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Appleseed Child Development

1014 Maxwell Mill Rd
Fort Mill, SC 29708
(803) 548-5250
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We had our daughter at Appleseed from age 2-4. She is now 6 and back for their summer camp program. I did a lot of research at other day cares on their summer camp program and b...


It is such a shame to see ""The Best"" become ""A Mess"", but that is exactly what happened when Miss Pat retired as director of Appleseed. The facility was left to be run by p...

No longer a threat to the children of the Fort Mill area 11/10/2009

It is such a shame to see ""The Best"" become ""A Mess"", but that is exactly what happened when Miss Pat retired as director of Appleseed. The facility was left to be run by people who had no place running the facility or managing the staff because they had no management or people skills. The director was never there and when she was, she was unavailable. The ""Stupervisors"" were like watching Larry, Moe and Curley run the joint with their special ""spies"" planted among the hard working staff members so they could ""get something"" on them and threaten their jobs. Getting a straight answer from the management was like asking Lou ""Who's on first?"". Then they hire a financial guy with a questionable background and suddenly they're having money troubles. The sad part is that several wonderful staff members are out of a job taking care of children that they truly loved and enjoyed taking care of. Hopefully these folks will find openings at other daycares in the area and be able to carry on their dedicated service to children in our community. We never questioned the safety or care that our infant received at Appleseed, but once out of the infant room, it became clear that we needed to find another childcare solution. Areva derchi Appleseed! Pros: The facility is closed down Cons: It didn't happen sooner. more

This is a former employee: DO NOT SEND YOUR KID HERE! 10/5/2009

Listen, I would NOT waste my time to slander this compnay if I didnt feel it were a threat to children. First of all, there are THREE supervisors there. You'll know them when you see them:\r 1. The supervisor that staff only meets when they are hired. Once you are a part of the crew, NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. She, like the rest of the supers like playing hide n seek with the staff (probably parents too)\r 2. The neck-rolling, lip-smaking ghettofied DIVA that doesn't give a CRAP about employees. As much as they stress a non tolerance for gossip, she sure should practice what she preaches.\r 3. The ditzy hoarse supervisor who doesn't know up form down. Don't DARE ask for help; I think she gives you the wrong info for the hell of it.\r \r It's no secret that this place has serious financal issues. If you go there now, I bet my life that they would have an opening for your child. I've been in childcare for 4 years, believe that if there if no waiting list, there MUST be a reason why. When I left, staff and children were dropping out like flies. The staff isnt dumb; management know appleseed is on its way out, but they don't have the decency to tell anyone for fear of losing money now. Its so bad that they hired me without taking a TB test (wtf who does this?), and without researching to see if I even had a HS diploma. Turns out, I was replacing a girl who was leaving in a couple days, so i had to learn how to run everything in the class by myself. When I would do something wrong, I would get yelled at, and talked about. The management is THAT unprofessional. The turnover rate for childcare is usually high, but at Appleseed is it so high that it makes you wonder. The hell with the free-childcare employee benefits, I would bring my son there if I had to. The place is filthy. The mamnagement is unprofessional; I've known times where I have called to the front desk because of an emergency, and no one was there to pick up the phone. In short- they suck. They deserve the foreclosure. Go to Kids r Kids, they'll show you how its done! Pros: Cheap tuition..but you get what you pay for Cons: where do I begin? more

FORECLOSER 6/27/2009

IT IS UNDER FORECLOSER!!! AN THEY CHARGE SO MUCH WONDER WHERE ALL THE MONEY IS GOING.. \r \r \r look it up under York County \r 16th Judicial Circuit \r Public Index Search more

Great Summer Camp Program 6/20/2009

We had our daughter at Appleseed from age 2-4. She is now 6 and back for their summer camp program. I did a lot of research at other day cares on their summer camp program and by far this one is the best. Very affordable and my daughter says she's having so much fun. Appleseed is a christian based facility which was a very important to us. Pros: awesome field trips and activities Cons: none known at this point more

Good People 1/2/2009

I have had a few experiences with Appleseed from 2004-2007 my son went there from the age of 8 weeks until 3. I NEVER experienced any problems whatsoever as a matter of fact his infant room teachers were outstanding and it gave me peace of mind everyday when I went to work and left him in their care. 2008-2009 I have had another child and looked to Appleseed for care things have changed tuition is higher but I have found it is higher everywhere it is several years later besides I never understood how Appleseed could be so much more affordable than the other centers and be profitable the rates are still reasonable in comparison to the other centers. The directors and staff are very caring and I remember Pat but there are still others there that have been a very long time and it is the same core values and care that they give. When I read all of the reviews and comments about how they don't care I just have a very hard time believing that I think that if you are considering Appleseed you should make your own assessment of the staff. Also in reference to the rates that are charged I suggest doing a check across the market they are at the low range especially for what you get. I have worked in daycare many years ago after I got out of the military and it is not easy work it is very demanding and takes a lot of love to be successful at it how can you put a value on someone substituting in a parents absence that is one of the most important jobs one can have and it can make a very significant impact on your child?s life. My husband and I both think they have done a great job. Pros: Environment, Staff Cons: A little chilly in some rooms more

