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Arikatla, Haritha, Md - Reagan Medical Center - 9 Reviews - 2878 Five Forks Trickum Rd, Lawrenceville, GA - Psychiatric Hospital Reviews - Phone (678) 344-8700

Arikatla, Haritha, Md - Reagan Medical Center

2878 Five Forks Trickum Rd
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(678) 344-8700
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This place was great! I don't have insurance and going to a regular doctor to get any testing done is way out of my pocket. I walked in, waited a bit and was seen by Dr. Poddar. H...


I saw DRwhiteneck after starting at his computer and bobbing his head he barely got around to tell me what he thought was wrong with me,. After 1 week still in severe pain I went...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/28/2012

Stay away from this place. this is not a doctors office by any stretch and a clinic to be used when there are no other options. i went here in a pinch to get some blood work done, and they won't take you unless you see the ""Docotor"" first (which was really a PA). After going through my health history a bit (which is uneventful thank God) th PA wanted to have me get an EKG done for some gas symptoms. [Be very careful because it seems like they just want to get you to do extra stuff that you really dont want or need just to get paid for it.] The reception staff seem to be very unprepared or unsure of what to do or how there systems work (maybe they have new people... who know's). The receptionsist was eating chips and playing games on her cell phone (very unprofessional) and she didn't seem to know what she was doing. lastly, the nurse (if she was even a nurse) seemed to be very unaware of personal accumen when it comes to not spreading germs. When she opened the door for me to walk to back she proceeded to sniffle followed by a broad wipe of the nose with her hand and proceeded to escort me. (to which I was having none of that) of course made her wash her hands before seeing me. more

Have Wonderful DRs. BUT beware of some practicing 7/16/2011

I have been going for years. I do miss a Doc, PA. left marrying, moving to N.C. I mention him, because he 'lured' me in lol.. But they have the Greatest Drs. Worst P.A.s. Beware of one white woman, 50's? Didn't know combs invented. Very ""out of it, as on drugs"" Tells me 'No' for prescrips, one of she might be on? (guess it would be a red flag on her) reads my Old chart and OLD work, notices her mistake, but still says no, just wants to show her status. She left 2 times, 1st to see if I could get blood work, knowing I ate, came back 20 minutes later asking Again if I ate, answer Yes Again, Left Again to get me info on a free clinic, as I do not have benefits for another 15 minutes, and would not give me my meds, told me I have to come back for blood work and pay again, or go somewhere else, as a free clinic. Verty Rude, and Spaced Out!. Which I DID return to this clinic to have to pay again for the visit.\r She was Very MISINFORMED of info, from free clinic will give me a appointment, and meds to getting a coupon on a refill.\r She did literally say she wants me to ""beat her on my bloodwork, that came back good"" SHE was 'most important'. I hope this clinics has terminated her. I payed 2 times because of her. more

Great place, great doctors and low cost 8/31/2010

This place was great! I don't have insurance and going to a regular doctor to get any testing done is way out of my pocket. I walked in, waited a bit and was seen by Dr. Poddar. He was very friendly and listened to my concerns. I will be going back and have recommended Reagan Medical to my family! more

Arikatla, Haritha, Md - Reagan Medical Ctr 8/12/2010

This clinic is a godsend for anyone who doesn't have medical insurance. They provide good medical care at reasonable prices. \r \r My son has no medical insurance but needs to be on depression/anxiety medication. We struggled off and on for years with high price doctors and medications, many times foregoing treatment because of the cost. This was detrimental to his health.\r \r Finally we found Dr. Arikatla. She is affordable and prescribes affordable medications that work. I don't know where we'd be without her.\r \r Also took my son there after he stepped on a nail and the wound became infected. They examined and x-rayed the wound, gave him a tetanus shot, and bandaged it for probably a third of the cost of the hospital emergency room. They also told us what pharmacies would provide my son free antibiotics.\r \r This may not be the Cadillac healthcare some people want, but for those who often go without seeing a doctor because they can't afford it, Reagan Medical provides a much needed way of getting affordable healthcare. more

Love this place ! MUST TRY THEM 5/21/2009

I have used this place for the last 5 yrs and would recommend to almost anybody. There is no other place around town where you can go and get better care than here. The doctors and PA's are all very qualified. Yes, sometimes they are rushed but think about the patients coming after you. If they start spending lot of time with each patient, others would have to wait for hours and hours and would not be happy. If I need a full physical or have issues that are not that urgent, I can schedule an appointment for a bigger time slot. Also I go back to the same person for a follow up. That way they know me and can give me a better care. \r Also want to mention that they have the best prices for office visit, all the tests. \r SO, MUST TRY THEM ONCE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. Pros: Very affordable, Friendly people & Great Care Cons: Waiting time as walk-in patient more

DON""T Waste your time or money 9/15/2008

I saw DRwhiteneck after starting at his computer and bobbing his head he barely got around to tell me what he thought was wrong with me,. After 1 week still in severe pain I went ( and paid more $ somewhere else to find his ""guessing"" on my condtion was off. by far.)They rush you in and out witha pain pill or two and leave you to figure it out on your own. I would never take any of my family members or even pets to this awful place. more

