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Annies Cafe - 27 Reviews - 3100 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO - Breakfast Restaurants Reviews - Phone (303) 355-8197

Annies Cafe

3100 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80220
(303) 355-8197
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Annies Cafe - Denver, CO


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I love the green chilli, Love the Fench toast!\r Love the Shakes!\r \r Annies has always made me happy. Pros: Good Dinner food Cons: Too far from my house


Annies is good but not as good as it was at one time. I find the service is slow. The quality is also not what it used to be.

I love annies 2/15/2010

I love the green chilli, Love the Fench toast!\r Love the Shakes!\r \r Annies has always made me happy. Pros: Good Dinner food Cons: Too far from my house more

Beware the food poison 1/29/2010

I made the mistake a few days ago of trying Annie's for Dinner. I had eaten there for breakfast for some time without any problems. The food was generally quite good. I ordered the ground sirloin with mushrooms, gravy, and onions. Within about an hour I felt a little queasy. I spent the rest of the night with a fever in the bathroom vomiting and worse. I'm certain the poisoning came from this meal as I hadn't eaten anything all day. I did call Annie's to report the incident, and the hostess was very kind. She told me the owners would call me back, but they never bothered to return my call. It could be just one unlucky experience, but, anecdotally, when I told some friends about what happened I got two other reports of similar food illnesses from people who had eaten at Annie's. more

Awesome food and service 11/13/2009

Great Food, good service, friendly people. What more could you want! Cons: None! more

Annie's Crape 10/11/2009

I've eaten here four times. The first time was great--eggs benedict with tasty hollandaise. The second time was a bad hamburger. The third time was good--more eggs benedict. The fourth time was $4 for Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate powder+water (the waitress said so). I got one of the cheapest things on the menu--three Sloppy Joe sliders for $4.95 that were just as good as the ones I ate in the elementary school cafeteria--I knew the food wouldn't be good enough to waste $13 for an entree that really doesn't even come with worthwhile vegetables. The service is lackluster and half-hearted. As the friend of mine pointed out, Annie's doesn't even give you a side of mayonnaise in little cup, just a plastic packet. So why was I there if I'd had not so good experiences before? Because my friend wanted soup, which, she said, could have used more chicken in it. Well, Annie's at least knows how to make eggs benedict. But I'd already eaten my eggs for the day. But I won't be back. Pros: Decor and ambience Cons: Overpriced fast food more

Frozen packaged processed salt laden food, YUCK 2/15/2009

TERRIBLE!!! Go directly to your cheap frozen TV dinner section of your cheapest grocery store and there you have the disgusting quality of dining experience at Annie's this evening. I am so angry at the moment with the poor, poor processed packaged frozen food and the stupid high price for this junk. I have been going since 1979, but never ever again. All things need to come to an end and Annie's era is done!! more

Hey Citysearch: Annie's has moved! Change the address! 1/7/2009

Annie's moved from 8th Ave. in June 2008 to Colfax and St. Paul...In so doing, something got lost in translation. I used to LOVE the vibe at the old location and the food was always reliably tasty, especially the thick milkshakes. It was like an old-fashioned soda fountain/diner. Since the move, we've visited a couple times and it's just a totally different place. It's weird to have a dark bar in the back and it looks pretty much just like Goodfriends did, so they really haven't made it their own. Secondly, service is a lot slower now. And on our last visit, our waiter never checked in on us...My buffalo burger (ordered medium) was basically charred, well-done. That's not something you ever want to do to buffalo meat. I don't know if the milkshakes survived the move in tact, but I'm about out of patience with hoping Annie's will return to normalcy. Let's hope so! Pros: Thick milkshakes? Cons: New location, parking, slow, inaccurate service, charred meat more

Annie's a glimmer of former self 12/10/2008

We went to Annie's on 12.9.08. I'm sorry to say I don't think we will go back. The service was snail paced at best. The food arrived cold after a 45 minute wait and when we asked our server for an explanation, he said that they were busy. The dining room wasn't full so I'm not what busy means. This is our 3rd visit to the new location but it hasn't gotten any better. The old location was wonderful. We went at least once a week. It was a great place to take the kids and get a quick bite . Not anymore. It's a shame, because Annie's was always a great place to eat. Please take note Annie's and step up to the plate. We miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Not a fan 12/6/2008

Poor service and mediocre food. Staff was not particularly friendly. There was a mistake on the bill and it was not easily resolved. Won't go back. more

If you go, pay with cash 8/21/2008

The food is good. The service was fair. And then the waitress charged my debit card three times for the wrong amounts. She had no idea how to take the charges off so called in her manager. I had to wait for some 20-25 minutes for the manager to figure out how to correct the overcharges. She wouldn't give me the meal for free and reluctantly returned my tip. Pros: Good food more

