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Arhaus Furniture

1275 Polaris Parkway
Powell, OH 43065
(614) 847-4279
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To those who are dissatisfied. Did you call customers service after your frame broke apart after 11/2 years.. I would have bet they would have replaced it. They have a lifetime wa...


Table looks good but does not stand up to use. I have owned for less than 6 months and the top layer is all scratched. Normal kitchen use WITH place mats and all the polishing r...

Stay Away!!! 4/2/2017

If you want to wait for months and months for your furniture to be delivered go ahead buy furniture from Arhaus. They make you pay from day one for the furniture. I am half done with the furniture payments and no furniture. When you ask them for an ETA they keep changing it. more

"Just Say No to Arhaus!" 12/9/2015

From the very beginning my experience was horrible! Every step of the way there has been repeated problems. Took 6 months to get items. Purchased items and wanted to cancel one. It took four tries to get it cancelled, if it's actually cancelled at all. Meanwhile, the company told me to just refuse delivery which means they wanted me to pay for it and hope I get reimbursed. Not likely! Delivery was equally as bad. I took off work a whole day, they never confirmed delivery, I called them and got no return call, then they said they need to reschedule which means another day lost from work. Customer service is bad! I don't know about the products because I haven't gotten them yet but I don't have high hopes. I didn't bother to read any reviews but if I had I would have passed on Arhaus! more

Will not shop with them again 8/17/2015

We purchased furniture for 3 rooms in our new house from Arhaus. The furniture arrived 4 months after the initial promised delivery date. The furniture that came all looked like it was just dragged from a town dump. The delivery guys claimed that we had to accept it and that the company would exchange the damaged furniture for new furniture. The company jerked us around for 8 months until we sued them to get our money back and made them take the junk out of our house. What you see in the showroom and what you think you are ordering and paying for is not what you get delivered to your house. The delivery guys told us that happens all of the time so it is routine to send second hand used furniture to the customer. Upon getting our money back we went to Ethan Allen, paid less for way better furniture and had a wonderful delivery. more

Poorly made expensive furniture 8/11/2015

Piping came through fabric on Outerbanks sofa. Cusions never sat in place, were too overstuffed. All fabrics on different pieces wore poorly. Looked awful after 6 months of use. They replaced one piece once, but alternate fabric didn't wear well either. more

Can't trust them 8/9/2015

We have quite a bit of arhaus furniture and we are disappointed with almost all of our purchases. We have had too many issues to write in this review but I caution anyone looking to buy from Arhaus to not fall for the initial beauty of the pieces. Also, if they promise you something make sure you get it in writing because you can't trust them to honor their word. I have tried to resolve my problems with them to come to a dead end most of the time. Did I mention how poor the customer service was as well? more

Horrible service; keep away! 5/26/2015

"White glove" delivery service nonexistent. Delivery persons had to be requested to remove plastic strips holding sofa bed closed. Didn't know what to do with the cardboard pieces inside. After many calls and visits to the store, service person sent to replace piece that fell off during delivery. He couldn't remove the cardboard...apparently that needs a specialist. After another visit to the store, the new manager promised to get someone (the cardboard specialist) here...still hasn't happened. Not happy with the sofa, which we haven't even been able to use, and their policy will not permit return or even exchange. Avoid dealing with this company! Dreadful, dreadful! more

Warning Arhaus Monte Floor Lamp 5/20/2015

I normally don't do reviews of products but have gotten fed up with being a reasonable customer and being given what I consider to be the brush-off. We purchased this lamp from Arhaus in late 2013. Little over 1 yr 6 months total. There is widespread rust showing on all the chrome portions noticeably affecting the lamps look, two of the leg dowels are showing the start of a crack from the weight of the lamp, and the crank to move the light up and down never worked (we were ok with it since it's more of a feature then a use), after contacting customer service we were given numbers of local repair people that are from an Arhaus-specific list. To a man they said the rust is the result of poor workmanship and they don't work on it. We returned to customer service and shared the status of the situation and offered to speak to any one else they might recommend, they said we could look on our own but the most they were planning on reimbursing us for was $100. LESS then 8% of the total cost of the lamp! This is a floor lamp that we operate with a light switch. No moving it around, kicking, scratching, um it's a lamp...the lifetime of which is 1 year and a half? Not completely fair since the light still works but still. We accepted the offer seeing little recourse aside from letting everyone else know that we have no intention of purchasing anything from Arhaus again. I'm proud to be from the USA and back it's products. What happened to the pride in what they produce? If you make a mistake, correct it. We bought a couch from them seeing the video on what they represent to be their quality craftsmanship. Not so much when it comes to their other offerings I guess. Just a warning about Arhaus that I'm throwing out here into the electronic wind, hopefully it comes to your attention and makes you think twice about purchasing from this company. more

