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Animal House

223 Largo Dr
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 834-6441
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In Spring 2011, Dr. Herd bought the clinic and has since made it an even better place for our pets. Not only is she a fabulous vet, she has added a new vet, Dr. Heckle who is also...


If your pet is needing good vet care I'd go elsewhere. The female vet is good, but the owner is not good! About the vet - hopefully she will get wise and leave this cracker jack c...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/26/2014

I called 2/25/2014 to set up an appointment to have my cat spayed. I was told to have her there 2/26/2014 between 7am-7:30am. I got there at 7:20am. The doors were locked. I knocked and was told to come back at 7:30 and she just walked away. At 7:30 they still had not bothered to unlock the door. When I was able to get in I stated that I did not appreciate that I was told to be there between 7am and 7:30. The 2 rude women just wanted to argue . Both were middle aged women you would think they would have better customer service. However it just got worse and I told them I would take my cat somewhere else. I would not give them a red penny of my money. Its a small business and I know it would be a waste of time to complain. I show that Nancy Goldston is the owner and I am sure she would only believe her staff not a paying customer.There is a vet clinic on every street corner and I am not going to take "" attitude"" from 2 middle aged women with issues.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/18/2012

Absolutely the worst customer service ever. On top of that their vet care is deplorable and prices high. not take your dog to this vet. more

New Ownership Makes for Great Practice 10/16/2012

In Spring 2011, Dr. Herd bought the clinic and has since made it an even better place for our pets. Not only is she a fabulous vet, she has added a new vet, Dr. Heckle who is also excellent. They are both compassionate caring practitioners with superior diagnostic skills. I have transferred my feline family to this practice and couldn't be more pleased. This clinic is affordable yet the care your pets receive is terrific. They support the local rescue community and will do everything they can to help our furry family members. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/15/2012

In spring of 2001, the clinic was bought by Dr. Herd and the clinic is just fabulous. Dr. Herd is one of the best vets I have ever been to and since she has taken over ownership of the business everything about the clinic is improved. Their prices have not changed as a result but many improvements have been made including the addition of a new wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Heckle. I have moved all my pets to this clinic and have been nothing but pleased with their care. more

Friendly, helpful and caring staff 12/29/2010

After reading the bad review, I felt I should post a posititve review from our recent experience. We adopted a pet from Metro animal control that turned out to be very sick, and the Animal House staff and Dr. Herd went above and beyond their responsibilities in helping us through the difficult ordeal. We live in Pleasant View, so the location is very inconvenient for us but we would consider making the drive in the future for our pets needs. more

Animal House has a wonderful new vet! 9/12/2009

I see that the negatives written about this vet occurred before the new vet came in and I want to encourage the readers to reconsider this office if you had a prior bad experience. We had a wonderful experience with the new vet. Our ancient dog was in pain due to a large tumor and the vet recommended no surgery because of her age (15). We expected that assessment, but were saddened all weekend. Surprisingly, we received a call on Monday from the vet (two actually - I'm hard to track down at work) to say that she had researched and spoken with several other vets over the weekend. She explained that our dog was otherwise healthy, the tumor seemed to be removable without much internal trauma and otherwise went over the pros and cons again with a more positive outcome potential. Death from a growing tumor was not something we wanted our old girl to face, and not withstanding her hips - which make her legs resemble linguine these days - her labs were good and her spirit was still young... more

my visit may 12th 2009, 1pm. 5/13/2009

Read a lot of the bad on here and elsewhere. So i went to various vets to get a price idea. 110$ is minimum for one, 45 dollars was another to just walk in the door. Just dont have it so decided to try AH anyway. I may have 1 advantage by being familiar with cats and what ails them, and advised the vet what i thought was wrong with my 8year old gray tabby. inner ear infection. Vet looked in his ears and I feel i/Luke got great treatment from the vet and 1 assistant. I got 2 meds, and ears cleaned out of mites/gunk. 77$. Low cost but still really good service. EXCEPT: I give an F to the receptionist, who never ever acknowledged me. (BASIC customer service!). I signed in about 1, after 30min of 'silence', i get called by receptionist to answer ?s. Shes not at all friendly. If it wasnt for this, out of a high 10, AH would get a 10. But that front desk is very important in how customers (human and animal!) 'perceive' a place by how they are 'received'. Front desk failed. AH gets a 71/2. Oh more

I would go there even if it wasn't next door 3/26/2009

I started taking my pit bull there about 6 months ago and have been happy to make all appointments since. The price is very reasonable and the staff is very friendly and encouraging with all my questions (138 is my first dog). I know I can be over bearing at times but they go out of their way to make me feel confident with my dog and his needs. more

Their own animals! 2/11/2009

I took my dog to Animal House after hearing it on the radio and they were great. He was getting neutered and they sent him home with a "pookie bear". He was happy, as could be expected, and everyone was REALLY friendly. I was talking with the one of the girls and they take in a lot of strays and work with a few shelters around town. I will be back and recommend it to everyone who cares about their pets, Animal House treats them like their own! more

Go somewhere else 2/6/2009

When it was Animal Birth Control, it sucked. Now as Animal House, it still sucks. The owner is not a vet and cannot seem to find staff that doesn't suck. The lady who gave my cat her shots had no idea what she was doing. I saw her working the checkout at Petsmart recently so I guess she got out or got fired. The horror stories are all over the place and there is a reason. They are NOT cheap anymore and if I'm paying Belle Meade prices, I want Belle Meade care. more

