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Antoine Du Chez Salons & Spas

9619 E County Line Rd Ste A
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 768-9551
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I have been a client of Lesley for about 4 years. She is an amazing colorist! I have been to many, many colorists over the years and Lesley is without a doubt the best!


THis store is compariable to the school. I use to go to this location for years until my hairdresser left. When she left they moved me to a guy named bobby. Horrible, Horrible...

The number one reason why I used to 2/13/2012

The number one reason why I used to come here was to see my long-time stylist Shirley. I recently found out that she was no longer working there when they offered me half off in the mail to try someone new, but when I called to find out where Shirley went, they had told me she has 'pursued a different career' and refused to tell me where she went! Fortunately the previous post says she moved to Eco Salon down the street and am thrilled to have come across this. I don't appreciate being lied to, very unprofessional! They have lost my business AND respect! more

Great Service took it upon themselves to add on charges 10/7/2011

This was my first experience with Antoine Du Chez. The staff was amazing they were very accomodating and fit me in at the last minute to do a back to back appointment for my daughter and I. I just mentioned that I was hungry and they brought me a menu for my daughter and I to order lunch while we were processing our color. I was very impressed! The gal that colored our hair was nice and her assistant was awesome. She was very busy (which was my fault for the last minute appointments). When I made the appointment I was told over the phone that a partial highlight would cost $85 when talking to the woman doing mine and my daughter's hair, it was $95. No big deal it was 10x2 $20. The next hiccup was that a $7 sandwich x2 $14 ended up somehow costing $25 with taxes and gratuity. so now we are up to $30 more than discussed. Oh wow much to my surprise we have now had toner added to our bill. I mentioned to the stylist, we have been getting our hair colored for years and NEVER needed toner. She explained to me that she didn't NEED to add toner she wanted to?? Okay that doesn't make a whole lot of sense....If I didn't need it, why did you add it? I asked. She explained that it is her opinion that it makes a prettier blonde shade. $30 x 2 $60 + $30 is $90 Oh my gosh a little shocked to say the least. I mentioned this to a couple of my clients and friends and they felt this was ridiculous and that I should contact the store to let them know what happened. I did call. I again can not say enough about the front desk group....they are adorable and great at what they do. She immediately got me in touch with the owner, Nick. Nick is the only reason that I am giving 3 stars because he was so understanding and awesome and agreed that the toner should not have been added without consulting the clients. He has agreed to refund me $60 of the $90 which was completely acceptable to me. I can't say that I would ever return as $300 for 2 partials highlights and 2 sandwiches seemed a little steep. I have had much better highlights from other salons that were just as nice for a lot less. more

Awesome Salon MOSTLY 5/16/2011

Awesome stylists!! I bounce around and see a few different people but they always can look and see who I've been with and fit me in with someone with my busy schedule. Every time I leave I am pleased with the result, this owner knows how to pick her staff, with one or two oddball exceptions (I wouldnt recommend Bobbi or whatever his name is or the rude blonde facial and waxing girl). I saw other reviews on the front desk. I'm guessing Daniel is the tall red headed guy, which means I couldnt disagree with the other reviewer more. He is so polite, friendly, gets chatting with me and every time i call to get an appointment he makes something work for my schedule. Also my sister came in and I booked her a package and this guy took care of everything and she loved it. I did have one bad experience with the girl with the straight hair, the skinny one at the front, but i think she was just having a bad day, she just seemed angry in general. Usually everyone up there is very good. Overall, fantastic salon, very professional and fun place to get pampered! more

hair highlight/ message 1 star w Lesa 4/20/2011

Sara did a great job! However I would like to know why there was no relaxing music during my message plus she left the room for what seemed to be 5 min and apoligized, too get some lotion Lesa should of been prepared. if you have a client coming in you should be prepared, this was not my first time. I am referencing my girlfriend Cindy Schafer for a message and I hope it is not just a message. Terri Stewart 303-662-1363 more

hair color 4/18/2011

I have been a client of Lesley for about 4 years. She is an amazing colorist! I have been to many, many colorists over the years and Lesley is without a doubt the best! more

