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1026 Ryan Rd
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 465-9501
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Asahi - Cary, NC


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This is a large, welcoming restaurant that serves a variety of dishes. The sushi buffet at lunch is awesome. For dinner, try the Galbi or Ojingo bokum. Simply delicious! Pr...


I have been going to Asahi for awhile now and I have probably been there over 10 times. The sushi used to be really great but when I went there tonight, the sushi rolls barely ha...

Now closed 5/18/2010

I was very sad to learn Asahi's is now closed. The last time I was there, in April, the food was wonderful, the sushi was delish, and the kimchee was perfect. I'm sorry to see the place close down :( Pros: Great food, good prices Cons: no longer open more

Average Korean food on buffet - decent sushi not exceptional 3/31/2009

This was my first time at Asahi so I went with no expectations. First, I want to add that sushi buffets are not like Golden Corral or other places. The point is not to eat until you get sick but have a nice variety to choose from so you don't have to just eat two kinds of rolls. Don't go if you are in a hurry. In larger cities like Atlanta, Ga there are great sushi buffet bars that serve sashimi and rolls with plenty of fish but you pay $23.99 or more. They are WORTH it. Remember where you are and what you are paying for. You will get tuna, salmon, maybe some white fish and the nigiri will be limited. So, for where we are the sushi bar is average and the price is not unreasonable. The Korean part of the buffet I thought was a little disappointing. Today I had the Korean Pork Barbecue and it was not very spicy and too sweet. The meat was cut too thick for Korean standards. The chicken dish was more Japanese than Korean. The soup was Miso - again, Japanese. The seafood "pancake" was really good. If you order that dish alone in a Korean restaurant it can be $10.00 or more. The chapche was okay - the noodles a little firm but not greasy. There were only 2 kimchis to choose from. So for my $11.95 I certainly left full, but for a really good Korean food flavor I would rather go to Cho Sun Ok. Maybe I'll go back and try the galbi one day. Happy Eating. Pros: Very quiet, attentive waitress Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Worst Customer Service Ever 3/4/2009

Never thought I'd be writing one of these, but I had such a horrible experience here (actually several) that I just had to do it. The owner doesn't know the defntion of "buffet". I was pretty full from the sushi buffet, so on my last plate, I ate the fish off of the top of my nigiri and left the 3 riceballs; the owner/sushi chef quickly appeared to tell me that I'd be charged $1 per remaining riceball. I stuffed the riceballs down while he watched. On a different occasion, my friend got the buffet and I didn't. She offered me a piece of galbi, so I accepted. Once again, the owner quickly came down to tell us that if we shared again, I'd also be charged for a buffet. On my last, recent visit, we took advantage of the 1/2 off rolls. When it came out, both my friend's and my jaws dropped. What was called the "tuna lover's roll" had almost NO tuna on it; the other rolls also had very little fish. Some rolls actually had no fish at all, just rice. Not wanting to make a big deal of it, I asked my waitress nicely if it'd be possible to get a discount on the sushi since they we were really unsatisfactory and we'd only eaten 2 pieces of it. The owner came down to hear the story. Now this is what really bothers me. He came down with such a bad attitude and talked to me as if he wanted to start a fight! He said my request was unacceptable and started pushing the rolls around with his fingers! saying how these were 1/2 off. Certainly he was implying, "well what did you expect?! It's 1/2 price!" I asked him if this were normal, and he said "Yes, of course! Wherever you go it's like this." Now I've been to numerous sushi restaurants including ones w/similar 1/2 off deals but I'd never seen rolls that bad. Even the Harris Teeter sushi's are much better, honestly! I told him this, and he said, "Where? Name the place?" There was no need to argue any further w/such a man. I payed the whole bill and left. Pros: Decent Korean food; sushi used to be decent, but not any more Cons: horrible rolls; horrible service; owner doesn't believe in customer service; he seems nice? Try giving him negative feedback. more

Used to be great.....not anymore 1/28/2009

I have been going to Asahi for awhile now and I have probably been there over 10 times. The sushi used to be really great but when I went there tonight, the sushi rolls barely had any fish. I couldn't even taste the fish b/c there was so little of it (there was mostly rice) I guess they are doing this b/c of the recession and they are trying to cut costs. This is very disappointing because I used to really love this place. I would suggest going elsewhere if you want decent sushi. Pros: Owners are nice, good korean food Cons: hardly any fish in the rolls more

Great Korean Food, Great Sushi, Great Atmosphere 11/10/2008

This is a large, welcoming restaurant that serves a variety of dishes. The sushi buffet at lunch is awesome. For dinner, try the Galbi or Ojingo bokum. Simply delicious! Pros: Fantastic Sushi, Awesome Korean! Cons: A little pricy, but well worth it! more

