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Ashline Moving & Storage - 18 Reviews - 632 3RD Ave, Watervliet, NY - Rental & Leasing Business Equip Reviews - Phone (518) 273-4642

Ashline Moving & Storage

632 3RD Ave
Watervliet, NY 12189
(518) 273-4642
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Ashline Moving & Storage - Watervliet, NY
Ashline Moving & Storage - Watervliet, NY
Ashline Moving & Storage - Watervliet, NY


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Our Business has just completed a large involved relocation from a third floor with heavy furniture and lots of boxes. These guys were excellent and effecient especially durng the...


Wish I could rate Ashline Moving & Storage lower then 1 star. That's honestly how horrible this company is. Here's my story... It's the last day of the month (2/29/12) and my...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/22/2014

We couldn't be happier with Ashline Moving Services. From our first impression through the weeks leading up to move. They proved to be professional and experienced in advance, sharing knowledge for renting the truck, insurance, packing, preparation, and above all the movers were polite from the introduction and carried training credentials ID cards which my husband thought was ""organized"". They demonstrated care padded the floors, carpet and wrapped everything which looked really professional. We had a seemingly good size move, however they managed to do a great job in three hours. They were easy to deal with also. We suggest giving Ashline Movers a call! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/18/2012

Great personal service from initial contact thru completion, Ashline movers gave us detailed info others did not. They informed us how to pack and set up to save time and stay with in our budget . It was a hot day and we had a long way to carry in , the guys were great and the Ashline office stay'd in contact with us the entire time..thanks Ashline movers for an easy move, they even bought a special tool to get our crib apart, very hands on small family business.we highly recommend Ashline Moving as we were refer'd to them from our realtor. more

Worst experience of my life - no joke! 2/29/2012

Wish I could rate Ashline Moving & Storage lower then 1 star. That's honestly how horrible this company is. Here's my story... It's the last day of the month (2/29/12) and my tenant needs to move her stuff into temporary storage. She lives in my apartment in Albany near washington park. She had hired Ashline Moving & Storage to come to the apartment at 8:30am 2/29/12, pickup her stuff, and put it in storage for a month... sounds good so far right? It started out today with the movers not being able to find the address... I honestly don't know how that's possible.. the apartment is right at the intersection of two well known roads in Albany near Washington Park. After the movers finally found the place they came in and did an inventory of items and had my tenant sign some paper work. At this point the movers went back to the truck to grab some moving equipment and were supposed to come back to start the move. Instead they literally just got in their truck and left the site. WHY would someone do that? I have no idea!! This is when I actually got involved because my tenant sent me a text message saying ""My movers simply disappeared! They are not even answering my cell. Would you call them at 518-273-4642"" I called their number and got some ridiculous story from the man I spoke to on the phone. He claims that the movers attempted to get back into the building but the front door was locked. Apparently they tried buzzing the front door and calling my tenant's phone many times with no response on her end. I can guarantee you that this was not the case. This guy sounded like a serious sketch ball and I honestly didn't trust anything he had to tell me. I asked if we could reschedule and he said no then hung up the phone on me. At this point it was clear to me that goes beyond an issue of customer support and in my opinion is in the territory of a scam company. Although I have no proof, based on other reviews for this company I'm convinced that these guys took initial inventory of my tenants belongings, determined there wasn't enough stuff that they wanted to steal from her so simply drove off. I really wish both my tenant and I had read reviews on this company ahead of time. It's the last day of the month and I have a new tenant moving in tomorrow so the timing of this could not have been worse. Luckily we found a uhaul truck/storage solution. In all honestly I'm really glad that we weren't able to reschedule a pickup time with this company. It's obvious that many other reviewers have had their items either stolen or ruined due to water damage once their items went into storage. I'd love to figure out a way to have the people behind this company arrested. It's not fair that more people in the future will be completely screwed over by them. All I can do is write this review and hope that others will read it before they dial the number. more

Worst moving company 11/3/2011

I hired this moving company after I spoke to the owner and got a price for moving my furniture. When the movers came they were very unprofessional, dirty, loud, obnoxious and constantly using profane language. On top of that I was charged double the cost of what I was quoted on the phone. I was being charged an extra hour plus travel time. It only took a total of 1 1/2 hours to move out my furniture, travel to new home and unload furniure and I was being charged a full 4 hours. They were also 3 hours late and never got a call telling me they would be late. \r \r Please listen to all the negative reviews because it is true. \r This is the worst, unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. Save your money and go with someone who is more honest and professional and won't rip you off. \r \r more