It's a clinic people... not a ""doctor's office"" 7/30/2007

I've read the 3 previous complaints, and I won't argue that what they say happened took place, but what I must point out is that this is a ""clinic"" that will see you any time - no appointments at all - and they have extended hours and are open 365 days a year. To complain about long waits and lack of appointments at such a place is ridiculous.\r \r I love it because for the typically healthy person, the clinic can get you in and out in a decent amount of time and they keep good computer records so it is not necessary to see the same physician each time - another time saver.\r \r The care is as good as you get anywhere, and for me, the convenience far outweighs any of the negative stuff I've seen posted on here. I've been a patient there for 7 years now and have no complaints. Pros: Open 365 days a year; extended hours; more than one doctor Cons: Longer waits; noisy, sometimes crowded waiting area. more

Incompetent Medical Staff, No Medical Doctors on site, Misdiagnosed 7/8/2007

Dr. Whiteneck shows up as my PCP on my Blue Cross BlueShield insurance so I try to make an appt. I am told that there are no appointments, only walk-ins. I have a major infection on my leg which has been ongoing for the past week. I am seen by Kyle, a Physician Assistant who upon entering the room lets me know that ""You are my last patient for now, I'm starving and have to eat. I don't care what they say"". Okay, so I'm immediately feeling awkward.\r He looks at the blistering sores on my leg and tells me that it's MRSA and prescribes Doxycycline and Lortabs. I ask him if he is going to take a culture and he says that he can't because there' s not enough pus. (I know this sounds gross...bear with me). \r I felt very rushed the entire time and he was only in the room for less than 6 minutes. \r Later that night my Mother came over to my house and I was unable to walk on my leg because I was in so much pain. She called her friend Rama the head E.R. Nurse at Gwinnett Medical Center who told her that whoever I saw obviously was incompetent, lazy or both. That in fact a culture COULD be taken and if in fact it was MRSA I would need to be on a prescription anti-biotic specific to the strain that I carried in my body. \r It is apparent that this medical center is the typical ""doc in a box"" and that it is run by low-paid kids with little experience and even less medical knowledge. \r Usually these types of practices have owners who rarely set foot in the building and rake in the money by hiring low-paid staff like P.A.'s and F.N.P.'s who are just getting started in their careers. \r The PATIENT IS THE ONE WHO SUFFERS! \r I was given a telephone number to call and some Indian voice that was barely legible picked up on the answering machine and told me to leave a message. \r Typical. \r HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. The only people who seemed to give a damn were the front desk girls and they seemed to care because they were embarrassed.\r I'll be seeing a REAL DOCTOR tomorrow....not at Reagan Cons: Incompetent Staff, No Doctors on site. more

Final Story to Don't put your health in these peopl's hands 1/16/2007

The Echocardiogram was supposed ot take approx. 30 minutes, but took over an hour. First, two women took turns looking at my heart. Neither were the actual techs, just assistants practicing. (as if I had not already been there for hours on end!). The actual Tech then performed the test with both women, and when it was done I asked what we had been looking for, and what he had seen. His response was ""It's pumping"". I told him I understand that he is not the Doctor, but that after an hour of testing he had to at least be able to tell me if he saw anything abnormal or not, again he told me ""it was pumping"", and we would have the results in 8 days.\r \r On Monday I called my cardiologist ( who I had only seen once in my life when he diagnosed the Mitral Valve), and they called Reagan Medical and for 4 days we both attempted to get a copy of the tapes from the test. I was informed that the tapes had already been sent off to be read, yet late Thursday afternoon I received a call telling me that the tapes were actually bad, and had never been sent off, and that I would need to go back in for a 2nd test. When I asked what exactly they were looking for, and asked why I was todl they had already been sent, I was transfered to Lea who was not only rude, but when I declined to come back in hung up on me.\r \r Throughout that entire week the initial symptoms that took me into Reagan Medical worsened, so I went to see a ""real"" doctor, who immediately found that I had a sinus infection, glandular infection, and ear infection issues as well.....NOT MIGRAINE SYNDROME!! Further, when I related my experience to the nurses in the that office, they knew exactly what doctor I had seen, and responded ""everyone who sees him has Migraine Sydrome""! \r \r Do not go this facility! more

Do not put your health in these people's hands! 1/16/2007

After moving, I switched my PCP to Regan Medical Center, as it was closer to my Gwinnett County home. When I tried to make an appointment at the end of December, I was informed that appointments were not being accepted until January, and that I wanted to see a Doctor I would have to be a walk-in and wait 3 hours. I called again at the end of the first week of January hoping for an appointment, was again told that no appointments were being made and that I would need to be a walk-in, and wait 3 hours. Because I was sick, I did indeed ""walk-in"" on Saturday, January 6th, and after a lengthy wait I was seen by Dr. Wes Tanner. I told Dr. Tanner that I was experiencing dizziness, what felt like sinus preasure (moreso over one eye), blurry and scratchy eyes, and glands that were swollen. I told him that I felt as if I had some sort of sinus or or gland infection. Dr. Tanner immediately informed me that I had ""Migraine Syndrome"", term her had created. I told him that I had suffered occular migraines all my life, due to computer screens, lights, etc., and that this was very different. He told me that they had progressed. He immediately handed me a migraine pill (which did not work), and perscribed that and another medication on a daily basis. He then told me to hop onto his website and buy his new book about the ""Migraine Syndrome"" to see how to get better. After telling him I had mitral valve prolapse, he also called for an Echocardiogram to see if there were any changes. I asked questions about why something "". Dr. Tanner did not tests to check for anything, as he again told me to hop on his website, buy the book, and find the answers. Baffled, I went on to the next room for my Echocardiogram. \r \r This utrasound graph of my heart should have only taken 20 - 30 minutes, but instead took over an hour!\r \r Please see ""Final Story"" for the remainder of this review Cons: Inept medical staff, long waits, lost test results, not friendly staff more
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