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Arocha Hair Restoration - 15 Reviews - 5452 Glen Lakes Dr Ste 201, Dallas, TX - Surgeon Reviews - Phone (214) 938-2289
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Arocha Hair Restoration

5452 Glen Lakes Dr Ste 201
Dallas, TX 75231
(214) 938-2289
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Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX
Arocha Hair Restoration - Dallas, TX


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\r \r How do you choose the best Doctor for Hair Restoration? Do you search by price? Location? Experience? Patient Reviews? Well, we are very picky about the physicians we see...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/19/2015

If you take your hairloss serious, find a doctor that takes pride in his work and cares about his patients results, thats Dr Arocha, top notch experience from top to bottom. His reviews, youtube videos, and before and after pics speak for themselves. Neiman marcus of hair restoration doctors. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/29/2013

I’ll start by saying, I began to lose my hair at a relatively young age. By my Sr. yr in college I had friends poking fun at me because of my receding hairline. I knew it was all in good fun, but as time went on and I continued to lose more, it began to really bother me. When I turned 25 and came to the realization that I was just another few years away from being VERY bald in the front and mid section of my head, I decided to take action. I did my research and came across Dr. Arocha’s name in a number of online publications and reviews. He appeared to be regarded as one of the best in the business as I could not find one unfavorable review. I called his office and set up a consultation, free of charge. After 30-45 minutes of informative conversation, I was ready to sign up!\r \r 5 years, 3 procedures and 6000 grafts later, I can’t tell you how happy I am with my decision to go in for that initial consultation. Of all the things we spend money on (that we don’t necessarily need to have) this ranks as the most worthwhile IMO. I truly believe confidence in the way you look is good for your health and prevents unnecessary stress. The fact is, a full head of hair slows the appearance of your aging, makes you feel better about yourself, and is more appealing to others (although my amazing wife would never admit that she cares how much hair I have). Furthermore, the unfortunate truth is that a first impression someone makes of you can very well be influenced by your appearance. The last thing I wanted, was to lose business or not get a job because I was not appealing enough to someone elses eyes.\r \r The procedure itself is a walk in the park. I’m not going to compare it to getting a Swedish massage, but it is certainly nothing at all to be afraid of. Dr. Arocha’s team is very caring and professional, nothing at all is rushed, and very minimal discomfort (if you want to call it that) occurs during the procedure; just a pinch here and there when they numb your donor area and recipient site. Seriously, nothing to be worried about!! I could talk to the staff during the procedure, and at times I would doze off for a little bit. If you need to get up to go to the bathroom, you can do so at anytime. Dr. Arocha lets you chose the lunch order for the day as well! \r \r The first night of recovery is probably the most difficult part of the process, but it really is not that bad. Yesterday I had a procedure with approximately 1800 grafts and got a good 7 hours of sleep, only waking a couple of brief times to adjust my pillow. When I awoke this morning, there was only slight discomfort from the pressure being applied to my donor site, but not even enough to make me take pain medication today. Additionally, as long as you sleep elevated at 45 degrees, there is no visible swelling to your face.\r \r Overall, I not only highly recommend a hair transplant if you are debating it, but I highly recommend Dr. Arocha and his team. They are a top notch operation, are always available for questions if you have them, and do their best to make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. You will not regret an investment in Dr. Arocha, as the results he delivers are well worth it! \r more

Thank you, Thank you! 11/21/2011

\r \r How do you choose the best Doctor for Hair Restoration? Do you search by price? Location? Experience? Patient Reviews? Well, we are very picky about the physicians we see so we searched by all of the above and that is how we found Dr. Arocha! 2 years ago, I would see my husband spending a little more time in the mirror styling his hair, finally he spoke up. He wanted me to do research on Hair Restoration because he felt as he could use a little extra up top. I contacted the office and since we are out of state we hoped they would be able to get us in for the consult and procedure close together more

