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Associated Electronics Inc

5233 S 27th St
Milwaukee, WI 53221
(414) 281-1000
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I had a problem with my plasma and after looking around at a couple places i went with these guys and I'm truly pleased!


I rate this a negative one star. -1 Took my Samsung TV in for an estimate I had this double vision problem. They tell me I need a need LCD panel for $820.00. Then charge me fo...

Expensive poor service 9/20/2011

I rate this a negative one star. -1 Took my Samsung TV in for an estimate I had this double vision problem. They tell me I need a need LCD panel for $820.00. Then charge me for the estimate and never even took the back off. Stood around for over 30 minutes before anyone paid me any attention and they were not busy. I took my TV home and called Samsung. They recommended I call Pewaukee TV Service. They came out gave me a free estimate and they fixed it for $265.90. And in my home TOO! Bad T-con connector. A $40.00 part. TV works great. STAY away from Associated's Highway robbery ! . Call Pewaukee TV Repair instead (262) 844-8817 ... more

wonderful! 5/26/2011

I had a problem with my plasma and after looking around at a couple places i went with these guys and I'm truly pleased! more

Great Service on my Panasonic Plasma!!! 4/22/2011

I had a problem with my Panasonic TC-PG10 Plasma. The power light started to blink 7x, so I called Panasonic and they said I required service and they said Associated Electronics was there concierge servicer for repairs and they told me in 3 days they would be coming out to help me with the problem. Associated called me back later that day and I spoke with Brian and he was really great he mentioned they already knew the problem being caused and there were 1 or 2 boards faulty and they already had ordered them for my set and he mentioned they would arrive the next day. I really didn't believe it, but Brian called me the next morning and said they received the parts and they had time later that day to come by and do the service call!! I pulled some strings and they came out and fixed it with the first board they installed!! Way to go Thanks to Brian and they techs that came out and fixed my plasma excellent job I can see why Panasonic has them listed as their premier servicer If I need anything as much as I don't want to see you. My family and I will call you if we need help thanks a ton! more

AWFUL 2/12/2011

I Googled TV repair Milwaukee and found Associated Electronics. I was having TV problems and the attendant (Brian) told me what I should do over the phone. I took his advice and purchased a bulb for my TV. The attendant proceeded to take my phone number for personal reason, in which he didn't have permission to do. When I installed the new bulb, it didn't end up being the problem. I called and asked if I could return the bulb and THEN they decided to make me aware of their no-return policy. They offered to look at my TV and I agreed, since I was already out $150. My television sat in their shop for a week without anybody looking at it, excuses included ""being too busy"" ""people calling in sick"" ""TV being very complex"". I asked again for a refund and was told to call the owner of the business (Bill) who found it professional to ignore my call and turn his phone off. I took my television to another repair facility, and the guy found what was wrong with my TV by just looking. If you want the number/name for an experienced and professional TV repair business, please send me a message! Associated Electronics has a lot of things they need to get in order, professionalism, business conduct, prioritizing, making their policies known. I realize other people may have had good experiences, but i do believe somebody else will end up in my shoes, and I wanted the public to know. more

VERY SATISFIED!!! 1/29/2009

Not sure about all those negative reviews in the past (seriously people, stop the drama)...we recently took in our TV for repair and the service was terrific! Customer service was pleasant & efficient (Al and Bill are wonderful!!) and turn around time more than reasonable. Cost was VERY fair. Needless to say, we'll be back if we ever need additional service. Thank you!\r \r Pros: Great service, friendly staff, Terrific value more

I was skeptical but I was happy I gave them a try!! 1/14/2009

After seeing a lot of bad reviews I was skeptical about going here. It seems like everyone always tell there side of the story but the company never has a say in it. I actually printed the reviews out and brought them to there attention and they actually told me the truth about a lot of those calls I guess sometimes people dont get what they want and they get a bad taste in their mouth and act like children for some circumstances that are out of there control. Anyways I just tought I would state that the company didnt mind talking with me about there reputation and went further to explain alot of the situations they faced so i thought it couldnt be that bad. Anyways reason why i wrote this is because I have an LG 42"" plasma unit. It had a very dark picture and I dropped it off for them to look at it. The gentleman at the counter say at the timeframe for an estimate was 1-2 days I thought that was more than fair. After all the paperwork the gentleman at the counter said he might even have an estimate that day he wanted my cell phone just in case so I gave him my cell phone and sure enough maybe 3 hours later they called and told me they had the part in stock and could be fixed by morning wow I was really happy!! the price they charged for the part was lower than the price I found the boards going for online and I was thinking why did everyone give a bad review the service was great, they had parts in stock, and the price was great also. I appreciated someone who knows what there doing theres not many electronic repair places left im glad I went there the owner even said there happy with there work they been in business since the earlier 70's and have had numerous stores around the city. I really liked the quality of service I recieved it was a good experience Pros: Parts in stock! Cons: not many of there shops around more

