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Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch - 13 Reviews - 14021 Denton Dr, Dallas, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (972) 247-2221

Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch

14021 Denton Dr
Dallas, TX 75234
(972) 247-2221
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I've brought my animals to this clinic since I was a teenager and I've never had any problem with them at all. ACFB is a no-frills clinic. Come in, get what you need done, and ...


We have taken our pets to Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch for 14 years, but sadly, we will no longer be customers. The vets are OK, and yes, the place does not charge as much as ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/30/2012

ok, so maybe the staff isn't friendly , but the savings far outweigh the lack of ""customer service"". This is the 3rd clinic I have tried and the others were just as rude and cost a lot more so, I got over it and go in , do my business with them., thank them and get the heck out. The doctors are good and that's all I care about. If you're looking for compassion, love, and customer service.. sorry, this is not the place. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2012

I've been going to this vet for 11 years. They are busy, low cost, and like any other people in the world that you encounter, you get from them what you give to them. Give them a hard time and you'll get, in your perspective, crappy service. Be nice to them, and they'll be nice to you because they are people just like you and me, and they are nice. I see some rough edges, but nothing I would call rude. I know how to be rude myself, and I don't see that in them here. \r \r Every negative I have read here makes me wonder what the perspective is of those who wrote the negatives. I know this, if you are looking for negatives, you can find them, because there aren't any perfect people in the world, not that I have ever met, including myself. If you want perfection this is not the place for you, but good luck finding it, and if you do, you better not go because you'll ruin the perfection of the place.\r \r If you press for answers when you are speaking with the vets, you'll get answers, so don't let the vet go until you are satisfied. No need to be intimidated. \r \r Because they are very low cost, ex: pre-anesthesia blood panel $37, most regular vet offices $104. This is not a ""you get what you pay for"" type of place, and they will spend the time with you and your pet if you feel you need more information or time with the vet. Their vets rotate from this clinic to other clinics so you may not get the same vet every time depending on the day of the week.\r \r I have been a bit disappointed in some of the service I have gotten in 11 years, but overall, and we are talking 11 years, I have trusted the well being of my very best friend, my dog Watson, to them and they have taken very, very good care of him every single time, and sometimes, because they know I am disabled, they don't even charge me for some of the visit charges, which costs $25. \r \r They just got computers to start keeping records of the animals and they have all kinds coming through there, not just cats and dogs. It would be good if everyone knew how to be a good customer and patient when coming to this place. Patience will serve you well here. They really don't do appointments, except for surgeries, but I'm pretty sure they are a 100% walk-in clinic, and man, they have a lot of patients and customers. \r \r I trust them, but do some Internet research on your pet's symptoms before you go in so you can be prepared to ask questions. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/29/2012

When I moved the last time, around 2 years ago or so, I gave this clinic my new address for the reminder postcard letting me know my dog's shots were due. Completely forgot about em until a good 7 months later or so, mostly because I never got a reminder (yeah, yeah, grown woman should remember when her dog's once-a-year shots are due). Ended up having my mom and daughter take him in while I was at work, and they'd never been there before. The women at the desk were extremely rude to my 60-something year old mother, especially when she didn't know where the scale was to weigh him. She also told them that he was there for this year's shots, and the woman gave an attitude saying he hadn't been there in two years, so they couldn't be this year's shots. Argumentative much? I understand that this is a super busy clinic, they get a lot of phone calls and walk-ins, and they have a lot to do, but can the attitude. You work in a customer service environment, and if you don't like people, don't work a front desk, animal clinic or not! more