Great job Dr. Arocha and Staff 9/23/2011

It has been only a year since my procedure and what a year it has been. There are so many wonderful moments I've enjoyed since deciding to use Dr. Arocha. He came highly referred, and with good reason. I was impressed from day 1. His offices and staff are first class. The procedure went without a hitch and was surprisingly comfortable. The recovery was quick and I have no visible scarring. The most amazing thing is that I never told anyone, other than my wife and hair dresser, about this procedure- not even my kids. Incredibly, no one has ever asked about it. Occasionally I get the remark that my hair looks thicker but I just credit it to Propecia and the conversation moves on. No one has ever suspected I had anything done. Of course, Dr. Arocha would probably prefer that I tell everyone about his great work, but the fact that no one has ever figured it out makes his work even greater. I was 50 when I did this and my hair was visibly thinning. I would constantly look in the mirror, reshaping my thinning hair to cover up exposed scalp. It was always an issue and always in my conscious focus, as I knew my hair was getting thinner by the month. Just deciding to go through with the procedure lifted my spirits and outlook. Once over, I more


Dr. Arocha has exceeded my expectations far beyond of what I imagined. I came to him looking for help with a bad hair transplant, and not only did he fix the botched procedure I had, he also made me a hairline that made me look 15 years younger. I am extremely happy with the result, and would highly recommend Dr. Arocha's work to anyone looking into a Hair Restoration Procedure. Excellent craftsmanship and a great team of people! more

Good job and value for the price 6/28/2011

I was very very reluctant but I decided to do it. I was pleasantly surprised and my result is good 6 months in. Should be awesome once I hit the 12 month point. Dr. A does good work and they are VERY forthright about setting realistic expectations and are very willing to work with you and have an intelligent conversation. I used their Houston office. Most notably he can and will do a larger proceedure which is more bang for your buck as a patient rather than break things up into small sessions. I have talked to a few people and I think this is and was the way to go. There's a certain amount of fixed cost they have in the process that are the same regardless of # of grafts. They were also great about setting up the timing of the proceedure to mesh with my holidays/time off from work. The process even though long that day goes quicker than one may expect and the staff makes it fun as they have great personalities on top of technical skills. Thanks Dr. Arocha! more

Very satisfied with my natural looking results 6/22/2011

I had serious reservations about having a hair transplant. I struggled with the idea for nearly a year. I still had a significant amount of hair and I was nervous that if I picked the wrong surgeon my results would look unnatural which would further erode my confidence and self-esteem. I either wanted natural looking results or I wasn?t going to do it. After meeting with several of the larger hair transplant chains I was fortunate to find Dr. Arocha. His sterling reputation as a leader in the field of hair transplantation is well deserved. It?s not just that he?s as much artist as surgeon, it?s his commitment to his craft that enables him to achieve high density natural looking results. I picked Dr. Arocha because after speaking to him and meeting his staff I felt like he could deliver. I can't pinpoint the exact reason why I trusted him all I knew is that I didn't feel that way when I met the other doctors. I flew in on the day of the surgery and arrived at his office around 9am. The staff was very warm and friendly. Although I was nervous, I felt like I had made a good decision. Dr. Arocha and his assistant Craig explained the process prior to getting started. The surgery went very well. Although I was awake and received 3,400 grafs, I didn?t feel any pain and only have a vague recollection of the procedure itself. I spent the night in Houston and flew back home the following morning. The first couple of days I had minor discomfort in the donor area but was fine with over the counter pain medication. After a long weekend I went back to work. I am currently 11 months out. I look and feel 10 years younger. I?m ecstatic with the results. My only regret is I wish I would have done it several years ago. I would have saved myself a lot of grief. If you are thinking about having a hair transplant, I strongly encourage you to at least meet Dr. Arocha before making a decision. Good Luck more

