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Arzelle's - Nashville, TN


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I recently bought my dress here and had my first fitting - my experience so far has been fantastic! I'm not an easy person to shop for, I'm 4'11'' and curvy - so I didn't really k...


I give Arzelle's two stars for their selection, not their service. This is my second wedding, but that should not matter. Was I not the $15k dress candidate? Maybe, maybe not.

FABULOUS! 1/6/2011

I recently bought my dress here and had my first fitting - my experience so far has been fantastic! I'm not an easy person to shop for, I'm 4'11'' and curvy - so I didn't really know what I was looking for. This was the second - and last - place I went. The customer service and atmosphere were both fantastic. There were issues with the manufacturer of the dress and the ladies there worked tirelessly to help me figure everything out. I would definitely recommend this place to any bride (or bridesmaid, or mother of the bride, etc.)! more

The best dress shopping experience!! 9/20/2008

Wow. I am glad that I didn't read the last review before I came into the store, as my experience was completely opposite! I loved my entire experience at Arzelle's. The moment I walked into the store I was warmly greeted, and shown around the store. I was allowed to try on anything and everything I wanted - and I tried on a TON of dresses! They have a great selection. My salesperson offered suggestions of dresses that would work with my figure, and all of the girls there were very friendly and helpful. I felt very comfortable and special, and the girls treated me and my mom like we were friends of theirs. It is such a relaxed, encouraging and welcoming environment! I am so excited about my wedding, and glad I bought my dress there!! I will be back to get my bridesmaids and tuxedos, too. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a beautiful dress, and who wants to feel like the salespeople actually care about them. Pros: warm customer service Cons: not open on Sundays more

Terrible customer service 9/10/2008

I didn't actually make it into this boutique...the desire to do so stopped at the phone call that I made. I live in Atlanta, and was going to be in Nashville for the weekend so I researched this boutique by the designer's website. I called and asked to make an appointment for bridal and she said ""What time?"" I said, ""What do you have open? That will help me determine when I leave Atlanta."" She said, ""Well, what time is good for you?"" I mean, really. I am trying to plan a trip here, not play a game with some chick on the phone. We went one more round, so I finally said ""just forget it."" Her tone of voice was abrupt and rude, and she obviously did not want to help. She sounded so irritated that someone had even called. I have been to three other shops, all of which were so friendly on the phone and in person. That's inviting...and this was not. Cons: Rude staff more

Just wonderful! 5/8/2008

Arzelle's made the frustrating task of choosing a wedding gown so much easier for me. I went to 3 stores total and tried on over 50 gowns because I couldn't make up my mind. While other stores acted at though my indecision was a waste of their time the girls at Arzelle's were totally patient and didn't try to be pushy at all. There wasn't the least bit of snobby attitude from them. I read a few other reviews and some brides seem so upset that no one at Arzelle's offered to dress them! Come on ladies- wedding gowns aren't THAT hard to put on. I hated when a salesperson (total stranger!) would follow me in a room and expect me to undress in from of them. It's one thing to need help with a corset, but just a zipper? Come on- you're not a living doll, you should be able to manage. Anyway, I ended up getting my wedding dress, shoes, veil, bridesmaid dress and tuxedos all from Arzelle's. The alterations were perfect and timely and not a single mistake or delay occurred. The store is BEAUTIFUL and has a great selection for all price ranges. I recommend them all the time- thanks Arzelle's for being so great! Pros: Great selection; all price ranges; friendly staff; beautiful store Cons: Not open on Sundays more

Wonderful Experience!!!! 4/2/2008

I visited many bridal boutiques in and out of state and was very impressed with Arzelle's. I ended up spending half of my dress budget for twice the dress and could not have been happier with the final product of my dress. My alterations were perfect and completed in three very short weeks and my dress was shipped out of state to the site of my wedding in two days!! The dress was more perfect than I had ever dreamed of and the staff and alterations woman Rosalyn were all fabulous and a pleasure to work with. My mother and bridesmaids are all far out of state and were unable to attend any of my fittings but the girls at Arzelle's helped me every step of the way and made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. For all of the bridezillas who have only negative things to say about Arzelle's, shame on you! I am fairly certain that the problem is personal and has nothing to do with the wonderful people at Arzelle's! Pros: Great selection wonderful service more