We have taken our pets to Animal Clinic 6/4/2012

We have taken our pets to Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch for 14 years, but sadly, we will no longer be customers. The vets are OK, and yes, the place does not charge as much as other places; however, it's too hard to ignore the rudeness of the front office staff. This morning I watched as a young couple took a sick dog in there and were turned away because they had not been polite on the phone the previous evening. (At least that's the impression I got.) The young man tried to apologize and explain that this had been an emotional time for them because their dog was very sick. This young couple came in with what appeared to be their father, and it was obvious they were very concerned about the dog. He asked to please let their dog see a vet and were told, ""There are other vets."" After hearing that, my 14 plus years as a customer are over. I, too, have been a victim to extreme rudeness both in person and even on the phone when talking to the front office staff. (And I was never even rude to them on the phone or in person.) It's really not worth the drive and stress once you arrive there. Our dog's cards have been lost, and I've heard comments and language coming from one of the staff members as I have waited in the waiting room with nothing to listen to but their conversations. I could go on and on...Just avoid this place. I've heard Plano Animal and Bird Clinic have low cost vaccinations as well. I am going to try that place. I hope the young couple get some help for their sick dog. more

FB Animal Clinic 5/12/2012

This is definitely a low cost clinic and soft on the wallet in comparison to your normal big city vets. With this being said...If your a pet owner that has compassion, then your probably not going to like this place. On the other hand, if your dog is just a dog or your cat is just a cat then your good. Unfortunately, I fall into the category of compassion. I took my sweet, beautiful girl bulldog that I ""rescued"" four years ago to this clinic...thought I'd save some money. Got no greeting from the staff other than ""have you been helped"", got shuffled into a room, got my dogs shot and got shuffled out. No questions asked about her health, how she was eating, sleeping or getting around, etc. This was on a Saturday morning...She died on Monday morning, no warning. Monday afternoon, I decided to call the clinic and at least let them know that my dog had died so that they could pull her information card from their files...the response that I got was ""oh, okay...I'll let them know."" (click) the phone line was as dead as my dog! This is the type of service that you should expect from these ""trained"" professionals... Offering ""low cost"" services doesn't have to be ""low quality"". These people have the same educated back ground as any other veterinary clinic. Would I use this clinic again, should I get another pet? Possibly...but at least I would go in knowing that the perception of the staff is ""get in-get out"". more

Fantastic No-Frills Service 4/20/2012

I've brought my animals to this clinic since I was a teenager and I've never had any problem with them at all. ACFB is a no-frills clinic. Come in, get what you need done, and go. This is old school veterinary care without all the bells and whistles- reminds me of West Texas cattle ranch vets without the cows. If you want your animal to be well taken care of without spending an arm and a leg doing it, this is the place to bring them. If you want to be coddled and your animal to be treated like its owned by the queen mother of England, go pay higher prices elsewhere for smiles, tears, and pats on the back. A word of warning to new visitors: this place is busy. Its a madhouse! And not for lack of trying to keep things organized, but for the fact that their schedule is perma-booked months in advance. You can walk into that clinic at any moment of the day while they're open and wait in line behind 20 other people. The staff aren't at all rude. They're doing their best to be efficient. Maybe a little brusque at times, but I highly doubt the ones who call them ""rude"" could handle a room full of pit bulls eying teacup poodles like its lunchtime without a bit of strident speech to clueless owners! All of my animals come here and received the very best of care. I have heralded their name to friends, family members, and strangers looking for a veterinarian that this is the place to go. I will continue to bring my animals here until the end of time or I move too far away to make the trip! more

