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Aqua Nightclub

401 1st Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 232-3232
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We had bottle service last Saturday night. It was a great experience. One of our friends could not get because he was wearing Tennis shoes, so he had to go home change and come ba...


3 girlfriends of mine and myself headed out to Minneapolis for the long weekend and went to Aqua since we met one of the bouncers as we were looking for a good club to head to. We...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/13/2013

Went there this weekend to check it out. The bartender (blonde, long haired chubby with cheap eyeliner) very rude and uneducated attitude. Not going back to this club because its not for a high end people like me. Its for cheapo people who's trashy. Music/DJ was not great to all rappin songs. Do not go to this club. WORST SERVICE EVER IN MY LIFE more

Never going back 10/19/2011

Some friends and I went to a few of the clubs on my birthday. Compared to any of the other clubs this one was definetly the most expensive. We had no problems getting in however it seemed like a bit of a rip off. We got two rail drinks and that costed us $18. We were a little shocked at the price when next door at club NV we were paying $1 for rail drinks. Either the bartender was retarded or they are trying to screw everybody over with the costs. All in all, the other clubs had a nicer atmosphere, better music, cheaper drinks and entry fee. We will not be returning to Aqua Nightclub again. more

This club reminds me of Vegas Clubs 4/29/2011

We had bottle service last Saturday night. It was a great experience. One of our friends could not get because he was wearing Tennis shoes, so he had to go home change and come back. I personally liked it because only well dressed crowd is allowed there. I now understand why a lot of people are upset with the bouncers because they don't let everyone in that Club. They keep it classy and I felt like I am in Vegas. Bottle service was GREAT. Our server was good looking and helpful. They even gave us a discount on our third bottle which was great. I would go there again and again. This club belongs to Miami or Vegas. more

Not Coming Back!!!! 4/24/2011

After paying a lot of money for VIP we got the worst service ever. I was not able to get in in to my VIP TWICE even with VIP wristband. I asked the bouncer if there another wristband i should have for him to get me in and he said NO. He said someone has to WAIVE you from VIP then i will get you in (yes, and my name was on the list too). Really??? If you consider this VIP to be private, please do a stamp or another wristband or something!!!!! So, at this point, my night was all ready ruined; then i got phone call from my gf that she was in the line and bouncers at the door totally ignored her when she tried to explain that she was on VIP list. I came down and tried to talk to the girl at the register and she waived like ""go away""....argh i love downtown and i go to different places like NV, the Lounge...but i never was sooooo upset. This club sucks!!!! more

Im a regular! 4/3/2011

AQUA has alot of different nights going which is cool. Fridays is a mix of latin and top 40. Sat is all different types. Sunday is hip hop like all clubs downtown, not my favorite night to be in MPLS but I got a very extensive pat guess I felt safe knowing they do that to everyone. (No pat downs on thurs, fri, and sat lol) Love all the nights and they always have drink specials and bottle service specials. Great staff. With all the clubs closing in Minneapolis and this one is going strong...obviously doing sumthin right! more

New years EVE 2011 1/1/2011

This is one of the worst clubs in the twin cities. If you are looking to spend a lot of money but be greeted with horrible service and down right rude employees this is definately the place to go to. The VIP section is way too small and falsely advertised. I normally am not one to complain and pretty much could have a good time anywhere but this was by far one of my worst experiences and not to mention a poorly ran business. When a customer calls to reserve a VIP section the person on the receiving end of this business transaction should also be curtious enough to mention that someone else will be calling back to follow up and confirm reservations. But this should be considered the same thing when the customer calls back and confirms instead. The employees at this club need to get on the same page and COMMUNICATE with each other about what is going on instead of working individually and when faced with an issue, don't stand there and act like clueless and as if you were doing your job. You want to run a business well? well learn to talk to each other and possible keep a script of what information should be told to your clients. Business is business but people don't spend serious money to get down right rude and poor service. If you are looking for a classy and well ran business with good and welcoming service, this is exactly not the place to be at! not to mention the bouncers are AIRHEADS literally, when someone passes out the rules are to leave the club right???? well when clients are cooperating and leaving like they should be, don't stop them! let them go and leave the club like you want them to! Hire bouncers who can think on thier own two feet and can add 1+ 1 and put two and two together. You are better off hiring gorillas and a pine tree. more

Bad value, boring, uptight... 9/28/2010

After paying too much to get in, you are in a small room with no places to sit and the interesting places cordoned off. This might have been all right if the music was any good, but it was horrible. It felt like a ghost town, too, since everyone else was staying away. The DJ didn't play music to get people on the floor, so every other song everyone would just stand around. There were a lot of employees just standing around, too. I've been to a lot of places that were less expensive, more packed, and more fun. I think Aqua should lower the price or just close during the week. more

bouncers need a life 2/22/2010

went to go into club not the first time ive been there. i have had good times there. But the bouncer at the front door wouldnt let me in because im a guy with long hair. i had dress shoes pants and shirt i asked why i couldnt get in and he said get a hair cut. he about got his jaw busted so mr bouncer if you read this better hope i dont see you when im reall hammerd cause i no ill get one hit off before i get mobbed. Pros: 0 Cons: 0 more