4 YEARS 1/7/2009

I bet my story about this place is, while among the worst, not uncommon. I received a 5 disk dvd player for Xmas, it stopped working so i brought it here for warranty repair and was told it would be fixed in a couple of weeks. They have now had my dvd player FOR 4 YEARS!!!!! I have repeatedly called and asked if it was fixed.\r Every time i call i have to start the process over from the beginning. No one seems to know what's going on with it. I am repeatedly told someone will call me back with the information as to what's going on, yet somehow no one ever does. 4 YEARS seems a bit excessive to fix a dvd player. I want it back in working condition. These people have had it for 4 YEARS, they've had plenty of time to fix it. 4 YEARS... Cons: it takes them over 4 years to fix a dvd player, and the clock is STILL running more

Thank you to all the reviewers 12/31/2008

Wow! I was going to patronize this business with a problem I had with a Panasonic portable DVD player that I bought my son for Christmas. The LCD won't get bright enough to see the picture. But after reading the reviews, I won't chance it. Thanks to everyone who wrote, so people won't get ripped off and jagged around. Happy New Year to all! I have to keep writing because there is a 100 character minumum. So anyway, here goes...I am happy to be home. Had to work on NYE, and it wasn't even that busy. Must be due to the poor economy. Well, I hope I made my quota of characters now. Pros: looks like none Cons: looks like alot more

They wouldn't know customer service if it slapped 'em upside the head 9/17/2008

Bought the extended warrantee through Circuit City. Problem with TV so they came out and diagnosed a screen issue. Have not heard anything since. No calls, no follow up. It's been three weeks, called them once, they didn't have any viable information. Nothing. If you wish to risk it. Go ahead and gamble. How places like this stay in business is beyond me. Pros: none that I have seen Cons: Customer service non-existant more

Best Company to get service with!!! 7/7/2008

I am very pleased to actually find a reputable company that will fix these new plasma tv'swith such great service. I am happy with there honestly I had a Samsung plasma and I had 2 orange lines on the tv that wasnt under warranty and I wanted them to take a look so they did their diagnosis and called me back within one day and actually invited me to come down and speak with a technician about repair unfortunately it had a bad panel but they explained the whole cost and it wasnt economical to repair so I was happy they didnt try to sell me a 1,300 panel when it wasnt worth it. Real honestly the technician even told me how to set up everything when I took it back home VERY HAPPY! and also I had another that was under warranty actually so 2 tv's were looked at by associated and Samsung did actually cover the cost of the other one. They even got the expensive panel overnight and they brought it out to my house to set it up!!! that was so fantastic. I had 2 good experiences at the same time and it proves to me that they are honest and they try their best. Everyday someone has something to say but I thought I would share my excellent experience and professionalism of this company even threw it a bottle of samsung screen cleaner and told me how to properly clean my plasma screen! I would return to them for any problems I had recomend it!! Pros: Professional Customer Service Nice Technicians Cons: Im not related to one of them! more

AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!!!! 6/18/2008

I am trying to get a lamp replacement for my Samsung TV replaced which is under warranty. My first phone call to this company was on June 5th,and I still do not have a working TV. Be prepared to be put on hold and forgotten about if you are trying to talk to someone. I usually had to call 3 times before finally getting a person to talk to. Friendy customer phone service is not a priority here at all. At first they told me the part was ordered, then they told me the part had not been shipped. Then the story changed to the part was on backorder with no idea when it would come in. After several phone calls to Samsung directly, Samsung has found out that this company is on accounts hold,meaning they are unable to even order parts!!!!! (wow, this does not surprise me!! )Save yourself some trouble and find a reputable company to work with! What a headache!!! Cons: everything more


I have dealt with a lot of repair places in my day: television , car , etc..... and I must say ASSOCIATED ELECTRONICS HAS TO BE THE WORST REPAIR FACILITY THERE IS!!!!!! I have been waiting for over 2 months for my television to be fixed , but here it sits.I actually just switched the repair shop to another 50 miles away just so I can watch my new tv! Cons: LIES more

Seem to think terrible service is funny 2/2/2008

This company seems proud of its terrible service. Their employees do not show up., repeatedly Our tv is only two years old and they have misdiagnosed the problem twice. Six weeks has passed and it is still not fixed while we wait for yet another part. Never again. Cons: ridiculously bad in every respect more

