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Animal Diagnostic Clinic - 20 Reviews - 4444 Trinity Mills Rd 202, Dallas, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (972) 267-8300

Animal Diagnostic Clinic

4444 Trinity Mills Rd 202
Dallas, TX 75287
(972) 267-8300
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Animal Diagnostic Clinic - Dallas, TX
Animal Diagnostic Clinic - Dallas, TX
Animal Diagnostic Clinic - Dallas, TX
Animal Diagnostic Clinic - Dallas, TX
Animal Diagnostic Clinic - Dallas, TX
Animal Diagnostic Clinic - Dallas, TX
Animal Diagnostic Clinic - Dallas, TX
Animal Diagnostic Clinic - Dallas, TX


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I am not an employee of that clinic nor is my review here a fake. I am writing this because my personal experience with this clinic has always been wonderful. My cat's vet is ...


I would have given this clinic a negative star if I could. E Kelly Nitsche was very unprofessional. Promised to call me when the test result came back. I waited an entire day but ...

Unprofessional, uncaring 6/30/2014

I would have given this clinic a negative star if I could. E Kelly Nitsche was very unprofessional. Promised to call me when the test result came back. I waited an entire day but nobody from that clinic called. They only care about getting your money, not care about getting your pet well. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/15/2014

Yet another internist that thinks they're the only option in Dallas! My first visit with Dr.Sears went well. I was excited about finding this vet and thought he cared about the well-being of my dog. The second visit proved that to be untrue. I was running ten minutes late… When I called on my way there to let them know, the girl said that was fine and she would let the doctor know. When we arrived the girl at the front desk was VERY rude and informed me that my appointment would be pushed back 30 minutes. After almost an hour, a vet tech came out to inform me that my tardiness meant that I wouldn't be able to speak to the doctor. Considering that my dog has been extremely ill and I had many questions for him, I realized that he did not at all care about helping him. The tech did take him to the back to do blood work but considering that this can be done anywhere, I was unimpressed. I drove from downtown to see this specific doctor, to ask specific questions… After it was clear that I was extremely irritated with the situation, he did inform me that I might be able to speak with doctor for a few minutes. Realy? How nice of them! It was clear that they were trying to make me feel like I was a terrible person for being late and were making a point instead of helping me. The vet tech even stood over me while I was leaving to make sure I would pay. Like I ‘m somebody who would skip out on the bill because I was upset?! Needless to say, I will NEVER go back here! I’ve already found a great internist in Dallas that is happy to treat my dog and appreciates my business, unlike this place… more

Dr. Nitsche is a great vet 9/29/2011

I am not an employee of that clinic nor is my review here a fake. I am writing this because my personal experience with this clinic has always been wonderful. My cat's vet is Dr. Nitsche, the clinic's director, and he is one of the nicest, kindest and most knowledgeable veterinarians I have encountered in nearly 30 years of having had pets. I have a cat with a chronic heart condition and in the beginning of this illness we had to see Dr. Nitsche 2x/year. We are now on a 1x/year schedule, yet he still recognizes/knows me, my cat and his condition very well. Every time we go there, he asks the right questions and makes sure he has all the relevant information to make an informed assessment. The last time we went, I told him that my cat would soon have blood work done for an upcoming teeth cleaning at his regular vet. Dr. Nitsche made sure to tell me to ask the other vet to send him the results, he actually wrote a little note to my vet and gave it to me. I am extremely glad that Dr. Nitsche is my cat's specialist vet and feel that he will always do anything he can to make sure he gets the best treatment. I cannot say anything about the other doctors there but when it comes to Dr. Nitsche, I feel that he is the best. Period. more

NEVER AGAIN 11/22/2010

This clinic is a horrible rip off and they can't even diagnose my dog's illness. The customer service is awful! I have a very sick dog, spent $2600 on diagnostics and they don't even give an emergency phone number to call evenings or weekends. My dog is not better, yet when I call to talk to the vet or the nurse, my calls are unreturned. I hope I never have to deal with these inconsiderate jerks again.\r \r I'm pretty sure that all the raving reviews are paid reviewers as well. Next time I'll drive my dog to A&M. more

