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Animals & Things

1040 Us Highway 1 N
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
(732) 855-8515
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This used to be one of the best stores in the area for pet supplies. Now the products are dusty, unorganized, and you can never find a sales associate in the fish department to b...


Disgusting.. sick shivering dogs in cages.. small enclosers.. DIRTY. Store tries to pass mixed bred dogs off as purebred. Cant not believe this store is still standing.. dead and dying fish in tanks. Write a review yes but PUT A COMPLAINT INTO THE ASPCA. I DID!!! SPEAK UP FOR THE ANIMALS!!! more

Horrible 5/25/2013

I went in there today to buy some small fish. I knew they wouldn't last long considering they were a form of gold fish, but I did think it would be more then 6 hours.... I bought two, and they're both dead already. There were many dead fish in the tanks as well, I definitely should have taken that into account before purchasing my fish. (Stupid decision) Also, I almost threw up by the smell of the place. I was in there for almost an hour and I didn't see the small cats move once; which I found strange. The poor puppies are in four by four cages, and the German Shepard outgrew their cage, so they stuck up a piece of ply wood and pushed it off into a corner. I didn't look at any other animals, but I'm sure their living conditions weren't much better. As an animal lover, myself, I am disgusted but the animals loving conditions. Puppy mills, sick fish, and probably just as sick kittens. I'd much rather a shelter animal over these sickly animals. This place should be shut down. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE. I wish we could put negative stars on here. One star is too generous. more

CLOSE IT DOWN 2/8/2013

The animals are living in dirty and disgusting conditions.The ASPCA should close them down !!!!!!!!! more

what an absolute disaster 10/5/2012

I have been shopping here on and off fro years. I recently decided to stop in and i ended picking up some fresh water shrimp. I spent good money there only to have almost all the shrimp die off in the first week. I decided i was stuck now because you need a group of these guys to make it work so i tried my luck and bought a few more against my better judgement only to have them die off again. When i approached the manager he couldnt care less. There was a bunch of babies in the one tank so i thought maybe they were healthier he can give them to me at a cheaper rate because they were babies. He made me wait to talk to him for twenty minutes while he sat there talking with other employees about nonsense only to say sorry if its in the tank its $5. The quality of fish is horrible and I should have known better to waste my money there. Do not waste your time. more

Attitude from hell 6/30/2012

Im going to keep this short and sweet. The staff animals fish and products are all disgusting. That place is disgusting. I hope they get shut down and thrown to all the poor animals they have abused. Workers are the pits. The oldest manager is 17. It's a joke. more

Please Read This Sad Story 12/5/2011

Good: Nothing from here is good! I was lied to, ignored and now I am left paying expenses for a dog I love with so many problems. Please do not support this place and read my horror story. I do not want this to happen to anyone else because you fall in love with your pet and you will be left with a very unhealthy pet if purchased from here!!!. Bad: I purchased a Golden Retriever here for $1100. After 1 week my dog developed limping which turned out to be elbow dysplasia in both legs and needed a $3500 operation. 3 weeks after that surgery she could no longer walk and now needs both of her hips replaced which is going to cost $10,000! I approached the owner of Animals and Things who stated "we only buy our dogs from reputable breeders." Well it turns out my dog came from Annette Moeller who runs a very large puppy mill. Please do not support this place. more

unethical 10/18/2011

Do not support this place. The animals are bought from anyone and anyplace for almost nothing. They do not stand behind there gaurantees, and manufacturers are poorly portrayed. Warantees do not exist, even company tells you to return item for replacement. Filthy, sick animals just waiting to die or be rescued. This place used to be good, but then they turned to all reject part timers. more

