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Audit & Adjustment Co Inc - 15 Reviews - 4300 198TH St SW, Lynnwood, WA - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (425) 776-9797

Audit & Adjustment Co Inc

4300 198TH St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 776-9797
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All reviews seem negative


worst bunch of no good asshole ive ever dealt with you would think if they wanted to settle and get there money they would send you out a bill but i guess there paper is like gold...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/22/2012

worst bunch of no good asshole ive ever dealt with you would think if they wanted to settle and get there money they would send you out a bill but i guess there paper is like gold to them i will not pay this company a dime unless they send out a bill i gave them my number and address but they said they tried in the past to contact me and didnt get a responce so now that im willing to pay they wont send me a bill good luck to anyone having to deal with them ""I believe every person has worth as an individual. I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect. I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their debts. I will be professional and ethical. I will commit to honoring this pledge give me a break more

this place is horrible ill never go to any hospital connecte 1/10/2012

SO LETS BEGIN I HAD A KIDNEY INFECTION REALLY BAD ALMOST SHUT DOWN MY KIDNEYS . THEN i aplyed for state medical told i was approved almost 1yr later and still no bill i got a call from these jerks #1 they threatened to put me in jail 2 are now threatning to go after my husband this place is ful of rude inconsiderate people where there work motto means nothing i tried to call this morning to make a payment they refused to take the 75 doller payment because it wasnt enough so i took the 35 more dollers out of my 3 yr olds bank account then give me the reason of their internet not working so i still couldnt make my payment this place will lie and twist just to get you into a court room so they can charge you extra money these people have no soals and im sorry i know its just a job but to be willing to work somewhere where they arent willing to do a thing to help people like the poor woman who had cancer or people like me that qualify for everything from the state but medical is a choice and these people have made the wrong one thye will all sufer from karma later in life and if you employees wonder why remember all of us who honestly couldnt afford their bill and reep what you have sown you eveil evil people more

Horrible in so many ways! 12/21/2011

I have had the horrible misfortune like many others of dealing with these awful people and practices. Where do I begin?? First of all my 1 yr old daughter had a hospital visit in Oct. 2010. My daughter is fully insured yet the hospital had the incorrect information to input which led to this being passed off to audit and adjustment. In August 2011 I received a phone call at work stating I had an outstanding balance. I called them and gave them the correct insurance information which they said they would input, yet they never did. A week later I had a knock at the door it was a SERVER!! I called immediatley and said I gave you the information why is this happening. They hadn't sent the insurance information. Now they said ok well we will submit the insurance information (the insurance then paid the bills). I then get a notice in the mail stating I owe $850.00 worth of fees??! Fees for your stupid desk employees who don't know top from bottom not submiting the info. UNBELIEVABLE. So I decided I would not pay the incredible fees and let it continue on with the court case that they had already submitted so I could fight it. Now let me explain if it came down to it and the insurance wouldn't pay the bills I would have as a responsible parent paid the bills. Although I am not rich we are a one income family I would have come up with it. I WILL NOT pay fees that I do not deserve to have. I truly believe they do not contact people on purpose so they can get all of these fees incurred. Ok let's fast forward I am now in November. I receive something in the mail stating I am being garnished for all of the fees. So i figured I would get a court date if I wanted but Noooo nothing. They began taking my money in November and still are today Dec 21st. So my employer goes to send the checks to the Snohomish County Courthouse. And guess what happens? They get sent back stating there is no record of this garnishment and the garnishment has not been approved nor signed by a judge. Hmmm very interesting I knew they were shady individuals but I didn't realize this shady. So I do everything I can call the court house look it up online there is no record what so ever. So I called audit and adjustment today on a recorded line stating the courthouse has no record of this and I would like proof that this is a legally entered judgement. Pam tells me NO I say Why?? ""Because it's been filed"" what does that mean? We're talking about my life here I should be able to have each and every document I desire. Not to mention she was incredibly rude on the phone along with everyone else that works there. So I guess we'll find out Friday morning what happens when my lawyer goes down to the court house. I have already opened a case with the better business bureau I have NO IDEA how they have an A+ with all the cases open and bad reviews except they're probably paying to have their name on their site so why would they give them a lower rating if they're making money off them. I mean it's Christmas time and they're taking 25% of my money they could care less about anyone or anything but their money hungry selfs. But I made a promise to myself that my daughter's Christmas would NOT suffer at all because of these disgusting people. I despise these people and what goes around comes around losers. I am truly sorry for anyone who is currently dealing with them or in the future. But let me tell you I am trying really hard to get justice for all of us that are being screwed by these people so let's all hope they're doing this illegally so they'll be taught a lesson and forced to change their ways. AND if you are being garnished verify everything with a fine tooth comb because you never know what they're doing or willing to do when it comes to money hungry people like this. WATCH OUT. If you can't afford an attorney and you think something is wrong call 211 they'll get you a free or very inexpensive one. Good luck all. more