Don't believe the "great reviews". 10/6/2010

I'm thinking the *************excellent reviews***********are bogus and written from employees that work there. \r \r There are more bad vets than good. Actually, I am searching for a "competant vet". Can anyone advise? more

good staff...terrible timing!! 9/12/2010

unfortunately, we were forced to bring our dog in on the friday before labor day weekend. i was very happy with the staff but unhappy with the time that it took to get the results back. a sonogram was performed and found that there were spots on his liver. xrays were also taken of his heart. we were advised to have a biopsy of our dog's liver and heart only to find out when we picked him up after the procedure that the results wouldn't be available until tuesday. our dog wasn't doing well on saturday morning so we called only to get a recording referring us back to our vet or to an emergency clinic. i called the vet who referred us to the emergency clinic next door to ADM. called the emergency clinic and they told us that we would have to start all over because they had no access to his records from next door! we had already paid $1600 to find out what was wrong with our dog and still had NOTHING! we paid A LOT of money to these drs but had NO after hours support! they are su more

Top notch facilities and doctors 8/14/2010

I have nothing but good things to say about ADC. For anyone who doesn't know -- they're a group of internal specialist, referral only vets (part of the VCA system). Basically, when your pet is sick and you request a second opinion, or your vet decides they aren't equipped to properly diagnose/treat something, you can get a referral here. They've got full diagnostic equipment and 24-hour ICU facilities for treating the sickest of sick.\r \r My cat was recently extremely ill with very bad blood work that didn't seem to be improving with treatment. I wasn't happy with how the normal vet was dealing with it (he gave up way too soon), and requested a referral. I was able to transfer her to ADC the next morning, where she stayed for the next 5 nights. \r \r \r The vet we saw at ADC was knowledgeable, realistic about the prognosis, but willing to do as much as possible. He took not only my cat's blood work in to account, but also her age and how she was acting and seemed overall, which IMO more


Let me make your decision easy!\r 1. If you want a vet who has great compassion for not only your pet but also for you as a person- a vet who listens- a vet who chose her career to save animals then you SHOULD go to DR. RIFKIN.\r \r I believe some of the negative postings are a reflection of peoples emotions & checkbooks being at war with each other.\r \r You should not let your opinion of costs reflect the Professionalism & ability of a Dr.\r \r I bet you are the same people who buy replica Gucci handbags and then complain that the Gucci brand sucks! \r \r It is obvious with your rudeness that you lack the ability to be respectful, professional and my guess is that you are not a very educated person and are someone who blames others because you don't understand something.\r \r Dr. Rifkin saved my dogs life! Plain and simple! Was it cheap- No- but guess what dude- my dog is alive because of Dr. Rifkin!! more

Animal Diagnostic Clinic is fantastic 12/23/2009

Best Place for helping really sick animals! So far we couldn't be more pleased with the clinic. Dr. Rifkin has been very compassionate with our dog and has celebrated with us as he has recovered . She called every day she saw him and spoke to us at length about his care. We were allowed to visit him during the day and she again spoke with us at length about his care. I wish this vet was in private practice so she could be my regular vet. They even refunded us money upon checking out . The nurses that cared for my dog were fantastic,too Don't be afraid to take your pet here if they need the ICU. I am so thankful we have them in our area. My dog would not have survived without them. more

Animal Diagnostic Clinic is amazing! 12/21/2009

I was referred by my family vet to take my 4 1/2 year old Mini Schnauzer after finding out she had an Auto Immune Disease. We had an appointment within 4 hours of calling with Dr. Nitsche. They immediately began a blood transfusion and when she was stable, they did the diagnostic work. We have been treating her since March 16 and believe she has recovered. I think that my dog would not be alive today if it were not for Dr. Nitsche! Melody is his Vet Tech and I thought she was cold at first, but she is very compassionate and loving with my dog. I can see how people think they are rude because they do require payment for all the anticipated tests and expenses before leaving the pet with them. I am sure this is because they probably have had bad experiences with collection of money if the pet died. more

Stay away! 11/26/2009

Rude. Rude. Rude. All they care about is your money not your pet. Male dr. is just disgusting. He hardly cared for my pet, he treated him like a number. I was very offended and left immediatley. I would rather my pet be in my care then let him spend one more second with that guy! He needs a new profession. Totally lacked compassion. more