I dont get some of these posts. 12/19/2008

Some of these posts I dont understand.When it was called Animal Birth control clinic I took a dog in,and the vet smacked her in the head when she wouldnt be still for a test.\r \r But I ran into some problems at another vet I had been going to,and my dog needed to be seen so I called and they had changed to Animal House.Found out it was new owner,and staff so tried it.\r \r My dog doesnt like strangers,and he will hide,but he was jumping and kissing on all who worked there,and thats not like him.\r \r He had two bad ear infections,and they took good care of him.The owner is not rude,and she does care for the animals.\r \r So I dont get these bad reviews im reading more

Unbelieveable 10/25/2008

I read all the reviews on this page and then called the clinic. After speaking with one of the techs, I realized that many of these comments were referring to an old clinic that was in the same location for many years. The vet I saw was very professional, discussed my situation and gave me options. I was given an estimate on what was to be done and even told I could apply for care credit(which I had never heard of ) to help pay expenses. I didn't need this after we worked up the estimate and the doctor even opted to do the surgery on Saturday AM, which is not a normal surgery day. . The waiting rooms were full and the staff very pleasant and helpful. Thank goodness for this clinic more

Animal House has helped us so much 9/19/2008

Animal House has helped us to provide healthcare to our 3 cats that otherwise we absolutely could not afford. They are always friendly and helpful in every way. We love the owner and applaud her for what she is trying her best to do for animals. I will take my 3 cats there and thankful for it. more

Owner is less than sufficient! Beware!Take your pet elsewhere! 2/16/2008

If your pet is needing good vet care I'd go elsewhere. The female vet is good, but the owner is not good! About the vet - hopefully she will get wise and leave this cracker jack cut the corner vet clinic. The owner was wanting to cut corners and hired a vet right out of vet school. She should have hired two vets. One older and one new as all the good vet clinics around do. The owner, who is not a vet, debates with the vets right in front of customers! The owner is a know it all. They don't call you back with test results. You can hear the owner, Rhonda, moaning if you call the the second time. They are unsure of diagnosis as the owner (who is not a vet) says well try this and that. She has about as much medical knowledge as a rock! She is rude, and a know it all that actually knows nothing! It won't be there a year! Go elsewhere while your pet is alive. For spays or neuters they might be okay. I would check the suture material first to make sure it's good! To the owner it's a business more

shadow boxer 2/14/2008

I just saw where the girl vet resigned. Thank goodness. Now maybe the service will improve. I spent over 20 minutes waiting for her to see me and then it took her another 20 minutes to get my medicines so I could leave. The techs kept apologizing for the wait and I know they were trying to get things done faster. Good riddance to the snail. I know they can't get anyone slower than this one. more

Animal House Vet 2/13/2008

We love the changes at this clinic. The new owner has not changed prices and the care our animals get is just as good as the high prices places that charge twice as much. The only bad experience was with the younger vet who wasn't very clear on her diagnosis and we actually didn't know she was a vet until we questioned our charge for a vet visit. Maybe she is just new and doesn't have the confidence and knowledge level. The older man we saw on our second visit was great. Explained exactly what was going on and what we could expect. We highly recommend taking your animals here. Pros: Nice, clean, affordable vet care. Cons: Younger doctor not professional. more

Warning 2/12/2008

The full-time veterinarian put in her resignation yesterday. She had good reason to do so. The irregularities at that place were going to cost her her veterinary license. Stay away, people. more

be warned 1/16/2008

i am appalled and angered by what i read from another reviewer. lets start with stressing a sick cat can kill it, 2nd even if she got the catheter in would she know how to set the drips?? 3 if you cant hit a vein ( and you know if you cant) then why not do subcutaneous??i, myself, have been to this place a hand full of times. the staff, overall, is rude. my file is always missing. and i am constantly being charged more and more.and what was this review i saw!!?? why would i email the clinic if they cant even treat me right as a customer, face to face. im supposed to thing you'll take an email serious? nope! and lastly i have to say that i think it is so stupid that every time i've been there they have had a cat cage in the waiting room with kittens in it. hello!!! dogs bark at them constantly, other cats wig out, and the poor kittens are terrified! more

Buying cheap will cost your animal dear 12/22/2007

The new owner is very happy to gouge holes in your pocketbook for you for a very long wait. I guess the customers are expected to pay for all the fancy improvements. If you do decide to take your animal here, I would advise that you speak to the nice doctor instead of the owner (who just thinks she's a vet). I don't think vet clinics owned by non-vets are a good idea at all. In this case, the owner seems to believe that she BOUGHT a DVM along with the clinic. If you ask one of the assistants for advice, she will butt in and gainsay whatever the technician is attempting to tell you. A very bad vibe there, really. Your animal is too important to leave to the dubious sanity/ethics of this owner. The cost is low: you get the care you pay for. Pros: low cost for spay/neuter Cons: might harm your animal, will gouge pocket with unnecessary tests more

Cannot even make payroll 12/22/2007

I was employed here until recently. This is the last place I would take any of my animals. The vets are excellent, but there is only so much they can do.\r The first thing to be paid is payroll, according to the owner. This cannot even be met, and every fortnight someone has to wait an extra 5 or 6 days for their money. My paycheck has bounced on one occasion, but of course it had to be MY bank's fault that the account that the check was drawn on was empty! The lack of funds means that there is little or nothing left for surgical tools and drugs. In fact, just days before Christmas myself and another member of staff was layed off and yet another had her hours cut in half because animal house is not only not making a profit- It makes a dead loss!\r I know of an incident in early November where a cat was brought in to the clinic when the vet was off sick. I found this animal dead the next morning. Instead of informing the owners of this animal that there was no vet there that day and ref more
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