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Ata Appliance Repair

6747 Odessa Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91406
(800) 480-7872
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Ata Appliance Repair - Van Nuys, CA


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I have a Kenmore top/bottom refrigerator that is about 6 years old. A few weeks ago I began noticing water leaking inside the fridge, coming from the freezer compartment and into...


Be skeptical of all these five star ratings as my experience with this company was not that positive. My refrigerator stopped working on a Saturday and I was relieved that ATA cou...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/6/2014

My fridge was not cold after I got back from the grocery store, so I looked up companies online and contacted ATA. They showed up and even waited for me because I was taking care of some other things. The figured out it was something with the plug in the back. They were able to fix it where it would stay in place and they did a great job of hiding the wires as well so this won't happen again. What a relief, now my fridge is working great. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/9/2014

I called Airflow because my stove stopped working and I did not know what was wrong with it, they showed up and took a look at the stove, it was a older model but still worth the fix. They fixed the problem quickly and the rate was also great as well, if I need them I will call again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/23/2014

A coin-operated washer was eating coins and not starting, causing problems for residents. Dealing with refunds is annoying enough, but I wasn't able to fix the washer. The user's manual was of little help. We work regularly with Airflow and I gave them a call. Repair professional showed up later in the day—estimated arrival around 3-4p.m. and he came a bit after 3. I described the issue and it was identified promptly. Repair professional said it wasn't an issue that I could've repaired on my own and that a replacement part was required. Amazingly, the professional happened to have the part in stock on his truck. He said they carry most things with them to prevent delays. I really don't think other repair places care as much about quick service as Airflow does. With Airflow, it's a matter or speed and quality....not just if the appliance works again or not. Anyway, the washer works great and the evening went on as normal. Repair took less than an hour, and I wasted more time than that just trying to sift through the manual. Some things are definitely better left to the professionals. Thank you Airflow for another quality repair. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/9/2014

Ata really deserves their high ratings. I have never received such awesome customer service. My air conditioner went out and I had to babysit my nieces in the middle of an Orange County summer. Needless to say, the heat was unbearable and the kids were inconsolable. I really just needed the air conditioner repaired quickly. I called Ata and scheduled an appointment for a few hours later. I was stunned that they were able to fit me in so quickly. It made me instantly feel a bit of relief. The professional arrived right on time and got to work. I really have to applaud this individual for putting up with the heat and crying kids and being able to work so diligently—he was a true, true professional. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/10/2014

My Amana dishwasher kept overflowing despite over a dozen 'do-it-yourself' repairs and two professional service calls from other companies. Each time I called for service, other companies charged me low prices, but they apparently didn't do a great job. I decided to change it up and searched the internet for local appliance repair services. I came across ATA's website and saw my dishwasher's brand listed and decided to give them a try. I was able to schedule a service call online which I really enjoyed. It was quick, painless, and incredibly easy. They were able to fit my schedule and I didn't have to wait long or rearrange my entire day while waiting for the repairman. During the service call, the repairman was absolutely professional and extremely friendly. He really seemed like somebody who enjoyed what he was doing and I could tell he is a very skilled worker. My dishwasher had problems with the motor, and he explained to me how that was the reason my 'quick fixes' and those of the other companies didn't stick. He fixed it once and for all by replacing the broken part, and now it runs beautifully. Thanks ATA for ending my frustrations! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2013

ATA saved my business a few months ago when one of our coolers broke down. I own a sandwich shop outside of Edendale and our main sandwich cooler was running warm. I have a lot of things to run and maintain during business hours, but I have no idea how to fix a broken cooler. I called ATA and they sent somebody over to take a look. At first, it seemed that our entire system would need replaced, but the repair professional discovered the problem and knew how to fix it. If I had called another company, I may just have ended up ordering a costly replacement cooler and closing shop for a couple days. ATA was there when I needed them most. It was so important that this job was done quickly to reduce my profit and material losses and they really came through. I honestly cannot express my gratitude enough for a job well done. I will not bother calling any other repair shop, and I would highly recommend ATA to other business owners. They truly care about getting you back to your day and take a lot of pride in getting the job done correctly the first time! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/30/2013

My Maytag dishwasher broke and was spewing water all over our kitchen. It created a huge mess, and I really had no idea what could be wrong. This was a true nightmare scenario because I was expecting company in a few days for a huge party. I really thought I was going to have to cancel my plans due to this broken appliance. I went looking for a company that would address my issue quickly, and ATA seemed like a great fit. They told me the technician would arrive by 3P.M. on the scheduled date, but he arrived much sooner. This was great for me and my schedule because I needed all the time I could get! We got everything cleaned up quickly, and the dishwasher's issue turned out to be an item stuck in the drain from overloading that caused some damage. I am glad it was something that could be quickly fixed, and now I know how to properly take care of my dishwasher! I'm so grateful that the repairman was so friendly and willing to help me maintain my appliance so I won't have to call for service again for a long time! Thank you ATA for all you do! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/10/2013