Never again, great place to get assaulted by bouncers 2/15/2010

I was thrown to the curb last night because i flicked off the bartender because he refused to honor the drink special at 12:58 am when it lasted till 1:00 am. Then when I yelled at them on public sidewalk one of the bouncers maced me. I am still burning from it and I plan on getting justice. I called the police right away and they came and said if i don't leave I would go to detox!!!!!!! I was the victim and they automatically took aqua nightclubs side! Ez Pros: DRINKS ARE CHEAP JUST LIKE THE BOUNCERS Cons: Bouncers love looking like there CIA agents, bartenders slow more


I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK POORLY ABOUT THIS NIGHT CLUB DUE TO MISPLACING OUR COATS ELSE WHERE. JUST LIKE THERES SAFTY RULES ON WHY U REQUEST TO BE FULL RESPONSIBLE IN HANDING OUR COATS WITH A CHARGE OF 2DOLLARS I AT LEAST EXPECT TO HAVE MY COAT RETURNED BY THE END OF THE NIGHT. INSTEAD I DID GET IGNORED NOT TAKEN WITH PRIORITY AND TREATED BADLY BY YOUR UNPORFESIONAL STAFF. due to having outragious fight and having to be the last 15minutes before everyone flooded the club i was asked to wait till it was over to recieve my coat! I insisted and got kicked out for having all right to ask for my coat. After everyone finally left no coats in sight i again requested a futher assistance besides your animal securitys that at the end violated there position of being overpowerd to spray me in the face with maze. why? for the fact that i was wrong and there always right so i left with no coat and just want to say u cant trat people like animals! p.s U WILL NOT GET AWAY !further legal actions will ocur. more

Attacked by Bouncer at Aqua Night Club 1/19/2010

Hello, my name is Aaron Dexter.\r \r I was put into a full-nelson headlock by a bouncer at Aqua Night Club who ""escorted"" me out of the bar.\r \r In the lobby, the bouncer pushed me down causing me to break my leg.\r \r As I laid on the ground with a broken leg, two other bouncers grabbed my arms and dragged me down the stairs and left me on the sidewalk.\r \r My attorney and I have been unable to reach a settlement with Aqua's insurance and it looks like we will be going to court.\r \r From reading reviews about Aqua Night Club online, it appears that I am not the only one that had sustained an injury from the violent staff at Aqua Night Club.\r \r Therefore, I am in the process of gathering names and telephone numbers of individuals that have been physically attacked by Aqua Night Club staff to strengthen my case as well as help put an end to this senseless violence.\r \r If you or any of your friends would like to share a similar experience, please email me at snoopdoggydex@gmail (The post board won't allow me to put the dot com part in).\r \r Please note that I am a real person...this isn't a scam...I need your help.\r \r Take care, stay safe, and thank you in advance for your help.\r \r Sincerely,\r \r \r Aaron Dexter Cons: Violent Bouncers more

Minority owners from Middle East who are Racist!! 12/24/2009

Bouncer: You can't come in Friend (African-American who has just come from a formal event): Why? Bouncer (carefully eyeballing Friend from head to toe): have to take your glasses back to the car Friend (Shocked): This are prescription glasses Bouncer: Eh...they are too dark! Now get the f* away Owner stands by and watches laughing. Cons: RACIST!! more




I made the poor, asinine mistake of attempting to think I could entertain myself with overpriced alcohol and the ugly, repugnant patrions for the night at this discriminatory, intolerant, and horrific club last night. There was BLATANT RACIAL PROFILING at the club and I am not the one to tolerate this kind of behavior. Please - for the sake of our progress towards equality and a better society: DO NOT GO TO AQUA. STAY AWAY AND GO TO BOOTLEGGERS, 508, BROTHERS, DRINK, ANYTHING BESIDES AQUA. You are in for a TERRIBLE TIME if you decide to go. Pros: vile and horrible bouncers, this place is INTOLERANT OF RACE Cons: DO NOT GO more

Worst club in DT Mpls 3/7/2009

The owner and staff are very unprofessional at Aqua. I've been to this club a total of 2 times and everytime was a bad experience of it's own. First, the bouncers are very rude. They assume that they have all the authority in the world just for the simple fact that they have the ability to throw you out...i mean talk about ignorance. I was litterally pushed by a bouncer for no reason at all of what so ever. I talked to the bouncer, and all i wanted was a simple apology. I did it in a calm, and very polite manner and just for that i was kicked out. The club was not packed, and i wasn't in a crowded area. There was more than enough room for him to walk around but instead he felt so high of himself that he felt that he had every right. I talked to the owner of the club and the guy wouldn't even look directly at me and just kept brushing me off just to shut me up!!!! I don't think that the management staff discriminate in any way but i do believe that they choose to not let an individual in based on their own guidelines...not club policy. It doesn't have anything to do with dress-dress's just simply being childish!!!!!! I think that the music pretty much sugar-coates their unprofessional staff. On my third visit, i was with some friends (which are regular customers). A friend of mine got punched in the stomach by one of the bouncers after buying a drink from the bar...reason is unknown!! Again, at a different visit the Owner does the exact same thing. He ignores my friend. The conversation then becomes verbally heated. A group of bouncers then run up and start to physically attack and kick him infront of the crowd not even knowing what the issue was!!! Our whole group was kicked out with, i don't know how a business like this that's consumer based can still be in business with more complaints then there are positve comments especially when there is so competition. If you're new in town and want a nice chilled place to visit, i don't recommend aqua!! Pros: Good Music Cons: Bad Staff & Management more

