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Ancira Enterprises Inc - 6 Reviews - 6111 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX - Chevrolet Dealers Reviews - Phone (210) 681-4900

Ancira Enterprises Inc

6111 Bandera Rd (at 2 Blocks North of Loop 410)
San Antonio, TX 78238
(210) 681-4900
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Ancira Enterprises Inc - San Antonio, TX
Ancira Enterprises Inc - San Antonio, TX
Ancira Enterprises Inc - San Antonio, TX
Ancira Enterprises Inc - San Antonio, TX
Ancira Enterprises Inc - San Antonio, TX
Ancira Enterprises Inc - San Antonio, TX


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For a new car buying experience, it was excellent. Priced around town on the Internet, Ancira Chevrolet off Loop 410 & Bandera was a little higher in sticker price buy $100.00 to ...


On 5/4, we test drove a Black 2010 Crysler 300, expressed interest in purchasing the car, and provided approval paperwork showing that Capital One was going to finance it 100%. Jo...

Lying & Heartless Salesperson w/NO Remorse!! 5/8/2012

On 5/4, we test drove a Black 2010 Crysler 300, expressed interest in purchasing the car, and provided approval paperwork showing that Capital One was going to finance it 100%. Joe Idar, salesman asked if the dealership could try to get a better rate & I responded yes, as long as you don't run my credit again. He said all he needed was the approval letter from Capital One and the same documents they requested for approval for the rate. When I faxed the documents to him, he called me to confirm receipt and I again reminded him NOT TO RUN MY CREDIT, and even stated if you need to run my credit, then I will just go with Capital One because I don't want all of those hits on my credit report. He assured me that they would not and that he would call with results later. I recieved a call from CapOne that the dealership submitted a credit app so they could do the financing themnselves instead of going through CapOne - Lie #1. I called Joe and expressed my discontentment with them doing that and he just responded by saying "okay...okay." I then asked what we needed to do for the purchase & Joe told me that I needed to sign the purchase order and CapOne would issue them a check at which time we agreed that I would pick up the car on 5/6 - Lie #2. I called CapOne to clarify instructions on 5/5 where I learned I was getting a CapOne check in the mail by 5/9 and needed to take it to the dealership in order to get the car. I called Joe on 5/6 to tell him what CapOne said & his response was "ok we will have the car waiting for you. On 5/7, I called Joe to ask if there was any paperwork that we could take care of via fax or email while we were waiting for the check - he responded no, we will need original signatures. I then asked what the bottom line was that I would be financing-He put me on hold as if he was getting the paperwork, and quoted me 16,183 with a breakdown of cost minus trade-in plus TT&L. On 5/8 I called Joe to tell him that I had recieved the check & I would be driving from Austin to pay for and pick up the car. I questioned him about an extended warranty & he advised us talking about it when I arrived in San Antonio. I arrived at the dealership around 8pm, sat at Joe's desk, and his first words from his lips were - well Ms. Bunch, we sold the black car on 5/6 but I do have 2 other white cars that you can look at. I was upset telling him that he had wasted my time, gas, & $$ and asked why he didn't tell me that the car we talked about for the last three days was sold? I could have used those three days to look elsewhere. He responded by saying that he didn't know I ONLY wanted the black car, just that I wanted a car - Lie # 3-5. We ONLY spoke about the BLACK car, down to the detail of there being dirt on the roof in the rear of the car. I asked him if they were going to clean that up and he responded that they were and it would be ready for me to pick up. He showed no remorse to the fact of me being upset, of me driving from Austin to get the car or anything. He just kept saying I can show you the two white cars I have... My response was I don't want a white car & you should have told me the black care was gone when I spoke to him on Sunday, Monday, or even today BEFORE wasting time & money traveling. Is this the way you all do business? He shrugged his shoulders and said I didn't know you were stuck on one particular car. I felt like he lied repeatedly only to get a sale and did not have me (the customer) in mind with any of his decisions. I am now without a car and looking again because of a heartless salesperson. Pros: null Cons: null more

R.B. 3/19/2011

For a new car buying experience, it was excellent. Priced around town on the Internet, Ancira Chevrolet off Loop 410 & Bandera was a little higher in sticker price buy $100.00 to $200.00, but offset that with a great trade in price and rebates. Marissa and Alex make your buying experience great, along with Sue in Financing (Biker Chick you know) who works with you to make a deal happen without a hassle of haggling. They have been working hard to please customers, not just paying lip-service. I would buy again in the future from Ernesto's Dealership off Loop 410 & Bandera. more

