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I have Anametrics and wish I would have switched sooner. I have their DVR and it beats what the other guys have. It also didn't take me a half hour on the phone to talk to a real ...


There is a reason its cheaper than the others. Your cable is fuzzy, even the ""HD"" channels. The internet comes and goes. And when you call for help Tereasa in the office is r...

Clear pic, DVR is the BEST! 12/6/2011

I have Anametrics and wish I would have switched sooner. I have their DVR and it beats what the other guys have. It also didn't take me a half hour on the phone to talk to a real human. If you can get Anametrics you're foolish not to. I went to one of their customers homes, saw what they got and called. They came out and installed my service and it went very smooth. Saving lots of money too. more

Anametrics = Fuzzy Cable & Poor Internet 11/8/2011

There is a reason its cheaper than the others. Your cable is fuzzy, even the ""HD"" channels. The internet comes and goes. And when you call for help Tereasa in the office is rude and yells at the customers. It is not worth the few $$ you will save, trust me. My neighbors warned me and I didn't listen to them, do not make the same mistake I did. more

Anametrics is GREAT 9/24/2011

I just moved into a condo. I was told by the management that a compnay called Anametrics was offering service on the complex. I called them and this guy Paul answered. I told him ""i've never heard of you"" he said well I never heard of you either and we both laughed. He told me what we would get, how much it would cost and when they could hook me up.\r \r He arrived about ten minutes early and said he had done all the outside work already. \r \r He hooked up my TV's (2 of them and both HDTV's). I asked him where are the boxes? He explained that we didn't need them and he was right. Tons of digital and HD Like over 3 dozen of my favorite HD ch'c right on my TV without a box and you feel like you're right there inside the show.\r \r I took the internet and wanted the faster speed, he ran a test and it showed 10.03 megs, When he left I ran a few others from a few sites just to make sure and hit just over 11, some were 7 to 8 but it does what I was told it would do, it's fast.. \r \r I love all the dozens of HD I'm getting on my TV without a box that TWC charged me for and got on the list to get a TiVo. Went out to the Anametrics office and when I saw what it could do I just said ""sign me up."" It's being installed next week, can't wait.\r \r I love this, a local, family owned company, a guy in charge who has to be the smartest person I've ever met, more channels than I can watch, I mean Bravo in HD without a box! I'm loving life and saving over $900 per year.\r \r Lots of digital and HD, best price, what's not to love. more

great service 9/10/2011

I have anametrics cable and I am a very satisfied customer. they have just upgraded their service and are in Amherst, I've saved tons of money. to be blunt, i think its stupid not to switch Haven't had any problems yet! more

Happy customer 8/6/2011

I have Anametrics and have had no problems. A lot of HD and dependable internet and phone. \r \r Saving a lot of money too.\r \r I just ran several speed tests and hit between 7 & 10 mbps. more

Get what you pay for 12/28/2010

Um lets see ran his speed test, Supposed to get 3mbs results .4mbs thats worse the crappy DSL, Never seems to be a problem with their equipment or service. The answer i got was maybe alot of people are on youtube...really? thats the answer..2 person operation like previously stated. TV quality is not that good..alot of static and no MSG HD is neg, since the standard is horrible. I would rather stream the game online but I internet speeds cant handle it. Will be calling them to get rid of my service after i get back from my business trip. Feel for the 40mbs speeds that were promised back in Sept. its now Late Jan and on a good day ill get 1.5mbs out of 3mbs speed that was promised. Just a master antenna rebroadcasting the signal not a ""official provider"" more

Try a real company instead 11/16/2010

Bought a townhouse in Amherst about 6 months ago. Signed up with this outfit because of the price. Lesson #1 you get what you pay for. Picture quality is very poor. Had all kinds of problems with my internet connection. When I called for customer service I was greeted by the rudest woman you can imagine. She told me they never have complaints about their internet service. She told me it must be my computer. When I persisted she said that someone would call me. 4 days later I received a phone call and the owner came to my house and determined that it was a bad connection into my unit. Fixed it and all was well with the internet--for about 1 week when it cut out again. Another phone call and another run around. Waited for a return call and in the meantime called Verizon and scheduled FIOS to be installed. When I finally received a return call from Anametrics I told them to forget it and just cancel my service. The woman slammed the phone in my ear. I now have FIOS, have no issues. Great picture and fast and reliable internet. I have heard that Anametrics is installing faster internet service shortly. I wouldn't care if they could provide 100mbps. I wouldn't ever do business with this outfit. more

Save Money Internet speeds up to 10 mbps 2/7/2010

Over 100 channels & speeds up to 10 mbps.\r \r Includes HD call us for a free test drive.\r Save $300-$800 per year! Pros: Low Cost Over 50 DT Channels Coming, more on the way Cons: You save $400 to $1000/yr or more on TV. Is That a con :) ? more

Only 4 HD TV stations and no HD Sabres! 1/12/2009

Checked into this provider and found out they only offer 4 HD television stations in their lineup! Channels 2, 4, 7 & 17 and that is it. Every wants to watch HD television so don't even consider this company. This company operates its company like it was 1982.\r \r Internet service is listed as ""fast"" but they never tell you the upload or download numbers. \r \r Why would anyone even consider this type of service? Cons: 4 HD tv stations, No HD Buffalo Sabres, charge premium price for NFL Network more