Unprofessional, Horrible Experience 3/26/2011

We hired Ashline because they were a local company that gave us a competitive price. It turned out to be one of the worst experiences I've had in a while. I have never experienced such an unprofessional set of people. For 8 hours I listened to three men yell at each other, swear and threaten to hit each other with the items they were moving for us. Now, I'm open minded so it didn't both me at first (I actually thought it was kind of funny) but it sure got old. I had taken $100 out of the ATM the morning of the move for a tip and had it in my purse the whole day. Perhaps I'm naive, but I left my purse on the floor all day long while we were moving. When the time came to get the tip, THE MONEY WAS GONE!!! I retraced my steps and thought about all my actions that day and I am very very positive that the money was stolen out of my purse. We brought this to the attention of the foreman and the head of the company. We asked that it be reconciled. After numerous phone calls to the company that were never answered or returned - this horrible act has not been reconciled. And this is why I am writing this review. On top of this - our bed was damaged, and we were promised that someone would come back to fix it - that never happened. And the last thing, in our stack of items was a box containing someone else's things! This lack of attention to detail is horrible. DO NOT HIRE ASHLINE MOVERS. THEY ARE NOT TRUSTWORTHY. GIVE YOUR BUSINESS TO SOMEONE ELSE. more

ashline movers 10/9/2010

myname is marjorie fogarty and my husband francis fogarty has worked for this company for over 21 years and for the last 2 or .3 years they have messed with his paychecks and hours and worked bad movers and theives over him thats what u get for dedication with this company and if he said any thing about customers things missing or things that were wrong they wouldn't work him and if he went looking for other jobs they give him bad reference so he wouldnt get jobs and therefore he had to go back because he has a family to support just recently he stopped working because they will not pay him his money for working almost 9 days which alot of money the owner is carol and dutch ashline they let there son al run the business and he has run it right into the ground al is under house arrest for embezzlement he gets stone with his workers and al does not care what the bad workers do because he is just as bad as they are so if u read bad reviews believe every word if you have any comments u may contact me at marjoriefogarty@yahoo more

Wouldn't reccomend Ashline to my worst enemy 5/30/2010

i just moved 3 days ago, & i hred Ashline movers. I was given a time of between 12 & 2. I received a phone call at 12 saying it would be closer to 1. 2:00 rolls around, & still no movers. I call to see whats going on, & the owner tells me hes very sorry but his ""really good"" team is taking longer than expected. he then offers to send his nephew & a few of his ""football buddies"". ""theyre not great but they can do it"" he says. Of course i wasnt letting them move my stuff. Finally at 4pm, the movers show upm2 of them with huge attitudes. The one was so lazy, i thought he might fall asleep- carrying 1 light box at a time.. To make a long story short, the owner said since i had to waiti so long, & the movers dragged my mattress & ripped the cover, he would give me a discount. That never happened: when his worker called him he said he never said such a thing. Instead , he called me in the morning and told me he is sending me a gift certificate for dinner and someone to clean my mattress. I'D RATHER GET SOME MONEY BACK!!! please don't use this company!!!!!!! ony giving 1 star because it requires me to. i woukdnt even give it half! Pros: ONE of the THREE workers was very nice & ready to work Cons: very rough with my items, showed up hours late more

Furniture Thieves Strike Again! 5/17/2010

We gave them the entire contents of our home (27yrs.) to store for 6 mos. to discover that over half of our belongings suspiciously ""disappeared""; and what furniture was returned was severely water damaged. Some of the furniture on the truck DIDN'T EVEN BELONG TO US (which was haphazardly ""discarded"" from the truck)! How does this happen when their website ""shows"" a beautiful, indoor, climate-controlled, secure storage building with lockers. Who monitors these of businesses anyway? Pros: NOTHING - Disregard the One Star Rating! Cons: Lying Business Owners more

Real Mccoy 2/3/2010

Our Business has just completed a large involved relocation from a third floor with heavy furniture and lots of boxes. These guys were excellent and effecient especially durng the weather. We remembered Ashline from many years ago and are very happy we used them. This company is the real mccoy. more

Don't even call for a quote 1/21/2010

""Bob"" who sounds like a person who has drank one to many has called my phone 10 times per day since I asked Ashline for a quote. He continously leaves messages. I have never experience anything quite like that from a company... Cons: Calls phone 10 times per day after getting a quote more

Our Favorite Little Mover 1/4/2010

We are compelled to write this after we just moved on the coldest day of the year ever. Our initial contact was polite and helpful. The estimator came right out and gave us a detailed service description and a binding quote. We verified their license and insurance. On the day we moved, Mark and Danny were excellent and accommodating, never complaining about the cold. We appreciated how hard they worked and bought them a hot lunch. The truck was immaculate and they had all the right tools for the job. They even helped hang our curtains. It couldn't have been any better. This company is highly organized. We will definitely use them again! Pros: Accurate, affordable, efficient more

An honor 11/30/2009

The fogarty family that work for ashline i recommend 110 percent great movers more