Rated #1 in Fort Mill 11/19/2008

This past review is so wrong. This must be an employee who was fired. Appleseed is the best child care facility in the Fort Mill area. Pros: management is helpful, Teachers are fantastic more


I was an empolyee at Appleseed and I would not take my child there. The administration doesn't not communicate with their employees or with their parents. They make the center look and sound great, but really once you are behind closed doors, it isn't that. There are a handful of good teachers, but most of them aren't. Most of the teachers just sit at the desk and do their own thing, while the kids play with what few toys they have in the classrooms. There are no educational toys at all, there is only stuff to keep them busy so the teachers aren't bothered. I tried to make a difference in my classroom, but I wasn't supported by my administration or the other teacher I worked with. I have since moved on, but felt that I should let the community know about them. I would not recommend them to anyone. It is more like babysitting then teaching your children! Pros: Handful of good teachers Cons: dirty classrooms, horrible administration, etc.... more

Appleseed - changing for the better 9/17/2008

I don't entirely agree with some of the posts on this website and have learned that there are usually two sides to every story. While I'm sure there were some people that were dissatisfied with the level of service/care they received, I can't entirely believe that Appleseed would be 100% at fault for it. Additionally, I find it disgusting that race would even be mentioned as a deciding factor regarding the employment/unemployment of staff members.\r \r We've been taking our children to Appleseed for nearly two years now and are very pleased with the care. When we've expressed our concerns about any issues we have had (there were a few) - they have been addressed and resolved. The staff and leadership truly understand the children and their safety come first. They are approachable and are willing to listen and look for a solution. They also appreciate the feedback and encourage it. I think that might be the key to why we so much appreciate the directors and staff. \r \r We have experienced facilities (in our previous state) that say they'll do something, but nothing changes, nothing gets resolved and the same people continue to make the same decisions. This not the case at Appleseed and I?m glad. There have been some changes in staff, but from my perspective, it has probably justified. \r \r There have been many improvements made to the curriculum and facilities, which is an improvement over some of the alternatives in the Fort Mill area. During the tour of one facility when my wife and I relocated here, we found three children playing in a room by themselves - unsupervised. In escorting them to the appropriate room (with the center director) we had to step over the trash in the hallway (it was explained it was garbage day). With that said, we did not decide to enroll our children there. \r \r I expect there will be more improvements based on the feedback of the staff and parents and know we'll continue to take our children to Appleseed. \r \r \r \r Pros: Open to concerns, willing to change Cons: Bad rap due to some disgruntled parents more

worst care anywhere 8/14/2008

Appleseed was a fine establishment and even had a waiting list to get your child in back when ms.pat was running the place. Now it is the opposite. They have immediate openings. The new management is doing such a poor job of running the place that they consolidated down to one building and that is not even full anymore. The new manager deligates her duties to three incompitant supervisors, one of which truly seems to enjoy firing the white employees. There are a number of good employees at appleseed but there are also a few deadbeats still remaining. I have heard of child abuse reports, children wondering off and undetected for long periods and I have personally experienced teachers changing diapers and not washing their hands before attending to another child. Even after reporting what I saw with my own eyes, the problem still remains. The management has a attitude about themselves that makes you feel like your questions and concerns are just a bother too them. We have just removed our 17 month old son because this place is becoming disgusting. There will always be concerns when putting your child in daycare but this place has gotten so bad in the last year that we just could not stand it anymore. The new manager is running the place into the ground and I predict that appleseed will be gone by sometime next year. They have a male employee at appleseed that I thought I recognized, sure enough after doing some lenghtly homework, it turns out that this guy is a convict. He was convicted of embezzlement just a couple years back. Seems to me that appleseed is pretty desperate if they have to hire people like that to work for them.\r Do your self a big favor and put your children anyplace but appleseed. Pros: You might get lucky enough to get one of the good teachers Cons: This management group could care less about anything but your payments more


