staff has always been very nice. Are all the complainers applebees fans? This is a real neighborhood joint people-relax! I love the utensils on the table and if I see a dirty table I want to sit at I just call someone over to clean it up, no big deal. \r \r The open faced breakfast sandwiches are great-the eggs are always fluffy and hot enough to melt the gruyere cheese. (they have one w/asparagus that rocks but I can't remember what it's called) One thing I can't stand is cold breakfast sandwiches! For lunch I usually have the Avoc., sprouts & cucumber sandwich with their lemonade and I can't leave w/out the red velvet cupcake. The others are good to OK but the red velvet is actually something special. \r \r The food isn't cheap but the portions are so big that I always have enough to share. Great seasonal food and relaxed neighborhood atmosphere-I love being at this place! Pros: good food, relaxed ambience Cons: very busy more
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  • Colorful and kid friendly (there's plenty of paper and crayons at each table), this Eagle Rock diner is a family favorite. At lunchtime, the front takeout counter is jamming with a bustling...

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