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Army Ant Moving

P.O. Box 26552
Austin, TX 78755
(800) 497-5828
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I wanted to thank you all so much for our move yesterday. Steve was incredibly helpful, professional and friendly as were the other guys. I was a bit overwhelmed with how much mo...


The reviews below all came in the same 2-day period with 9 coming in on one day?. Decide for yourself whether you believe they are real customer reviews and if this is an honest t...


I wanted to thank you all so much for our move yesterday. Steve was incredibly helpful, professional and friendly as were the other guys. I was a bit overwhelmed with how much more stuff we had then I had estimated. We kept them here very late, I am so sorry for that, but they never once acted as if it was a problem. They were friendly the entire time and very accommodating, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to do this move. You guys came highly recommended and you lived up to the recommendation. Thank you again, and please thank Steve for me as well. \r \r ROY Pros: GREAT SERVICE more

Do NOT use this company - they do not show up 9/3/2009

DO NOT SCHEDULE YOUR MOVE WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY DO NOT SHOW UP!!!\r \r I had a move scheduled with them. I even called to confirm my appointment the day before, and verified that everything was set up. The lady who answered the phone said I was scheduled for the next day, and that someone would call before they arrived. The next day Army Ant movers DID NOT SHOW UP. They did not call, and did not even answer the phone when I tried to call them to find out where they were. I ended up having to find another mover at the last minute.\r \r The next day I called Army Ant to complain to the manager... he said he was going to put me ""on hold"" to find out what happened, but he just hung up on me. I tried to call back, and again got no answer.\r \r I cannot stress enough - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! Being stuck on the day of your move with no movers is a nightmare. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! There are better companies out there who actually show up!! Cons: schedules appointments and does not show up more


The two movers were very friendly. They came within a reasonable window of time. However, the experience went sour when they left behind my two queen size mattresses and lost the screws and bolts belonging to my wooden bedframe. They realized they left the mattresses at the old place and said they would go back and get it, even if it went beyond the time alotted (and they wouldn't charge extra since it was their mistake). I paid them, and then never saw them again. I now have a $200 bed in multiple pieces that can't be put together without the screws. Also, they did not wrap my sofas in plastic or take care to make sure the cushions stayed clean. The sofas arrived very dirty, and will require professional cleaning to restore them. Overall, I was very unhappy with the results of this moving job, and would never recommend this company to anyone.\r Pros: Friendly, Charged Exactly as Quoted Cons: There isn't enough space here! more

These guys are great 8/24/2009

We hired Army Ant Moving twice and both times the experience was pleasant. The only drawback this time that we had a window sheduled for them to show up from 10 am to noon and they came in at 1:45.. They said that the prior person had much more stuff than it was previously disclosed and they did call me about 10 am to warn me they will be late. Charges were fair, helped me put some of the furniture together. Thank you! Will definitely call if I need to move again. Pros: Corteous, gentle with furniture Cons: Were late more

Book these guys NOW!!!! 7/29/2009

Thank you so much Army Ant Movers. Daniel and crew showed up on one of the hottest days this summer and moved me with the utmost perfection. All of the guys were friendly and had manners that were impeccable. I had some items that I had not had a chance to pack and they diligently proceeded to pack me up and kept on moving without missing a beat. All of my furniture was wrapped and moved with great care and everything showed up undamaged and placed in the rooms where they belonged Amazing! Forget the companies that boast about white gloves. I will take these muscled up guys any day. By the way, how many movers do you know that works out in the mornings before they come to move you? I will definetly use Army Ant Movers for my next move! BLB more


