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Area 51

451 S 400 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 534-0819
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Area 51 - Salt Lake City, UT


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Area 51 is the best most amazing club ever! I love going there because I feel like anyone and everyone is welcome! I'm not goth or punk myself but I love that there are all kinds ...


I've been going to area51 before the top floor was open. area51 is only a placebo for people who cant find any other club. area51 use to be unique, but utah's caught onto the 80'...

Total Rip off's WORST CLUB!!! 4/30/2011

I attempted to celebrate my birthday on Saturday April 30th 2011, under the impression that "me and 51 of my friends could get in free" when I got to the door not only were my friends not allowed in for free but additionally all of our female party guests had to pay due to it being "The last saturday of the month." Still, we opted to go in, however when inquiring about the possibility of returning to our car in order to stow our jackets we were told we would be unable to get back in without paying full cover due to your no re-entry policy. This was fine, but when we inquired further as to the reasoning behind this we were abruptly told by the person scanning the ID's to "Go F**k Off", & "Just Leave" We Left peacefully & quickly. We were only there less than twenty minutes before being thrown out with no justifiable cause. It seems to me to be an amazing business model to be able to charge people $10 a head per 20 minutes of sitting around and then treat them like crap with no possible recourse. I will be filing this complaint with the local chapter of the better business bureau, and request we be refunded our money. In addition, while I'm not sure of the individuals name, the person scanning ID's and charging for entry to your venue at Nine pm Saturday April 30th 2011 privilege to be employed at your establishment should be reviewed. more

worst club EVER 4/29/2011

Extremely unprofessional staff. They were blatantly rude and definitely NOT customer service oriented. When asked about their "policy" of no re-entry, meaning they wouldn't allow you back inside the club -- even after stamping your hand -- if you ventured outside, no matter for how short of a time, they said to me AND I QUOTE " Get the f**k out of here, just get the f**k out of here." I originally asked to speak with a manager, upon requesting that I was asked what for, I said I wanted to address some issues and was asked what about, and I said I didn't understand why they had a no re-entry policy, and that i didn't like that it wasn't posted anywhere except for when you have already paid and come inside. At this point I was told that it is utah law to not allow re-entry, I knew this to be false seeing as how I have gone to many other establishments that allow it, and they switched to saying it was their policy. Immediately after that, the person who was accepting money the evening of April 29th 2011 told me to "get the f**k out," at which point no other employee said anything and I left. Also, upon arrival, I had seen several advertisements, especially on their own web page that said that ladies get in for free before ten pm, and the person accepting money just said that it's a "special events night," and I guess I'm supposed to assume that means that ladies are free except these nights, but when I went inside there were several ads around the place that said special events nights, ladies free until 10 pm. Total rip-off, especially if i'm prisoner after paying, and then being told by staff members to "f**k off." Totally ridiculous. AVOID THIS ESTABLISHMENT AT ALL COSTS, YOU WILL REGRET ENTERING. more

THE BEST CLUB EVER!!!! 10/13/2010

Area 51 is the best most amazing club ever! I love going there because I feel like anyone and everyone is welcome! I'm not goth or punk myself but I love that there are all kinds of people there. I think the staff is really really awesome I've never had a problem with anyone there. A lot of people don't like it because it is a 18+ club but I don't think thats such a bad thing because if you don't want to hang around the teens you can just go down stairs. The best part is nobody judges anyone! Everyone is just there to have a good time! more

Awesome club! 4/12/2010

Im a big fan of trance, techno, house and straight up just having a good time and when we made our way to area 51 we had all of those things!!! we walked in on a friday night and it was pretty packed!! lights flashing!! fog machines going!! and everyone dancing and having a good time. im not a fan of the downstairs just cause its not my type of music but friday nights upstairs are off the hook. in the 21 and up section the bartenders where all really nice and even got me hooked on alot of there amazing made up drinks. the bathrooms could use some work but i mean come on now, we dont go to clubs for the bathroom, we go to have a good time, the DJs played alot of my favorite music and they even played some music i requested!! i really love this club on thursday nights (80s music) and espcially friday nights (techno,trance,house ect!! i will continue to go on fridays and i will continue telling people how much fun it is and bring them along!! Pros: Awesome DJ and Techno and Bartenders! Cons: Doesnt stay open all night! more

