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Raveen R Arora Inc: Arora Raveen R MD

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Since when do all people agree on the same subject? I guess only in the case of Dr. Arora. I have read all the reviews and totally agree with all of them. Had a heart attack in...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/6/2014

My name is Eugene Hawkins, I am 53 years old... Years Young, thanks to Dr. Arora. When I first met Dr. Arora, I really don't remember how I was introduced to him, maybe through the emergency ward. Well any way. My blood pressure was in the 210 over 150 range, borderline stroke range. It is a wonder I had not had one, by this time. I am a dyalisis patient. Dr. Arora worked on me like no other Dr. before him ever did! He watched everything about me for about 4 years even still to this day. He tried everything seeing what worked and what didn't work. Until he found the ultimate solution, now my blood pressure is under control! 100 over 75 as an average sometimes a little higher and sometimes a little lower. Now every Monday, Wedsnesday and Friday, I ride my bike 5 miles to my dyalisis appointment and ride it back home from appointments. The nurses there still can't believe I am doing this. They say this is unheard of! By I believe you are as strong as you can believe seeing your self do! This past Tuesday I took my granddaughter to Universal Studios, for her birthday. And if you have ever been there you know that is a lot of walking up and down hills,. Doc Arora thanks I thought I would never see this type of day ever again 9 years ago, It was only a dream, but now it is a realty!\r Thanx Doc God bless you and your family! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/2/2013

Dr. Arora has kept my husband alive! My husband has. Lost two brothers and two sons to heart disease. After the second brother died from a sudden cardiac event, my husband went to the hospital for chest pain and met Dr. Arora. Dr. Arora started my husband on a simple medication regimen. That was 25 years ago. My husband is going to 86 this year, and his heart is still pumping. Dr. Arora recently made arrangements for a pacemaker to be put in my husband, and he is doing great! Thank you, Dr. Arora! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/28/2013

I am a 73 year old retired Boeing Engineer. I have been under the care of Dr Raveen Arora for the last 10 years. I have seen my share of cardioliogist in my lifetime. I retired at the age of 70 from Boeing but while i was employed i ran over 100 miles a week (30 miles in one day on the weekend) preparing for marathons, 50 milers and the ultimate: 100 mile endurance run in the local mountain (AC100). One of my lifetime goals is to live 100+ years with no assistants. Both of my parent lived into there 90s so genetically i am ok. But both eventually had cardiovascular disease which caused there downfall. So my primary interest with a cardioligist is to establish a ""baseline"" then work with a doctor and attempt to improve on my overall cariovascular health (i.e. reverse any coronary blockage i had). When i first met Dr Arora we talked and he tried to understand what i wanted. I told him i want to live to be 100++ with no one assisting me (i.e. no wheel chair). I want to be very active at 100++. He told me about his mother and how he is caring for her. Then he said I am going to treat you the same way i treat my mother. My choloresterol, triglyceride and blood pressure has always been very normal (not a problem), because i ran over 100 miles a week, was pretty much a vegetarian, i was in excellent health to start out with. I did not have a cardiovascular problem but i wanted to improve on my baseline.\r Long story short, Dr Raveen and i worked together on a drug regimentation that includes: statin drug (Crestor 10mg), niacin (Niaspan 2000mg) and baby aspirin 83 mg for about 3 years which lowered by LDL and trigliceride and raised my HDL. But what we were both after was to move from LDL Density (Pattern) B to Pattern A. Most people (including Dr 'Arora and his mother) are Pattern B which has a higher risk of of cardiovascular disease. The high dosage of Niacin over many years causes the change. Three weeks ago i had VAP Lipid Panel done at his office and to our surprise, i moved from Pattern B to A. Nothing is perfect in life and medicine is is a practice that requires years of patience and experience. I know what i want!. I know what my baseline heart data was when first met Dr Arora. I want to improve beyond the old baseline. After many years of effort we made the first big step in the direction i want to go.\r 100++. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/8/2012

Man - Did his family write these reviews? There is one thing about having a sparkling personality but honestly I'd rather have someone that takes what I am saying seriously. Dr. Aurora is not an active listener - he can talk about everything and anything but does not listen. He has done so much damage to my father by not listening - not taking into account the whole man, and the whole family dynamic. We have had years of hell and it all started when my father chose this doctor.\r This is a doctor whose medicine is based in the 70s - I know more about his tennis ailments than he knows about my fathers health. He laughs about anything and when you are sick - you don't want to be laughed at or your illness made light of. He doesn't read patients dispositions well or he would have stopped laughing with my father years ago. Nice guy - but get a clue dr! Listen to your patients -ask questions - don't assume - and integrate the family before you come up with your diagnosis or write another prescription. It's all about drugs here. Too rushed - too stuck in conservative medicine (surgery and prescription writing) for any good. Sometimesa good personality is not good enough! more

