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Animal E R Of Arlington Hts - 19 Reviews - 1195 E Palatine Rd, Arlington Heights, IL - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (847) 394-6049

Animal E R Of Arlington Hts


1195 E Palatine Rd
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

(847) 394-6049
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Animal E R Of Arlington Hts - Arlington Heights, IL
Animal E R Of Arlington Hts - Arlington Heights, IL
Animal E R Of Arlington Hts - Arlington Heights, IL
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I have to say Care Animal hospital offers excellent care I live in Northwest IN and travel all the way to Arlington Heights for a surgical procedure for my lab. I have never met a...


The cashier is not a nice woman. I don't think she knows how to smile, and they are EXTREMELY expensive. I don't think I've ever seen the same doctor twice in the more than 5 ye...

I will NEVER come here again! 7/2/2012

I am not the one to typically write bad reviews, but I feel so strongly about this review I have to let people know. My husband and I took our 15 year old Pomeranian to the after-hours emergency care at about 8pm. Our dog tripped and fell over and was screaming in pain and was unable to stand at all. We were put into a room right away, however after waiting for 1.5 hrs patiently we asked a passing nurse when we might be seen, just wanting an ETA. He rudely told us that there were other emergencies (which we totally understood) then proceeded to tell us that they were more important than a POSSIBLE hurt leg. For one thing we were just looking for an ETA, but what really pissed me off was my dogs leg was pointed the wrong way and he was screaming in pain ? its wasn?t POSSIBLE that is was hurt, it was POSITIVELY hurt. We were so pissed off by this comment and by the fact that we waiting 1.5 hrs without even an update from someone that we left and went somewhere else. It turns out that more

Care!? Animal Hospital 1/17/2012

Care Animal Hospital doesn't care about their patients or their employees. The only thing Care cares about is making money. I'm telling you this from an insider's viewpoint. The owners are rude, the technicians are rude, and the receptionists don't care at all about helping customers, just gossip. more


Deserving of zero stars. This place should be shut down. If you care about your animal do not walk into this place. Time and time again I have gone here thinking I had no choice in the middle of the night. Enough is enough. DR. AUL is a kidnapper of your animal to rake in the $$$$$$$. SCAM SCAM SCAM and they use your emotions to get you to spend money. more

"Care" cares about money, not your pets! 8/4/2010

I helped my neighbor take their dog in - he was in pain. We saw Dr. Aul. He told us the dog may need surgery - his diagnosis made no sense. He sent us home with no pain meds. We decided to get a second opinion - we called to get a copy of the XRay. The receptionist put Dr Aul on the phone with me. He was trying to talk me out of a second opinion - said his surgeons could do the job, etc. I made it clear that I was going to get a second opinion and needed the XRay, so he HUNG UP on me. Then we had to pay for a copy of the XRay that we had already paid for!!\r \r Never again will my neighbors or I set foot in this place. Horrid customer service - being hung up on was the last straw! Do not waste your time bringing your pet here! more

Money Hungry Jerks 7/21/2010

I was blessed to be given my precious little puppy as a gift after getting engaged! SHe is the love of my life and would do anything for her. I brought her to care animal hospital thinking she would get all of her vaccinations and any help she needed there. Unfortunately I ended spending hundreds of dollars for shots that made my puppy lethargic and dizzy (Where she couldn't even walk!) To make things better, every time I visited that place they would harass me about giving my dog painful surgery for her "luxating patella" which she DOES NOT HAVE! My puppy runs, jumps, and plays on a daily basis!\r Unfortunately, I had to bring her in again due to a minor urine infection. They made me leave her there while they ran tests to call me back FIVE hours later and tell me that they were going to begin the process of sedating her and giving her emergency surgery! (For a urine infection?????) I Demanded that they do not touch her and sped over there to save her! I then took her to March A more

Great Care 5/17/2010

I have always received great customer service when I call, when I am there with any of my pets, and all the staff act like they genuinely love our dogs. They even ask me when we are bringing our new one (3rd of the bunch) in. Expensive, sort of, but not outrageous. I have seen more expensive - and they do have great amenities, hours, and always willing to see our dogs. My mother in law also takes her 2 dogs there. They even extract and inseminate for us when breeding. We see Dr. Aul at times, and we have no issues with him. We board elsewhere only because we want more individualized care and attention than an animal hospital can give, and we prefer a fenced area, double fenced if possible, but I would not hesitate to board them there if needed. more