As a landlord, I'm required to provide the best for my tenants. When an AC unit broke down recently, we lacked the tools to fix this newer model unit ourselves. It was very hot and there were tons of complaints. I called ATA after seeing that they repair commercial air conditioners. They gave me a great price estimate and were able to be at the property within a few hours. I felt so relieved that they were able to handle this repair very quickly. The stress relief they provided to me with their excellent service was worth way more than the cost of this service call. I'm really thankful that this company was around to complete this job and that I didn't put it off in an attempt to save money. I have found my go-to appliance repair company, and I plan to call them next time one of my appliances break! They do wonderful, professional work and they do it QUICKLY! I've called for service before and have had to wait almost a week to get somebody out to my property. I can't thank ATA and the service professional I worked with on this call enough. Great experience all around! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/24/2013

I tried to fix an issue with my refrigerator's fan myself, and I ended up making the problem worse. I called ATA for advice on the matter and the phone representative was very helpful and informed me about their services. I decided to go ahead and schedule a service call since I had botched up my self repair attempt. The repair technician arrived at my place on time and had everything he needed on hand. He was able to answer my questions and worked quickly. It turns out the problem was much smaller than I had originally thought, and I actually spent more money on parts and tools I bought to repair it myself. I've definitely learned my lesson- I will leave the harder repair jobs for the professionals in the future! ATA Appliance Repair did a fantastic job and my fridge is still running strong 3 months later. The technician even showed me how to clean my fan so I could avoid it breaking again in the future. Thank you ATA for helping me fix my fridge and for the expert advice! It is clear that ATA knows what they're talking about when it comes to providing the best in appliance repair! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/20/2013

I live in Orange County and called ATA in September. They did a really fantastic job fixing my garbage disposal. Usually, I do repairs myself since I have some experience, but I didn't feel comfortable messing around with something that had blades on it. Better safe than sorry. I called a few repair places before ATA, but their estimates were very high. They told me it would likely cost less and they estimate high just to be 'safe', but I didn't feel satisfied. I called ATA who gave me a nice, competitive rate and scheduled a tech to come out in a couple days since it wasn't urgent. The tech arrived right on time and had everything he needed for the repair. I really enjoyed talking to him about the technical stuff and felt like he was knowledgeable. He really did a great job. In fact, if I knew about ATA awhile ago, I probably would've saved a lot of the time and money I spent on parts and tools. No reason to botch a self-repair attempt or spend hours on the phone trying to find a bargain. Call ATA- you won't regret it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/20/2013

I can't thank ATA Appliance Repair enough for a job well done. Our washing machine wasn't working and left us with a leaky mess on our hands. I had tried everything to get it to work- including calling a different repair company who said they wouldn't touch our older model of washing machine- to no avail. This made me furious and I was upset at the thought of having to shell out a lot of money for a whole new washing machine. I called ATA and a technician was at my house the next day. He worked very quickly and was extremely professional. Scheduling was very hassle free, and I even got a bit of a discount from one of their current specials! I felt very good about ATA's labor and parts warranty as well- it's great peace of mind to know I'm covered if it breaks again in the near future. It made me confident that they would perform the job correctly the first time. The price was great on the service call and my washer was back to normal within a few hours. I will definitely call ATA again if I'm ever in need of another appliance repair! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/16/2013

I make an appointment for a dishwasher repair. They give me a four-hour window on a Friday for a consultation, so I take the morning off work. The guy never shows up. Next day I'm about to call someone else when the nice lady calls, is so very apologetic and offers to reschedule to the following day. I appreciate the gesture so I accept. Next morning, my wife and I wait around. The technician calls, says he'll be there in 30 minutes. He never shows up. No phone call, nothing. I never hear from them again. CAN'T ARGUE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE LIKE THAT! more