Liers 11/4/2010

I have not so good credit and they offer the so called "Guaranteed Financing" and was told with $1,500.00 I could get into a vehicle, well they showed me vehicles I could get into the first one sounded like it had a whole in the front and you could hear all the air coming in through the dash. the second I like but by the time I came up with the daown payment it sold, I looked at others, found one on another lot wouldn't pass, then they showed me 2 others that I would have been able to get into I chose the bigger vehicle of the 2, then they come back with you need more money down, why show me vehicle's you know I can't get into, I had a bad experience back in 1998, 2000 & 2010 (2000 was at the Nissan Location) I guess 3rd time is a charm to fully vow never to go to an Ancira dealership ever and vow to let my family and friends know and anyone else I have the opportunity to inform not to buy from the Ancira family. Stay away from them, they will cheat and lie just to try and get your money, I was smart I walked away and went somewhere else and got a newer vehicle for the same monthly payments they were quoting me, and with a year longer warranty they were gonna give me more

Terrible Customer Service & Broken Promises 3/30/2010

We recently purchased a convertible here. Everything seemed on the up and up at first. It took about a year, many phone calls, emails, letters and even trips to San Antonio to find out that they will not honor the promises their salesmen make.\r \r The car had a couple of problems with it (scratches, damaged buttons, cleaning) when we bought it that we caught and so we arranged to have those fixed as part of the purchasing contract. So we drove back and forth a couple of times to get these things fixed (it's about a 2 hour drive).\r \r It was a week or so before we got the windscreen out to use with the top down. When we got it out, we found that the frame was broken in two and the screen was coming undone from the frame. These windscreens cost around $650. We immediately called the dealership and spoke with Chaz "Big Red", the salesman who sold us our car. He said that they would replace it. \r \r Well, long story short, after several calls and trips to Ancira, including trips that more

Not so friendly 10/16/2009

We took our car to Ancira Volkswagon to get the timing belt replaced and they gave us a rental and it seemed great. Then we went to pick up the car and when they brought it out there was a large dent in the front panel. When we brought it up they said they would take care of it, but had not mentioned it. It seemed as if they wanted us to leave the lot without catching it, so they would not have to fix it, but they did not deny it happened there. We were okay that they would fix it, but would have to bring it back another time. We drove the car straight home and parked it in the garage. The next day my wife went to go to work and drop my daughter at day care and the car would not start. It also dumped GAS all over the garage. That could have easily started a fire injuring my family and taking the house with it. We did get lucky and nothing happened, but the garage now smells of gas. I had to take the kids to school and my wife to work along with calling to get the car towed back. This caused me to have to take a vacation day from work. They towed the car in and it got there at about 9:40 and they said they were going to get right on it. I waited until 3:00 to call and find out what happened, since they never called me back and they said that the fuel line clamp had come off somewhere in the timing belt replacement and the fuel hose had come off. At no time did they apologize or act like it was their fault or show any concern for dumping gas all over my house. So now we had to go pick up the car and while I was waiting for it to get fixed I had looked over the bill and noticed they charged for the water pump twice on the bill. When my wife tried to show them on the bill that it was charged twice the receptionist at the desk acted like my wife was stupid and that it was only on there as a description. After trying to show her over and over again it finally took another person to show that we were over charged. After implying that my wife was stupid the receptionist then rolled her eyes at my wife when she found out she was wrong. We did get the refund for the $112, the gas leak fixed and the original maintenance completed, but now we have a large dent in the car, no apology for what they did and we still have to go back again if we want to have the dent fixed, but are not sure after the experience we last had. My warning is please read over your bill, take pictures of the car before you go in and get ready for some bad customer service. One last thing is they place a shop charge on your bill to pay for the clean up of chemical used in the shop on your car, because they care about the environment and disposing of it correctly. I would like to know when they are going to pay me for the gas dumped all over my garage and the clean up of the streets between there and Alamo Ranch area. Pros: Started friendly Cons: lots of issues arose and they did not seem to care. more

buy at your own risk 6/27/2008

bought a used car from ancira chev on 2/10/2008. when i bought the car they had to keep it for nine days to fix several problems before i would take possession of it so they had plenty of time to take care of these issues. first piece of advice is to check all areas of the contract very carefully before giving them any money. especially the extra charges.\r first, they charged (snuck on) $97.50 for anti theft id, which is for etching serial number on window, etc, and logging it in national data base if your vehicle gets stolen. to me that is an optional item that should be discussed with the buyer and agreed to or not. but they don't say anything to you, just stick the charge on the invoice. even if it has already been done and logged in the data base, they try to charge you (sneak it by you). and even if you don't want it done they try to charge you. IS THIS AN HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY ACTION?\r \r it is now 6/27/2008, about five months after buying and last month i got a notice more
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