Cold but always open. 3/20/2010

The cashier is not a nice woman. I don't think she knows how to smile, and they are EXTREMELY expensive. I don't think I've ever seen the same doctor twice in the more than 5 years I've been going there. Why do I go there? I work full time and travel and need to board frequently at the last minute. If you're not in my situation, DO NOT GO HERE! I've never actually had a problem with the care, just that they don't seem to 'love' animals, they seem to love to charge lots and lots of money. I will NOT allow my pet to be seen by Dr. Aul. The man is cold, old and bitter, and I really don't think he likes animals at all. I'm betting he couldn't make in medical school, so he ended up being a vet. The other dr's I've seen, (and they are many over the years), have been caring and kind to my pet, but you never see them again and you pay a high premium at this place. I will not get another pet after this one goes unless I can find somewhere else to board them. more

LLA 1/15/2010

CARE DOES NOT CARE....I spent $4000 and had both my pets die after released.....I was sent home with a IV Bag and a 7# cat. QUOTE" It's easy to administer"....Instead of caring and saying my cats were going to die, they continued to make me believe they would be helped. It was the worst 3 mos of my life and I won't even give them 1 star. DONT GO HERE>>>IT"S HORRIBLE>>>>>>>>They only want your money. more

Care Animal Hospital is HORRIBLE and does not care about your pet! 1/6/2010

This place is awful!!!! My dog needed emergency surgery and she got it done here. They charges us a flat rate of $4000.00 and then the next day she was in critical condition. I went to visit her without signing in so they didn't know I was there. The doctor specifically told me she was in no condition to go home and an hour later they call and ask me to pick my dog up because she is ready to go home. hmmmm what a miracle. in an hour my dog completely recovered and is no longer in critical condition. YEA RIGHT! I flipped. Then they try and argue with me and ask if I am sure that the doctor told me this and not just the tech. Then they call back and apologize once they realize I was there and saw first hand that my dog was in no shape to come home. They apologize and say she can stay but we are going to charge you another $550 like they are doing me some kind of favor. HA! I flipped they offered her to stay for free. I went 4 times just to check on her because I didn't trust more

Care Animal Hospital is not caring at all - stay away 12/17/2009

Please don't bring your pet here. I used this faciilty when my own vet was closed. Our dog was unable to walk or weight bear on her front leg. I took the dog here because I adopted this dog from a friend that is in a nursing home with cancer. She was no longer able to care for her dog and I was lucky enough to be able to adopt her. When I explained to the receptionist that I was the new owner, she stated that she would not change any paperwork until they had written permission from the previous owner. I explained to her that the woman was in a nursing home with cancer and unable to write any type of letter. She told me that was the rule and she would not change any paperwork. I knew right then I should have left but I was desperate. The person at the front desk also kept mispronouncing my dogs name despite repeated corrections. She seemed to think her name was funny. Dr. Aul came in and I did 95% of the talking. He seems to be devoid of a personality. He had little, if a more

Care Animal Hospital is wonderful and caring 7/31/2009

I have to say Care Animal hospital offers excellent care I live in Northwest IN and travel all the way to Arlington Heights for a surgical procedure for my lab. I have never met a more caring staff. I recommend them so much that I recently traveled there again for Murphy to be evaluated for surgery a second time. Dr Vinayak is the most caring vet I have ever met. Fortunately Murphy does not require surgery at this time, but if he ever does again I would never hesitate to bring him back there.Like I said my regular vet is here in Valparaiso IN and I really wish Care was closer because I would travel there for his regular visits instead of just for surgery. I have not met an unkind person from the desk to the rehab to all of the vets on staff. more

wasted time and energy 4/1/2009

We took our little bird here (an emergency situation) and spent a good 30 minutes listening to the doctor jabber on about how inexperienced the clinic was on exotic care. In the mean time, he asked us a number of different questions regarding his care. None of which mattered a wit. All valuable time wasted, because then we had to race over to another hospital 20 minutes away who specialized in exotics only. He should have made our visit short & sweet and had us on our way. Fortunately, with the care we received at the other clinic which was efficient and effective, the out come was great. No thanks to Care Animal Hospital. This is the only contact with them, but after this experience, it'll be the last. more

NIGHTMARE 3/24/2009

They kept my cat for 5 days, charged me OVER $2,000, and then released her to me so I could WATCH HER DIE less than 45 minutes of being home!! It was an awful experience that I should not have had to witness and it should NOT have happened! I would never recommend bringing ANY type of pet to this facility for ANY reason. I brought my cat there for the first time because they were the only place open (late Sunday afternoon) and they are close to my home. He didn?t say much at first until my boyfriend suggested diabetes (the doctor jumped on board agreeing with him). My cat had to stay overnight and be given fluids before they could do another blood test to determine her diagnosis. That turned into 2 days, which then turned to 4. I was given several unclear explanations regarding her condition and diagnosis. When I was finally able to pick her up (AFTER 5 DAYS) they told me she could live comfortably and continue the fluids at home for years. SHE DIED A HORRIBLE DEATH IN FRONT OF ME! T more

