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Appliance Recycling Outlet - 21 Reviews - 10105 Airport Way # B, Snohomish, WA - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (360) 568-6003
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Appliance Recycling Outlet

10105 Airport Way # B
Snohomish, WA 98296
(360) 568-6003
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Appliance Recycling Outlet - Snohomish, WA


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Great deals and great customer service! I have bought many different appliances from this outlet and never once been dissappointed. The owner is a very fair person and I'm imp...


While the prices on their products are unbelievable as in LOW, the service is so incredibly horrible that you really have to think twice about buying there. They don't deliver whe...

Great deals and great customer service! 5/4/2012

Great deals and great customer service! I have bought many different appliances from this outlet and never once been dissappointed. The owner is a very fair person and I'm impressed with how he does business - eye for detail, great pricing, customer service AND he knows how to deliver. on top of that he stands behind their work. This is hard to find these days! If by chance you encounter a problem... he will take care of you. if you want to be pampered, pay the high price at some warehouse chain... otherwise, know what you want first before going, have a little patience and you will be pleased. more

Awesome Customer Service 3/15/2012

We purchased a waher and dryer about a month ago from these folks and the washer conked out. It was full of water an wouldnt spin or drain. I called them to see what I could do since I had a 90 warranty, I expected them to try and put it off or not honor it. Boy was I wrong! They told me they would just bring me a new washer on Froday, Since this happened on a Tuesday and I called on a wednesday I thought it was pretty prompt considering other Brand name stores I had bought from before had taken up to a week or better to come fix things. They called early in the AM on Thursday to let me know since they had a delivery in the area they would be here that day. I was even more pleased I had bought from these folks. John A and Sean P came with my washer at Noon and what a hassle they had to deal with. The washer full of water and no way to shut off the hoses to the washer as we live in an older townhouse and the shut off is under the apt and you have to get lanlord approval to go under there. The changed out the washer and drained everything and always had a smile on their face! What awesome guys! And they best part, they gave me an even better washer for the trouble! I will never go anywhere else! more

Great deals and service! 9/27/2011

I used them a year and a half ago on the advice of a friend. I got a great deal on a refrigerator and a washer. Well, the washer wouldn't work in the self clean cycle. I called then they showed up as agreed a day or two later with a loaner washer. In about two weeks my old washer was fixed and they removed the loaner and installed the repaired one. It's working perfectly a year and a half later! My Frig conked out after 1.5 years. I spoke to David about it and he said that if I brought it to him he would fix it no charge event though it was WAY out of warranty. Well, after about 3-4 days I spoke with him and he said that there was a few probs with it but I could have a nicer one at no extra charge or just use the nicer one as a loaner until mine was fixed. I obviously took the nicer one. the down side (If any)? As people have said they are not good at returning phone calls and some employees are lacking social skills but, as my friends said, if you want that kind of customer service go to Nordstroms (And pay Nordstrom prices). If you want great deals on appliances and a man who stands behind his work go to Snohomish Appliance Recycling. more

Great Appliances, great prices! 4/19/2011

Have bought many, many appliances over the last few years from Snohomish Appliance and have always been happy with the fair dealings I have had with Dave. I have saved a lot of money buying new appliances that were refurbished. I just purchased a new BBQ grill last weekend and again I am a very satisfied customer. Snohomish Appliance is a great place to save money, but it is a no frills environment. It is always busy and you must be patient and wait for assistance. It?s worth waiting for the money you?ll be saving. more

It is the service after the sale that counts 1/18/2011

In the past 10 years I have purchased over 50 appliances from Appliance Recycling Outlet (many were for clients I was a remodeling contractor). I have had about 4 warranty issues all of which were dealt with promptly. First a dishwasher with a bad control panel, it was replaced the next day. Second a stainless steal refrigerator that was dented on delivery, it took a month but the dented door did get replaced. Third the refrigerator in my current home stopped cooling about one month after delivery, two days later it was repaired ( we had an extra refrigerator in the garage and I told Appliance Recycling Outlet that we were not in a huge hurry to have the fridge repaired). Forth the washing machine in my rental required going through the spin cycle twice, it was replaced with a new unit in less than a week. more