Worst business experience of my life! 10/28/2009

My husband and I hired Ashline Moving and Storage to move us residentially last year. They stole several of our belongings and damaged what they couldn't steal. We received similar responses, as the other disgruntled reviewers, from Bob. We were told that Teresa would wave her magic wand and make it all better. We never heard from her. We took them to court and were met by Alfred. Alfred Ashline offered to pay for the damaged items and asked us to go through our insurance company to replace the missing items. We were awarded a judgment but it has never been enforced and they never paid us a dime for the damaged property nor the missing property. They are scam artists who list two addresses online. The Saratoga address turned out to be a yarn shop and the Watervilet address, where they truly are, is a run-down, seedy looking rat hole for true rats. BEWARE! Cons: Most corrupt operation I have ever encountered. more

Don't even think about using them 10/6/2009

DONT USE!!!!!!! My first instinct was to call someplace else after talking to ""Bob"" who claimed to be the office manager. He sounded really drunk or really stupid and I still dont know what the answer is. After confirming with ""Bob"" three times, the movers showed up 3 hours late. They then proceeded to damage the walls of my apartment and my furniture- when the employees called their supervisor about the damage, his response was that my couch was oversized and that was the risk I took, without him even seeing my furniture. The employees were apologetic and said they were embarassed by his response. I would never use or recommend them again, and from reading the other reviews, I have no idea how they are still in business. The check was made out to Russell J Farron, and needless to say, cashed right away.They are so unprofessional, I can only hope they will be out of business soon. God knows where ""Bob"" would get another job. Pros: cheap rates Cons: what you save in the rate you will pay in repairs!!!!!!!!!!! more

NEVER USE THEM 7/23/2009

BOB, whom seems to have a hard time speaking coherently, is the only person who answers the phone, doesn't know the names of anyone else who works there, hangs up the phone on you when you ask a question he doesn't want to answer and is just plain rude. Any phone number you call in the phone book relays bacl to him. The move was a horror. They were 1.5 hours late and then had the nerve to ask for a lunch break. MARY, whom BOB says doesn't work there, offered .5 hours back for my trouble so I wouldn't stop the check. Guess what, I""m still waiting. NEVER USE THEM!!! Cons: Too many to write more

Licensed Revoked-DO NOT USE 7/9/2009

This company used to be a reputable moving company many many years ago. However, they have since had their certificate to operate as a moving company recoked by the NYS Department of Transportation for ripping off consumers. In addition Theresa Ashline, the so called person in charge of this company will NOT respond to any phone calls, lawsuits, etc. Save yourself some agravation and DO NOT USE this compant. Pros: None! Cons: Unlicensed & uninsured, over charge & damage more

Using This Mover For Over 30 Years 3/2/2009

Highly Recommend this business. We have used this company many times over the years and always have had a great experience. They moved us when we lived in an apartment and then into our first home over 30 years ago. When it was time to move our parents into assisted living or our son off to college in Va. Ashline was always there for us. The family operates the business and are polite and very experienced because they have been doing the same thing for almost 100 years. We have used this company in our professions as well and have seen other movers in the area. Last weekend Ashline moved our 2000 sq. ft. home from Troy to Latham, we had over 200 boxs and many large heavy pieces of furniture as well as china and antiques. The owner of ashline checked in at our home and called twice during the day of our move. That says it all. Thank You Ashline Movers Pros: Hard Working Honest Relialbe Great Value Albanys favorite little movers more

irresponsible mover damaging client properties and cheat client with false promises 2/22/2009

I hired Ashline to move. Ashline damaged our hall way and doors during the move, and destroyed our couch. Ashline asked us to hire local contractor to repair the building damage and promised to pay for the cost but they never did. how it is 6 months after the incidence. They intentionally lied to us by promising to send a check on or about 90 days after the accrual but they never did. They pretended in many ways but the bottom line is they ripped me off and caused $1500 damage unpaid. They will play dumb and all sort of games as they see fit. Stay away from this company. I don't think the State DOT should further grant Ashline the license. Cons: untrustworthy, clumsy, damaging more

Best Movers In Saratoga! 7/10/2008

Only movers in Saratoga that charge from time of arrival. No travel and no extra charges. They properly informed us in advance for organization and insurance.They also accepted a personal check.for convenience and were flexible due to a difficult closing. After a bad experience with a mover that claimed to be a local mover we highly recommend Ashline Movers,The Real McCoy, ask for Teresa. They recently donated services to the youth center summer program.\r The Vendetti's Pros: accurate pricing and scheduling more

Bad Business!! Charges for 1/2 hrs of work even if they go 5 mins over 4/16/2008

Stay away from using Ashline Moving and Storage. They will overcharge you for their time. You must pay per 2 hrs. and if they take longer, you pay per 1/2. They will still make you pay for a 1/2 when they work as little as 5 min. Its hard to believe that this company claims to have stayed in business as long as they have when they are ripping people off. Cons: Choose another moving company more
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