Arzelle's made my day perfect! 4/2/2008

I had a wonderful experience with Arzelle's. I went there to look for wedding gowns and was pleasantly surprised with the selection. It was a Saturday and I didn't have appointment, but they were very friendly and helpful. The store is tastefully decorated and has huge dressing rooms. I felt like a princess trying on the dresses and veils! I was a little overwhelmed, but the sales person helped me narrow it down and make my selection. I was so happy with my dress experience that I ended up getting my bridesmaids and tuxedos from there as well. Everything about my wedding day was picture perfect. Thanks Arzelle's! Pros: Great Selection and Service; very large dressing rooms! more

Bride to be or Pretty Woman? 3/13/2008

I give Arzelle's two stars for their selection, not their service. This is my second wedding, but that should not matter. Was I not the $15k dress candidate? Maybe, maybe not. more

Wonderful experience! 1/29/2008

I had so much anxiety before going to look at wedding gowns that I was convinced it would be a bad experience. I could not have been more mistaken at Arzelle's. The sales associate was perfect; she was friendly, complimentary, and never pushy. I took a friend with me who helped to select dresses and we never felt rushed. The dressing room is huge and I had ten dresses in there at a time. Anne Dee at Arzelle's picked out a different veil for each dress and they made such a difference! My favorite gown in fact turned out to be one that she selected for me after seeing what I liked. After my friend and I left, we spent the rest of the night talking about how much fun we had and how beautiful the gowns were. I would recommend Arzelle's to anyone looking for gowns. It was truly a fantastic day! Pros: huge dressing room, beautiful gowns, friendly sales associates Cons: none really, but make an appointment! more

Resentful service, and get your groomswear elsewhere! 10/9/2007

Um, if you are burnt out on customer service, it is time for a new vocation ladies. I realize these people probably deal with Bridezillas all day long, but there was a air of thinly disguised hostility, sarcasm and unwillingness to help from the get go. I went in with my fiance to order him a tux. When then the suit came it, the pant legs were pegged way too high, with one of them a full inch higher than the other one. I asked if they could be altered and got an eyeroll of irritation from the lady who subsequently suggested my fiance's legs were just of uneven heights. Lol! The staff in general seemed irritated that you would ask them to do any alterations at all. My impression was that you should just take the monkey-suit, no matter how ill-fitted and be glad they rented it to you at all. more

don't bother 10/3/2007

I did not have a good experience at this store. As soon as they knew I wasn't interested in purchasing a several thousand dollar dress I did not receive any help. I pulled my own dresses, tried them on myself, then let myself out. Pros: nice store Cons: bad service more

Poor Service 9/1/2007

I purchased my dress here from a very friendly and helpful associate. After the sale was made, the service became dramatically different. The dress came in one size bigger than I ordered (the size ordered fit perfectly) and I then needed $400 in alterations. They also ordered the wrong shoes, kept me waiting even when I had an appointment and once the sales rep had her baby in the back room and had no time to help me (even though I had shoes that made my dress 3"" too short and we were a week away from the wedding). The alterations done 2 weeks prior to the wedding were not done correctly and I had to add additional fittings (3) to get the proper fit. On the day of my wedding I was once again disappointed when several of the alterations on my bustel broke. Then the alterations on the body of my dress ripped. Strings were popping out throughout the evening (I am very skinny and the dress was loose!) it was terrible. I was a very relaxed bride, and the only time I considered crying was after one of the girls in the shop was rude and yelled at me. more

Best Experience in Nashville! 2/20/2007

I recently got married and bought everything at Arzelle's. I shopped forever and visited almost every store in Nashville area, until my mom said ""enough is enough! choose your dress!"" My favorite was at Arzelle's, so we went back and ordered it. I have heard from friends that sometimes after you order your dress the shop where you buy it stops paying attention to you. This was not the case at Arzelles. I have been so happy with the service! The girls made me feel like I was a part of their family. When I had bad days ( the frustration of planning a wedding is inevitable), the girls would listen to me and console me like my girlfriends. When the wedding week finally arrived, I was feeling a little guilty that I didn't invite them to the wedding, because some of them had become my friends. I felt a little sad that I would'nt be spending time with them anymore. Meanwhile, they took such good care of me that I had no stress at all about my bridesmaid dresses or my wedding gown being perfect. The only thing I wish is that they would deliver to the church and dress me, but that is only because I wished they were there to pamper me on the day of. Pros: great selection, nice people to work with Cons: not open on Sunday more

Great Selection of gowns! 1/31/2007

I bought my wedding gown from Arzelle's. The store is lovely, they have a great selection with a wide range of prices. The only complaint I have about Arzelle's is that the salespeople were not the most helpful or willing to give out advice. My gown fell in between two sizes and I had to come up with my own plan on how to choose. If you go in expecting to find your best friend in a salesperson, you will be disappointed. I found a dress I loved at Arzelle's, so I bought it there. They also give great discounts when you purchase everything through the store, including tuxes. I would recommend it. more