No Customer Service! 11/14/2007

If you have any other option do not use Associated Electronics. I could have gone to tech school for tv repair and fixed it faster! Actually as of this writting the set is still not fixed. The saga started about 6 weeks ago. Have a Toshiba 50"" DLP HD TV. I ran out of charactors after writing my first review after spending an hour. Simply put, these clowns do not show up for appointments, do not return phone calls, the set will sit in their shop, until Toshiba support calls and asks the status, (which was yesterday). The Toshiba support said AE said the set was still under ""evaluation"" which means to me they have not looked at it yet. They just plain do not care as long as they make money. Avoid at all costs.\r \r Chester more

Take Pictures of your property, it may be the last time you see it. 2/23/2007

The wrong television was returned to my home and when I said that is not my tv, the delivery men said I had to sign the paper or they were taking it out of my house. I called the police and the tv stayed. Later I proved that they intentionally delivered the wrong tv to my house because I was getting a new one from the protection pan. My tv was a hdtv 32 in samsung with a headjack on the side, the tv brought to my house did not have that feature, along with other noted differences. I would not recommend this company to anyone. My televison had a small line at the top, I only wanted to see if It could be fixed, and under normal conditions I would have had the choice to keep my tv, or not. They were fradulent , changed the serial sticker it was frindged and burnt. There are pictures showing the difference between Televisions, and the manager from circuit city came to my home to see the differences with the delivered television and the tv that I once had, the cost new 3 years ago was 899.99. the televisions that are out today have dropped in price and the tv that I have been given as a exchange is not something that I wanted. Associated electronics left me with know choice but to accept a replacement tv. The television that I gave them for repair was in perfect condition. No scratches, no dents, however there was a nicotine stain on the right corner from placing cigaretts on the top after smoking outside the patio door. If you have a 32 in samsung tv with a yellow stain in the corner, that tv was stolen from me by this company. I am so upset that I gave them a tv for repair, had them lie to me, steal from me, and I had to call the police, This makes no sence and please stay away from this company they are not honest and there service for customer needs is below standard. I only wanted to use a protection plan that I paid for. Instead I was violated and takin advantage of by a company that claims to be professional. Pros: not one thing Cons: lacking honesty, customer service, and very rude. Deceptive. Take advantage of protection plans. more

Great service, knowledgeable technicians 2/2/2007

I have 2 tv's that needed repair. One was a JVC that the bulb went out on,and the other was a Toshiba bigscreen tv that the colors were all messed up. The JVC was repaired way sooner than I expected, and the tech answered all my questions and showed me how to do it myself next time. He also explained what would cause the bulb to go out. Great guy. The Toshiba ended up costing me almost $400 for the repair, and I thought that was a bit high, so I called around to other repair shops and got estimates based on Associated's repair. I found that they were cheaper than the others, including American (whereI bought it, and they told me almost a month to get to it!) and they repaired it faster than others said they would. My on-hold time was a bit long, but they appologized and got things done fast. Great company. I hope I never have to use them again (only because that means my tv broke!), but if I do, I won't worry about a thing. Pros: Friendly staff and techs, know what they are doing. Cons: Wait time on phone is about 3 minutes. But they make up for that. more

Super Fast great service 12/26/2006

I had a problem with my new 50"" Samsung s-5087 called Samsung they said they are passing it on to Associated Electronics. I looked them up saw poor reviews so I called them they were at my house within the same hour and changed the bulb and everything was perfect again. even threw in a free bottle of screen cleaner. ps couldnt be happier more

Horrible Service - Unreliable Repairs 11/14/2006

This business does not understand the concept of customer service. Their technicians repeatedly failed to show up for service appointments I had. They also didn't call to say they were not coming. I had to call them when they didn't show up to find out they weren't coming on numerous occasions. They reschedule appointments and still don't show up. They attempted a repair on my TV that did not work. They are supposed to come back to take parts out of the tv to send out to be rebuilt. I have no confidence in allowing them to do so, but the other approved repair business in my area also has poor reviews. I would avoid this business as well. Consider going through a large retailer (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) who will stand behind their service and repairs in a way that is acceptable to consumers. more

nightmare tv service 9/20/2006

They had my TV for 1 month for repair that cost over $350.00 and it worked for only 2 hours. They picked it up again and I haven't heard nor can I get any information on the repair now for over 2 weeks. They promise to return calls but don't. Whomever you need to talk to is not there right now but will get back to you(but they don't). Their poor customer service is exceeded only by their incompetence. Cons: poor customer service, poor time management, poor return call rate more
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Owner Message

  • At Associated Electronics we pride ourselves in being knowledgeable and factory trained while servicing your electronics. We are able to service your equipment in your home or you may bring it to our store where we can help at any time. Wither servicing in your home or at our store, we want to greet you with a smile and leave your satisfaction.

    Associated Electronics Inc is a leading Milwaukee television repair company that provides a large variety of excellent services. We take great pride in our attention to detail.

    Call today. We serve a 50 mile radius around Milwaukee.

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    M-W,F 9:00am - 5:00pm, Th 9:00am - 6:00pm
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