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Art Stone Dance & Bodywear - 22 Reviews - 3083 Nutley St, Fairfax, VA - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (703) 560-7047

Art Stone Dance & Bodywear

3083 Nutley St
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 560-7047
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Great Store! I've been going to this store for over 10 years. I have never had a bad experience. The Owner and Manager are wonderful. The store has the most reasonable prices for ...


They have a monopoly in the area and know it. If you find the right salesperson, you can get excellent service but that's the case half the time. Wait for service is long. Return ...


I was hesitant to visit this store based on the negative reviews--but I needed something ASAP and took a chance--I wish I had never gone there. The owner is nasty, belligerent, and downright rude. I was at the counter in the process of purchasing clothing and jazz shoes and after learning the price of the shoes (they were not marked) I felt they were too expensive. Because my daughter needed them soon, I was deciding whether to buy them or not. I asked about their return policy because I thought I could return these if I could find less expensive shoes. We were were told by the clerk that we had 10 days to return the shoes if they were not worn. I went ahead and handed the clerk my credit card while clarifying that if I returned the shoes, I would receive a credit card refund and was told that no, only store credit would be given, which is not what she said a few minutes earlier!! I did not want store credit so I decided not to buy the shoes. The problem arose because they had already been rung up. Because I had not yet signed the slip or left the counter, I ASSUMED the purchase would be voided and there wouldn't be a problem. Boy was I wrong. The owner was summoned. As soon as the owner marched over to the counter I could tell she was ready for a confrontation. She demanded to know why I didn't want the shoes and accused me of wasting her time and "using her" because my daughter had tried on the shoes and we had changed our minds about purchasing them. She then told me they had a no return policy, (I'd just been told I'd only get store credit!!) and I told her I should have been told this when I asked about their return policy. She was verbally abusive to me and my teenage daughter. She initially refused to void the transaction even though I'd not yet signed the receipt. Another customer interceded on my behalf and after continued verbal wrangling she decided she'd had enough of us, gave us a discount on the shoes and stomped off. I have never in my life been treated this way in a store; STAY AWAY! more

good experiences 7/28/2011

I've been twice and had good experiences both times. The first time we required a lot of help getting tap shoes as I know nothing about them and we were not constrained by any dance school requirements. The woman who helped us was perhaps the owner. She was kind and patient and obviously appreciated our business. I bought 3 pairs of tap shoes and she gave us a discount. Our second visit, we knew what we were doing (we just needed a new pair of tap shoes because my daughter had outgrown hers) and were helped by a young woman who was nice and gave us the frequent buyer discount even though I didn't have my card with me. We will shop there again. more

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Ignore the Negative Reviews 7/8/2011

I went and was greeted as soon as I entered the store. There were two women there and they attended to everyone in the store. I only tried this place because it's literally 5 minutes from my job. The selection is great but my only problem is that the prices are higher than I would like. I found more dancewear for my daughter online for at least five dollars less. Because I really needed shoes and a leotard for her first lesson tomorrow, I purchased some things there. They really have everything there, however. I was in awe. more


Great Store! I've been going to this store for over 10 years. I have never had a bad experience. The Owner and Manager are wonderful. The store has the most reasonable prices for retail with a variety of sizes from Toddler thru Plus size adult. I have recommended this store to all my students. I own a studio in Maryland and travel to this store in Virginia. more

Rude Manager. Her name is Lati. 1/15/2011

This woman does not know the meaning of customer service. She yells at her employees for no good reason. She cannot run her own damn business and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know that. She needs to understand how to handle customers here in America. I remember driving up to the store in October around 7 pm, and funny thing is....the store is closed. Next month, I realized the store was still open at 7. C'mon lady...choose a damn time to close and open the store instead of doing what you like. THE STORE HOURS ARE NOT CONSISTENT. I swear this woman needs to get fired. She doesn't know what she's doing. I give this store review a 1. And her as a manager, a negative 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000...actually there's not enough numbers to rate this woman. more

Bad Attitude 1/3/2011

Called to see if they carry an accessory for pointe shoes and the one who answered the phone (the manager, judging from the other posts) asked me right away where I got the pointe shoes and said that she doesn't understand "why people don't buy shoes from us but only buy accessories" and that she "won't sell accessories to those who didn't buy their shoes from us". She turned me away even BEFORE I set foot in the store! more

Don't go to this store 9/13/2010

The clerk (manager?) was impatient, told us and one other customer she had to get us out of there before the "rush," and insulted my daughter for saying the shoes she brought out didn't fit. Save yourself the hassle and drive to Maryland or D.C. more

Two Left Feet (shoes) 2/26/2010

Went home to find I had two different left foot jazz shoes (which I needed that night and would not have a convenient time to return). When I called to share my surprise and disappointment, the person on the phone did not care nor seemed surprised. I will return these shoes and by a real pair elsewhere. more