Horrible Service 4/4/2011

If you want to have your appointments cancelled the day before you go on vacation, then this is the place for you. I make my appointments 4-6 weeks in advance but this place continually calls me the day before to cancel - not reschedule - cancel! Daniel is rude and arrogant and apparently believes that people will take this type of treatment. The highlights I received there were acceptable .... as long as you didn't look to closely! I would recommend the Aveda Salon downtown - much more professional and higher quality work from their students! more

Do not waste your money at this place! 3/19/2011

Rude staff! The haircut I received by Bobby was awful. He was also arrogant and rude and did not listen to what I wanted. But overall in my opinion this salon is not worth it. If you want a terrible haircut then go somewhere less expensive and you won't feel so bad that you have wasted so much money. There are many better salons. I even overheard this hair stylist trashing his Manager Cindy in front of clients, VERY Unprofessional. more

I found Natalie!!! 3/1/2011

I have been going to Natalie, who is the best hairdresser I have ever had, and when I called to reschedule with her, I was told that she was no longer there, and they refused to tell me where she went. I found this very unprofessional, as I go to this salon to see Natalie, not to see just any random person. I had to google and check on facebook and linked in. If anyone else is looking for her, i found her at Halo Salon in the Cherry Creek / Hilltop neighborhood. The phone number there is 303-333-1262. Natalie is amazing and no one should have to live without her!!! more

Leslie is a fantastic colorist 12/17/2010

I have searched high and low, had many mediocre and even bad color experiences, until now. Leslie is amazing at what she does, I get tons of compliments. My hair grows out beautifully and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend her. thank you Leslie more

Check it out! 7/30/2010

I love coming to this salon. I've been coming her for years and they have had their share of staff at the front desk but the team they have now is great, they remember your face and make you feel welcomed! I've done it all there and I've never had an issue. Thank you for making me feel like $100 bucks every single visit! Pros: Customer service and skill Cons: nothing :) more

Still the Best! 5/25/2010

I have been visiting this location for a while now, over 5 years.... it is as good as it has always been. I never have a problem making the appointment, the manager is a doll, and my hair looks great! I have had my hair done at other salons in LA and Miami and it has never looked this good. All my friends ask me who does my hair and I proudly reccomend Antoine du Chez. My bestfriend's birthday is coming up and I am going to buy her a gift certificate online. I also love their selection of products :) Pros: Great staff,excellent customer service,selection of products Cons: none more

Terrible experience 3/31/2010

I was very excited because my husband had bought me a gift card. When I first made the appointment I couldn't even understand what the girl on the phone was saying to me. I arrived for my appointment and the front desk staff were rude, they didn't even acknowledge me. I had no idea what I was doing. Didn't understand the process of the locker room with my facial, and the girl in the facial didn't even explain what she was doing. Sadly didn't enjoy my experience and wont return Pros: close to other stores Cons: horrible customer service more

Downhill 3/11/2010

THis store is compariable to the school. I use to go to this location for years until my hairdresser left. When she left they moved me to a guy named bobby. Horrible, Horrible, I can't even say anything else. Then to find out my girl moved to the Bellview location. First I couldn't understand why no one told me. I will not return to this store but will continue to go to Cherry Creek for my nails and Bellview for my hair. Pros: location Cons: everything more

Used to be a great salon 3/18/2009

I was a loyal patron of this salon for close to 10 years until it came under new ownership and my favorite stylists (Chad Purdue & Jen Johnson) left. When I called to schedule an appt with Chad and Jen, I was told they left the hair styling business all together. I almost believed it until later on a friend of mine told me that was, in fact, not true and informed me where they had gone to. There is another Jennifer that works there and they tried to pawn me off on her. If it weren't for the fact I had had her years ago and was totally displeased with the results, I may have been fooled. I no longer recommend this salon because of their lack of ethics and the prices and quality are just not worth it any longer. I didn't mind paying the prices at all before when I was getting awesome service. When it was the original ownership, it was a rocking salon - classy, clean, professional. But now it seems merely a place that the money in your wallet evaporates into thin air with little to nothing in return. I wouldn't be surprised if this review is taken off the board because a friend of mine had a poor review too of this salon and it was yanked. Pros: location Cons: Quality, price, atmosphere more