We wish to compliment your crew for our move Tuesday. Steven and Joe were absolutely the best team we've seen. Due to a managerial position I had at one time and moves to 5 different houses, we have moved over 15 times during the last 43 years. We have seen some really good moving teams, but without a doubt, this was the best move we have ever experienced. This move was for my daughter's family, but we wanted a moving company to take good care of her possessions.\r \r Congratulations! Your team surpassed our expectations. They called 20 minutes before they arrived and were here earlier than expected. This was great since we were anxious to leave early. Their appearance was very clean and appropriate. They were prepared, polite, professional, efficient and wasted no time. Their energy was endless. They worked steadily and completed the loading (and unloading) so quickly, we were shocked. We only needed to tell them once about specially located items. They came prepared with proper tools, straps, shrink wrap and blankets - even a special blanket that had 2 bendable metal bars that hugged the entry door frame so if it had been bumped, there would be no damage. If a piece of oversized furniture was difficult to maneuver around a hall door, they simply put down a blanket, sit the piece on end, and gently slid the piece around the corner. They both knew how to handle a furniture dolly like a pro! We've never seen movers so informed on how to handle all situations without delay. They politely sorted the delivered furniture and boxes to the appropriate rooms. They even put a large blanket down on the entry floor and prevented any dirt from staining the light gray carpet. They could not have been more courteous of our homes or possessions! You know how concerned we were about my daughter's bedroom furniture, and they were extremely cautious in that regard. Without hesitation, Steven helped me identify any existing flaws so I could photograph them and know if any did happen on this trip. This showed his confidence and responsibility he has in his work.\r \r Secondly, since we followed them the 149 miles to my daughter's new home, we witnessed very professional and polite driving all the way. They stayed at a proper distance from the vehicles in front of them, went the speed limit, and always observed the 'move to the left' protocol when a vehicle was on the right shoulder. They had a GPS and knew the correct route to locate the destination point without delay.\r \r We could not have been more pleased with Steven and Joe. Because of this, we would like to offer something we have never done before. If you have a potential customer who wishes to have a reference of Steven and Joe's work, you can provide a copy of this letter. If the customer wishes verbal confirmation, we will take a call and confirm. (Please call and request permission before giving our phone number.) That is how pleased we are with your service.\r \r Thank you again for your efforts in answering all my many questions during the time prior to the move. I contacted seven companies and found your pricing to be slightly above average, but certainly not the most expensive. It was well worth the cost for the service we received.\r \r Again, Army Ants is definitely the best movers we have used, and will be suggested to anyone within your moving area.\r \r In Appreciation,\r \r Randy and Claudia\r Fort Worth, TX Pros: Great guys and Great service Cons: can't think of anything more


I went on to google and found Army Ant Moving Company. We got stood up by another company, so they came and rescued us from a bad situtation. They came within one hour and helped my mother and I unload our rental truck to the third floor of my new apartment. I just wanted to say thank you to Steve and Joe for saving the day for us. I would highly recommend this company. The guys were very professional and efficient. I will be using this company for all my future moving needs.\r \r Thanks again, Stephanie Pros: CAME TO MOVE US WHEN ANOTHER COMPANY STOOD US UP more

Army Ant was fantastic! 7/9/2009

I have never used a moving company before but found myself in a bind the day before I was expected to be out of my place. I signed up for a system generated quote service from multiple providers and Charlie at Army Ant was one of the first to give me a call. I didn't know what to expect so just chose them, I decided if it doesn't work out I'll chalk it up as a learning experience. Now I have found a moving company I'll use each time. The movers showed up to my old place on time and began work right away. They were careful with all glass and anything that could be damaged. They worked hard in the heat and were very courteous. They were diligent in getting everything done and even took apart and reassembled my Eurway bed (which are a real pain). I was charged exactly what I was told + the little time they went over. A tip was well in order. I recommend using these guys. Pros: Timely, Courteous, Quick, Helpful, Reasonable price more

NO Show 6/3/2009

I scheduled army ant movers to unload a packed Uhaul at 10am. The owner called me at 8am THE DAY OF THE MOVE to tell me he would not be able to be there until 4pm! I was blown away. I referenced our agreement from 2 weeks prior which he emailed me. He told me there was nothing he could do. That was the end of our encounter. In short, that was my experience with Army Ant Movers. I scheduled them, they could not show up on time, so I moved myself in with my parents help. I was complaining to my apartment complex in passing, and they said a tenant just 2 day before had a similar experience. They were scheduled for around noon but did not show until 4pm. This week, I am beginning a litigation process against these guys. I cannot speak for their work, but they are unreliable for scheduling. Pros: No experience Cons: Unreliable scheduling more

Nightmare Come True 5/28/2009

I got a call telling me that they will come and make my move 1 hour later than scheduled. This was fine, but when they didn't come until 5:30pm, I called to check in what was happening. No response at either the office or the cell phone. When I finally did manage to get through Crystal, the moving agent, was EXTREMELY rude. The crew was late and I didn't have an ETA on their arrival either! If I'm paying $$$ to the company, I do expect a certain level of customer service! Ultimately booked my move with another company for the following morning. DO NOT use Army Ant Movers. They seem to be available to chat only before the moving date. Unfortunately, on the day of the move (especially if your move is scheduled in the afternoon), they vanish. This was an extremely harrowing experience for me. I NEVER write reviews, but wanted to warn everyone out there about this shoddy service. With so many companies to choose from, definitely give this one a miss. Pros: Quick turnaround time on Quotes Cons: Don't show up to the move! more