Animal Graveyard 6/5/2011

I went to this place once, and that is all it took. Their isles were lined with cages filled with different types of fancy chicken-type birds, and more than one of them were dead. They had been dead for a while by the smell. Their puppies were kept in cages with glass siding, no water, no food, no blankets for protection from the metal grating beneath their feet. The place was as hot as an oven, and the puppies were barely active, they were panting so hard to keep cool. Some of their fish tanks couldn't be seen through the muck, one had a filter that was clogged with dead fish to the point it was making a terrible sound. I left without buying anything, on account of having to hold my six year old son as he wept hysterically at the terribly abusive conditions of this building. On our way out, the two teenage staff members began mimicking his crying to mock him. The manager, who was standing by the door, did nothing regarding their behavior. He was busy posting signs asking people to donate their unwanted kittens to the store. This place is a fate worse than death for these poor creatures. Someone should demolish this pit, and throw the slack-jawed addicts who work there in prison. more

dog with parasites 2/1/2011

we had bought this beautiful neo. mastiff in june, 2010. finding out days later that this poor puppy could possibly die from stage 4 giardia.I had spoken and left messages for the store owner gordon but unfortunately received a responce 1.5 months later.he sends us a check for 15% off the purchase of the puppy in just good faith and accepting fault. if your looking to get reimbursed make sure you get a certied letter from a nj vet only and not from another state.make sure its in 14 days. more

most disgusting, vile pet store 1/29/2011

the only good thing is prices on supplies.otherwise this place sucks.95% of the employees you feel like kicking their a** because of unfriendliness.dirty and filthy, this place needs to be shut down.I figured a pet store like this would care about animals...i guess NOT! all the fish tanks are ridiculously dirty and inhabited by dead fish.dont waste your time.if you care about animals you should not bother with this DUMP of a store. more

Concerned Pet Lover & Consumer 1/22/2011

Sad to say this but you should check out the REVIEWS online about your business. I've been there and sad to see a potentially large business in a very good location have to be in such poor conditions. I'm not writing to you to degrade you but to PLEASE take care of the animals you have. Your competition PETSMART is not to far from you and it's a shame that customer's have to deal with the problems they are having when purchasing a pet from your business. I've been there several times and it's in poor condition for the animals and with the money you spend on your employees to work there they should earn there money because the times I have been there some employees are just fooling around. To work in this type of enviorment you have to have passion in what your doing. As a consumer I would love to see better things happening for your business. You might not know but you are IMPORTANT to all who have pets and not asking to much but to please have compassion for the animals under your care. They were not asked to be born or even at least to be treated inhumanely. From a caring pet lover and consumer. -SC- more

Do Not Shop From 1/11/2011

DO NOT SHOP - ESP if you are a New Yorker please do not waste your time traveling out to this place from NYC it is not worth it... Majority of the fish are SICK and DEAD in the tanks... just sitting there. The customer service is bad because mostly teenagers work there... They have a BS 2 week return policy which make no sense because you can buy the exact same stuff at petsmart etc and return it within 90 days... Please do not waste your time the management is clueless esp Gordon... I honestly think the owner can no longer manage to run this business because it's a big dusty dump inside maybe he's better off selling? either way I feel bad for myself that I shopped there and mostly I feel bad for the small animals esp the mammals because they have more feeling... not cool. more

so siad 12/25/2010

i got a dog it has had bloody stool and vomiting for 3 days now. i just drooped the dog of at the vet. i hope the dog makes it. i am going back to animals and things on Sunday i hope they do the right thing. more

Dirty, Poor, Un-KEPT Facility 12/12/2010

There wasn't a single thing that I like about this place. The management has no social skills what so ever. Their return policy is absolutely horrible. After losing my baby boy turtle I went back wanting to exchange both light tops that I had purchased for a double light top. Since my female turtle lives in a 40 gal tank. I was told that I can not return/exchange them for something else. I would be given store credit for the one light but they wouldn't take the second light back. so not only was I losing money now at this horrible place I now had to spend more money there b/c I had store credit I had to use. Well now we all know that nothing that you buy ever equals the amount of your store credit so you always end up spend more money then you wanted too in the first place. After adopting a hurt cat from this place 4 years ago and being given the third degree about taking the cat in. If they would of taken the time to actually open their ears and listen when I spoke they would of heard that I am in college to be a Veternarian. Now with that being said how could someone even think that I would abuse an animal. STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! After leaving this place very unhappy, I went across the parking lot to PetSmart. What a completely different staffing group. They actually have brains and know what they are talking about. If you ever have any questions about your pet or something that you can do for your pet they are the place to go too. Not that shit hole Animals and Things. Frankly the place should be shut down, I dont know how it passes inspection. It is dirty, dingy and far from clean. I will never buy anything from that place ever again. Frankly no one should ever buy anything from that place ever. Those poor animals suffer. Puppies should be happy go lucky animals not sleeping all the time and barely want to get up when a customer or child walks by. This place is a disgrace and should be shut down. more