Natalie and Amanda are Superstars!!! 2/26/2009

I use to see chad and Jen at ADC too! When I heard they left, I was disappointed but not as disappointed as when I went to Solera Salon and sat in their little room like I was in a doctors office and not a salon, so I decided to give some other people a try at Antoines. I saw Natalie and Amanda and LOVED it, not only did they do a Wonderful Job, but they were Cheaper!! I love my Hair!! I would highly recommend these two ladies. Pros: the skill level of these two girls for the money, CANT BEAT IT!! Cons: the salon needs a facelift! more

I'm going back to Great Clips 2/6/2009

I received a gift card for Antoine du Chez, which was the only way I could afford to visit them. I was really, REALLY surprised at how dirty the salon was. Dirty, cluttered...just icky. I expected way more from such a high-end salon. I had been going to Great Clips, and the gal at Antoine du Chez even commented on how good of a haircut I had. She trimmed it up, and it was OKAY, but not great. Not at all what I would expect a $65 haircut to be. As it grew out I found a couple of strands on either side of my head that were clearly not cut properly...they were both way out of line with the rest of the haircut. I can't justify spending this kind of money to visit a salon that was dirtier and noisier than Great Clips, and where I didn't get as good of a haircut! Pros: nothing Cons: everything about the experience more

Worst manicure I've ever had! 1/18/2008

I've had many manicures at really nice spas and also at many strip mall nail salons. The manicure I received at this spa was by far the worst I've ever had in my life. I had to ask her to trim my cuticles because she was going to skip it completely. She acted very put out about it. The polish was so thick and goopy that it looked terrible! I had to go home and redo my entire manicure myself. I won't be going back to this spa! Pros: none Cons: Nail salon does not have 'spa' like atmosphere or well trained manicurists. more

Word of Caution for more modern styles--You may not want cheerleader hair. 10/10/2007

Buyer beware. When I went here, my hair was very short, like a boy cut. I had just moved from Washington, DC, where I'd gone to Vidal Sassoon in Tyson's Corner, VA. Being new to town, I called around to find a new salon. The first thing they told me on the phone was that they styled the hair of the Bronco Cheerleaders. Well, that should have been my first clue, since I had the anti-thesis of cheerleader hair (My cut was like Jenny Shimizu's 90s-Calvin Klein Ad-hair style). Nonetheless, I figured that this meant they had good experience and knew what they were doing. Sadly, after one hour in the chair, my short hair was butchered and I looked like a toddler had been let loose on me with a pair of scissors. The poor stylist had no idea what she was doing. Amidst the horror of my own butchered hair, I felt total pity for the stylist because she was in tears. Shocking since this salon seemed to have a good reputation. They had to call this guy over with the barber shop buzzer, and just gave me a "number 3" or whatever (I don't know what number they put it on, but they buzzed away--the type of cut I could have gotten at a barber shop for $12). Anyway, it was a shocking experience at a supposedly well-renowned salon. I regret paying and tipping, but she did, after all, spend over an hour "trying" and by that point, I just wanted to get OUT. I've never gone back. Maybe they just know how to do big hair. Cons: With a salon that is supposedly supposed to have a good rep, they put a fresh-out-of-school, inexperienced stylist on the floor. more

I love my hair! 5/30/2007

I am so happy with my new hair color! Jennifer Johnson gave me a great color with fabulous highlights! It looks really natural and everyone loves it. Jennifer has a talent not often seen in salons today. It's pretty obvious she has been doing hair for years and her experience puts her way ahead of other hair colorists. I enjoyed talking to her and she gave me great advice and answered all my questions. I also thought the salon was nice and everyone was friendly. I would recommend Jennifer very highly! Pros: Location, parking, friendly people Cons: none more

Beautiful Highlights 9/16/2006

I called on Saturday and the recepitionist squeezed me with an appointment with Anna Strobel. I was looking for a touch up on my highlights. I was very specific and brought in lots of pictures. I have long dark hair that tends to turn red when I apply color. I wanted to lighten my look with light brown and carmel highlights - No red. My stylist Anna asked lots of questions and took her time with meticulous placement of my highlights. My hair turned out FANTASTIC! Anna was very friendly and I felt at ease. This is a nice, busy, and bright salon. I highly recommend Anna for your highlights. Pros: Skilled Staff, Ambience, Price more
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  • A chain of upscale salons focusing on hair, nails and spa services, including men's. Waxing, massage, body therapy.

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