Bye bye to Annie's good friends, RIP 7/24/2008

It seemed like a perfect match to have Annie?s take over the space from the longtime favorite Goodfriends. When I asked if they still had considered to keep Fullers ESB on tap, the waitress said in a condescending manner that ""Annie has other ideas for a restaurant."" I guess other ideas include asphalt like ""medium rare"" burgers, petrified chicken fingers (think fried pork skins), and very slow an inattentive service. We didn't complain, although I wish we had now. To top it all off, the waitress added a 20% gratuity because we had 6 people in our party. Our party was 3 adults and 3 kids under age 6. She was definitely trolling for a double tip. This place is not family friendly. Actually it just isn't friendly at all. Too bad. I had heard that the old Annie's was a decent place. Pros: Good Location Cons: Bad food and service more

One of the worst dining experiences ever 6/23/2008

Let me start by saying that I'm not one to write reviews or leave bad feedback, but this is a special case. I created an account with Citysearch so I could share the horrible experience my girlfriend and I had at Annie's. I was really excited for Annie's to open. Don't get me wrong, I loved Good Friends and went fairly often as the location is about 6 blocks from our house. I never went to Annie's when it was on 8th, but had heard so many good things that I was anxious to go to the new one. The anticipation is where the good times end with this place. \r We were seated immediately, which we appreciated because we had an appoinment to keep an hour and a half from our arrival. We figured we'd allowed plenty of time to have a nice lunch and still be on time. Wrong. I ordered a veggie burger with mushrooms and onions and my girlfriend ordered a salad with chicken salad on it. After 45 MINUTES, we got a roast beef sandwich and a grilled turkey and whatever. When our waitress reappeared another 5 minutes later we explained that this wasn't our food, to which she replied, "" Oh, this must have come up the same time as yours."", and then picked up the plates and plunked them down on another table next to us. I'm sure those people were pleased, too. She then went to get our order and was gone another 10 MINUTES. By that time we had to leave so we could get home, pick up our kitten and get to the Vet. We asked her to box it up and get the check. Another 10 MINUTES went by before she delivered our box lunch and bill. We left a tip anyway, and in hindsight, I'm mad we did. We got home and went to put the food in the fridge, only to discover they got the order wrong. Again. We will NEVER go back, and I, for one, will vigorously discourage any of my friends from patronizing this restaurant. Cons: service, good luck getting what you ordered in a timely fashion. more

Annie's has moved -- it went downhill 6/21/2008

Annie's, when it was located on 8th Avenue, was a pretty fair diner-style cafe. Maybe 3 outta 5 stars. Now it has moved to Colfax (at St. Paul). The menu is pretty much the same, and they brought along a lot of the decor (apparently leaving the really faded posters and some of the other junkola at the old place), and the food remains so-so. But the parking lot is a mess -- when food is being delivered, the truck takes up half of the customer parking -- and the staff is more disorganized than ever. To top it all off, they've reduced the size of the food portions. The food was never what you'd call gourmet, but there was always a generous portion. Now, if you order the corned-beef hash for breakfast, be aware that one poached egg will be larger than the hash. Prices at Annie's have always been a little higher than at comparable cafes, but now you'll get a lot less value for your money. Stay away -- in droves! Pros: close to my home Cons: small portions vs. cost, awful parking more

Annie's Get Graded ""F"" From International Food Critic 4/27/2008

\r Well the Iron T Food Critic landed once more time in Annies to try and give the place a chance.\r I visited here now for my fifth time and must say it has not imporved. The country steak is dry and the gravy seems like it came out of a package. If not they need a new chef if they even have one. I have tried other items with no real flavor. The veges are really bland. No SOUL in this food, pure western bland.\r \r Probably the worse part was I have to wait at the table over ten mintues on two occassions for someone to wait on me and I even got up and ask for help.\r \r Once they take your order they do seem to stop by a lot thinking that will gett them a tip I suppose. But don't seem to be sincere. Just bother you while you are trying to force down the food. Maybe this is a tactic to get you away from recognizing how bad it is.\r \r The lady that appears to be the owner sat at the bar beside my table and talked with a guy for ten minutes as I waited and then as she walked away asked if I had been waited on. \r \r Service gets a F food a C- and Atmosphere a F as it is the noisest place I have been in Denver during lunch. People in Denver are just to loud, real lack of Class and respect for others. Sorry Denver but rude fits you well.\r The Iron T - Food Critic more

Best French Toast in town! 4/2/2008

I consider myself a very picky diner and have nothing but good things to say about Annie?s. We were headed to another breakfast spot with an out of town guest but found ourselves at Annie?s when the place we were going was closed. It was a Sunday morning so there was a wait but had a very unique place to wait. At the movie rental place next door! The families with children were obviously thrilled with that option since a child friendly movie was playing in front of some couches, tables, and chairs. \r \r We waited for about 20 - 25 minutes to be seated and though the place was busy we never found the service to be outrageously slow. There was a wait to get our food but we expected that for a Sunday morning. Our server was attentive and offered great menu suggestions. As a rule, ask your server what is popular or what they like. A good server will know the menu and offer good suggestions. \r \r The French toast was amazing. With the granular sugar and cinnamon on top. I'll be back JUST for the French toast. I had a bite of my fiance?s pancakes and they were average compared to my French toast. Everything else was wonderful. I can?t wait to bring my parents who will love the antique decor of the diner and vintage lunch boxes hanging on the walls. Plan on taking them there this weekend when they come to town. \r \r Kristi Pros: French Toast! Cons: Restaurant not large enough for demand. Expect a wait. more