Look Elsewhere, you will regret giving them your information 5/28/2009

I filled an online quote form out. They contacted me and told me it would be 845 to move my one bedroom apartment into storage in Austin. I emailed them back and said I would be going with another company because I felt their quote was way excessive. She explained that a trip to Dallas required a price that high. I never said I was moving my things to Dallas. I said I was moving to Dallas and specifically specified that my things would be going into Austin storage. Already they can't seem to follow directions accurately and misquote people. I never asked for a new quote, I had already signed on with Apple Moving. Then, today 05-28-09 I get a phone call, one of many by the way, at 5:02am from their automated service that tells me I have a quote ready. I'm sorry, but I don't like being woken up at that hour if it isn't emergency related. Not to mention I had already told them I didn't want their services. These people are persistent and they border on illegal harassment in my opinion. Read some of the negative reviews before you go with them. They seem to have a history of breaking things, being late, or just not showing up. Cons: Call you constantly and harass you about using their service more

Were we supose to move you? Oooops My fault, we'll get you when we can. 3/7/2009

Do not, DO NOT, don't , DON'T, Never ever use these guys. LEFT ME HANGING AND DIDNT REALLY CARE.\r \r \r If you like to reserve a day and time frame to move and no one show up, use these guys. I called early in the week and got a quote and reserved a time for them to come. Thinking everything was setup from what i was told. Day of the move comes, I get up early, finish what i have to pack. Start waiting. Well the time frame of 8am to 9am passes. I call, I get a answering machine. Leave a message for them to call me back asap. No call back at 9:30. So i call again. Same thing. Girl friend calls. Same thing. I call same thing. You get the point. I final get a hold of someone at 9:50. He says he will find out what happend and call me back in 5 mins. 20 mins goes by and i get a call, he is still working on getting some info on why they aint here. So he will call me back. 10:35 comes and i get a call saying the guy (think the owner) forgot to put all my info in the computer so it didnt print out my reservation. Then he goes and say the earliest time someone will be able to make it is 4:00 PM. I tell him to forget ir and I will go with someone else that can do the job. I went with a company that will be here at 3:00 pm, Yes i know its only a hour earlier. They still got me in today when i called today. They work off referals. Dont help them. Now I waste a whole day because they dont know how to do there JOB. Cons: They dont know how to do there job. more

Wonderful Experience 2/11/2009

My experience with Army Ant was a dream come true. After getting totally screwed over by another moving company, I called Army Ant on a Friday afternoon to schedule a Monday morning move and they were happy to help. During this part of the process I dealt with 3 different guys in the office and all 3 were so friendly and helpful. I couldn't believe how great I was treated considering how last minute this all happened. On Monday Morning, they showed up on time and ready to go. They worked quickly and handled my furniture and boxes very carefully. They were very friendly and very professional. Once we got to the new apartment they managed to not get any foot prints on my beautiful new carpet, even though it was raining, which I thought was a miracle. No scrapes or gouges on my new walls either. When it was all said and done, Not one single item of mine was damaged. Every wine glass, every desert plate and every picture frame was in as good condition as when I had packed them away. They maintained a friendly and professional attitude even though I was moving from a 3rd floor in Austin to a 3rd floor in Dallas IN THE RAIN. I am so grateful to all of the guys that helped me keep my sanity through what could have been a very stressful move. They definately went above and beyond my expectations and did so at a very fair price. I would reccommend Army Ant to my Mama, my sister, my friends, every one I know! Pros: Easy to work with, punctual, handled my stuff with care Cons: nothing at all more