Awful place to buy things 4/30/2015

Have waited 3 months only to receive the wrong items as well as an incomplete delivery. Bait and switch is the term that comes to mind. Am returning it all and will make sure no one I know buys from these cons. more

Really disappointed, would never deal with them again 4/18/2015

3 months waiting, sections of an entertainnment center made incorrectly, wrong dimension, wrong color, scratches. They charge you upfront. Quality control is non existent, customer attention is abismal. Waiting periods are long after you pay half; and you have to pay in full or they will not schedule delivery (which can take another month). Terrible company more

Recist Arhaus Sales Person Called Robin in MA 3/2/2015

I was approached by a salesperson, I think Robin was her name, who I assured I did not need help at that moment. She was so overly persistent and insisted on referring to my wife as 'honey'. Too familiar and very rude. When we did ask a question she asked us where we lived and other probing questions, I did not reply. Asking if we needed to finance the purchases, if we rented and how long we've lived in the USA. I then realized what she was doing. It was a extremely racist tone and her line of questioning was very insulting. She gasped when I told her we lived in 4 floor Beacon Hill brownstone and need to furnish all four floors and would pay cash At this point I had already decided that any firm that had racist staff like this was not going to have any bit of my business. I will be telling all of my friends and acquaintances of this racist experience at Arhaus. As a south asian family of considerable means perhaps I should buy Arhaus and sack the racist salesperson. more

Delivery Competence Failure 2/2/2015

Arhaus has wonderful looking furniture items. Their stores have great collections and nice pieces. But as we all know, that all comes at a price and their furniture sides on the expensive scale. would think they would have their act together for delivery...NOT AT ALL. The systems and people they have in managing, tracking and fulfilling delivery is amateur at best. I would rate the USPS as far superior than Arhaus. Arhaus delivery...get your act together and actually show empathy for your customers and their delivery of goods. It seems Arhaus is only interested in closing the sale and then all post-sale activity is a burden. I am one of those first-time and last-time buyers of Arhaus merchandise. Arhaus in the Chicagoland area. more


I'm a decorator working on a client project and she loves this store. However in the months that I have been working on this project the three item's I am looking at have changed price 4 times. They mark it up and advertise a sale then they take it off sale and mark it back down. Then they mark it up further and advertise a smaller sale. This is a deceptive and awful practice and I am ready to tell the client to deal with them directly as it is not worth my time and I do not want to support their business. more

Terrible Customer Service 4/30/2014

The only people that would be happy with Arhaus are first time customers - items take forever to be delivers and then they are wrong or damaged - and the customer service people act like they are doing you a favor to get it replaced in several weeks or when you complain they tell your their business is doing very well they are opening 8 new stores this year. We will never shop here again and will tell everyone we ever meet to avoid the store.. more

Terrible store with bad service and incompetent, careless staff 6/7/2013

I bought a chair, was never told fabric was no longer available. Only 7 months later after forestalling for that time, they told me. And it took forever, mutliple phone calls to get it refunded. The quality of the furniture is middling, the service is terrible, so I will never go near that store again. more

Just say no more buying from Arhaus Ann Arbor 2/21/2013

Terrible policy... They convince you to buy something and then act like they are doing you a favor by giving you a discount (when you find out it's not true b/c the discounts are already going on publicly around their stores, they just forgot to put that item on sale)... and then, I missed returning b/c I apparently missed the 14 day max window for returns or credits (even though it is at a managers discretion). Will NEVER ever shop with Arhaus Ann Arbor ever again!!!! All they want is their commissions... They do NOT genuinely care if you buy something and you go home and your spouse is not happy with the color or texture... They are all about selling, not customer 'true' satisfaction. Watch out everyone.. There furniture is not well constructed.. We have a chair and couch and bed from them... Chair smelled like petroleum, Bed frame is splitting.. and couch had an abrasion, but b/c it was on sale we couldn't return it. more