BORING 4/2/2010

I decided that I would have a night out which is a rare occasion for me. I remembered Area 51 to be fun, crowded and play a great variety of music. Boy have they changed. The dancefloors both upstairs and downstairs had plenty of room because no one was dancing. The DJ was incredibly rude. They say they accept music requests but that is only if you are patient enough to stand there staring at his back while he pretends not to see you for at least 5 minutes. The music was pretty much straight techno upstairs which didn't seem much different from the gothic dancfloor downstairs.They had Go Go dancers upstairs that instead of dancing were sitting on the floor in the corner. Whats the point of a dancer that doesn't dance or socialize? The building is old and looks like its about to crumble around you.The bathrooms were disgusting. The only positive thing about this club was the Bartenders I'm sure they were only nice because they need your tips.I for one will never go back next time I will try to find someplace a little more exciting. Pros: THE BARTENDERS WERE NICE Cons: THE DJ SUCKED more

Rude staff, horrible condition! 3/25/2010

I visited Area 51 back in 2008 for the first time and to be honest, it seemed pretty great. The fact is that I was drunk and pretty upset so anything that would get my mind off of things was good enough. I visited a few more times after than and I found myself running up and down the stairs to get away from the music. Downstairs has depressing goth music that just sounds crappy and pissy all the time. Impossible to dance to. Up stairs is pop and hip hop and the absolute opposite. All around are annoying kids who don't know how to act around other people. Emo kids who look like they just don't know how to have a good time, and a large group of people 40+ who just stand there and stare at you in their black make up and clothes. The condition of the building is horrible! At one point up stairs the whole dance floor was jumping to music, looking up I could see the ceiling was bending like it was made of plywood. Not only that, but a large amount of dust and other particles fell into my face, triggering my asthma. I could stand for it all though knowing they added a sort of trance/techno night recently. It was the Friday after my 21st birthday and I invited a few friends to come along. My friends are gay and upon walking in I knew we weren't welcome by the staff. I asked a simple question about the price and he practically asked us to leave, stating with an attitude to "Have a good night" And pointed to the door. We were VERY upset. It was a birthday celebration and we wanted nothing more than to have a good time. Not only that but I have been told by a very reliable source that people under the age of 18 who know the owner, are allowed to drink. Very unsafe for naive simple minded teenagers. The lowest rating here is 1 star, but if I could, I would give it a -5. My friends and I were shocked. Pros: Nothing anymore Cons: Rude, bad condition, horrible music more

Great Club 3/10/2009

I go to Area semi-regularly but it's still my favorite club in SLC for a number of reasons. It's got a very young, experimental, energetic crowd (not the place to go if you're a divorcee hard up for marriage or a budding missionary) and in general is really tolerant. There are *lots* of GLBT people that go regularly, myself included, as well as metalheads, goths, punkers, and your usual mix of average clubbers every night. This makes for a really tolerant atmosphere, I've also never been treated poorly by any of the staff (though I don't go to the bar, which is where I've heard of problems). The upstairs floor mixes everything. I'm there from about 10pm-2am and dance is usually used to mix Depeche Mode with Covenant with Fallout Boy with Black Eyed Peas with (YES!) even Britney Spears. The DJ upstairs tries to play a wide range of music, if you don't like what comes on you can go out to the patio and chances are you'll like something in the next three. I don't like pop but some girls I'm flirting with do, and the diverse music ensures there will be a new crowd of girls for me to flirt with every night I go. In general the club is pretty inviting, lots of gorgeous, single women (I'll vouch some of them are straight, you boys aren't trying), a downstairs room for the hardcore spookies, a bar, and a full patio. The Cons: -In general by 10 you have to park somewhere around the block. -The bar may have bad service, I don't know, but also pay attention to Utah liquor laws. As stupid as they are if a 40 y/o without an ID is in the bar the owner can still lose legal right to serve liquor. Be big kids and bring your IDs just like everywhere else and stop bitching. -I think the territory may be a bit rough on single guys there. The gender spread looks pretty even sometimes but there are a LOT of girls who like girls -If you dress like a cowboy or look extra preppy as a male you may be teased. That is the ONLY intolerance I've ever seen displayed. Pros: Good Intent/Tolerance=Diversity Cons: Tolerance=Diversity/No Parking more