Had a bad server experience! 10/25/2007

A friend took us to Annie's Cafe for breakfast after an important celebration. As other reviewer stated, service was slow, but was not a concern of ours as we were not in a hurry. When our meals arrived, they were not correct & all were cold & overcooked(potatoes were black & hard). Server forgot several drinks(juices/milk). Still, we were pretty understanding, as we could see they were quite busy. The worst was yet to come. When my friend left the table to pay our bill, she returned ""dumbstruck."" I asked her what was wrong & was shocked to hear what she was told at the register(by OUR SERVER). The server told my friend she'd better leave a big tip because we'd been there so long. I will admit we were celebrating a successful event & stayed longer than normal. However, everyone at the table are BIG TIPPERS(usually 30-40% since a couple of us work in the restaurant industry). We tend to give all servers the benefit of the doubt, as we know problems are often not their fault. Besides tipping well, all of us tip according to the length of time we take up the server's table. So we'd already discussed(prior to being threatened by the server), leaving her a larger than normal tip since we'd taken up her table through a second turnover. My friend was so stunned by what was said to her, she just handed the server extra money without comment. I was furious, but my friend didn't want to make a scene as she was embarrassed she'd recommended this place. I respected her wishes & we left. This server ruined our meal & our celebration by her bold, inappropriate comments. I felt the manager should have been contacted. I, personally, would not have left that server a dime. I do not reward rude service! We eat breakfast out all the time & in our opinion, there are MANY better places in town(ie. Mimmi's Cafe). Needless-to-say, we've never returned & would NOT recommend this establishment to friends & family. more

Busy is no excuse for bad service. Anyone can cook breakfast. How about washing those cups? 9/1/2007

This place is packed every weekend. Since that is a historical fact why wouldn?t they have more help? I?ve eaten here several times and each time their excuse for bad service and screwed up orders is ?We?re busy?. That?s baloney! Racines is nearly seamless with service and they handle heavy business with quiet efficiency. I am weary of complaining about receiving eggs over easy, having asked for scrambled! I just can?t recommend this place. All restaurants have bad days and make errors on orders. Annies doesn?t care how often they mess up and worse, they don?t care if you come back because HEY! They have people waiting in line to be abused. Someday this behavior will fire back in their faces. GO SOMEPLACE ELSE! Service does matter! And I almost forgot, a clean dish is a luxury at Annies. Pros: I'm thinking........I'm thinking......... Cons: Terrible service, long wait, dirty worn coffee cups, receiving wrong order is typical. more

Not so Good 8/29/2007

Reviewers are overstated by a long shot. The food is average to poor at best and the service is average. This is not a destination restaurant... if you're in the neighborhood and don't want chain food... perhaps. Overall, disappointing. Pros: Not a chain Cons: The food more

You have to try out Annie's !!! 8/18/2007

We had a group in Denver for a reunion. Googled best places for breakfast and Annie's Cafe came up with good reviews. They were right on the money!! Excellent service, great attitude, FANTASTIC food !!!!! I can't say enough good things about Annie's Cafe and the staff. As an example of their attitude. We called just before closing the night before my youngest daughter was going to turn 6. The plans we had made fell through and we were thinking of what to do for her birthday. Called and explained our situation and had a birthday party set up for the morning with a wonderful chocolate cake, reserved table and balloons. First time we've had chocolate cake for dessert at breakfast, but hey, it was a 6th birthday. And, peanut butter at each table with the condiments, how great is that. I HIGHLY recommend Annie's to anyone that loves good food and quality service. Pros: Atmosphere, quality, service, serving size, price Cons: None I could see more

Annies Rocks 11/13/2005

If you want something that is tasty and freshly made, go to Annie's. It remains a great place to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner; To meet freinds their is a buzz of conversations in the air there. Call ahead if you need to! They are very accommodating and friendly!!! Sometimes the service is slow, but that's because its such a busy place... because the food is worth it! more

expensive! 11/23/2004

Annies has good food, but the prices are outrageous! Expect for two people to spend $18 to $22 for breakfast! two orders of french toast, two sides of bacon and two coffee (which was not refilled without flagging down the wait staff.) came to $19.82 without tip. lunch prices are similar. It is very close to a hospital and medical school and frankly relies on its convenience to those facilities to provide an affluent cleintele. Pros: quick service, good food Cons: , HIGH PRICES more
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  • In Short
    A cozy little diner with a bright '50s-style atmosphere, Annie's isn't another over-the-top theme restaurant. Instead, it's designed to remind the patrons of simpler times, with...

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