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Anytime Restaurant - 21 Reviews - 93 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY - Late Night Dining Reviews - Phone (718) 387-8875

Anytime Restaurant

93 N 6th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-8875
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Anytime Restaurant - Brooklyn, NY


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The name says it all.. if you are hungry any time, go there, the food is fresh and the place is comfortable.


I ordered from here about 5 times, before the terrible service put me off entirely. One time they didn't even make my order. I called them after 45 minutes and found that they jus...

Too dicey 12/4/2009

I ordered from here about 5 times, before the terrible service put me off entirely. One time they didn't even make my order. I called them after 45 minutes and found that they just never filled the order. The delivery guy gets pissed if you don't tip him 25%...he thinks he's a waiter! It wasn't worth it. The food was always soggy and cold. Pros: Open very late Cons: Soggy + cold food, bad service more


That should tell you something since all the new reviews are negative...p.s. their lasagna tastes like dogfood. It's the only food in the world (and I ate onion and mustard sandwiches as a starving college student) I haven't even been able to choke down. ih. Pros: late night Cons: everything else more

wonderful food 6/19/2008

The name says it all.. if you are hungry any time, go there, the food is fresh and the place is comfortable. more

They make one of the best hamburgers and salads!!! 1/14/2008

I love this place. They make good hamburgers, fries and salads! They also have a good selection of mixed drinks for a great price. The place is also a little small and have about 5 tables to sit and the rest is the bar and side bar table to sit on. Pros: Thumbs up for their hamburgers and salads! Cons: Can't think of any... Maybe they should add more tables or expand... more

Took an hour for delivery 11/18/2007

HORRIBLE! Took an hour for my delivery and the food was completely cold when it finally arrived. Ordered my burger medium rare, but came medium well. Tots seemed like they would have been good had they not been cold. Would never order from this place again. Pros: they serve tots Cons: delivery takes a lifetime more

Tastes Good 8/20/2007

I really like the food they offer. Yeah maybe sometimes they can be slow on delivery but its worth to wait for. more

Cheap place 5/17/2007

Good cheap place to grab a bit to eat or have delivered. It's basically food you could cook/make yourself if you weren't too damn lazy. the service is ok, nothing special, and the crowd is what you would expect in that area. It's worth a try. Pros: Cheap food and booze. more

The Menu Said ""Falafel Sandwich"" 5/11/2007

The dinner menu says, ""Falafel Sandwich - hummus, fine chopped salad, pita bread"" & choice of side $6.95.\r \r I ordered a falafel sandwich with tator tots (tator tots were for my husband), what I got was a FRENCH FRIED stuffed falafel sandwich!!\r \r My husband called and spoke to a man who claimed to be the manager and all he could offer was a 'yeah, that's how they're made, just take the french fries out of the falafel"" and hung up. I called immediatley after, asking for the manager, I get a woman who also claimed to be the manager and gave me a ""'yeah, that's how they are made. I can SUGGEST a reprint of the menu.""\r \r SUGGEST a reprint?!!!!!\r \r Maybe they should take a lesson from Mamoun's from the West Village on the art of making a falafel cause these hipster nazis got it wrong. Hell, I'll even suggest going to Chickpea - whatever it takes to get the stinkin' french fries out of my falafel! Cons: service,price,delivery service slow more

Best Delivery 5/7/2007

I've read the negative reviews and I'm surprised. The phone staff is helpful and you only have to give your information once. The delivery zone is so big that i can order from my place on the southside of Williamsburg or my BF's in Greenpoint, sure sometimes the wait is close to an hour on busy nights but I've waited alot longer for deliveries from other restaurants who will remain nameless. The menu's got something for everybody. ( I love the homemade lasagna, My boyfriend's all about the bacon cheese burgers and tater tots)\r And anyone who's surprised that takeout tends to cool off a little during transit probably doesnt order in very often. I've been ordering for about 6 months and on the rare occasion that a mistake is made credit is always issued and easy to redeem. Let's face it they'll also bring you cigs and beer. Anyone who will bring me Cigarettes at 4:30 in the am is okay by me. Don't let the harsh words deture you. Anytime rocks!\r P.S. to the guy who complained about ""mandatory gratuity"" ,oxymoron aside, tip your drivers, gratuity is a nice word but lets face itmillions of people make their living on ""gratuity"" if you don't like it write your congressman but tip the delivery guy. Pros: generous portions, great variety Cons: no parking, not alot of tables more


A long time supporter of this local establishment. Ordered in BK at friends houses so was excited when they started to deliver to the LES. Ordered many many times and food was ok. Then it started to get worse. Then awful so i stopped ordering. After a few months of not ordering and craving one of their salads I called and was rudely informed I was out of the area. I was told they would not go south of Delancy. I am the first block south of Delancy. What are they thinking. I do not recommend this delivery service to anyone. And lets not forget how AWFUL the supposed cheap happy hour drinks are at the BK location. Its time for Anytime to get bought up and moved out. Cons: ALL more