Waste of time!! 5/6/2010

My wife and I recently moved from Cali to Everett and needed a washer and dryer. She found this place and we decided to check it out. After an eternity of some guy pointing and grunting at products we were able to strike a deal. After three days of waiting our appliances were scheduled to be delivered; many phone calls and much frustration later they were two days late and smashed. When I say smashed I mean hit by a truck then tossed off a cliff. Getting our money back wasn't easy and took a lot of complaining. Never go to ARO! Pros: The price looked good Cons: customer service, misrepresented products, worst experience more

Has saved us in a pinch more than once! Great luck here! 4/16/2010

We have three kids and sometimes when things break we don't have a ton of money to dump into a new one, but need it replaced immediately. Has been so nice to be able to rely on this place to give us an affordable price on whatever we need. Such a relief. May not be perfect...but working fine, serve the purpose, and with three little kids things don't usually stay nice long anyway ;o) We got a very nice Kenmore washer 5 years ago for $100. It is still alive and kicking out all the laundry I can wash. I am now ready to go and look at upgrading to a bigger one so you can bet we will be heading down there soon! Pros: Save yourself some money on the appliance you need! Cons: May not get the samecolor or style but something comparable more

savers world 4/9/2010

I have bought my first apliance from this shop in 1999 and I just realize few days ago that through the years I have spent more money in this shop than I spent in any other store except Costco. If you wonder why is because I try to get the most for my money as anybody else. And if you have a little patience, you will get that great deal you were looking for. The key word is patience and everybody has to remember that is more that meets the eye; I've seen Dave having to deal with more than 3 parties at once, each one demanding attention at the same time. I would get nuts! Through the years the store grew up and expanded which speeks by itself about how customers feel about it. If you wonder, I don't get any advantages for writing this rewiew; I just believe the record has to be set straight - this guys are profesionals and they keep their promises just give them some slack. Afterall is well worth the wait if you want to save some money in your poket. Also remember that allways will be somebody complaining about something- it's just the human nature! Pros: large selection, good prices more

Worst customer service and employees and product! 3/31/2010

I am not sure what this pace is on! They have been fixing my oven for over three months now and every time I call looking for it they take my name and number and say they will call me right back! They still have not called back! When they came to fix it at my house they didnt even call to tell us they were coming. They show up and expect you to be home. What a way to run a business. They bring me out a stove to replace the other one and the guy that brought it was telling us how much better of a stove it is than the other one and the thing doesnt even work! I would not recomend this place to anyone. Shady people shady business. Cons: everything more

Love this place 10/12/2009

I have bought several items here. The service I have gotten was above the required. The desk men are busy and they can't cater to you but they will ring you up. I had delivery as scheduled both times and someone came out to repair a frig that wasn't keeping cold enough. I picked it but they replaced the part coming over 20 miles to my house, on time, no charge whatsoever. They live up to their warranties. When I first called about it they were nice and ready to just exchange the frig on my word alone. Pros: Great deals more

Appliance Recycling Outlet good value for the $. 7/25/2009

I bought washer/dryer, installed for $300. They worked for 3 years, then had a repair costing $35.00. Another 3 years later I sold them for $200. Got another set, same deal. Still working great. Those big red beauties at the stores for $2,000? Ya I'd like them for $500. But oh well. Hey my clothes are clean and $ in the bank. Oh, and the freezer I bought for $150.? Sold it for $50. after 3 years. Now I need another one! I'm on my way! I love your prices, but hey, I can't argue with the reviews about a few of you 'grouchy ones'. Smile. Or you, too, may be recycled. Lynn neff more

Bit of a wait but can be worth it 6/19/2009

I ordered 3 appliances a month or so ago with a little proding I got 2 within a month. The guys were always assuring me they were coming and finally 2 did unfortunately I had to back out on the fridge and buy new because I needed/wanted it asap. They did refund my money in a timely manner and I am completely satisfied with my DW and Stove. Pros: like new appliances 1/2 the cost Cons: waiting more


Equalizer, you were never lied to or stolen from!!! I was taking care of your order by uprading your trio, which you have at your house for no additional cost. Your stove was coming as well until you flipped out on more than one employee. Your refund on the stove was correct not shorted in any way. You came in and apoligized for behavior and it wasn't a problem. Sorry we couldn't make you happy but don't write untrue and slanderous statements to make yourself feel better!!!!! more