My experience with Dr Arocha 6/18/2011

For the last ten years I have been researching and considering a hair transplant. Looked at all the big names in the biz and came across Dr. Arocha on the Hair Transplant Network. Dr. Arocha was very patient with me as I came in for three consultations where he answered all my questions. I finally decided it was time and made an appointment. Dr Arocha and his staff made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. It was like having a good friend do your hair transplant. I had a 4000 graft procedure that lasted 6 hours and honestly it felt like very little time passed. ( I was dead asleep during the harvesting so that helped) No pain or discomfort to speak of. After it was over I expected to see bloody holes all over my head but you couldn't see any evidence of the transplant! But I could definitely feel all the bristly new hairs. I am writing this 3 days after the procedure. I think the hardest part is waiting to see my new hair come in. I highly recommend Dr Arocha and his staff. more

Dr. Arocha - A great Hair Restoration surgeon!! 5/17/2011

Hi guys, I just read the posts in this forum and found it quite interesting!! So, I decided to share my opinion as well. I am a Research Engineer by profession and thus by habit, I have done quite an extensive research on hair transplantation and the surgeons who perform these surgeries. From all the studies that I conducted to find a suitable (obviously ""the Best"") hair transplant surgeon for myself, I finally came to the conclusion that Dr. Arocha stands much ahead of his fellow peers in the hair transplant industry!! From my own experience with him, I can mention so many positive points about him, which will surely make you feel that he is the right Doctor for you to have a hair transplant. Here are the points ? (1) He is recommended by several surgical Hair Restoration Associations, who have really set a very high standard for this kind of practice. (He is a member of the prestigious Coalition Surgeons as can be seen on this website!) (2) He is a perfect gentleman and during the consultation, you can just discuss all your concerns and goals with him without any hesitation. Skype Consultation is also possible! AND ALL OF THIS HE DOES FREE OF COST!! Even after your surgery, if you have some concerns, he and his staff will happily entertain all your questions. (3) Doc himself is very experienced and knowledgeable in his domain i.e. hair transplantation and he has also completed a prestigious fellowship in HT to master the skills and intricacies involved in this kind of a surgery. On top of that, he has got a very knowledgeable, experienced and skillful staff, who are very professional in their work, but at the same time are personal in their behavior. Doc and his staff are very friendly and make every situation so light that you don?t even feel that you are having a surgery!! They make you feel a part of their family. (4) Doc is an artist himself by hobby and what I know about this kind of cosmetic surgery is that, along with the technical skills, the doc needs to have a very good aesthetic sense, because its all about your looks, which I am sure Dr. Arocha has. (5) Dr. Arocha and his staff concentrate on hair transplant and perform only ONE surgery a day, so you will be his sole attention on the day of your surgery. It will be ""YOUR DAY"", whose result will last you for a lifetime!! (6) Most of the HT cases, which he deals with show early results. By God's grace, I am one of them! You guys can check my hair restoration journey from the photos that I have posted on the Hair Transplant Network, under author name ? ?Sabby?. Apart from all these points, based on the results that I myself have got in one year post surgery (as you guys can yourself see in my blogs) I can say that, there has been quite a significant improvement! This fact itself adds to my claim that Dr. Arocha is undoubtedly one of the BEST HT Surgeons in the world! I feel that's why one should have no question about his credibility in Dallas!! I am presently staying in a state in the north of US, but seeing his credibility as a 'HT surgeon' as well as his genuineness as a 'person', I have already booked my date for my second HT surgery with him, ignoring the distance issue!! If his work was not good enough, I surely wouldn?t have taken this step. This should itself speak volumes about my trust and faith in him. I will keep you posted on how my second HT goes and will surely share my experience with you guys. more

Dr. Arocha is excellent all around!! 11/28/2010

I am posting comments to this website because of the great experience I had with Dr. Arocha in Houston, TX. As an African-American, it was difficult to find a hair transplant surgeon to begin with. My first experience with a hair transplant group in suburban Detroit left me with marginal results and needless to say, I thought I had to deal with the results that were achieved. However, after moving to Texas and gathering my courage, I decided I should at least investigate other hair transplant surgeons in the larger Houston metro area. I can say I was very lucky to come across Dr. Arocha's website. more