Bouncers were rude and unprofessional! 12/19/2008

Bouncers are rude and unprofessional. I was denied entrance because I supposedly LOOKED too drunk. I was even willing to take a breathelyzer test! When I asked why myself and two other gals couldn't get in, they just ignored me. They couldn't even look me in the eyes to give me a proper response. The bouncers didn't tell us why we couldn't in, Instead they told my friends who were in the club waiting for us to go in that myself and the two gals looked too drunk. Assuming three gals standing in line patiently, showing no signs of drunkness LOOKING too drunk is beyond me. This is a very unfortunate experience that has happened to me because this was my first time at Aqua and will be the last. \r \r This message is to the minority owners of the club.. if you know what's best for your business, fire all the bouncers who worked on 12/19/08 as they are a disgrace to your image and what you stand for. Hire people who more friendly and have a passion working w/ customer service. Pros: I have none as I couldn't even get in. Cons: Bouncers need to get fired. more

AQUA review 11/15/2008

I have been to a few dance clubs, wouldnt say many, a couple in hollywood a couple in northern Minnesota and a few in Minneapolis. One thing about AQUA is that I might have a biased opinion as I have never payed because I know someone who is a regular and is very nice about letting me come along and go into VIP with them. Anyways, what I like about AQUA is that it is very Chic, you walk in and it has an awesome dance floor with two very nice bars one in the back and one on the side with a lot of room so if you want to chill at the bar the entire night you wont be getting pushed back and forth by people you dont even know. I believe also that the D.J. plays some pretty good music throughout the night, in the beggining he seems to play the more trendy music and near the end he mixes it up with a little dance room techno. The VIP is very nice, people are usually good and the bartenders serve some very good stiff drinks.\r A couple things I didnt like about it is that the Bouncers do seem to be a little high on the fact that they are bounces and just want to kick people out for the fun of it. I remember one time I was walking up to the VIP area and showed the bouncer my wristband and he thought I was giving him lip, kind of came out of left field on that one since I didnt say anything and thought I was just supposed to show him my wristband, dont know exactly what his problem is. And about the whole minority thing, I think its more of a black thing if anything because the only black people I have seen there have been mulato(sp?) or a NFL player (go VIKES) I have seen whites, asians, indians and Middle Eastern but very few black people. Also, It seems like AQUA for some reason makes some people feel like they are better then you because they are at AQUA, dont know why. Anyways, I hope this review helped you out a little bit on your search for which club to visit, if you do go I hope to see you there.\r \r Pros: clean, nice looking\r \r Cons: Bouncers are A-holes more

Nice place to dance 11/9/2008

GUY FROM TURKEY: MET YOU THERE ON FRIDAY NOV 7th... WE DANCED A LITTLE, TOOK SOME PICTURES ... WOULD LIKE TO MEET YOU AGAIN - EMAIL ME: cccoisa@yahoo\r \r Nice to place to dance. Sometimes the dj starts playing wierd music though... Would be nice if he would just stick to music we can actually dance to!\r But it is usually a nice place if you are on the mood for dancing. Also, the age distribution is quite nice, I would say from 23 to 35, not a lot of teenagers which is great.\r Aqua: improve your music selection a little bit and you will be the number one nightclub in Mpls!!! more

Great time everytime 11/1/2008

I've been to many clubs downtown and AQUA is my favorite hands down. I go there about every week and have the most fabulous time. I have gotten to know a lot of the employees there and they are all very nice and polite people. The drink specials are awesome and I always get treated there very well. I'm a minority and I don't see any of the stuff that others have written about. At AQUA they treat everyone the same for the most part, unless they know you. All my girls know that it's the hot spot to go to every weekend. I've been going to AQUA since it pretty much opened and I have fallen in love with it since then. They have great music too with the best DJ in the Twin Cities. The atmosphere is great too and how the club is layed out in its aqua theme. If you're looking for a good time, I highly suggest to check out AQUA. Pros: Great music and drink specials more

I hate stupid whiney people! 10/28/2008

Aqua is just fine...its funny how people say they only let white people in...The owners are minorities. If you dont know for sure then keep your mouth shut. Obviously its a good place to go with good music otherwise it wouldnt have lines and you wouldnt be whining about it! more
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  • Water-themed lounge and nightclub radiates a blue glow over entourages of club kids who know how to dress to impress.

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