Do not shop there! 3/1/2009

Dave the owner is a lying, stealing sack! He did not honor his word with us even after having our money for over 1 month. He got mad when I told him that his customer service was lousy, so he refused to give me one of the appliances that I paid for! It took me some additional time to receive my refund which was short by 50 bucks. If you want to be lied to and deceived, shop there, If not, go elsewhere. Dave is a liar! Pros: Cheap pricing Cons: Horrible customer service and liars more

A.P.O. 11/30/2008

Appliance Recycling Outlet is the best place I ahve found to dispose of my unwanted or broken appliances. Their rates are very reasonable, and pick up service is also available. more

Please don't shop here! 8/4/2008

My husband & I found an awesome new-in-box front load washer & dryer for an amazing deal on craigslist that led us to the Appliance Recycling Outlet. We called the number- it seemed legitimate so we asked them to put them on hold - we would be there that day. We got to the store 4 hours later to be told by the anti-thesis of customer service, employee Jake that they were sold & he made it clear that this wasn?t his problem. Low & behold, after much frustration they were found in the back of the warehouse. Despite the horrible customer service we decided to go ahead with the sale and put deposit on them because after all- they were such a good deal. Our house was not done being built so we scheduled the delivery for 2 weeks out. On delivery day we did not hear from them. We called around noon to find out when they would be delivered & were informed that they would be delivered 2 days later! My husband called them to explain that they had to be delivered on the originally scheduled date due to our schedules & reluctantly they said they would bring them by. The washer and dryer were delivered that afternoon, but completely damaged. Dented scratched. When we called to complain much to our continued delight employee Jake answered and was not only uninterested, but was so unbelievably rude that I?m surprised the business still employs him. They could not refund our money for 2 days out because their manager was gone & apparently their business stops when he is out. Our conversation was cut short when employee Jake hung up on us. 2 days later I called and called and called. After being on hold for 17 minutes I thought I was going to go crazy! I finally spoke with manager Dave who refunded us no problem. Thank goodness. I would not recommend using this business. Their customer service is horrible & products misrepresented despite the price being right. It?s not worth it. Pros: The experience was just so horrible, that I can't see any pros to shopping here. Cons: Employee Jake, customer service, products, response time more

Prices Low, Service Lower 5/30/2008

While the prices on their products are unbelievable as in LOW, the service is so incredibly horrible that you really have to think twice about buying there. They don't deliver when they say they will -- over and over and over. They don't call back - ever. If you call, you're on hold for a very long time, and then get the run around. I wondered if they just took my thousand bucks and really didn't even have the item I ordered. When it finally came, 3 weeks after it was first promised, it was not in great shape, and they wouldn't do anything to fix the scratches and dents. I'm tempted to report them to the AG's office, but I've already wasted enough time on this shady company. more

Great prices, great deals 7/8/2007

I have bought a nice stainless steel brand new dishwasher there ( a Kenmore Elite) for $425! I also bought a brand new stainless steel Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator for under $1000! I had to wait around 6 weeks to get it but it was worth the wait. The customer service isn't the best of the best but for the enormous savings, I didn't care. The refrigerator I bought retailed for $2500 and the dishwasher for $1250. I will say that my refrigerator did break within the first 5 months but I called them and they fixed it within a day (came to my house to repair. For refrigerators they have a 1 year warranty and 90 days for my dishwasher. I would go back again when I need an appliance. It's certainly worth the wait. more


I'm a realtor and I've sent numerous clients to this Appliance Recycling store. All but one couple - has found screamin' deals on appliances and they've all been very satisfied. If they don't have something specific in stock - they will take your info and notify you as soon as they get it in - for a deposit, you can hold the item so that nobody else gets ""dibs"" on it. I did have one set of clients who waited an extra 4 weeks for the (specific) refrigerator they wanted - but since they knew the estimate arrival date was more like a ""guesstimate"" and since AR provided them with a free temporary fridge - it wasn't a problem. Pros: Great value, lots of stock, for a deposit, they will hold a specific ""future"" item (brand name, size, color, etc,) Cons: Some items are scary looking, customer service ins't the best - but it's a recycling store! more

Best place to buy any appliance great customer service 4/21/2007

I just read the review for manda817 and i dont understand what this person is talking about. I have spent thousands of dollors there and have never had any problems. I may have to wait for my stuff but if i need it they provide a loaner. No one else would do that. Dont go by what this person said in there review because they couldnt be more wrong. I will continue to go their because i enjoy saving money and they have great customer service. Like I said before I have spent a lot of money their and would never go anywhere else. Pros: price service and quality more
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