Nothing like a man who has a passion for his craft 5/23/2011

Since when do all people agree on the same subject? I guess only in the case of Dr. Arora. I have read all the reviews and totally agree with all of them. Had a heart attack in the middle of a basketball game and was taken to Kaiser close by. Out of the blue Dr. Arora appears, talks to my wife, and has me transferred to Anaheim Memorial. Was scheduled for surgery the next morning. Told that I started to fade two hours before surgery. Dr. Arora was called and reportedly was racing down the freeway at 90 miles an hour to get to the hospital. Quadruple bypass. I was told by more than one person besides Dr. Arora that I was very lucky to be alive at all. I do not like going to doctors and I am not very good about following their directions to a ""T"". I do and will always follow Dr. Arora's directions (almost) to a ""T"" AFTER I try to talk him out of whatever he says I need to do. He is the only doctor in my now long years that I have ever trusted implicitly. He cares, he knows his craft, and then some, and he will shoot straight always. What more could one ask? I owe this man my life. Because of him I am still here to enjoy my grandchildren. more

Comments by Anaheim Firefighter, Jan Hagan 2/19/2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Arora for over 25 years. I believe not having Dr. Arora would have been a detriment to my health. He actively pursues the best medicines for his patients, gives them personal, caring treatment and never fails to give his most. Any indication of any abnormalcies, he goes directly for the appropriate care. He has treated me for high blood pressure all those years, successfully keeping it within normal ranges. I have seen many doctors during my 76 years, from general practice, specialists, those with health care programs, but none has been as good or professional as Dr. Arora. He provides the kind of treatment doctors provided many years ago, but now, never seems to be available. This is compared to the huge medical program conglomerates that make patients feel as though they are on an assembly line, not getting the best of care....only what provides the greatest income for them, at the expense of good patient care. I consider myself very lucky to have met him over two decades ago. He is a friend as well as my physician and cardiac specialist. I hope he stays in practice for years to come. I hold the highest respect possible for Dr. Raveen Arora. more

Superman? 12/8/2010

Dr. Arora is the kind of person I would call a “100-PERCENTER”. He has been my Doctor for over 9 years. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here to write this! I particularly like his “bed-side manner”, i.e., he is a superb listener, focuses on details and is very gracious and individual. By that I mean, he is a “look you in the eye “ and “tell it like it is” type person with, when appropriate, a little humor added. You may have to wait sometimes to see him but he’s a busy man and well worth the wait. Occasionally, the Doctor will refer you to a specialist and I have found his referrals to be excellent Doctors in their own specialties as well. The Doctor’s office is a couple of blocks from ANAHEIM REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER and if you’re one of his patients, rest assured, you will get very good care because Dr. Arora is well known there and is regularly in the hospital to check on his patient’s status. Dr. Arora doesn’t come with a Superman Outfit and a Cape but believe me,HE CAN FLY - - - HE CAN FLY!!! – HIGHER!!!---FASTER!!!---STRAIGHTER!!! BECAUSE HE’S ON A DIFFERENT PLANE THAN MOST OF THE OTHERS!!! more

Best Dr around 10/18/2010

Simply put Dr Arora ""saved my life"". I was being miss diagnosed and kept getting Worse and Worse. He was recomended by a friend and I was fortunate to see him as his last appointment on a Saturday. A few tests later and I was on my way to the Hospital. I had an ejection fraction of 11(should be between 50 and 70) and an extremely irregular heartbeat. I was in the Hospital a week and had an implantable cardioverter defibrillator put in. 6 Months later my ejection fraction is normal and so is my heart rythem. If Dr Arora did not take the time to see me that Saturday I wouldnt be writting this. He cares and that is the difference! more

Best Cardiologist in California 2/22/2010

Dr. Arora is one of the most professional, intelligent, knowledgeable, funny, and engaging physicians around. Rare to have a brilliant and hysterically funny Doc. There are not many Doctors left like him. He truly cares about each patient and spends unprecedented time reviewing each patients needs and making sure they are met. He consistently works above and beyond. He saved my life and will always hold a special place in the life on my family. I Highly, highly recommend Dr. Arora and his wonderful staff Pros: All around brilliance more