Go Elsewhere if possible!!!!!! 1/28/2007

A lady by the name of Hope helped me during my first two trips to Arzelle's and was absolutely delightful. When I went back the third time to purchase my dress, I brought two of my bridesmaids with me to help me pick out bridesmaid's dresses and Hope was not there. When we walked in, we were completely ignored even though there was only one other group in the store besides us. I had to wait several minutes by the counter for the young blonde to finish her paperwork before she even acknowledged my presence. Once I told her I wanted to purchase my dress, she was still incredibly rude. I told her I wanted to look at bridesmaid's dresses and she handed me the books without any offer of assistance. The day that I went to pick up my dress(I had to call after 15 weeks to check on it, they lost my number so could not call me to let me know that it had arrived) the young blonde and older woman were the only ones there again. They brought the dress out and handed it to me. I had to ask to try and on and at least they were kind enough to take it to the dressing room for me. They hung it in the dressing room and walked away. I was alone and had to put a wedding dress on by myself. When I walked out to the mirror, both attendants were nowhere to be seen. There was no one to zip me up nor help me with a slip, shoes, veil, etc.. I had enough, quickly redressed and left without anyone noticing. I ended up getting it altered elsewhere and the seamstress told me she had quite of business from Arzelles for the same reason. When I called to ask them if they would at least steam the dress for me, I explained what had happened and how upset I was. I WAS NOT EVEN OFFERED AN APOLOGY!!!!!!!! The only response was ""Oh, well bring it in and we will steam it for you."" Unfortunately, Arzelle's was the only bridal shop in Middle Tn who carried the designer of the dress I had picked out, otherwise, I would have went elsewhere as we did the bridesmaid's dresses. Pros: Large Selection, elegant atmosphere Cons: snobby service, unwilling to help, treated poorly, did not call to let me know the dress had arrived more

Rude! So fake. 1/27/2007

The sales people here were so nice to me on the phone when they thought I was going to buy my bridesmaid dress from them, but when I went into the store and said the bride was out-of-state and I just wanted to look around, they were so rude and unhelpful. Also, their prices were much higher for the same product I could find elsewhere in town and online. I would not recommend them. more

Beautiful store and great service 1/25/2007

I love Arzelle's. The store is gorgeous and the staff is friendly. Each time I've shopped there I have been helped in a friendly and professional manner. I would highly recomend Arzelle's and appreciate all the help they have given me. I will continue to refer all my friends to shop there for their weddings in the future. Pros: Service and Selection more

Rude and Snobby 8/12/2006

If you are looking for the most unprofessional, rude, snobbish behaviour from shopgirls, by all means, go to Arzelle's and experience it for yourself. Pros: absolutely none Cons: which list should I begin with? Customer service beyond dissapointing more

The best in Nashville! 6/27/2006

The staff at Arzelle's was exceedingly kind to me as I was planning my wedding. The look of the store is fantastic and they have a wonderful selection- all price ranges and a lot of traditional and modern styles. The store owner, Bonnie, was especially helpful to me when it came to selecting gowns and arranging alterations. We ended up getting our bridesmaid gowns, my bridal gown, all the tuxedos and my mother-in-laws dress from Arzelle's and everyone had a great experience. Pros: great gowns, reasonable prices, informed and friendly staff Cons: can't think of any more

I was impressed with this place! 5/10/2006

I have been to several bridal stores prior to my experience at Arzelle's. The staff was friendly, helpful, and courteous. I had a pleasant experience here. The dressing rooms are private and large. And the dress selection is great! I found quite a few ""possibilities"" here. The bridesmaid dress selection is also wonderful. I highly recommend this store. Pros: courteous staff, great selection, good prices Cons: parking more

FURIOUS! 5/10/2006

I had a terrible experience at this shop. The salespeople are not friendly. All of my bridesmaids who went in complained to me, independently, about the salespeoples' attitudes. One of my bridesmaids said she felt she was treated like Julia Roberts the first time she tries to go shopping in Pretty Woman. My dresses came back in the wrong color, they sat in the store for three weeks without anyone being notified they were in (until I called to check), they ordered the wrong size for one of my girls. And, although they apologized, there was ""nothing they could do"" to rectify the purple trim on the dresses (not the blue tone that I ordered). They insisted that it was the correct color. I would NOT reccommend this store to anyone. They have the pretention without any real class, and are apparently completely incompetent. more
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