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Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - 23 Reviews - 3180 Route 940, Mount Pocono, PA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (570) 243-1977

Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono

3180 Route 940
Mount Pocono, PA 18344
(570) 243-1977
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Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA
Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono - Mount Pocono, PA


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I am the pet owner of Winnie and Skippy, two beautiful Border Terriers. A few years ago Winnie, my now 12 year old female, needed a difficult tooth extraction performed, and Dr....


I tried this vet a few weeks ago as my dogs needed to be vaccinated and I happened to be in the area at the time. AWFUL, AWFUL experience. Dr Valese is not very friendly or pers...

Extremely Overpriced, Sub-Par Service and Dishonest Doctor 8/26/2011

I tried this vet a few weeks ago as my dogs needed to be vaccinated and I happened to be in the area at the time. AWFUL, AWFUL experience. Dr Valese is not very friendly or personable. My husband and I waited 45 minutes before we were seen. Once we were in the room, Dr Valese spent the whole time trying to sell me one product after another (from toothpaste to heart worm to laser skin treatments). He barely touched either dog and gave me the impression that he did not even like animals. My one dog needed a nail trim so I figured might as well get it done while I'm here. Big mistake on my part of not asking the price first. When I got to the counter later on, I was charged $25! Everywhere I have always gone, its $10. The other dog had a small scab on his foot that he kept licking. I asked Dr Valese to take a look at it. He took the dog in the back and shaved a small patch of hair around the sore and cleaned it. When he was done, he kept pushing one of those plastic collars to keep the dog from licking it. I didnt think it was a good idea and declined a few times but he was relentless and kept pushing it. I finally agreed because I did not want to be badgered any longer. When I got to the counter, the bill was $330!!!! They make you pay the bill before they will bring your dog out or even show you the itemized receipt which is also part of their scam. I was charged $70 to "clip the hair and cleanse the wound", $50 for antibiotics, $25 for the nail trim and $30 for the plastic collar I didn't want to begin with. At that point, I tried to return the collar and get a refund. The receptionist went in the back and spoke with Dr Valese (who would not come out and speak to me himself) and I was told that only half my money could be refunded for the collar because "he factors his staff's time of putting it on and off the dog into the price of the collar!" What about my time? I waited patiently in his waiting room for 45 minutes before I was seen.. After numerous letters, phone calls and emails, they finally agreed to refund my $15 however it could only be used as a credit for more services at their facility. Don't waste your time going here and if you do, please ask for the prices before you get anything done! This guy is an arrogant Salesman, not a Doctor. He is extremely overpriced and when you question him, he will tell you that he is overpriced because you have to pay for great service. To him, it is all about making himself money, not providing your pet with the best care as he claims. more


These people will sell you lots of stuff you do not need and will give your pets lime disease. This Vet should be shot down for malpractice. DO NOT USE THESE CROOKS THEY ARE NOT ANIMAL LOVERS AND WILL KILL YOUR PET!!! more