It's so easy to sit behind a desk and judge 12/21/2011

""Audit & Adjustment Company employees adhere to the following Industry standard; 'I believe every person has worth as an individual. I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect. I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their debts. I will be professional and ethical. I will commit to honoring this pledge.' "" This is what their website says. I can assure you it's not true. I'm starting to wonder if the employees who make the calls receive some sort of reward for getting payment. They are currently trying to collect a pathology bill that my insurance would have paid for if the Dr's office had sent them my information like they should have. Instead I have had these people calling me for months. I faxed them a copy of my insurance cards and for some reason they didn't receive it. I get a call a couple months later, rather than her saying she didn't get it and I could try again, she told me she was no longer obligated to take my insurance information and that I could pay the $600 (cause being a single mother I just have that lying around) to her and then bill my insurance company myself. So guess what happens? They take it to court which adds about $400 to the total. I haven't been able to work since my son started kindergarten. I live in a small town (not by choice, it's where KCHA took me), and I have been unable to find childcare close enough for the bus to pick him up and drop him off from school. I have been trying to get a housing transfer and work with DSHS to change my situation. Trust me, I want to be working, I can't even buy Christmas gifts for my son; rather than understand my situation and allow me to let her know I can pay when I get my tax return, she tells me ""You can make all the excuses you want"" and tries to tell me that all I need to do is drive to the nearest town (which btw is 13 miles and my car doesn't even drive right now). That's where I stopped her. The fact that she was asking me why I wasn't working, who I could get the money from (because everyone I know has nearly a grand lying around) and how I was paying my bills is COMPLETELY unprofessional. Then she had the nerve to try and tell me what to do like it's that easy? And accuse me of ""making excuses""? It's four days before Christmas. I should have called her Mr. Scrooge. These people are heartless. more

Real people, real issues 11/17/2011

I gave this a rating of 1, but believe me, if I could, there wouldn't be a rating. I worked for a financial institution for many years and part of my training was in collections. The company that I worked with NEVER made a client feel as though they were hopeless in their situation. As my trainer mentioned to me, ""Everyone, even good people fall on bad times."" There was a client who owed 15k to several collection companies. His ex-wife got a hold of his credit cards and ran them up to the limit. When he came to us, he was broken down and needed help. We gave him a loan to payoff the creditors and he managed to pay off that loan several years later. I remember the day he came into our office to make his final payment. He had tears in his eyes. He personally thanked every person involved for helping him through a very difficult time. THAT is GREAT customer service and THAT is what it is to be a collector. Anyone can sit behind a desk and throw out the insults, but just remember, collectors, people fall on bad times and they feel bad enough, ESPECIALLY when these people have been ill and are trying to cope with that illness. To make someone feel as though they are hopeless is pitiful and pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourselves! more

Good People, Sick People at the mercy of Audit and Adjust. 8/23/2011

Unfortunately when you get cancer, you owe a lot of money beyond what insurance pays. As the disease progresses, you then cannot work. I called CCA to set up payments but they wanted a bigger monthly commitment than was realistic in making sure everyone got serviced. Therefore, I just continued to send what I could as I could. CCA uses a collection company called Audit and Adjustments that seems to be completely insensitive to the client CCA serves. Within 45 seconds of the 1st (and only) conversation beginning, the words, ""you said you could care less about paying...."" were spouted at me. (I had just finished telling agent Kathy Lewis that I haven't been able to work and was making payments. The whole amount or nothing was my impression of what was acceptable to them. No one attempted to clearly offer me a payment plan. I'm sure the game was to brow beat me into thinking the whole amount was all that would be acceptable. I was stunned at the disrespectful tone and words. I called them to get something taken care of so I could give CCA further satisfaction and protect my credit. Even the floor supervisor to whom I asked to be transferred wouldn't help me set something up. And when I attempted to explain to him how this whole interaction felt, he threatened to terminate the call. If dealing with Audit and Adjustments is part and parcel to care at Cancer Care Alliance, I say find another organization for your health care. UW Hospital's collection company is gentle, kind and understanding.... offering room for realistic expectations.... AND respect for good people in a bind NOT of their own doing. more

Horrifying company 1/10/2010

Why can't I give this hideous company no stars??? It has been our utter misfortune to have to deal with these lying bastards over a hospital bill. Although we were making payments they still took us to court and got a judgement against us. And garnished us. Guess when the last day of garnishment was? December 25. Sadistic pigs. The following week my husband contacted them to set up an official plan for the remainder. He spoke to some woman named Judith. They agreed to a hundred dollar a month plan. She said she would run it past her supervisor and get back to us. Yeah, by running and filing for a new garnishment the very next day. Is this even legal? No phone call, no notification, nothing, until yesterday when we received the garnishment paperwork in the mail . I am absolutely stunned by the complete lack of ethics in this company. I supposed I should feel better seeing that other people here have been screwed over by them too, but somehow I don't. Pros: No Pros, a nightmare to deal with Cons: Evil beyond belief more

