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Anchor Bar

413 Tower Ave
Superior, WI 54880
(715) 394-9747
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She works days and lunch is always good.Get to know this girls schedule...she is the best griller this dive has had in a long time...her burgers are delicious and juicy.You could ...


The food may be good and cheap but the waitress is a different story. Me and some friends went as a group of 5. 4 were 21. We sat at the bar because there was no tables left. Beca...

If you're a stuck up yuppie, this ain't for you. 10/7/2009

The Anchor Bar & Grill is a near-the-waterfront place that earned it's prosperity by catering to the Twin Port's blue collar clientele. Sailors, Longshoremen, Truckers, Shipyard and harbor workers of all kinds from, literally, from all over the world have made this small place a big part of their Duluth-Superior experience. Some folks have commented that it is unfriendly -- it isn't. The staff is often short on busy nights and late afternoon / early evening is the best time to get served quicker. If you're looking down your nose at the place, thinking you're sophisticated and this place is beneath you, the staff and other folks will see it immediately -- and probably treat you acordingly. They see the type almost everyday, particularly during tourist season. The menu is small, creative and priced down to earth. The burger's & fries are like you would make at home ( probably better) and the drinks & beer are cold and generous. The nautical signage and artifacts are authentic, too. It started when Tom (original owner) would accept an interesting item from a sailor between paychecks, in exchange for a beer and a burger. So, if you think the contrived Applebee's type bar, with all the fake plants, reproduction signs, artifacts and phony hospitality is the cat's meow -- this ain't for you. Whenever I sail into the port of D-S, 'The Anchor' is where I drop my hook for awhile.\r \r \r Pros: Interesting, inexpensive and real. Cons: None I can think of. more

That one Gally Girl.....what be her name? 5/1/2009

She works days and lunch is always good.Get to know this girls schedule...she is the best griller this dive has had in a long time...her burgers are delicious and juicy.You could rig a sail to her crispy french fries and sail the seven seas.I'm inclined to ask this girl to marry me but i've heard tell her heart belongs to another.For now i'll just settle for her perfect burgers. Pros: magic on the grill Cons: unfortunately she works with a bitchy waitstaff. more

Don't let this Anchor away ! 3/10/2009

Friday night, and I walk through the front door of the Anchor bar in hopes of good food and a couple of beers to pre-game for the night. (Mind you I am 22) This is the first time I have been here, and I immediately notice the cluttered and crowded nature of this speak-easy looking, hole in the wall of a bar. There is a mixture of all sorts of people there; old, young, college, rich, poor, really poor. I confidently lead my group of comrades towards the last empty table at the end of the bar, making sure to smile at the extremely attractive blond in a tight vest who seems relatively content in the center of the action. We sit, wait for a couple of minutes and the waitress comes. The waitress. God bless her in all her wonderous majesty. She is the much needed messiah of waitstaff that is reincarnated from truck stop cafe's and old school dive bars that I so adore. She does NOT take sh@$. So don't give her any, don't even try. We order, and the beer and the food comes relatively fast. While enthralled with my infatuation for the waitress, I never could have imagined I would fall in love twice in one night. The burger was nothing short of breathtaking, and I sat their with only the vain hope that my impossibly overworked taste buds could even comprehend a sliver of the goodness this burger possessed. The meal was all around amazing, and extremely cheap (40 $ for 5 ppl) And when I stopped at the bar to pay my bill, I was in such a state of bliss that I figured, why not get a little more out of tonight? I struck up a conversation with the cute blond, who was thrilled that a good looking younger person was hitting on her, (God bless old creepy people) and she agreed to leave with me and my buddies to go bar hopping. Simply amazing, falling in love three times in one I'm just kidding, I'm only calling two of the three back after our lover's tryst and I'll give you a hint, it's not the one who left silver stilettos at my apartment. Gotta love it. Anchor bar. Pros: Great food, real people, easy going Cons: kinda crowded, not alot of tables, more

What a burger & kind help! 1/5/2009

Thank u, Anchor bar! i recently visited and had a burger. what a great sandwich, man. My name is Neemahninggah (Lou). Tell this woman, Meadf, 48 yrs. young, darkblond, goes by Matchmaker site name of, ""Free & easy down the road I go, Don't look, Jump!"", who helped me when I visited. When she comes and visits yur place again. ""Will you tell her to contact me?"" At ""Loulovesem@hotmail"". I owe her for being so kind and helpful. Thanks again. Yur help is appreciated. Good luck in the coming year. Lou. \r P.S.- I shall visit again, soon. more

Good Burgers... Rude staff .....small bar...... 7/17/2008

The burgers and fries are great if you can put up with the rude staff. After you have had a couple of drinks you are about ready to tell them what you think. They probably won't care anyway they don't know what customer service is. If you want a cheap night out for burgers and beer this is the place to go. Don't be expecting anything more. I had the cream cheese and olive burger both times I was there and it was very good. They also don't have a sense of humor maybe it's a Wisconsin thing! Try your luck but beware what you say! They also don't take credit cards! Pros: Cheap prices Cons: Rude staff, small bar more

Burgers may be good but Staff was a WITCH!! 5/7/2008

The food may be good and cheap but the waitress is a different story. Me and some friends went as a group of 5. 4 were 21. We sat at the bar because there was no tables left. Because one was not 21 we had to leave. Its understandable and the bar rules but where I am from bar and grill means anyone is welcome. On the anchor bar website it says families are welcome. To us that means all ages. I apologized for coming in and said to the waitress from where i am from bar and grill means everyone is welcome. She said well we do things different here in Wisconsin, in a very rude manner. I then said I was from Wisconsin, pointing out the Brewers hat and my brothers Packer hat. We took our business to Gronks grill, where the service was great. We were just college kids looking for a good cheap burger and ended up being treated like we were the dumbest people on earth. more