Great Compassionate Care 1/31/2011

I am the pet owner of Winnie and Skippy, two beautiful Border Terriers. A few years ago Winnie, my now 12 year old female, needed a difficult tooth extraction performed, and Dr. Valese was recommended by my local vet. Winnie did very well with her required oral surgery. Priory, she had difficulty with both anthesia and pain management, but under Dr. Valese's care neither became an issue. When Skippy, my now 13 year old male, also developed issues with his teeth common with aggressive chewers, the decision was made to move Skippy to Dr. Valese for his oral care. Last year Skippy presented some increasingly disturbng symptoms. Though efforts were made both by Dr. Valese and my local vet, Skippy's symptoms remained evasive and no clear diagnosis was made until Dr. Valese discovered a mass on his liver. With additional bloodwork ordered by Dr. Valese, Skippy was diagnosed with Cushing's disease. Cushing's could and most likely would have a negative impact on Skip's surgery and post-recovery, but through Dr. Valese's care, Skip's Cushing's disease was both treated and monitored. After the disease was found to be under control, his surgery was then scheduled. Due to the location of the mass on Skippy's liver, Dr. Valese found it prudent to request a surgeon whose specialty was in this field to remove it, though Dr. Valese assisted him through-out. A good friend of mine, a MD, relayed that this is one of the most difficult surgeries for both surgeon and patient. Though the outcome that the mass was found to be benign was not something that Dr. Valese had any control over, the remaining contributing factors that led to Skippy's excellent prognosis and recovery were. Skippy is a beloved member of my family, and we are all sincerely grateful to Dr. Valese. Every day that I watch Skippy, whose energy has returned in full force, enjoying his life whether he's taking one of his beloved walks or simply terrorizing my entire family as only a 17 ib. terrier can do, I am deeply thankful to Dr. Valese for his continued persistence, complete professionalism, and total dedication in giving Skippy, as well as Winnie, the best medical care possible. I highly reccomend Dr. Valese and his compassionate staff for all dental and general veterinarian needs. more

WORST vet i've been to 1/18/2011

I took my 7lb Pomeranian to this vet in December 2010, and as soon as we seen Dr. Valese, he seemed right off the bat, to be a miserable looking guy. I didn't see a smile from him the whole entire visit. Since my dog is 7 years old he gave me a list of things an old dog might need including a ridiculous amount of vaccinations and unnecessary stuff. I cant imagine what would have been given to my dog IF i went to the second visit! He told us that our dog was underweight, (the average weight for a Pom his tiny size is 3-7lbs, and 7lbs is exactly what he weighs!) He basically tried telling us we were bad dog owners and making snarky comments that made me feel like I never wanted to bring Lucky there again. The bill was outstandingly high, being as he only give my dog a rabies vaccination (which costs no more than $25??) So basically I payed for him talking me to death. Please do not go here!!!!!!! You will not have a good experience, your pet will be over vaccinated and you will come out of your pocket! more


My experience with Animal Hospital of Mount Pocono was not positive. In fact, from the minute my husband and I stepped into the office we had a bad experience... We were new to the area and received several letters in the mail stating how great the office is, that we should give them a try, as well as an offer for $20 off our initial visit. This should have been our first clue that this animal hospital would not be a good fit for us, but thinking nothing of it, we made an appointment for our 3 dogs - one of which was a new puppy. Upon arriving with all 3 dogs, the receptionist tried to tell us that we only made an appointment for our puppy, and that we would have to schedule the other two for another time. Not true, but we let it go... During the office visit, Dr. Valese asked a bunch of random questions like, "How did you pick this puppy?" and "Why did you get her?" - nothing that was of real importance or pertinent to the dog's health. He stressed that we should have the puppy on a leash at all times in order to speed up her training and then listed a bunch of things that he would be "giving" us. He then gave the puppy her vaccination shot and sent us to the desk for payment. The receptionist said that the cost of the visit would be $225 - this seemed incredibly high for a five minute visit! My husband then asked to see what we were paying for, at which time she informed us that she could only give us an invoice AFTER we paid. He insisted, so she had to follow thru on that nonsense and showed him the computer screen. Many of the things on the invoice were unnecessary and supposed to be "given" to us - the most ridiculous being a $5 dog training pamphlet, the main point of which is to keep the dog on a leash(info. Dr. Valese already shared in the office and why would the owner of two other dogs need a book for first-time puppy owners?) Also, he gave her a prescription for preventative worm medicine(even though she was dewormed several times by the pet store). After researching this worm medicine, it should only be given when needed(our puppy's stool tested negative for worms), and the dosage prescribed for our worm-free, 10lb. puppy was MORE than recommended for an adult, medium sized dog with worms - this explains the several other reviews from unhappy customers about how this doctor overmedicates pets. After paying for the experience, I mean visit, and never even getting the initial discount we were promised in the letter, we left the office with the intention of never going back . This office still calls me, often leaving messages as if I am not getting them, and completely disregards the fact that I have not returned a single one of their phone calls - how crazy and ridiculous...has anyone else heard of a doctor who calls you multiple times a week for months to make an appointment? This office is in obvious need of patients(money), gains access to who is new to the area - just in case they have pets, and is a money-hungry operation where the all- mighty dollar seems to be the motivating factor in all decisions made by this vet. more