Dr Aroacha is a true artist in his field!! 10/27/2010

I'm a high- end hairstylist in University Park, Dallas. I've had two transplants from Dr Aroacha. My hair looks thick and totally natural. Dr Aroacha is a master at giving a natural looking hairline through hairtransplantation. Several of Dr Aroacha's patients are my clients and after seeing their hair I was totally convinced that he's the best!! Their hair looks so natural and full!! more

Dr. Arocha changed my life.... 10/5/2010

It was very difficult to be a woman in my 30's with significant hair loss. I wore hats most of the time and felt very self-conscious about my appearance. Luckily, after one visit, Dr. Arocha was able to put me at ease and offer a viable solution to help me look and feel better. Dr. Arocha, Craig, and staff are all very knowledgeable, friendly, and made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. Dr. Arocha was very patient explaining the procedure to me - what to expect before, during, and after surgery. I felt as if he and Craig were holding my hand through each step of the process. Now, after 2500 grafts and 9 months later, I feel like a new person. I could tell the surgery had worked, but I didn't realize how well it had worked until I saw my before and after pictures. WOW! Even friends who haven't seen me in a months are amazed at the results. Thank you, Dr. Arocha! more

Surgical Hair Resoration - Dr. Arocha 9/10/2010

Dr. Arocha, Craig and his staff did a 3700 graft procedure for me three weeks ago. It was a great experience, as Dr. Arocha and his staff make it a fun day with music, laughs and a very pleasant atmosphere. From the very fisrt appointment I had, Dr. Arocha explanined everything in detail, supported by an array of pictures of how the procedure works. He is not your average hair doctor.....he is an artist and he loves what he does. You will find that he is not interested in how many transplant procedures he can do, but rather how he can make each clients hair be exactly how he or she would look best. He will spend as much time as necessary to do the job right. If you are even thinking about having this done, you should talk to Dr. Arocha or his staff. They are extremely knowledgable and very friendly, and would happy to answer any questions. more

Dr. Arocha and his Staff- Best in Hair Restoration 9/3/2010

Dr. Orocha and his staff, Craig, Maria and Mary are highly trained and professinal. From the moment you walk into the door of their beautiful facility, you feel welcomed. Unlike any other other doctos office that I have been to, Dr. Arocha's has a warm, friendly and personable atmoshpere. Immediately, you feel relaxed and confident in their expertise. During my consult they were informative and efficient. Once I arrived on the day of the procedure, I felt comfortabel that I was in the hands of highly trained individuals. I was right on that assessment. The procedure went so extremely well and I did not experience any pain, whatsoever. while Dr. Arocha and the staff conducted the procedure, we talked, I listened to my IPod music (they have a docking station that they allow you to play your tunes) and even slept for a while. When it was all over, my wife drove me home and I slept like a baby. It's only been a day and I can't wait to see myself with a head of curly hair again. How sweet it will be! Don't put this off, go ahead, make an appointment with Dr. Arocha and get prepared to change your life. It's so awesome! more