I think they delete the negative posts 4/11/2012

The only constant I see in posts, even positive ones, is that the staff is rude. That is true. We are under stress when we bring in our animals and they act like they are the ones that have it tough because they have to answer a phone, pull our cards or get our money, aka doing their JOB. Even with four or FIVE of them, they can't handle it. And they snap at the customers and do little power plays of making people wait if they dare to ask for a timeframe or to even pay their bill after they've been standing their for 20 minutes. \r No place is all good or all bad. But this place definitely needs the truth be told. If they do not like you, they will treat your pet accordingly. And one reason they will not like you is if you question them. Especially about money. My kitty girl became diabetic in her senior years. Prices went up and I kept asking if she should be put down...I could never get a straight answer. Cats hide it well, she sometimes seemed fine. I know now that a diabetic cat in its later years, getting sub-q fluids, etc, is a cat this miserable most of the time. And neurapathy is painful as are UI's which she kept getting. Could never get a straight answer when asked for their guidance to have her put down. My baby girl suffered 2 years longer than she needed to...but the clinic got another $1,200 (estimating). \r The last trip there was met with flippant sarcasm from Dr. Murray when she had yet another UI and I knew she needed antibiotics, cuz she had been there 2 weeks prior with the exact same symptoms. He wanted to gas her down just to give her a shot (she was 16 1/2). Yeah, cuz that is an extra $45. \r They would constantly find ways to get more money, like making me buy a whole box of needles instead of 10 at a time, I would frequently have to fight them and question charges. One prime example is when they had to shave her haunches to take care of the anal sack issue and charged an additional GROOMING charge of $30! ETc etc and there is more.\r As for their 'caring' treatment, I am pretty sure carrying the carrier VERTICALLY with her meowing her head off back to the office, as a senior cat, is not a caring act. As I saw this, they were actually laughing about it as they brought her in, blowing it off by saying, ""She is just trying to navigate her blanket""..well yahh, because you have her i a position that she cant do anything! The front of the carrier was literally pointed at the ceiling!! \r I was too stunned to yell at them, which someone should. So what if they are cheap, you get what you pay for. And I have learned a LOT since then about what the real deal is and will never ever take any animal back in there if if I am across the street from them.\r In fact, after Dr. Murray gave her the antibiotics, after me insisting he NOT gas her down just to give her a shot, she cratered. I found Rutherford Vet Clinic downtown. I took her there to be put down. \r By then, she was in obvious pain (and yeah, UI's are mention of pain meds, no 'caring"" and compassion about a cat with constant UI's, just those charges for visits). AND a diabtic cat is a cat that feels miserable in the last years...something else I have since learned. They hide it well...but the 'professionals' knew this and wouldnt give me a straight answer.\r At Rutherford, they were exceedingly compassionate, uber clean and the vet spent over 30 minutes with me on the phone the next day when I was questioning the process, and 2nd guessing myself. I never once felt I was impeding on their day, It was a 45 minute drive and I would do it again if it is a one hour drive. \r Wish I had found them wayyy before then! more

Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch 8/9/2011

I have been going there for three years or more and they have done a great job taking care my two min pins and I live in Roanoke now. Never have had a problem with them and will continue to go there even though there are vets that are closer. more

very unprofessional and rude, but cheap 7/21/2011

I take my dogs to Animal clinic of Farmers Branch, because they are cheaper than other clinics, but THE FRONT STAFF ARE VERY, VERY ,VERY RUDE AND UNPROFFESIONAL. they are always crowded of people and the doctors are either rude or nice they have missdiagnosed one of my dogs illness and you still have to pay for the missdiagnose. more


PLEASE READ THIS POST ENTIRELY- MAY BE A LITTLE WORDY BUT IT IS STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET BEING INFORMED.\r I am a first time Maltipoo owner and I would highly recommend Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch to anyone. The animals come first here. It's definitely not a fancy place but the people are incredibly caring and the customer service is awesome. Not to mention the price. \r My puppy's first visit only cost me $25.00 and I got a free one month supply of Flea, tick and heartworm medication. A few days later we noticed that our puppy was not eating, had diarrhea and vomiting . \r It was after hours and we could not bring him here but had to go the VCA Angel animal hospital(DON’T GO THERE) in Flower Mound. It was almost like the lobby of a 5 star hotel and the puppy tested positive for Parvo. They gave him some dextrose and told us that it would cost over $2000 to treat him without any guarantees. \r So I decided to take him home. This place charged me $98.00 and had the nerve to tell me that they had given me a $45.00 discount!!! The stupid incompetent vet dressed in a designer lab coat with designer glasses typed up a note that she wanted me to sign stating that I had refused treatment for my dog which had a bad fracture!!!!! What an idiot!!! \r I gave my dog some Pedialite mixed with pancake syrup about 10 cc’s using a regular 5 cc plastic pharmacy syringe (no needle) orally, a few times that evening and cleaned him up a few times with some warm water and puppy shampoo. I ensured that he was thoroughly dry, brushed his fur and let him sleep it off.\r The Next morning I went back to the Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch and had the pleasure of dealing with Dr. Miller and his staff (wonderful caring individuals). They did not try to push any kind of agenda or try to rip me off. I voluntarily asked that they retest my dog Rex for Parvo and they did, after which they performed a sanitary shave, gave him an antibiotic and an IV for fluids. I glady paid them $96.00 for their wonderful service which would have cost me a lot more elsewhere. \r So if you have money to waste and like fancy places with incompetent doctors go somewhere else like the VCA Angel clinic in Flower Mound. However, if you are an individual who has a sound mind and is able to think straight - go straight to the ANIMAL CLINIC OF FARMERS BRANCH…..FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE AND CARE FOR YOUR MONEY…..Don’t believe me go see for yourself!!\r more