Wonderful and Caring Vet and Staff 8/20/2010

I've had animals for most of my life and have had to care for them with a number of vets and animal hospitals in a multitude of cities and states. Without hesitation I can honestly state that my experience over the past few years with Dr. Valese and his staff at the Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono has been the best of all. Dr. Valese is a wonderful vet who takes the time to explain what is happening with your pet in plain English rather than medical terminology. His staff, from the moment you walk in the front door, exudes an atmosphere of caring and understanding. We have homes in both Florida and Pennsylvania. When our dog got sick this year we made it a point to bring him up to Pennsylvania so that Dr. Valese would be the one to treat him. If you're looking for a good, let me correct that...if you're looking for a great vet with a great staff who will truly care for your pet, then go to Dr. Valese and the staff at the Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono. You won't regret it. George Byrne Tobyhanna, PA more

w.e 7/25/2010

... Pros: none Cons: expensive, multiple appointments, multiple medication more

Excellence in Pet Care 6/5/2010

We knew our pets were in excellent care from our first visit. Dr. Valese took the time to explain his findings, recommend treatment and alternative care, and answered my concerns and questions. We were taken at the scheduled time of appt (appreciated because of our rather busy schedule). Dr. Valese's specialty in animal dental care resulted in dramatic improvement for our poodle. Follow-up by the AHMP to see how our pets are doing in post-care has reflected a caring veterinary practice. We would recommend Animal Hospital of Mount Pocono for all pet care. Pros: Caring Vet and Staff, Excellent Diagnostician more

Worst vet I've ever been to 6/2/2010

RECENT INFO: Isn't it interesting that the positive reviews here are users that have only signed up to post a single positive review? I wonder what that means? Maybe that this hack is trying to (or having others) save his reputation? MY REVIEW: We visited them with our 8 year old lab who had blood in her urine. After giving a $25 deposit just to get an appointment, we got there and they checked our pet. They inspected her, weighed her, etc. then took the urine sample we provided and did a tape skin test. Our dog had some fleas which we had been treating with over-the-counter products. After calling our dog "miserable" multiple times, informing us of how no over-the-counter products are any good and charging us another $100, they said they could run the urine test for yet another $100. They also wanted us to buy prescription flea medication and some cream for our dog. The bill for that would have been an additional $250. That is when we left. Now for the record...when I was ending our visit and speaking with the Dr...he agreed that after the $25, and the $100 and another $100 and the $250, he will know nothing for sure and we would need x-rays and ultra-sound for the blood in the urine problem...the reason we brought her there. The doctor cares about only one thing, how to guilt you into paying for whatever makes him the most money. Your pet's problem is secondary to his margin of profit. After deciding to never visit this establishment again, and speaking with co-workers, we realized that they have a horrible reputation in the area for exactly what we experienced. Don't waste your time and money on this used-car-salesman that somehow obtained a vet's license. Not if you truly care for your pet. Pros: Nice office, clean, nice furniture Cons: Attitude, price, what they feel is important more

Consistent, excellent pet care 5/9/2010

I have been going to AHMP for many years (about 15) and have had 5 dogs treated there. I have found Dr. Valese to give excellent care and he tries to determine the best way to treat any problems. I have complete trust and confidence in him. His calm manner also helps. As for his staff ,they are always professional but very friendly and have put me at ease many times. My most recent experience is my dog Logan passing away. Dr. Joe and staff helped me thru 2 emergency visits and were most respectful of my feelings when Logan passed. I am now bringing my 2 new adopted rescue dogs there as I have no doubt they will be well taken care of. i also have complete confidence in boarding my dogs there and they are so kind to put up with my daily 'motherly' calls when i am away to check on my dogs. i would highly recommend AHMP. Pros: doctor expertise, friendly and efficient staff Cons: none more