So I have never done this before so bear with me k... I'm new to the Wyoming area and wanted to check out the gay club scene. Only problem was we had 2 girls that are not 21 yet, so we decided to go to area 51 since that was the only place anyone knew where to go. The first time we went was on a saturday night, not gay night at all but I have to say it was fun... The music was a good mixture of some older music mixed with todays. Different... Then we tried Friday night cause that was suppose to be gay night. Well it wasn't but still we had some fun. The music was of the now hip hop stuff and I have to say I enjoyed myself. To much of the smokey stuff on the floor though. Even though I couldn't get my drink on I still had fun, not as much as the gay clubs in Cali but I had fun... The younger crowd out here gots some moves ( : So needless to say if your under 21 and want to dance your butts off this is the club to be... those of you that are 21+ , or looking for the gay scene, this is not the place. Pros: a good place for the youngsters to hang out and dance Cons: not a gay club, not for 21+ more

area is so much fun 2/15/2008

u just went to area last night i had so much fun most the people were mostly up stairs. the cages were hot. there were so many hot chicks every where on the dance floor they guys were awsom all them were willaming to dance omg i loved it Pros: dance floor is big Cons: parking was kinda full by 11 more

don't knock it before you try it 2/13/2008

ok so it depends on who you are to go there. first off, each night is diffrent i have gone many times it depends on what music you enjoy 80's go wednesday and thursday friday and saturday little techno little rock so try diffrent nights diffrent people go diffrent nights. the staff they don't get paid to be nice to you they get paid to make sure you don't get hurt or someone gets out of controle! fetishball night is the last saturday of every month you get scared easy then don't go! they do have fun stuff PIRATE parties and more and go with people you feel comfortabl with it makes a huge diffrence. SO DON'T KNOCK IT BEFORE YOU TRY IT! Pros: lot's of friendly people Cons: na more

great 2/6/2008

Ok so at First when you walk in at 9 its more gothic. But then you just gotta have a good attitude about it bring lots of friends and at 10 11 it starts to be more Gernerational music, the people who are giving bad reviews must not have friends because i am a girl went up with 2 other girls and 4 guys. JUST ALL FRIENDS! We had a blast and plan on going today and this sat. So I think it was great. Love the outdoor and indoor smoking. Staff could lighten up. thats all. Pros: Lots of room to dance! Cons: More variety of people more

Lame 1/30/2008

This place was lame. Rude staff, horrible music, I could have sworn they were all just excluded me because I didnt wear all black and paint my nails black! I want my friday night and 5 dollars back! more

This place is not a good time 1/29/2008

So me and a few friends were bored on a saturday night so we went to Area 51 on thier "F3tish Night" that they hold. First off, there was like no one there and we arrived at 11, service sucked, building looked like it was ready to fall down. The music sucked hardcore style. I swear the DJ went in the booth and set the genre to "Eurotrash" or something. It bugged me that I paid to get in. You HAVE to be like, drunk or something to really have a good time there. Overall, Area 51 is not a classy club and it definitly SHOWS! more

Love it 12/11/2007

I just barely turned 18 and i got a kid and needed sometime to my self so i asked my mom to baby sit on friday cuz 2 of my friends invited me to area 51 so i went not only was it my first time clubing but it was theirs to we had a blast that place is great i love to dance there. there is a variety of people and some very cute ones oooo haha but i have gone there 2 other times 3 fridays in a row and im going again this friday im excited but this time im going with a guy haha Pros: dancing ppl music price pretty much everything Cons: parking more

Awesome adult drinks 7/15/2007

The drinks are AWESOME! The staff of bartenders are friendly and proffesional. They know what they are doing and will take good care of you as long as you take care of them. TIP!!! They always appreciate it and you will get your money's worth. Some things could use improvement. Most of the security staff is good but could be better. Just watch out for perv's, girls I think your on your own there. If you want to go out and dance and party this is a good place to go as long as you know what your getting yourself into. Pros: a wide variety of amazing drinks Cons: the security staff more

Terrible Night 6/28/2007

I used to have a lot of fun at area 51...but tonight i was harrassed. Their staff was rude and yelled at me for having drank before I showed up. (Who doesn't drink before a night of clubbing ???) I was upset but continued to the entrance, where there is usually a long line. Instead, there was NO LINE, and no one inside but a few high school kids. My friend (who is obviously over 18) was not let inside, and I reluctantly paid $5 to get in. Once inside, it was so dead, and I was so upset about being harassed that my night was already ruined. I left soon after and their staff followed me out. What I thought would be a night of fun turned out to be a nightmare. I DO NOT reccommed this place. Pros: Used to be a cool place Cons: Rude staff, now lame more