Very pleased with clinic 1/19/2011

We have used this clinic for over 10 years. The vets have been quite good with various different problems with our Westies and our Scottie Mix. The rates are very reasonable and I rather like that you just drop by for your annual vaccinations no appointment needed, but you have to wait if you go on Saturday mid-morning. If you want bells and whistles this is not the clinic for you. Dr. Miller built this years and years ago and it is very basic, but it has not affected the level of care. The front desk people can be brusque, but part of it is there are lots of people all at one time for routine stuff and they don't have time to chitty chat. more

Affordable Services 1/5/2011

My family has been using this clinic since I was a child. The low prices really help make it possible to care for my pets. However, not all the vets on duty are good ones. \r \r Definitely avoid Sherry Marrs - she refers everyone to specialists instead of treating the problem. more

OUTSTANDING place 12/6/2010

My wife and I take our cat and dog here and we couldn't be more pleased with the service and the prices. Yes, it's a little more austere than the place we used to take them, but it's also about 1/3 the cost! We have numerous friends in Plano and Dallas who drive there to have their animals treated. If this place didn't exist, our pets would get far LESS care because we couldn't; afford it elsewhere. As it is, our pets are well cared for and we are very happy. more

Good Price, Bad Attitude! 3/12/2010

The front office staff has been rude and inconsiderate for the 14 years I've been going there. Professional they're not. The docs are quick but really lack personality. I only bring my pooch here for the affordable prices. Pros: price Cons: staff more

We had a great experience! 1/31/2010

I wish I could give this clinic 10 stars! They are wonderful! A friend of mine recommended this clinic after taking her 2 adorable pugs for vaccinations. I was looking to neuter my dog (poor thing) at a reasonable price and ACFB only charged $70 for the operation and $40 for the drugs. They also gave him other shots, a heart-worm exam AND a 12 month supply of heartguard for $158 TOTAL! They also gave us a free ""neuter kit"" from Iams that included more information on post-neutering care, dog treats, a dog-food measuring cup and coupons. My dog is a scaredy-cat (seriously!) but the staff treated him so well and he didn't seem that nervous going in and only a bit sad when we picked him up later that day. In about a week his wound was almost completely healed and he's back to being cheerful and playful. I highly recommend this place. They are not as fancy as other vet's.. they won't email you and probably won't send you reminder's in the mail, but they work well and that's what counts. A++++ Pros: Affordable and great service Cons: To the point phone conversations more

Concerning 12/9/2009

We were very disappointed with the front office staff professionalism. The prices are very inexpensive, however we learned that you can get what you pay for.\r There seemed to us a confused front desk, unaware of check in wait, unaware of payment processing, and not cooperative about when or if you can speak to the owner to get clarification of proceedures. Our pets & us as pet owners have found a new and polite home for our pets. Pros: low prices on services Cons: Front Desk in need of Customer Services Skills more
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