Great veterinarian and great place 5/4/2010

My pets have been going to Dr. Valese for over a decade and they have been in the best of care! Dr. Valese is very professional and of course, knowledgeable. Everything is explained. Necessary routine vaccinations and checkups are never forgotten as you are reminded by the wonderful staff when things are needed. The staff has always been wonderful and the entire facility is always clean and up to date. When it comes to special needed care Dr. Valese takes care of your pets with the up-most attention and the personal follow-ups are great. You can't go wrong in taking all your pets to Dr. Valese at Animal Hospital of Mount Pocono! Pros: Professional, friendly, convenient Cons: none more

Excellent Facility and Staff 4/11/2010

Cannot praise this facility enough. I was a client before I became an employee. There is no vet I would EVER take my pets to. Dr. Valese provides incredible veterinary care. I have seen clients come in with sick, suffering pets who have been receiving healthcare elsewhere and have no answers for why their pet is not getting better. Within a short period of time Dr. Valese would not only be able to properly diagnose their condition but do whatever it took to help them recover. The staff is everything you look for in an establishment; warm, friendly, properly trained, caring, knowlegeable, helpful, etc.. The facility itself is immaculate. Pros: Knowlegeable & caring staff, cleanliness, friendliness more

Excellent pet care 4/9/2010

I took my cats to Dr. Valese specifically for dental care because I found some gum & tooth problems on my own. I was very concerned & expected my cats to need some teeth extracted. Dr. Valese evalutated my cats & I took them back for same day procedures for teeth cleaning with possible extractions. Good news is, he cleaned their teeth to the whitest & cleanest ever. They looked better than some people! The gums healed from the inflammation & the black teeth were just stained badly & this was able to be removed along with alot of tartar. I got them to Dr. Valese in time for him to save their teeth & have their health improve. Throughout the 6 visits I had with Dr. Valese I only experienced the friendliest & most caring staff from the receptionist, to the assistants to Dr. himself. Dr. Valese was very soft spoken, very concerned & very gentle with my cats, as were all the girls in the office. I have the utmost confidence in him. They made follow up calls & also Dr. returned my calls when I had concerns about my cat when I brought one home from his procedure. The entire staff is very approachable. Dr. Valese also gave me excellent advice on other problems I was having with my cats. As others have said, you must expect to pay more for Dr. Valese's services, as he is a specialist vetrinarian. His knowledge & facility capabilities go far beyond that of the normal vet. You get what you pay for & the care & treatment you recieve is top notch. I am so thankful that I found him & I took my pets there. I can't tell you how many of my friend's dogs & cats had to have their teeth extracted because of no dental care & have other health issues because of this. My cats will live a longer & healthier life because of Dr. Valese's care. I cannot say enough good things about this Dr. Pros: Friendly staff, clean, cheerful facility, excellent Dr. more

They care about your pet! 3/22/2010

Our breeder recommended the Animal Hospital of Mt Pocono and we are glad they did. They have taken wonderful care of our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog and his teeth. Everything they do is thoroughly explained and they even show before and after photos/x-rays so you can see what has been done. Someone always calls to check up on you and your pet the day after a procedure to see if you are having any problems or have any questions. Highly recommended! Pros: Friendly, knowledgable staff more

Cheerful staff, caring doctor, clean & modern facility 3/16/2010

Cheerful, friendly & helpful staff are great. Caring & competent doctor handles pets very gently. Office is clean, nicely decorated, & modern with many high tech gadgets. It's a pleasure knowing your pet is in such good hands there. more