Best Sushi in Town 1/3/2008

Ok - I'll say it - I think Asahi has the best sushi in town. You hear about all these other high-end joints, but when it comes down to being a foodie, you really won't find anywhere better. You won't find anywhere else in town where the sushi-chef puts so much pride into preparation - you can tell he enjoys the artistry of presentation. Don't miss the sushi buffet - everyone I go with is always very impressed, and very full, as am I. Just a quick note on etiquette: There are usually at least 10 different types of sushi on the buffet, and I think that at any time, whether it's crowded or not, you shouldn't be a pig and take 2 or 3 of the same thing off the buffet line. By hogging the buffet, you cause problems for the people behind you. It's all you can eat, so you can make as many trips as you'd like. For dinner time, I usually order off the Korean menu and get sushi a la carte. I recommend the kalbi, which is very distinctive at this restaurant as compared to others (Chosun-OK, Vit Goal, and that joint in N. Raleigh). Friends and Family I have entertained there have consistently made particular accolades and kudos for the Kalbi at Asahi. Some hints and kinks: as soon as you walk in, take a moment and talk to the sushi chef, and get his advice on what's going to be good that day. He's very personable and chatty, and trust me, he knows a good cut of sushi when he sees it. Pros: Excellent Buffet, Great Kalbi Cons: Capacity planning during peak times impacts service experience (in other words: go off peak) more

Very good buffet, doesn't run like a southern buffet for the uninitiated 8/3/2007

There are some funny reviews here, so lets speak the truth. This is not Don Murray's BBQ. If you show up to a sushi buffet at 1:30 that is closing at 2, and then complain about quality, you are a moron. That is all there is to it. The asian that go at that time are well aware of what the scene is, I think some of you people need to get out of NC more. The quality is pretty good, sushi and other items as well. You should go earlier as they are busy prepping all that stuff much earlier than 11:30 and probably continue to 1. I am not saying that there shouldn't be anything available, but you try to pick up something at 1:45 and expect there to be new stuff on the sushi bar? Let me help you spell it , m o r o n. Pros: buffet has a pretty good variety, also for not being able to grill at your table that kalbi is very nice, GREAT Karaoke room! Cons: wait staff struggles a little, usual for Asians (I am one), but not normal for the area. more

Good sushi but terrible service 4/18/2007

First visit to Asahi in Cary was on a Wed. for half price sushi rolls. It took 75 minutes to get our food for our party of two. There was only four other tables of customers and the waiters did not seem busy. Our server only came to take our order, bring our food and then deliver the bill. No one came to our table to explain the long wait, to check to see if we needed anything once we got our food, or to fill our water glasses which sat empty for most of our meal. It was such a bad experience I did not leave a tip, which I have never ever done before! Oh yea, the sushi was delicious, but who cares when everything else is so bad. I will not go back. Pros: good sushi Cons: Very long wait to get food and terrible service more

good sushi, horrible service 4/16/2007

On Wednesday, half off night, be prepared to wait at least an hour for your food. I also don't understand why they only have one server for the entire restaurant. Terrible customer service. Pros: yum sushi, big selection, half off!! Cons: service is bad and slow more

Interesting comments 1/14/2007

Sushi buffets don't work the same as other buffets, no they won't keep filling it up till the end although it would seem 1:45 is a tad late, but seriously you want to avoid the rush then you should expect some shortcomings. I have NEVER had the owner breathign down my neck for any amount of plates as long as I ate what was up there, to take the fish and not eath the rice is a little busted. Sorry, these ain't capt crunch boxes where you can take the toy and leave the box. The local notion of buffet IMO is busted, and honestly shows in the states health statistics. more

Sushi Buffet - NOT!!!!! 12/7/2006

The sushi selection is amazing and very delicious if you are looking to sit down and order from a menu. However, if you are looking to enjoy the overflowing food of a buffet look elsewhere. I have eaten at Asahis a handful of times going there specifically for the sushi buffet. I never leave a grain of sushi rice on my plate but each time I was there I could feel the sushi chef's (i think he is the owner) eyes burning into the back of my head making a mental count of how many pieces of sushi I had taken. Even to the point of making me feel guilty for going back for more. The feeling of guilt did not keep me away as the food was too good. I was just going to ignore the looks and eat my fill. But my final experience there today with my wife was the deal breaker. Arriving at a normal 12:15 lunch time I was shocked to see no more then 4 individual pieces of sushi scattered on the buffet counter. We quickly packed up and had lunch at another sushi place a few minutes from there. For the folks who would like to try it for themselves you need to arrive at 11:30 to enjoy some great sushi. Otherwise, you could be disappointed. For me I will never eat there again lunch or dinner, buffet or not. I would suggest to the owner to drop the buffet idea and have people order sushi a la carte before he scares away more lunch customers that love sushi. Pros: Great sushi Cons: Slow in replenishing buffet selections more