So...we compared a million daycares and of course...anywhere worth being at had a list a mile long so we needed to look for an ""in the mean time place"". Appleseed appeared to be an easy solution. We have some neighbors that bring both a baby and 4 year old there and they seemed to be happy with them so we called. Lucky us...they had an opening in the infant the next question you should ask yourself is WHY...which is what we did not do and now we know! Now let me give you all the reasons you need to STAY AWAY: They say they have secured premisis...yet when we went to pick up our baby, there was a girl at the front desk who had never met us and she asked what the last name was and then brought up a list of ALL the kids and ALL the secret passwords to get in. if you had a pen handy, you could have written ALL down!! And the main hall was so busy that a stranger could easly slip by the front desk and straight into a class room!! When i picked her up, the teacher that was there had never met me...yet she did not even ask who I was! The room was...litterally...100 degrees...which I can only assume is done to keep the babies completely lathargic so they sleep all day. They put my kid in a swing and when I went back 3 hours later...she was still in the SAME place! They said...she was a little fussy so we kept her there...IT WAS HER FIRST DAY! of course she was fussy. Their goal is to move your kid from swing to bouncie chair to bed all day....THERE IS NO PLAYING WITH YOUR BABY!! THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THAT. The teachers just sit in their chairs and look at babies sitting in the interaction at all. Also, we were not asked to provide any immunization records...imagine what your new baby could be exposed to!!!!\r Ultimately, all I have to no matter how desparate you are for daycare...quit your job before you bring your kid here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cons: EVERYTHING more

This daycare is mis-managed 6/2/2008

Teachers are inconsistent...some good, some poor. But, I believe that any employee is a reflection of the leadership they receive. I have experienced teachers who are neglectful but some are interactive. I hear alot of the teachers sitting around complaining about Administration. In fact, it seems that most will ""henpeck"" instead of watching my child. Consistent with many of the other posts here, I would have to say that the school is extremely mis-managed. When Ms. Pat left, the school took a serious downward spiral. Quite honestly, it seems to degrade daily. They make poor decisions, I have been lied to, I have bore witness to running outide of ratios and there is an unsupported aloofness about the senior staff. I have begun my search to change schools. Pros: A few good teachers Cons: Alot of poor management more

We love it at Appleseed 4/17/2008

I beg to differ with all of those comments below, I LOVE APPLESEED. I had an issue a while back and the director worked with me to help me get through it. The teachers are always very informative when i come to pick my child up. I think a lot of the ""right"" changes were never made when Ms. Pat was there, and now everyone doesnt want to recognize all of the positive changes because it may cost them a little more. Let's face it I have done the reseach and all the daycares are up there in price, Appleseed's tuition is not that bad. They now have cameras in all the classrooms for you to come in and view anytime you would like. They are doing a lot of painting to make the center more kid friendly and working on a new security system. Overall I think things are looking up from what they used to when the old director was here. I think the director is trying to bring something new and fun to the facility, and the ones who can't handle it need to move on. No matter where you go you have to pay on time, you will have holidays that you will have to pay for, you will be called when your child is sick, and you will have some teacher turn over no matter what degree they may have. So it's going to be the same ANYWHERE you go! I wouldnt change child care centers for the world. My son and I love it at Appleseed! Pros: Wonderful loving staff and Administration more

Parents Beware 4/14/2008

I would not recommend this day care to watch over any child. The administration has not skills in how to run a facility; they are totally REACTIVE and have been in shambles for at least 12 months. Some of the seasoned staff is great, but they have a lot of turn over and you can never get answers from the administration. There is no real monitoring of the staff and no real development of the children. They claim to be hiring people with an education in child development or similar but they constantly have position open and at least on of your teachers could change day to day. They just close down one of their building with the excuse that ""Bigger is not always better"", it was handled in a very poor manner and there was really no communications. Some of the children?s stuff had not been moved to their new classroom when they started on Monday. The director is never around and never active with the parents, when she is she says hello but that is it. You never see any of the administration in the classroom and half the staff does not even tell you what your child did that day. Half the time my child has food residue on her clothes and face/nose, they can?t even wipe her face. They have open enrollment with no registration fee, this tell you they need to increase enrollment. All the other facilities in the are have 6-12 month waiting list. This should tell you something. Pros: Seasoned Teachers that care about children Cons: Director and management staff more

Not recommended! 3/19/2008

Not impressed. I have to say - they did a great job giving me a tour when I first visited and made themselves sound great!\r I had one teacher comment that she could ""ring a child's neck"" etc. I also agree with another review posted - the teachers were always sitting when I came to pick up my child. I have my daughter at a WONDERFUL center now - and they even commented that her fine motor skills were not where they needed to be. They said that it shows that noone did activities with her at Appleseed. The good news - she is up to speed now! \r Very young teachers that did not seem to be qualified to watch small children. Another thing - they were constantly moving the children around to keep ""ratios"" where they needed to be and I am sure so they could send teachers home and not have to pay them. Again - my concern was over the teachers they had. DEFINATELY not worth what they charge! I would not send my child there. Very poor choices in who they hire. My child is THRIVING where she is at now and so happy. She cried every day we dropped her off at Appleseed. Pros: Looks nice from the outside - 1 apperance when you walk in looks pretty good Cons: Non qualified teachers, poor management - Just not good with children - period. more