Best Burgers in the North, Awesome Dive 3/23/2008

The burgers, as everyone else says, are delicious. I actually can't recall exactly how good the fries were, but most likely were very tasty. The staff has an attitude, but people are too eager to get offended and be little bitches about that kind of stuff. This isn't applebee's. It's dank, it's divey, the food is much better, and I highly recommend the Anchor to anyone who happens to be in the area. Pros: Burgers, fries, drinks, price, real divey feel Cons: It's in Superior? more

Best burgers and staff in the area 3/20/2008

Absolutly love the place.\r \r You should go in there knowing that part of it's appeal is the staff. They are not going to butter you up or be phony just to try and get a tip. They are tough and sassy are going to treat you like you know what you want, so you better be ready for it.\r \r The burgers are by far the best you'll find in the area. The beer is ice cold. Best of all evrything is priced for the working person. If you want to pay 3 times as much and have a phony staff that smiles, flirts for a better tip, and always interupts you when you are talking to your friends go somewhere else. Pros: Food, beer Cons: It is what it is more

Definitely a Dive but worth it 3/13/2008

If you are looking for a place to wow you in all aspects of a dining experience this is not for you. But if you are looking for a local hometown type of restaurant to get a cheap delicious meal then go to the Anchor Bar. I am from Washington DC, but have spent a great deal of time up in Minnesota visiting family and friends. The place really is a dive, but the value and quality of the burgers and hand cut fries are unmatched. When you go to the Anchor bar you had better know what you want to order. The surley waitress has been there forever and if you get attitude from her it is all a part of the experience. Don't waste her time and she won't waste yours. I have never had to wait long to get served, the food has always been hot and the beer ice cold. This is a place that I intend to patronize for as long as I make trips up to the northland. Pros: Best burger in the northland, hand cut fries, the memories you and your friends will share Cons: dingy looking, but that's the point! If you can;t deal with that, don't go there! more

best burgers around 1/20/2008

if you are looking for a 5 star restaurant, you are in the wrong place. service is good at times and not so good at times. staff is nice or nice and cranky. surroundings are one of a kind. burgers and fries are the best in the twin ports, you do not leave there still hungry and broke. for the price you pay a little abuse from the staff is worth it, take it with a grain of salt and enjoy it. more

Good Burgers but the people and service needs HELP 7/5/2007

It said it had great burgers and yes it did but it stops there. It had 8 tables and the bar to sit at, we sat at in the back of the room. 2 tables of the 8 were empty. When we did order our food all the tables were served with food so I knew it wouldn't take long. Well was I surprised!! 45 mins later and all the tables have turned over I went to the waitress and asked how much longer she said we are busy your next but if you don't want it we will give it to someone else. She was a big smart a__ __ and walked away. I had to go to the kitchen and tell the cook to make our order to go. When we got to our room the Blue Cheese burger didn't have blue cheese on it and I ordeded sour cream with mine it was missing in the to go bag. \r \r If you go there be ready to take Sh_t and maybe get your food before you starve. Pros: Great Burgers Cons: fire the Staf more

way overrated 5/4/2007

Rude Service\r Cold Fries\r It took an hour for us to get served and it wasn't that busy.\r After an hour 2 out of 4 in our party didn't get what we ordered.\r This place is clearly riding out their reputation.\r Lots of spots with better burgers.\r Skip it................ Pros: Some cool nuatical artifacts Cons: rude/slow service, so so burgers, cold fries more

Best Fries in the World 6/9/2005

Yes the Anchor Bar is a dive but it has alot of atmosphere. Certain nights are designated ""Philosophy Night"" and pitchers are very cheap ($2). Obviously the fame of the bar comes from its food. They have an amazing variety of great burgers and the fries are absolutely the best I've ever had. They are fresh cut right in front of you and fried perfectly. You can't get any better than that. Pros: Burgers, Fries Cons: Small more

The Glorious Anchor 3/16/2005

I have eaten there once and I got the Gallybuster Burger. It was a 1lb burger and i thought I could handle it. Well, I did but just barely. I can't wait to eat there again. This is a great place to go eat with a group of friends or maybe even family. The service is one of a kind i would say. The first time I ate there I was asked what I wanted to drink. I asked what did they have on tap? The responce was a quick, the same thing we had the last time you were here (she was of course smirking). It gives the Anchor bar something others dont' have, and thats a personallity all its own. So if your ever in Superior, get an Anchor burger, or if you dare a Gallybuster :) more

Gut busting burgers 10/7/2004

If you're looking for a good affordable beer and burger, this is the place. If you're looking for a ""pretty"" restaraunt, steer clear. You will find the best burger in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin here. With real ground beef and thick offerings of burger (see the Galley Buster), this is a place to fill your stomach while not emptying your wallet. Pros: Food, Value more

Burgers with an Attitude 11/3/2002

It's a dive, but don't let that stop you. Plunge right in, drink in the nautical decor, and find a table. Don't bother with anything other than a burger and fries. Order a soda and watch the can being tossed to your table. Then, anticipate. At the Anchor's convenience, juicy burgers and crisp, hot french fries arrive. The aroma hits you and you can't wait to start eating. And then you're hooked. Wipe your chin on your sleeve and just enjoy. Pros: Burgers, fries Cons: Seedy joint more
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