Dr. Kelly Nitsche @ Animal Diagnostic Clinic 11/3/2009

We have a cat with a heart murmur (cardiomyopathy) and were referred to Dr. Nitsche at the Animal Diagnostics Clinic. I have had cats since 1984 and naturally had my share of bad vets. to deal with. Dr. Nitsche, however, is not one of them. We are regulars at his office due to frequent necessary checkups and I have always been more than happy with the care I receive there. In short: I really love Dr. Nitsche. He is one of the best vets I have ever met - knowledgeable, friendly, personable and most of all compassionate. I could not ask for a better vet. He never appears rushed or uninterested, he takes his time and I feel we are in very competent hands with our cat. This is one vet I recommend without any reservation. I cannot speak about the other doctors at that clinic nor have I had too much interaction with the staff, but Dr. Nitsche is really a wonderful person and doctor. more

Incompetent, rude & lacking compassion 9/7/2009

If you as a person want to be treated with arrogance, abused with rudeness and your pet treated with Vet incompetence, this is the place for you. I was referred here for my dog who was bleeding. My experience mirrors another review by another party on this site. I would not recommend this clinic to anyone, not even for a stray you didn't like. more

Great staff and service! 4/26/2009

Our dog had an unfortunate run-in with a pair of scissors. We saw Dr. Studer at the clinic. He was a very sweet man and very knowledgeable. The staff is also very sweet. We had several appointments with him. Everything was explained very well. Instead of trying to milk us out of thousands of dollars (which one of the options for treatment would've been), he explained all our options - which included some that were a couple hundred dollars vs. the several thousand. Happy to report vision is completely restored in our dog's eye! more

an unbelievable facility 4/7/2009

Last year we were referred to ADC for our cat who crashed one morning after receiving a steroid injection with his regular yearly shots from our regular vet. He was critically ill. The combo of injections pushed him into diabetic ketoacidosis. Long story short, ADC Plano pulled off a miracle and saved his life. Yes they were expensive but I would have paid more to save my dear pet's life. There is no doubt in my mind that if he had been anywhere else he would have been dead and I am an old ICU nurse! Good job ADC! more

Deterioration of our dog 8/4/2008

We were referred here by the emergency vet clinic that our dog stayed in over the weekend. She has some kind of bleeding disorder and we were told to just go right there so she could be treated for her spontaneous bleeding. We almost lost her twice over the weekend. When we arrived they did not have our paperwork in order and had us sit there for five hours prior to starting treatment on our dog who was bleeding all over the place in their clinic. We asked if she could receive blood while we figured out her treatment plan and we were told no. Our dog is now in critical condition and they are puzzled as to why we are upset and that if we wanted to we could come pick up our dog and they would stop treatment. The office manager and Cheryl were very uncompassionate about the situation and could not provide us with answers as to why they would let the dog get into such bad condition and not do some type of acute care while we were figuring out finances. I feel that they are not in the more

MIsdiagnosis 6/17/2008

If these Docs are so could they miss cancer and call it Cushings??? I lost my best friend because of this and I also believe because I asked questions and the particualr doctor was offended instead of listening to me and her revenge was to kill my dog. more

World Class 2/26/2008

This facility is WONDERFUL!! I have raised Cocker Spaniels and for 24 years have used them for my Cockers when they show eye problems or are senior Cockers. more

Didn't return my calls 2/14/2008

I have a young cocker spaniel with juvenile catracts, tried several times to get thru to this practice and left call back. I tried their e-mail too but they didn't return my e-message either. more

Clinic refused to see our dog, she died 2 days later 9/25/2007

Our Maltese, who had been healthy all her life, stopped eating so we took her to our vet. He found her liver enzymes high and prescribed some stuff which got her better. Two weeks later she threw up and would not eat so our vet referred us to Animal Diagnostic Clinic in Plano, which is affiliated with the clinic in Dallas. We had $700 worth of tests but none were conclusive. They recomended additional tests, which we scheduled. Meanwhile, she got very sick on friday. Our vet referred us to Animal Diagnostic Clinic in Dallas because thy were open over the weekend. However, they refused to see her, saying it was not an emergency, even though our vet called and told them it was an emergency.\r \r I suggest you avoid going to this clinic because the doctors and staff clearly have no compassion for animals. more
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  • Our mission at Animal Diagnostic Clinic is simple: To provide veterinarians, their clients and pets with the highest-quality diagnostic and therapeutic care as it relates to internal medicine, oncology and cardiology. This mission begins with the help of respected doctors in the specialties of internal medicine and oncology; outstanding support staff including receptionist, veterinary technicians, intensive care technicians and kennel technicians. All of the doctors and staff work closely together as a team to provide the best care for your pet. Our mission is fulfilled through comprehensive services aimed at complementing our relationships with our referring veterinarians, the clients, and the lives of the pets that we all love.

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