Not Recommended Cable & Internet Provider 11/16/2008

This cable provider is a joke! They offer cable tv and internet and 5 HDTV television stations. They even charge you for the NFL Network as if it were a premium channel. Television picture is analog and not that good with many channels lacking clarity. Internet service is even worse. Cons: poor television reception, slow internet along with poor customer service more

Nothing more than a master antenna system with terrible reception 10/16/2008

The other one star reviewers are correct about Anametrics. Wouldn't put it past the owner to write his own reviews. I'm also a condo owner that experienced horrible reception and service. Turned it over to the Town of Amherst for claiming to be a cable company without paying any franchise fee. You are better off getting amplified rabbit ears because you will pick up clearer stations than what is offered at Anametrics. As a condo owner, it was a nightmare as a subscriber. Pros: Can't think of any Cons: Reception, interenet, billing and a host of others. more

Great service, great price 10/10/2008

102010 now and still a customer, have been for years. Work from home and use the internet, works great. Lovin all the money I'm saving on cable TV. The savings come to over $700.00 a year.\r Their internet has been right around 3 megs and working well. Just got a card from Anametrics and the internet download speed is going up to 38.8. I also have their digital home phone and DVR, love it. \r \r They have been adding digital channels every few months, I think I'm getting about 60 or so and every time they say that more are on the way, they arrive soon after. \r I would never use the franchise here, had too much trouble with them. Anametrics is a family owned, local business. They alway do a great job for me and the other people in my building who have their service.\r Pros: Local family owned business, they take care of you Cons: none, love these guys more

Low Quality TV Reception 10/8/2008

I tried Anametrics television and internet service for two months before I switched back to Time Warner. Thought I would be saving money but you get what you pay for which is a terrible picture. TV picture quality was horrible and internet speed was no better than dial up. They bill you two months in advance so the customer has to stay for 60 days. Customer service is a phone call away where you are put on the defensive by the most obnoxious person I have ever talked to on the phone.\r \r Waste of my time and money. Horrid is the best word to describe Anametrics. Cons: Horrible picture quality, slow internet speeds and unprofessional cuystomer service. more

Great Service, I'm laughing at people who pay more. 9/28/2008

I own a condo and my Anametrics HDTV and internet has been great. I work from home and use their net almost 24/7 - no problems. Customer for life!\r UPDATE. I've had Anametrics for some time now and love it. Yesterday 1/19/11 I received an E mail from Anametrics that they were upgrading their internet. I called and asked about it. I took there 10mbps service. I just ran a few speed tests, 9.8mbps down, 1.3 up. Life is good. Pros: They know what they are doing and save me money more

I had the misfortune of buying a condo 10/18/2007

I had the misfortune of buying a condo in 2004 in Amherst, NY where the previous owner had Anametrics Cable as their service provider. I decided to give it a try which lasted two days. Absolutely the worst television picture I have ever seen. Called to complain about the picture quality and the woman at Anametrics started yelling at me and stating they never have complaints. I informed her I was a new customer which infuriated her even further. This was day one when I had the service turned on. I did some digging and found out at the Anametrics Cable passes itself off as a cable company in the literature they provide. In reality, they are nothing more than a master antenna system that utilizes the telephone lines to provide television signals to condos and apartment buildings in Amherst, NY. Called the town of Amherst and found out they are not a cable company as they do not have a contract with the town as did Adelphia at that time. If they were a cable company, they would have to pay the town a subscriber fee. On day two, I called again and told them to cancel my cable television service. Found out from a neighbor that Anametrics is a two person operation where the wife answers the phone and the husband does the installs. The woman was indignant when I canceled and once again started yelling at me in a very unprofessional manner. I explained to her the picture on 85% of the channels was absolutely awful and those channels were all analog since they do not offer any digital stations. All that I can say is stay away from this outfit. Buy a dish or sign up with Time Warner and you won't go wrong. You will receive the latest technology and not the 1970's technology that Anametrics offers. That old adage seems to be true; ""You get what you pay for"". Update: The owner of Anametrics posts his own reviews in Citysearch to bump his ratings up. You can pick them out since they are quite obvious. Pros: There Are None! Cons: PoorTV picture quality, Unprofessional customer service, all analog channels, to many other negatives to list. more

Great service for the money 2/14/2007

When I moved into an apartment in 2004 the Adelphia guy hooked me up to the Anametrics system by mistake, (they have two service providers here). I asked him why he couldn't get the internet working and he just said I'd have to call customer service. The next day a guy from Anametrics came out and said I was on his system. He was nice about it when I told him what happened. He said it happens a lot and asked me if I wanted the service? A few minutes later he had my internet on, fixed the firewall on my computer and programmed my TV. \r \r I've had fewer problems with them than I had with Adelphia (now TWC). The internet works good and the service guy who hooked me up knows his stuff. I'm saving a lot of money and love it. more
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