The Best Cardiologist In the World!! 4/29/2009

I just want people to know about the excellent treatment I received from Dr. Arora. I usually don't post things on the internet and this is my first time but I felt that this is well worth posting. I'm 32 years of age and I live a pretty healthy life, I don't smoke, drink or eat fatty foods and I execise regularly. About a year ago I was having constant headaches and dizzy spells, so I went to see a doctor at St. Joseph hospital in Orange and the doctor prescribed me some medicine without running any test. I was taking the medicine like I was told and my mother who has been a patient of Dr. Arora since 1978 told me how could the Dr. at St. Joseph just prescribe me medicine without running any test first. She finally convinced me to go see Dr. Arora and this was the best thing I could have done for my life. On my first visit to Dr. Arora's office I had test done and I was set up to have an ultrasound of my heart and chest cavity on the second visit. It turned out that I had high pressure and high cholesterol of 600. He gave me two medications Azor and Simcor for treatment and after about 3-4 weeks my pressure was normal and my cholesterol dropped to 300. Dr. Arora said my mother saved my life, if I would have continued with the other doctor and not treated this properly I could've suffered a heart attack. I'm still taking the medicine and as the Dr. said this is to prevent me from having any problems in the future. Dr. Arora is really dedicated to his profession and is very good at what he does. He takes the time to asses the best treatment for you and shows you results. There isn't many doctors like him around anymore and I was blessed to be treated by him. I recommend him highly to anyone who has heart problems young or old and if you value your life and the life of your loved ones than this is the doctor I would trust my life with. God Bless Dr. Arora Pros: Excellent Heart Treatment Cons: None more

Best Doc EVER!!!! 5/23/2008

Dr. Arora is an amazing doctor! I was having chest pains one day and went into Kaiser permanente. Next thing I know, my sister and wife are sitting next to me telling me I had a heart attack. Luckily Dr. Arora was on call. My artery had a 90 percent blockage and within 15 minutes Dr. Arora had the blockage completely cleared!!! Dr. Arora said that I had to be transfered to Anaheim Memorial immediately. He did this because Kaiser could not even give me half of the care i got at Anaheim Memorial. If Dr. Arora had not been there I may have not made it. He truly is a superb human being. Pros: Friendly, Knowledgable, Funny, Experienced Cons: You may have to wait about 10 min. but trust me it is worth it!!!! more

Best DR. in Anaheim 8/15/2007

It?s kind of funny, in July 2006, I thought I had a bad case of indigestion and went to the Kaiser Permanente emergency room because the antacids were not working very well. Because of the chest pains the Dr. did an EKG. \r \r Fortunate for me I don't remember any thing else (I woke up 30 hours later in the ICU). My wife told me, approx 3 minutes later my heart rate went from 80 to 180 to 0. They called a cold blue, and they used the difibulater to restart my heart. DR. Arora was on call and insisted that I be moved to Anaheim Memorial ASAP. (If it was not for his determination to have me moved, I would not be around to white this review)\r \r Dr Arora installed a stent in the left descending artery (AKA the ?Widow maker""). He performed three, four hour surgeries in less than thirty minutes. Apparently I had an unknown genetic defect that would have been fatal if I was any where but the emergency room.\r \r Dr Arora would not staff is the best of the best. They kind, compassionate, and extreamly knowledgeable. Dr. Arora and his staff have my full trust and my recommendation for anyone needing the skills a cardiologist.\r Pros: Kind, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable Cons: Wait times can be 15-20min more

Top Notch Care 6/22/2007

My first checkup with Dr. Arora was in 1997 and i have had previous heart problems my whole life so I thought I had encountered them all but Dr. Arora is not only the smartest and most entertaining cardiologist I've met, he is incredibly involved and receptive with his patients. Great physician and I wouldn't recommend anyone else! Pros: Has your doctor ever made you laugh? Cons: nothing comes to mind... more

Best Cardiologist 11/21/2006

Dr. Arora just happened to be on call at Kaiser Permanente in 2003 when the paramedics brought me to that emergency room even though I was not a Kaiser member. It was a lucky day for me. Dr. Arora had me transferred to Anaheim Memorial where I received a pacemaker(defibrillator). He has been my cardiologist ever since and I'm more than happy to highly recommend him and his staff. Along with being a top notch physician, he is a ""mensch"" (a person of integrity and honor).\r Pros: parking, friendliness, on site xrays, lab work and pap tests, Cons: Occasionally you might have to wait but it's worth it! more

Amazing! 2/17/2006

So kind, and funny, and very, very intelligent! Best cardiologist in southern California, no question. more
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