I do recommend this company and would use them again. 5/3/2012

Water dispenser in my Whirlpool fridge was broken to the point the water started collecting and dripping over the griddle you put the glass on. Water would simply not stop dispensing. The first appliance repair company had changed a few electric parts - water valve, water dispenser, and water dispenser switch. But it didn't help. Airflow guy changed water tank located in the fresh food compartment in the bottom. And it seems to fix everything. He was punctual, polite and had gloves on when it came to taking everything out of the fresh food compartment. I do appreciate the honesty when it came to estimate too. I do recommend this company and would use them again. more

thankful I got it taken care of 4/10/2012

I have a Kenmore top/bottom refrigerator that is about 6 years old. A few weeks ago I began noticing water leaking inside the fridge, coming from the freezer compartment and into the fresh food dripping onto the kitchen floor. There was always a puddle of water under the vegetable bins . After doing some research and learning that Kenmore is simply not as good of a brand as it used to be, but at the same time considering the age of mine, I decided to get it repaired. The repair proved to be worth it as I don't have the problem any more and do have a warranty on the part replaced - ATA technician got the defrost system fixed by replacing defrost control. I paid $140 and thankful I got it taken care of so soon, before any danadge to my kitchen floor. more

Was not overly impressed with the service 3/6/2012

Be skeptical of all these five star ratings as my experience with this company was not that positive. My refrigerator stopped working on a Saturday and I was relieved that ATA could o get a technician out that same day to get me up and running again. However, the technician did not have the parts to fix it and I was informed that I would have to pay a deposit for him to order the parts and that he would return Monday afternoon to complete the repair (so much for my perishable foods). Monday the technician arrived late (7:00 PM) and replaced the parts. Tuesday morning..... still not working. Technician returns Tuesday evening and by Wednesday morning it seemed to be working. When your food is going bad, you need someone that can come out the same day and fix it right the first time! more

Easy, breathy and I'm ready for the summer!! 2/22/2012

I was doing my spring cleaning and as a part of my yearly routine tried switching air conditioning from heat to cold. To my big disappointment the AC didn't work. I would usually start feeling cold air coming out a few minutes after I turn it on but not this time. I googled ac repair and ATA came up along with some other companies. They were local to where I live and had pretty good reviews so I decided to give them a go. The technician came at a scheduled time after calling my cell phone and letting me know he'd arrived. He was polite and proficient enough to diagnose and fix my ac relatively quick. He changed temperature control on the wall, installed new efficient digital thermostat and replaced filter. I ended up paying around $200 which after discussing with my husband we found inexpensive. It was the same day fix, no waiting, no rescheduling. Easy, breathy and I'm ready for the summer!! more

I'm happy with the service and would recommend this company 2/15/2012

My wife and I had recently noticed that it started taking longer and longer to dry our clothes (we have Kenmore dryer) and clothes were still hot and damp after cycle end. My cousin who had similar issue awhile ago told me it could be improper venting or a clogged vent. Well, I tried cleaning it the best I could but it didn't really help. Airflow was easy to find online and easy to schedule an appointment with. Their technician arrived on time and had the thermostat replaced. He also gave us some tips on how to maintain the dryer to avoid future problems and cleaned the lint duct out (which was filthy even though we clean the lint after each load, the lint duct catches larger pieces that do not get caught on the lint screen). Overall, I'm happy with the service and would recommend this company. more

I feel my appliances are in good hands! 2/10/2012

I had a washer, dryer and refrigerator fixed a few days ago. I called ATA Appliance Repair and spoke to Jackie. She told me that someone would be out between 1-3 and sure enough, right on the dot he showed up at one o'clock. He had a very friendly, professional attitude and got right to work. While he started in on my appliances, he explained what needed to be done and took me through everything step by step. He was very clean and careful, and his work was quick and precise! I used their website' 15% off labor discount and got a good deal on all three repairs! He explained what went wrong with each appliance and gave me tips on how to keep them running and healthy for a very long time. I even got an invoice which gives me a guarantee on all items and a card with the number for the business. I'm very happy with everything and will be calling back if anything else breaks down. My friends will also be referred to this company. With over 40 years experience and such a good disposition, I feel my appliances are in good hands with this company! more

Thank you for a great service! 2/7/2012

I was sure that my dishwasher was gone for good. I didn't use it in a while but when loaded dishes it turned on but then nothing happened. ATA technician saved it, and saved me a lot of money. He had to order main pump and everything was fixed in 2 days after he got the part. I'm really impressed. more

I'm happy with outcome 1/10/2012

My front-loading washing machine is making lots of noise as the tub rotates on the wash and (especially) spin cycles. I called Sears, and they told me that it is likely a spring that has come loose/broken that holds the wash tub in ""true"" when it spins. The machine goes through all the cycles with no problem. I described the problem when I called ATA and they dispatched technician who already had the description of the problem and even the part ready. I didn't have to explain it again as he new more about my washer than I did. The repair - 4 springs were replaced - was quick. The price was pretty reasonable - I paid $30 for parts and after 15% off labor discount ended up paying $76 for labor. I'm happy with outcome. more
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