Most evil collection agency ever 1/15/2009

The first contact with these people over the phone was very unpleasant. The female was very rude and seemed to have no concience. Apparently they are blatant lawyers, I mean liars. They stated they have sent me 3 warnings they would take me to court over a petty $198.00 medical bill. I have received no written correspondence from them ever. If I knew about this bill I would surely have paid it on the spot. Their scare tactics probably work on a lot of people, they have made me very angry. I thought the first contact was a fluke so I called them and tried to reason with them. No luck, must have been the same woman. Their tactics are unethical. I trust karma will deal with these low lifes. Pros: I have only dealt with these people one time. Cons: I have had to deal with these people one too many times. more


So......never had dealings with this insane company and their great customer service until this evening.\r The folks in the office in Lynnwood really need people skills. My husband passed 3 months ago and when In spoke to the lady Valerie, she said she was confused and needed more explanation as to when I got divorced.?????? He died in a horrible car accident. They also claimed that I had called and asked for help ? I want to know where they find their employees and what gives them the right to drag you through the hole ordeal all over again and have to explain step by step what happened. As you can tell I am pleased with how I was treated. UNACCEPTABLE!!! Cons: all more

Never has correct account information 9/13/2008

This company never has the right information regarding individuals and paid accounts. I paid two accounts thru them over two years ago and there is still a problem with those accounts showing on credit report. It's not easy trying to clear up credit problems from the past when there is a company such as this unable to keep the collection accounts up-to-date. One account happens to be a Dr. bill, which in contacting the Drs. office directly shows that the account has been paid in full and should not have been placed with this collection account at all. They notified this company and have I without positive results. more

They called all my relatives and explained that they were trying to collect a debt from me. 8/12/2008

This company has a very interesting way of collecting debts.... I recieved one letter from them regarding some medical bill that was unpaid in college, 8 years ago! Then I heard nothing for several months. I assumed that they reaized how silly it is try try to collect a $35 debt that is 8 years old. However, I was wrong! I must have been put on some kind of a list or something, but all of a sudden, all in one day, I got threatening letters saying that I was going to be sued in Federal Court (which I believe has a $200 minimum for suits - so it must have been an empty threat?) as well as calls and voicemails at home and at work. All understandable, I suppose.... BUT GET THIS! They looked-up my last name in the phone book and called all the people in Seattle with my same last name!!!! OMG! They called my whole family and talked to all of them, saying that they are looking for ME to collect a debt! They even told my family (and I imagine some strangers as well) that if they did not get me to call back within 24 hours, that they would file a suit against me the following day! (Keep in mind, the debt was $35!!!) Wow - this company has some real issues! Of course, I sent them the money ASAP and they went away. What a horrible thing to do to someone. Pros: NONE! Cons: Harrassment! more

Over a year or harrassment 4/18/2008

My insurance paid the bill staight away and for some reason this company got ahold of the bill anyway. For over a year they have been calling me, Cursing at me yelling at me calling me a liar, I've threatened legal action, I've had my insurance contact them multiple times and I've had my lawyer contact them as well. They have been a constant thorn in my side, harming my credit and harrassing me almost daily. Over a year these people have kept coming at me. If this whole company sank into the ocean it would be the best exuse for polution. Pros: if you want to have your life ruined and spend every waking moment harried then yes you would love these people Cons: they have no idea when they have been paid. If you want them to be good at anything other than stalking people don't let them get a hold of you more

A bill already paid 1/15/2008

The problem I have with this company is not in their customer service, although it is bad. It is in their constant calling over and over and over. Even when you have talked to them they still call. It's as if they don't realize someone has already called so they don't need to again. Maybe they figure if they bombard you with constant calls you will pay them just to shut them up. I don't owe on a bill they insist I do. I have sent them paperwork showing an account paid in full and they don't believe me. This company billed me twice for the same products on the same day but used two different account numbers so one account number shows paid and the other does not. The main company can't seem to get it fixed. I dont undrerstand why. When Audits and Adjustments calls I ask how their day is going and just carry on a conversation like they are an old friend. It drives them crazy and I love it. Pros: Can't think of any Cons: Too many to list, persistence more


The content describing how this company does business is misleading and very untrue. They do not do business in a professional manner, they do not treat consumers with any respect, they are very rude when they speak to you and do not care to negotiate a reasonable outcome to benefit themselves or thier clients. Audits & Adjustments needs to practice what they preach. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS! Pros: NONE WHAT SO EVER Cons: EVERYTHING more

Nothing but Harrassment!! 6/26/2002

I paid my collection to a local hospital 4 years ago when I didn't have medical insurance and couldn't afford the 10k debt to be paid off in 90 days....but Audit & Adjustment didn't report properly to the credit bureau for it to reflect the paid in full status. So when I asked them for a receipt to be fax'd to me they refuse, stating that it is company policy not to due so. I am treated in the harshest, rudest way, and even hung up on twice!!! Their supervisor was right in line w/ his subordinates speaking to me as though I was a lesser life form. They are miserable people, with miserable lives. Karma is a bitch.....and they will get theirs!!! Pros: Bastards, Demanding, Forcefull Cons: Ignorant, Overbearing, Unprofessional more
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