Hit or Miss 12/27/2009

They have a monopoly in the area and know it. If you find the right salesperson, you can get excellent service but that's the case half the time. Wait for service is long. Return policy--they might tell you one thing but when you try to return, you'll find another experience, especially if you deal with the manager. Most dancers who I know have danced for years no longer go here because of customer service. more

poor visit 8/5/2009

I did not have a good experience here at the Fairfax Artstone. I bought an expensive pair of jazz sneakers on a Saturday & my coach informed me we would not be using them any longer on Sunday. So Monday morning I went to return them but on the receipt it says no returns- exchanges only within 10 days of purchase... So I called & they said they do not take returns & you cannot even return the shoes for store credit. So now I am stuck with a pair of jazz sneakers that have NEVER been worn & never will be worn. If the shoes are in perfect condition the store should ALWAYS accept them back especially when I just purchased them two days prior. Needless to say, I will not be shopping at Artstone any longer & will not refer people back to the store. more

Been going there for years 5/23/2009

I've been going there for over 6 years. They are always very helpful to us and have what we need 97% of the time! Definitely would recommend them to someone! more

Awesome for childrens wear 10/30/2008

This place has the most amazing selection of adorable toddler dance wear. I have shopped around, and always end up back here. Customer service has always been excellent too, but I do make sure to visit outside of peak times because of some of the reviews I have read here. Highly recommended by this mom!! more

AWFUL PLACE 10/17/2008

The manager is the worst and has no idea what customer service means. Her behavior is unacceptable and this place should be shut down. I have never encountered such unprofessional behavior at any store. STAY AWAY! more

Awful Manager- STAY AWAY! 10/17/2008

I bought Ballroom Dance Shoes from this store and the manager indicated I could exchange them if I needed to. Once I went home I realized 2 of them didn't fit properly and came to exchange the shoes. She was exhibited unacceptable behavior to me, calling me someone who was taking advantage of her? She made no sense and was being flat out rude. I ended up purchasing 2 pairs of shoes from them but I wish I had never set foot in the place. She is running an awful business and has a bad attitude. STAY AWAY! more

Great Store 9/10/2008

The folks at ArtStone have always been very helpful and their prices are in line with those found online. more

Good experience 6/11/2008

I've read other reviews talking about a No Returns policy however, I just purchased items from this store yesterday and the salesperson was very specific that as long as the items haven't been washed (or worn out for shoes) that they would take the items back with a receipt. The salesperson was very helpful. They probably are a bit more expensive but there isn't much else around here if you need dance clothes. more

great store! 4/11/2008

This shop has been around for a very long time and it is surprising, to say the least, to see what some people have had to say about the store. The sales clerks have always been friendly and helpful and reasonable when it comes to special requests. Like any store they have their policies. ARt Stone has a No Return policy which is made apparent on signs throughout the store as well as on the receipt. To return people's purchases would be to lose money and in a specialty store like this one that's a very risky thing to do. I would definitely suggest to fellow mothers and dancers to do their shopping at Art Stone, one person's seemingly negative experience cannot be used to generalize everyone's experience. Like I said, I have never had a poor experience. more

Friendly, Helpful Service 1/27/2008

My experience was that the staff was friendly and helpful. I found shoes that were fine for for social dancing on hardwood floors. It's not the store's fault, but I wish dance shoe companies would provide us with shoes we could use for exercise dance videos done on carpet. more

Terrible and Unfriendly Customer Service - will not be going back! 1/3/2008

I had an extremely unreasonable, completely unprofessional experience on my first visit here. I had a discount coupon from their store to use that I forgot to give to the owner as she was ringing up my purchase. The owner refused to honor the coupon stating that it was my mistake by not giving her the coupon before she rang the item up. I apologized for that, but asked her what happens when a purchase is mistakenly rung up- she stated in a very stern way that they she doesn't make mistakes, that "YOU made the mistake!" I was very surprised at the response and also to find out that she was the owner. She said she did not want my business, which is unfortunate, because based upon a good first impression, I would have been a lifetime customer since my daughter is only 2 and 1/2 years old. It's unfortunate that she was so shortsided on customer service. Interestingly enough, another customer was in right before me and the owner was downright mean to her, who politely asked about a return. The owner curtly replied, "We NEVER take returns!" and left it at that. Even so, I think there is a professionally courteous way to convey a store's strict policy and still keep a customer coming back. I will not be giving Art Stone my business and will be letting other dancers/mothers know about this unfriendly, unreasonable store. more

Poor Service 9/10/2007

This store was crowded with unorganized merchandise and the staff was not helpful or even very friendly. I rummaged through overstuffed racks which didn't seem to be in any particular order and left empty handed - mostly just out of frustration. more
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