Death 11/5/2010

My friend had bought me a bunny for a present. It died within 48 hours. We called Animals and Things and were given a hard time and had to drive there with the body to the store. They did let me get a new bunny but what pissed me off the most was they blamed ME on the death! Like I killed it! I have had many rabbits before...the store smells like urine, the fish tanks are disgusting, cages are gross, pets look sad..all and all a hell hole. It needs to be shut down. more


They have no idea about their animals for sale. All they care about is making the money off the animal. If you check further into this store, you will probably find that that most pet sores fuel the puppy mills. Instead of buying a animal from a pet store consider adoption. Its cheaper and more reliable. You can adopt the animals from a puppy to a senior. more

nice 9/19/2010

Beautiful. more

Fake Reviews on Animals & Things 8/30/2010

I'm sorry, but I don't know who would ever rate Animals & Things as a decent pet store. Anybody who does, is clearly a part owner or manager because in no way, is Animals & Things an acceptable pet shop. Their "puppies" are no longer puppies because NO ONE buys dogs there. Their cats are kept in these tiny, tiny cages. Their fish tanks are so dirty and there's a decaying fish in a least every other tank. Not to mention, the high school-aged staff, that have NO REAL KNOWLEDGE about fish or any sort of animal care. None of them are trained. Just for fun, I asked an employee there what breed of fish a particular tank held & and she had to look at the tag. By the way, it was GUPPY. NOT HARD!! Oh and they buy decorations from WalMart & reprice them a little higher. Just thought that was interesting. Also, if you're sensitive to dust, you might want to bring your inhaler. Everything... is... dusty. Mainly because they do not move in volume what other stores do, so stuff sits there. Woodbridge Pet Smart is around the corner, and although they may have slight staffing issues, their customer service & knowledge is hands-down, top noch compared to the kiddies is Animals & Things... all dressed like their going to a rock concert. Weird. Pet Smart also has a great return policy & management available to talk to if you have any questions or concerns. They are always walking the sales floor, looking to help customers. So that's my review on Animals & Things. Only go there, if you need advice on the "hippest" concert to attend or if you need your hair dyed green by the teen-rock-employees... I wouldn't trust them with anything else. more

poor sick animals 8/27/2010

the poor sick animals are locked up inextremely small cages, half of them have diseases\infections the beagle all the way to the top right poopoed, half went to the bottom and he ate the half that stayed on top. Also the cages look so uncomfortable to stand on. they dont even have a little rag or towel for them to lay on. more

Dirty and Sad 8/12/2010

I went to Animals and Things recently with my husband and children. From the moment we walked in I was disgusted by the smell. The dogs were sad and unclean. I was HORRIFIED at the smell of urine and feces and even more horrified when I got near the ferrets and saw the pile of poop in that cage. It was clear it wasn't cleaned for DAYS. The fish tanks were so dirty and dead fish were floating in many tanks. Sales staff was huddled together, none paying attention to us or any of the animals. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. Even the garbage cans in front were overflowing with garbage. I grew up in the area and at one time it was a very nice pet store. The comatose staff needs to get off their cell phones and start cleaning one aisle at a time. Very sad for the animals there. It looks like it's clear from the positive comments that some of the staff is trying to defend the store. Instead of posting coments, clean the place and take some pride in your work. Nobody in their right mind would buy an animal with expectations of it coming home healthy from here. more
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