Don't bother arriving for buffet after 1pm 4/20/2006

Was excited to discover the sushi buffet (very rare in this area). Made the mistake of arriving at 1:45pm, which seemed reasonable to me given a 2:30pm closing time. The attitude of the staff was "we're done putting out food for the day". Got very little sushi as it was not being replenished, although what I did have was excellent. Very concerned that all the food on the "hot" side was room temperature to cold. When we questioned the staff the answer was "oh we're about to close". It was only 2pm. Seems dangerous to have food served at the temperature nonetheless. Very disappointed. Will only return for buffet no later than 12pm, if at all. But not likely. Pros: great sushi Cons: cold food more

Good Eats 4/10/2006

I love sushi and have been looking for a buffet for a while. Finally found this place. The fish is so fresh and the sushi is very unique. The Thai food is very good as well. I think this place is yummy! Service is decent. The owner is typical and vocal about his food. I like that! Pros: Location, Buffet, Great Sushi Cons: Price more

Everything Asian... 3/5/2006

Been eating here for a while. Sushi is flat out awesome, a bit pricey, but very unique. Half price night is a great value. The Korean food is quite yummy. Service is really hit or miss, but always well intended and very nice. Owner is a super nice guy and wants you to have a great experience. Highly recommened! Pros: Food, Price, Appearance Cons: Service inconsistent more

Buffet for Lunch is $12.99 1/16/2006

I love this buffet, I have no compliants. I myself have eaten just the fish off the rice and the owner did not comment. Just keep in mind with tax and etc the total for the Buffet comes to $15, but worth it. more


Have visted 2x for dinner and finally had the chance to experience the BUFFET--BUT this past week10/19/05 OMG we were terribly offended AND never will return. Here's the story: --After eating two plates of sushi (NO LEFTOVERS ON 1st PLATE) I was pretty much my husband put his 2 tuna balls on my plate with my leftover 2 salmon balls. Well..i decided 2 @ the fish off the 4 rice balls.Husband gets a 3rd plate around 6 pieces &l..b4 he takes a bite..owner comes over..and tells me"This is not a Sashimi resturant."I look at him in disbelief..and my husband in anger...He doesn't stop there..& conts blabbling i decide....HELL...tell the man..i'm going to eat the 4 rice balls and he still doesn't stop! Finally after 5 mins of this stupid and inappropariate behavior he leaves. He even tells my husband "not to be mad." We won't go back. Pros: None, DON"T GO, OWNER = CRAZY Cons: Service, So-called BUFFET, LONG WAIT 4 FOOD more


If you like Sushi, you MUST check out the daily lunch buffet at Asahi Japanese/Korean restaurant in Cary. Incredible price (9.95) for all you can eat. There are 20+ choices of sushi alone every day, and 15-20 hot choices from the kitchen! Soups, salad, fruit. And no low-end quality either, Mr. Choi will serve nothing but the best! For all of the sushi-lovers in Wake County, PLEASE check this one out!! Thanks! more

Close to home when the craving starts 8/24/2004

This is an average Japanese restaurant. The Ten Ten Eel roll was excellent-Tempura fried Eel roll. The Spicy Tuna for some reason was mushy, although I've seen it served in this fashion at other local Japanese restaurants. The service was novice. I was there with a friend and gave my credit card to the waitstaff without looking at the bill, and the waitress came up to me and in a loud voice announced my total, which is the whole thing I was trying to avoid. Also we asked for extra wasabi, since we like our food to tingle. The chef came out and matter-of-factly told us that we were adding too much and ruining his food. Pros: Decent fare, Parking more

upset 8/20/2004

Do not get the seaweed salad. It was 4 dollars and the size of an ashtray. It was also way too sweet and had an odd aftertaste. Not only that, but when we complained about it, they had all the employees gather around the bill and discuss it heatedly, and then one of them tried to argue with me. Customers cannot be right at this restaurant apparently. They grudgingly offered to take it off the bill afterwards but by then it was too late, I am never going back. more

YUMMY! 12/9/2003

My husband & I found ourselves there after our favorite Sushi restaurant upset us one Friday night. Needless to say, we have a new favorite! That was absolutely the best tasting sushi either of us had ever had! Nice quiet atmosphere. Extremely nice employees. Sushi took long to come out but was WELL WORTH the wait! You have got to eat here! Pros: Incredible Sushi, Quick Seating, Awesome Sushi Cons: pretty well hidden more
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  • Japanese and Korean fare in an off-the-beaten-path locale offers a quiet atmosphere. All-you-can-eat lunch buffet, takeout and catering available.

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