Start to finish - a WONDERFUL experience 9/1/2010

Dr. Arocha was a God send. I had had previous hair transplants over a twenty year period by less than capable surgeons. The results looked totally fake, doll-like, glaringly obvious and the rear donor area of my head looked like a war zone. I had spent two decades feeling self-conscious and that I had no options but to live with these disastrous results. But after some significant research online, I came across Dr. Arocha and made an appointment to see him in Dallas. I had to take time off from work and travel several hours to do this, but it was the best decision that I've ever made. Dr. Arocha put me at ease right away. He was laid back, understood exactly my situation and where I was coming from, and took all the time in the world answering my every question. I shared with him my surgical history, my fears and concerns and he took it from there. He showed me photos of his work (which, by the way, is incredible) and exactly what he would do to accomplish my desire to look normal again. It was private, personal and professional. Immediately I knew he understood so I scheduled my surgery. The experience with the procedure was equally as laid back and comfortable. The facility is wonderful, the staff is warm and friendly, and (I don't say this lightly) Dr. Arocha is a true artist. He was able to give me a new hairline and coverage that I wouldn't have thought possible in my wildest dreams. I was completely at ease and there was very little pain or discomfort. In a word, it was great. If you are like I was and have had a horrible experience with hair replacement, Dr. Arocha is the only surgeon that you want. By my own results, I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are just beginning to research your options, Dr. Arocha is an artist who specializes in very ""real"" looking hairlines. He is the real deal. more

Modern Artist 8/25/2010

Professional, personable ,thorough and all with a very relaxed down to earth ambiance. This was my 2nd HairTransplant.The first was by a very competent and reputable surgeon(of which I have no complaints), but Dr Arocha had managed to far surpass my first experience. He approached the consultation as an artist rather than a salesman. He went over all questions and made me feel confident. He took the time to get to know me and is a very likable person-which was important to me. During the procedure itself ,he and his staff were very friendly and helpful and made my surgery a good experience. In summary: a first rate doctor and intelligent staff who know their craft and take pride in it as well. more


I had a great experience with Dr. Arocha and his staff. First of all, great office! Dr. Arocha mentioned that he's an art lover and that his passion for all things well done carries over into his work. That was comforting to know and it became apparent in his attention to detail. One thing I look for when employing someone for any kind of service, is to see if they will engage in conversation and take the time to answer questions. If I'm going to take the time to research a subject, then I want my doctor to take the time to talk to me and and answer questions. Dr Arocha was very friendly and patient, and he took the time to answer my many questions, to my satisfaction - and even again on a follow up visit to his office before I made my decision to go ahead with the procedure. I learned a lot about hair restoration on the internet, but it wasn't until I went in for a consultation that I really learned some of the finer details of how it works. I highly recommend that if you are considering a hair transplant that you go talk to Dr. Arocha. He can show you things in person that you can't see or find or the internet. Dr Arocha put no pressure on me to move forward. He answered my questions and then when I was ready, I made an appointment to have a procedure done. Another nice surprise was, on the day of the procedure, I was so relaxed and laid back, it didn't feel like I was about to have surgery. It was like being in a hair solon and I was about to get my hair styled. In other words, although very professional, the environment and staff were calm. The procedure was not painful in any way and the staff went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable at all times. During the surgery the staff put on some nice relaxing music and I actually fell asleep for awhile. The design of the office and the state of the art equipment in the office just made for a very relaxing experience. I remember telling the staff afterwards that I didn't feel like I had just had surgery. It was that calm. Afterwards, although I felt fine, as a courtesy, one of the staff gave me a ride home. Followups have been easy. It's great having a doctor so close to home. And the best part? It worked! I'm just about five months out and I have a think patch of stubble growing where the procedure was done, and my girlfriend has a hard time finding the donor area. So, the work was clean. I highly recommend that regardless of where you live, but especially if you're here local, to make an appointment for a consultation. Pros: Intelligent and down to earth doctor, friendly staff more
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Professional treats hair loss with state-of-the-art methods and surgery.

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  • Using the latest procedures Dr. Arocha restores the receding hairline and crown associated with thinning hair using the patient's very own hair in the hair replacement system. No glues, no weaves and no synthetic hair, just your own natural hair. Your initial consultation with Dr. Arocha will include a review of your medical history; an examination of your existing hair and scalp; and an honest evaluation of your goals and expectations. Dr. Arocha will explain your options and help you to decide on what the right hair restoration procedure is for you.


  • Professional treats hair loss with state-of-the-art methods and surgery.

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