No Way 3/8/2010

I don't know what place they went to but this hospital is no good for your pet. Trust me! Just very impatient and rude. It is probably someone who works there that has given it five stars and a good review. Cons: Animal Hospital Of Mount Pocono more

Great Care, Excellant Service 3/7/2010

My kitty was very ill, I rushed him to Dr Valese, they took great care of him, Dr told me he had a urinary blockage and would need to be hospitilized for a few days to help him. Me and my kitty were very scared. He did stay and Dr Valese and his staff were very helpful, they kept me updated on his condition, and a few days later I was able to bring him home and now with a special diet Dr put him and yearly checks up and urine testing, my kitty is a very happy senior pet now, he is able to live a very happy and comfy life, thanks to the great care he received from the Animal Hospital of Mt Pocono and they great staff. We thank them. more

excellent dr and service 3/2/2010

My cat had been suffering from a skin condition for about 2 years where he would lick himself raw all over his belly...he was miserable and no treatment was helping!! Then I went to the animal hospital in Mt. Pocono to see Dr. Valese, and after the first visit he informed me that it was due to allergies (I didn't even know pets had allergies!), and after some testing we were finally able to find something to relieve my poor kitty's itching. He is such a happier cat now, and I'm a happier cat owner thanks to the wonderful care of Dr. Valese and his wonderful staff. We are grateful!! Pros: extremely thorough and comprehensive care more

Great place for veterinary care 2/28/2010

Very clean facility with friendly team members. My 4 year old lab was showing signs of stiffness approx. 6 mos ago. Dr Valese recommended a prescription diet, supplement and weight rechecks once a month. Now, my lab is jumping around alot more and not as near as stiff as before. Also, I had a flea problem and with the help from Dr Valese and staff I was able to get control of the situaton that I struggled with for weeks using store products that didn't work. Dr Valese and team members are educated and caring. I will continue to have this veterinary hospital for all my pet's care in the future. more

Go some place else if you truly love your pet 11/19/2009

I wish we could give less than one rating. This vet (Dr. Valese) is very mean. He has no heart. He is not even friendly. Not a place you want to go to. Find another vet who is caring to people and pets. He is not! I would travel all the way to Germany before going to the Animal Hospital of Mount Pocono. Obviously this is not the best hospital or vet because others are giving one star rating as well. Go some place else if you truly love your pet(s). The facility is nice but the doctors are not! Pros: Wonderful Receptionists Cons: Dr. Valese more
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Owner Message

  • We are here to help you and your pet through our practice of Veterinary medicine. If there is ever any way you feel we could work to serve you and your pet better, please let us know. Our purpose is to service Mt. Pocono and all of Monroe County Pennsylvania with high quality Veterinary health care. Dr. Valese has been caring for pets in our community since 1983. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Pocono Mountains we strive to provide not only the best in veterinary medicine, but also in customer care. We have a set of goals which guide our efforts and serves to give you some insight as to what we are all about. They are as follows:

    1. Provide the best Veterinary care.
    2. Help our patients live longer and healthier lives.
    3. Educate our pet owners concerning the healthcare needs of their pets.
    4. To improve the quality of life for our owners and their pets.
    5. To treat our clientele as we wish to be treated.

    As we employ these goals we create quite a unique and refreshing experience for our clients, you the pet owner. We not only treat your pets as if they were our own, with plenty of TLC, but equally important we treat you with the attention and service you expect and deserve.

    If you desire a:
    - Clean and modern facility
    - Friendly, caring staff with a helpful attitude
    - A kind and competent doctor who pays attention to every detail of your pet's health care

    Then the Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono is the veterinary hospital you have been looking for. Dr. Valese knows his patients and their health care needs as he is the only veterinarian on staff. This means continuity of care and no confusion which can sometimes occur between various doctors. We know you'll love it here at the Animal Hospital of Mt Pocono, and we know that your pet deserves the best care.

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    Mon 8am-4pm, Thu-Fri 8am-4pm, Tue 8am-7pm, Sat 9am-12pm