Love the teachers....Director is heartless 2/29/2008

While my child has been at Appleseed for a few years the time has come to spilt ways. Appleseed hasprogressivley gotten worse since Ms Pat retired, and newer, greedy management has come aboard. Although they claim to be making changes for the better, the only person benifiting from it is the director. It appears that there are some ""Deep Pockets"" for the executive staff. \r \r Appleseed USED to be a place where the cared about the children...... Now all the care about is the $$$ figure. BEWARE, your childs best intest is not in mind. Pros: Teachers that interact with the children Cons: Director, Finance director, over all... Upper management more

ok daycare, could be better 2/28/2008

I have 2 of my children at Appleseed, I have been looking around for other places because they continue to increase tuition for reasons such as-property tax increases, new cameras (which i thought was great except they are only in the hallways-not the rooms) what good does that do? I would like to see what is going on in my childs class! Also I have picked up my 19month old and he had on a dirty diaper that was stuck to her so bad, you could tell she'd been sitting in it for a while. The teachers are usually sitting while the kids run around when they should be engaged in activity. As far as sympathy-NONE my child was out for 2 weeks over Christmas break, you pay a week in advance, so one week they had the other they received the Monday she returned and I had a letter stating if I didn't pay she couldn't come back! I have never paid them late and this was over the holidays! The old director Mrs. Pat was wonderful But she's gone, and this is where my problems began! more

Wonderful Experience 7/30/2007

I have a son that is in the infant room at Appleseed and I absolutly LOVE IT there. The teachers are wonderful with him and keep me very well informed on everything that he does throughout the day. The staff always has a smile on their face and are very welcoming. The Director is AWSOME...anytime i have ever had any issues she has set up an appt. and dicussed it. She is very kind hearted and is willing to do anything for the well being of the children. Overall I have loved my expreince at Appleseed and I would recommend it to anyone searching for a loving christian facility. Pros: Excellent Staff, Pinnacle Curriculum, Great Director, and an overall wonderful Christian Setting..:) more

Please, when writing a review use your best spelling. 7/30/2007

When writing a review, please use correct spelling. If you have been in the childcare profession for over four years, by now you should be able to spell correctly. If you were teaching my child, I would be upset if you spoke the same way you wrote. \r Also, please remember that when you call someone out by speaking of them, and putting them down, especially for things that are untrue, that is slander, and when you make fun of someone personally, that can be very hurtful. If you are reading this, I am in the process of tracking this IP address. City Search prohibts cursing of any type. Thank You And May God Bless You!! Pros: An awesome staff!! more

Horrible director & teachers who don't report when kids get hurt!!! 7/15/2007

My son was punched by two boys & the teacher did not do anything - no incident report, did not notify me, nothing. When we got our three kids, they told us what happened, which was confirmed by the red marks on my son's back which turned to bruises. We pulled them out of the daycare immediately. Our three kids were there for a total of 9 days for which we paid almost $100 per day (counting the registration fee) - and then they wanted us to pay for two more weeks because we didn't give them two weeks notice!! Um, you don't GET NOTICE when kids are pulled from your program because you let them get HURT!\r \r Here was what the director had to say, ""It's my word against your kids word."" Wow, what an advocate for children! That is exactly who I do NOT want in charge of my children's teachers!\r \r My 4th grader described her experience as ""torture camp."" The center ""provides"" breakfast & lunch, but my kids didn't get enough to eat & were told they couldn't have seconds.\r \r My youngest is allergic to milk & even though I supplied a milk substitute, it wasn't given to her unless my oldest went to ask for it. Until then, my youngest just had nothing to drink - or was told ""the milk is on the table"" (& it was regular milk). What if my youngest didn't have her older brother and sister to look out for her?\r \r The finance department is not any better. Although I don't think I should have had to paid for the day my son was hurt, my husband made arrangements to pay over 2 weeks. They already had a check that they were supposed to return to us, and now another one for the first installment. Well, they deposited the one they were supposed to return, which was twice what they were supposed to get and all of what was owed. And they still have not returned the other check.\r \r This is supposed to be a Christian daycare. Well, I question the morales of the ""leaders"" there. They do not seem to have genuine concern for anything except profit. Aweful :( Worst ever Cons: Rude staff, director is awful, not enough teachers to properly supervise kids, $$$$$$$$ more

First and Worst Daycare Experience 6/1/2007

The teachers at this daycare are wonderful! Never had any issues with teachers, but the administration of the school is horrible. From the director to the finance department they are the most inconsiderate people I have ever met in my life. My father passed away and the same week they sent me a notice stating if I didn't pay a late charge from January they would discontinue service. I had to deal with other expenses and they had no sympathy or compassion for my situation at all. I would never recommend this daycare to anyone ,not even my worst enemy. Pros: Great Teachers Cons: Horrible Director,finance department, policies, and food! more
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