Worst Moving Experience Ever! 1/2/2009

This was the worst experience for me and my family. We moved about a year ago and I recently was going through some emails and remembered my experience with Army Ant. I read the reviews posted and I must say they are misleading, do not use this company. Please note that there are quite a few posts made on the same day (8/30) with raving reviews! Beware! We had rented Army Ant Moving because we received the cheapest quote from them. Well, needless to say, we got what we paid for....a broken lamp and a busted out window in our new apartment that Army Ant refused to reimburse us for. It was a disaster. The movers lied to us and said that the window would be replaced but when we talked with the business office, the office manager, Susan Thomas, stated that they only pay .60 on the dollar and because they would agree to repaying us for the lamp, they would not replace the window. Ludicrous! She was extremely rude as well, over the phone and when I pointed that out in an email she was quick to apologize but still refused to pay me back for the window. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY . YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED AND THEY WILL GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND!!! Pros: Cheap, but you get what you pay for Cons: Dishonest, Unclean trucks, very frivolous with your personal belongings....movers sweat all over your stuff more

Army Ant Moving did my family right 9/21/2008

We had to reschedule with them 5 times due to our closing. This company never had a problem with my logistical problems. When the guys showed up they were so friendly and helpful. We did'nt finish all our packing and they helped us finish. They brought us boxes and packing matierials they already had with them in their trailer. This was a stressfull time and this company helped us in our time of need. I would reccommend anyone that needs a moving company to be flexible and understanding of closing problems. These guys are the bomb and i will never use another company. Steve and Matt not only made us feel comfortable with their service but really were our heros. Thank you Army Ant Moving and you are our moving company for life. Pros: flexible and friendly more


Army Ant showed up on time and did everything we ask them to do. These guys are awesome and I wll never use another moving company. They wrapped all my furniture, nothing got damaged and they put together all my beds and even hooked up my stereo system. These guys went above and beyond and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants knock your socks off service. - Jennifer Price Pros: Went above and beyond for my family more

They screwed up 8/15/2008

I hired Army Ant to move my family from Austin to Boston. We agreed that my employer, Harvard University, would pay them directly in the week following the move. When they arrived in Boston (altready three days late), the driver (who was Charlie, the owner of the company) changed his mind and tried to get Harvard to get him a check that day. Of course, because Harvard is such a huge institution, they couldn't do it on that much notice. Charlie held my stuff hostage (without telling me for several hours) until late in the day, when I finally told him that I would personally pay and have my employer reimburse me. What was really galling was that if he had said up front that he needed payment on arrival, I could have arranged it, but he didn't. Lucky I had a high enough credit limit that I could put almost ten thousand dollars on my card. I would never use them again. Pros: They took my stuff straight from Austin to Boston (but were three days late) Cons: They lied and held my stuff hostage more


This isnt a moving company. It is some guy who sub-contracts moves out to different ""crews"" of contract workers. Our movers showed up an hour late, did not have any supplies for the move, took over an hour to go and get supplies which eventually were not enough. All was fine until the crew wanted to quit at 5pm - - did I mention they got started over 2 hours late??!!!! We insisted they finish the job and after such we had MANY pieces of framed artwork with the glass shattered. We suppose this was intentional due to the fact we had no broken items before making them work past 5. Above and beyond that, the contractor would not speak to us due to the fact we had asked him to complete the task at hand. It is very difficult to work with a mover who does not communicate and pouts for 6+ hours. Finally, they did NOT finish the job. Much of our stuff we had to go back and get ourself due to their inability to get the job done. It was a TERRIBLE experience and has cost us dearly. Find some real moving company to use that actually employs the movers and will be professional. Cons: everything more

Best moving experience in 10 years! 11/9/2007

If you're looking for a moving company, your search is over. This company is not the cheapest in the book, but they are the best value, hands down. They moved me from Austin to Denver on short notice, provided full packing services and got everything into storage on the other end. I've been in the military and have moved internationally and domestically several times in the last 10 years. This move was the best experience. Their team took care of everything door-to-door. They demonstrated excellent attention to detail and went out of their way to make sure everything was packed correctly and securely. They also went out of their way to make sure everything was packed and organized just the way I wanted it. The level of personal service was outstanding. I also liked the fact that they did the long distance move themselves. The same people who packed me up were the ones who transported the goods and unpacked it on the other end. No hand-off to a subcontractor or other shell games that I'd seen with other companies. They were on point and personally responsible for everything at every step of the way. \r Moving is a huge pain. Make it easy on yourself and call these guys. It's worth it. They treat you like an individual, not just another body with a checkbook. Best value. Best service. Best everything. Thanks AAM! Pros: Personalized, door to door service. more

Real customer reviews ? Decide for yourself 10/26/2007

The reviews below all came in the same 2-day period with 9 coming in on one day?. Decide for yourself whether you believe they are real customer reviews and if this is an honest trustworthy company. more
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