Just say no to Arhaus 12/24/2012

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ARHAUS! THERE ARE OTHER FURNITURE STORES WITH MUCH BETTER SERVICE! Arhaus has lovely home furnishing that are not cheap. However, you may be kept waiting months and months for what you order. I ordered six chairs in September (in plenty of time for the holidays) that had a 6-8 week delivery time (they had to be upholstered and that seems like an excessive amount of time for that since I had my entire living suite reupholstered in two weeks). I also ordered a table that is sitting in my dining room without chairs. Hard to use that way. As of December 24, I still have not received the chairs and no one from Arhaus ever calls me with updates. After calling them in November, I was told they were supposed to be into the warehause last week. Yet no word from Arhaus. I have just called them again and just learned that the chairs are now scheduled to be ready January 11. This is totally ridiculous. Seems like once they get your money, they don't worry about you getting your product. Not a way to run a company if you ask me. more

Upholstered pieces are the poorest quality, shady business practices, zero customer service 10/27/2012

My partner and I ordered $70,000 of furniture for a vacation home we were building. Our home is predominately used in the summer as it's at the Michigan shore. With the exception of the dining chairs and two small accent chairs all of the upholstered pieces are awful. Back cushions that are sagging, seat cushions are concave, internal support seems non existent and frames creak. Numerous issues in most all upholstered pieces after only 3 years (technically 15 months) These issues are, of course, not from manufacturer defect so are not covered under their "worry free warranty". Customer Service sent new firmer cushion inserts which helped for 1 1/2 summer seasons. After the exchange of the cushions Arhaus basically washed their hands of me and their defective products. One of the reasons I chose Arhaus furniture was the soy based foam they use in their cushions. I am chemically sensitive and wanted as little VOC's in my home. The soy based foam is nothing more than a lie. The cushions are actually 80% traditional PVC foam sandwiched between a thin layer of soy foam which comprises the remaining 20%. Upon finding this out I felt deceived. My feelings of deception were only compounded when I became aware of the shady way Arhaus prices most of their products. In the Catalogs and on the tickets in the store you will see two prices, the "regular" price and the "sale" price. The problem is that nothing is ever sold at the "regular" price. Evidently Arhaus believes they have to deceive their customers with this shady pricing structure in order to be successful. The case pieces and other wood furnishings are of good quality and we have been pleased with them. The only bright spot in my dealings with Arhaus is the knowledge that Habitat for Humanity was able to take all my upholstered furnishing and give them to families in need. If you absolutely must buy furniture from Arhaus my advice is to avoid, at all costs, any upholstered item. Stick to tables, desks and the like. You'll be happy you did. more

Beware of Athaus 2/25/2012

I ordered two expensive pieces. Both the pieces that were delivered were not what I ordered. One of the pieces was delivered damaged. Hassles all through the whole process. Skip this place. more

Follow the Policy First 10/19/2011

To those who are dissatisfied. Did you call customers service after your frame broke apart after 11/2 years.. I would have bet they would have replaced it. They have a lifetime warranty on all of the upholstery frames......... Before you run down a good company s name you should have given them a chance. more

dissatisfied 7/22/2011

I purchased a sectional sofa from Arhaus furniture in Burlington, Mass. The company was new to the area at the time but the furniture seemed well made. Two years into owning the piece, I had to replace cores in base cushions because they were caving and I was constantly turning them. Now the fabric on all the back cushions and the throw pillows has started to wrinkle. The technician who came out to look at it said it was the backing of the fabric pulling away from the top layer which can not be fixed by any amount of puffing and turning. The Arhaus customer service person just informed me that they have no responsibility for this, because it doesn't relate to the construction. I think this is awful service, they are the ones who offer the fabric choices, why would they offer that fabric if they won't stand behind it. We are not talking about staining or tears, but a breakdown in the fabric construction. I am completely dissatisfied and will never recommend Arhaus to anyone. I will also be sure to put this information out to as many people as I can possibly reach. My last sofa lasted in my house for 10 years and then I handed it down to a still looks great. This sofa from Arhaus is basically a throw away after only 4 years of use. Terrible , terrible customer service. more
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