Horrible place! 12/2/2008

I have two pets that were patients at Care Animal Hospital and Animal E.R., and I must say that I am extremely dissatisfied with the care /lack of care they received at both facilities (located at same address). \r First, I?ll start with my rabbit. I brought himi nto Animal E.R. because he consumed a packet of mouse poison in my home. The care I received at that time was satisfactory and the doctor and vet tech on duty told me to bring Bobby Carrot back in immediately if he displayed lethargy or hind limb weakness. \r Two days later, at around 7:00 I noticed that he was lethargic. Because of the time, I was unsure about whether to bring him in to Animal E.R., or wait until Care Animal Hospital opened at 8:00. I called Animal E.R. and asked the person who answered, Allie, whether I should bring him immediately, or wait until 8:00 and bring him to Care (where he has been seen before ? and cared for well). I was very upset and expressed my anger and surprise when told that the do more

Causing Animals wRongful Executions 8/21/2008

I wouldn't bring a flea to this animal hospital, unless I wanted to overpay for it to be brutally slaughtered. I was extremely unimpressed with the pathetic service provided and found their office manager, Linda overwhelmingly rude and inconsiderate. \r \r I normally have a couple of preferred veterinarians, though while traveling, I was contacted by friends who were checking in on my pets who were concerned about our loved female seeming lethargic. It was late in the evening and they brought her to the first open veterinarian office they located.\r \r We received a call from Dr. Siegel, whose inquiries were in a condescending acquisition style. Dr. Siegel subjected me to a lecture about the need to spay pets, despite repeated clarification that we wanted her to be able to breed. I was quoted a very high price for a procedure, which Dr. Siegel acknowledged was unusually high due to the evening time, and stated our pet would have been at risk to wait until normal business hours. I wan more

Careless Animal Hospital 2/18/2008

This place has way too many people that come and go-there must be 15 receptionists, and they are impersonal-the main vet, Dr. Aul, is just an old grumpy man-they seem to be a money making machine and care little about the pets. more

High turnover 7/6/2006

This was the first hospital that we took our dog to, ironically I picked it out because of the name, and the name was what came back to bite me. One of the biggest problems I had with Care was this, everytime I made an appointment (okay, maybe not everytime, but it sure did feel like it) I had to see a different doctor because the doctor I had seen previously had left?! I have since learned (after leaving) that Care is considered one of the training hospitals in the area and that is why so many doctors are in and out of there. Its traumatic enough for my pet to be there, much less always have to see someone new and unfamiliar. more

Thank God! 6/22/2006

My dog is like my child, last year she had an absessed anal gland on a Friday night, all of the Vet's were closed so a neighbor suggested we take her here. They were so good with her it was unreal, they took her in, did the surgery, called to let us know how she was and let us pick her up to bring her home at 3:00 am. I was very pleased with everything, they took as good a care of her as her regular vet would have and they had never seen her before! more

Uncaring Care 8/31/2005

When my husband and I first moved to the area we were excited to find an animal hospital so close to home. When we lived in southern Illinois, animal hospitals were few and far between. Well, our excitement quickly evaporated when we began needing services from Care. First, Care's staff seemed to treat our pets like they were just one of many. Additionally, the staff did not adequately explain procedures to us. Furthermore, attention to detail was lacking. Care also has poor customer service. When we attempted to explain our grievances, we were treated as if we had done something wrong. However, that being said, Care does provide good hours. Pets do not adhere to a work day schedule, so it is nice when an animal hospital is open extra hours to meet the need of emergencies. Overall, I do not recommend Care except in the case of an emergency. PROS: Good hours CONS: Unsympathetic, poor customer service more
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  • Care Animal Hospital of Arlington Heights, IL, has been helping local animals get better for over 40 years. We pride ourselves in treating all animals as if they are our own with the latest technilogical advances. We are constantly updating and continuing our training and education with the newest information. Since opening, we have worked to ensure that customer service is a top priority for our team and this has earned the loyalty of many clients.

    We Offer:

    • 24 Hour Emergency Services

    • Animal Hospital

    • Veterinary Clinic

    • Wellness Exams

    • Vaccinations

    • Spay and Neuter Procedures

    • Dog Dental Care

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    • Boarding

    • Day Care

    • Swimming Pool

    • Grooming

    • Reproductive & Breeding Services

    • Surgery
    (Orthopedic, Soft Tissue & Nuerological Surgery)

    • Rehabilitation

    • On-site CT Scanner

    • Imaging & Ultrasounds

    • Chemotherapy

    • Stem Cell Therapy

    We diligently care for your Dog, Cat or Exotic Pet with the utmost Professionalism and Attention. We are available to help your pet stay healthy 24 Hours per day, Seven days per week.

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