NO!!!!! 5/24/2007

Don't even think about going to this place. Gothics, Scene Kids, and Young-uns. Bad Combination. Go here if you sincerly want to be a.) sacrificed b.) arrested c.) wanna let out some emo tears. Bartenders look like some bad extras out of a low budget horror film. Area 51 makes me want to hurl, nuff said Pros: None that I can say personally Cons: Everything more

It might be different, but go ahead give it another chance 12/26/2006

This club needs a good review, so here it goes. I am an avid goer and yes there are downfalls and there are alot of good things about this club so First of all the club has two levels a downstairs and an upstairs, as well as two bars *at least 21 and over and yes you do need a membership, and they do have temparory memberships too, you just need to ask, a membership for a whole year is only $40(common support the scene)* anyway the bars are excellent if you like drinking I recommend the holywater or vampire delight some might even recommend the grasshopper all very good and worth every penny. I have heard alot about 80s night, never went so I imagine its still a good show, my fav is every Friday, and Saturday night. Friday offers everything from goth/industrial downstairs to upstairs with techno, new stuff and yes even rap but if you dont like that stuff stay downstairs same with saturday maybe a little bit more goth downstairs though. Wensday is a new thing it karaoke, and I love it its so much fun other then that only one section is open, upstairs. There are alot of 18s and up, however everyone respects everyone and honestly who cares if you really have relations later in the night its all about the company of people and the uniqueness of it. Sure Salt Lake may not to be the best place and thats why there is Area, to let loose and have fun, go ahead give it another try or at least another chance, it might be so scary but you may like it! more

Best 80's music hands down!!! 9/27/2006

Ive been going to Area 51 since it first started with only one level constructed. I like to think I was credited for creating 80s night because every Thursday we (me and my co-workers) would get off work at Gateway Computers and go to Area. DJ Daren one of the founders always played Nine inch Nales like crazy until I talked him into playing Depeche Mode and INXS which were very danceable and also carried powerful messages in their music. However the entire scene in Utah is a bad one, Ive read almost every review here and found that most of the women hate being approached by males at clubs. I have found that to be true, no matter how good looking girls tell me I am, if I walk up to a girl in a Utah club, they say the same thing I just want to have fun and really dont like intercourse. Well go the hell home then, it makes me not even want to go out. This area is completely corrupted by the Mormon belief system, that NO one can and should copy, unless they want cancer and love anti-depressants. All together I think it is extremely unfair, because of the new laws, for Area 51 to let patrons come in, take their cover and then let them wait until they get to the bar to tell them they need a membership to get a drinkits very unfair, low and devious. more

What happened to Area? 6/13/2006

I can't believe the reviews that I am reading about Area. Brittney Spears???!!! This is tragic. I was going to Area years ago and the atmoshere was always great. People were friendly and you could always pick up a "date". What happened to the club? I haven't been away that long. Do the "real regulars" need to come back and remind them what the club is all about? We partied together in and outside of the club made friendships and watched each other have weddings and children....I just can't believe what I just read. If you're going to Area and your reading this review maybe you should print it out and let the club (and owners) remember what it was about so they don't let this go down like Confetti's did. I want my children to go to Area and have the time of there lives like I did. If it's all Brittney,Puff Daddy and unhelpful staff (which I can't believe but, they have always had the re-enter repay rule) I don't recommend it at all, even if it is only one night a week. But, if it's good people, cheap drinks good service and still making fun of 70's classic rock then I Highly Recommend this club. It gave me the best times I can think of and I hope it keeps doing that right down to the last second as the buldozer rips it down with a Berlin song playing as all us old'er' club kids and Doc wearing punks (real Doc's) give the foreman the bird and drink a beer to remember. more
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  • The Scene
    The expansive, two-story club used to appeal mostly to the black-eyeliner set, but now caters to a more mainstream crowd (though children of the night are still welcomed and prevalent on certain nights). It's an 18 and over club, so expect to see some youthful hipsters making the scene.

    The Draw
    Two spacious dance floors and plentiful seating can be found upstairs and down. The club has separate, all-ages areas that include pool tables and bars that serve only non-alcoholic beverages (sodas, juices); two bars in the 21 and over areas serve all the necessary adult drinks and are connected by a stairway to keep cocktails away from the younger patrons. The adult sections also feature pool tables and dart boards. An outdoor patio provides a good place to cool-off and socialize.

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    9pm - 2am Tuesday - Saturday
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