You can?t have a tip minimum!!!!! 3/14/2007

I was tired and didn?t feel like going to the store for something to cook, so I ordered from Anytime. When I placed my order, I asked for my sandwich with a side of tater tots ($8.95) and a pack of Marlboro Lights ($8.00) for a total of $16.85 before tax. I asked to place this on my debit card and was informed that the $10.00 credit card minimum did not include cigarettes. (This information is not anywhere on their literature or website...not to mention that a minimum amount is a minimum amount?period!) Ok, I was fine with that and ordered a Diet Pepsi. I was then asked how much I would like to tip on my $18.95 bill. I said $2.00. (Just so you all know, I always tip 10% on a delivery and 20% when I?m out. I?ve worked in the restaurant business?I know how to tip.) I was then informed that there was a 3.00 minimum TIP. I questioned this and was LAUGHED AT and told it was because he drivers wouldn?t deliver for less than that amount. (This information is also not on their literature or website.) Not only is it illegal to even have a credit card minimum, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you allowed to tell me how much to tip. If the owners of Anytime feel like their employees need a higher wage, then they should reach into their pockets and give them a larger base pay because it?s their responsibility?not mine. \r \r Anytime?though your food might be cheap and fast, I don?t expect you to be in business for the long haul in this neighborhood?especially when you try to take advantage of your customers. Those of us who choose to move out here expect better from the small businesses that we choose to support. This was ridiculous and I will not only never order form you again, but tell everyone I know not to either. I know A LOT of people and so do they. (and so do they) \r Pros: they deliver late night Cons: every other thing about this place more

Pay with Credit Card, Get Ripped Off 3/9/2007

Ordered a salad and sandwich last night and used a debit card to pay over the phone. When the food arrived, I checked the receipt and noticed that an 18% gratuity had been added. Of course, the driver neglected to mention this as well as the person who took my order over the phone. After closer inspection, I noticed that the line item charge for gratuity was more than the 18% indicated. \r \r Do the math: \r \r salad $6.50\r sandwich $8.50\r subtotal $15.00\r 18% added gratuity $4.00??????????\r tax $1.59\r Total $20.59.\r \r 18 % gratuity on $15.00 is $2.70 NOT $4.00!!!!!!!\r \r I was basically laughed at when I called to complain. The phone attendant was very dismissive and exceptionally rude. She said, ""What's the matter? You don't like to tip?"" I wanted to go postal. How could she not understand that this was wrong? She tried to make me feel like a cheapskate, clearly missing the point. I'm a good tipper. I would have tipped the delivery guy 3 - 4 bux anyway, but Anytime took advantage of my choice to pay with a debit card by automatically (and clandestinely) charging me a gratuity and not informing me about it. To top it off, I was made fun of when I confronted them.\r \r Alright, so how was the food you ask? I wouldn't know! My salad was delivered without dressing, the side item that was supposed to come with my sandwich was missing, and my sandwich had dark strands of hair in it! It all went straight to the garbage. \r \r Save your self the aggravation and stay away from Anytime. more

Great drunk/late night food 11/17/2006

If you are desperate for a tuna melt or falafel at 4am, run or call anytime. Great late night delivery service for late nighters or bartender types. Food can get cold on the way over, but at 4am, I'm not complaining. more

Misnomer 10/28/2006

Food here is fast, good quality. Service, whatever. But main complaint is that it's called Anytime when it's hardly ever open when you need them to be open. Closing at 2am most nights a week and at 4am one night a week is a joke. We need a decent place to eat 24/7. Pros: good food. Cons: not anytime. just sometimes. more

Good food, cheap prices, slooooow delivery! 8/1/2006

They have a great menu, lots of different choices, and the food is usually really good. Love the tuna melt, fresh mozz/potabello/basil sandwich, fries...The delivery takes up to and sometimes over an hour. But the prices are really reasonable, they're always available, and the food is yummy! Pros: Good food, good prices, avaiable 24/7 Cons: Slooooow delivery.... more

BS service 7/27/2006

Food is ok. Happy hour is great, especially after work where my coworkers and I frequent. BUT service is baaaaaad, one waitress/hostess in particular!!!! Put it this way - everytime we go to try to enjoy ourselves, we always say ""hope the b**ch isn't going to be there"" Pros: Happy Hour and food to go with it Cons: Mean waitress/hostess more

You have got to be kidding me!!! 12/3/2005

Sun. eve 1st people in for dinner. FREEZING inside Outside sign says $1 Stoli, Heineken Waitress explains we have to GO TO THE BAR TO ORDER THEM @ bar, 2 Stoli Bloody Mary's that's 6 dollars! WHAT? Yeah Stoli and Baccardi are $3, your sign says $1 Party of 3 get seated in the back (where it's warm) My friend asks if we can sit in back Waitress said NO,bartender said back is for larger parties,wouldn't want to ask us to move in mid-meal to seat a larger party ASK US HAVE YOU MOVE IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR MEAL? Brought the drinks to the table, worst Bloody Mary EVER, couldn't finish it.Waitress comes back to take our order, we said no and left. I don't expect pampering, BUT I expect a restaurant to accomodate their customers when it comes to the fact it's freezing and dead inside Cons: rude service, non-accomodating, false advertising more

Rude staff, loud music, and a half-eaten sandwich 9/21/2005

although the food is good and the happy hour is great - the music is so loud, you won't be able to enjoy either. i left midway through my meal because - as an affront to my request to turn down the music - the management turned the music up! although i used to go at least 3 times a week and drag all my friends from manhattan there with me - after last night I will never step foot in there again! Pros: good food Cons: rude staff, loud music more

Best lunch deal 9/9/2003

You absolutely cannot beat this place for a 6$ lunch combo delivered to your desk. I have ordered at night too, and the regular menu is still cheap as hell. more

I got it in manhattan too 10/21/2002

I live in williamsburg and work in soho, I guess they opened a place here somewhere because they've been delivering to my office and in manhattan it's even faster. Yesterday I got my food in 15 minutes even though they told me 30. The prices are the same and I find them cheap in williamsburg so for the city it's increadible. The food is always consistent, try combining dishes, tomato basil salad with chix fingers in it or my boyfriends favorite, steak sandwich with jalapeno poppers. Pros: cheap, fast, cheap more
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