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Anaheim Angels

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I've been an Angels fan for many years now, and everytiime I go to Angel's stadium, it always takes my breath away. It amazes me that after every game, the employees always find ...


Steer Clear of the obstructed view seats. I was dying to see this ball park and a game while I was in Cali. When I get to the there I am told they only have some obstructed view s...

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Steer Clear 5/24/2006

Steer Clear of the obstructed view seats. I was dying to see this ball park and a game while I was in Cali. When I get to the there I am told they only have some obstructed view seats left. I say well what will I not see. I was told I will miss a part of the outfield but all players will be visible. I am only about 5 foot 3 inches. When we were walking to our seats we though wow this doesnt seem bad we wont miss anything in the field. Boy were we wrong. Once we actually sat down in our seats we coudnlt see anything. They had a wall up in front of the seats that was so high I had to stand up to see the game. Of course that didnt please people sitting around me cause I would then block there view. It was a borrible experience and I wont go there again. I even took a picture of my "view" to show what I meant to the management and didnt even get to speak to anyone. $80 on tickets that were a waste. more

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One of Baseball's Finest Stadiums 2/25/2006

I've been an Angels fan for many years now, and everytiime I go to Angel's stadium, it always takes my breath away. It amazes me that after every game, the employees always find a way to clean up the whole stadium and get it ready for the next day. The whole outside of the stadium is beautiful, with two giant red Angel caps highlighting the entrance to the stadium. Parking is all around the stadium, so there's never trouble parking. The whole outside of the stadium is magnificant, but the inside is even more beautiful. They lucious green grass is always perfect for every game, and all the seats are clean and ready for all the fans to sit on. The bright lights are perfect for the night games, and they have a huge scoreboard so you can see how all the other teams are doing and you can see replays during the game. If you've never been here to watch an Angel's game, then you must go here at least once. It's fantastic experience. more

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The Good, the Bad and the Angels 12/18/2005

My feelings are really mixed abut the Angel experience. Sometimes I really like Anaheim Stadium/Angel Field/Whatever they are calling it, and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I feel good about the Los Angles/California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/Whatever they are calling them, and sometimes I don't. On the positive tip, the team obviously wants to win from the ownership on down. And the field itself is really nice. The stadium mostly has pretty good sightlines, at least inside the foul poles. But the whole thing is a little too Disney. Not just the fountain in the outfield and the statuary, but more the heavy handed security. It seems like every time I go there, someone is being ejected for just being a fan. I was at a Boston game last year, and while the Boston fans were obnoxious, they were being baited by Angel fans who were behaving as badly or worse. But only the Red Sox fans got kicked out. That's not right. The whole scene is just a little too Orange County uptight. Too bad, because I think it could be a pretty good time if they would all just lighten up. more

Greatest team atmosphere 12/9/2005

Angels Stadium of Anaheim is one of the most beautiful baseball parks. Even if a person does not like baseball, this is one of the best aesthetic baseball parks. It has a great water fountain that sprays water from a rock platform. The Angels are one of the best baseball teams in baseball, so it is always going to be a competitive game at the ballpark. more

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Fun Night. 10/22/2005

Although I am a bit bitter of the change of name of the angels (I am from Anaheim), I still love to go the games. It is so exciting to get into the games and cheer for your home team. Everyone is dressed in red and has an angel's shirt on. However, if you don't like baseball there is tons of other stuff to do. more

Anaheim (Los Angeles) Angels 9/23/2005

I recently went to my first Angels game, and I had a blast! The stadium is very nice and clean, and there seems to be a great view from any seat in the park. The parking is cheaper and more accessible than Dodger Stadium, and so are the tickets. It's a family-friendly atmosphere, and they have promotions all during the season. more

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Angels 8/31/2005

Los Angeles Angels/Anaheim Angels are a pretty fun team to watch in the city of Anaheim. The stadium is pretty decent and close to the freeway. The Angels may not be doing the best they could this year, but they still have the potential. (Remember a couple seasons ago?) The food is okay too. more

guilty pleasure 8/28/2005

I recently got into baseball and i'm a total fairweather fan. I liked watching the Angels win the World Series, so now I know the players and i have fun going to the games. However, there is a lot of history missing from this place, and it is very Disney with the geyser and all. If you can look past that, the seating is pretty good. You can tailgate in the parking lot. It's always fun to bring families and drunk people together. Only in professional sports. more

watch the rally monkeys! 8/21/2005

The Angels is famous in recent years because of the rally monkeys. When the team falls behind and it gets to be late in the game, the rally monkey comes in to rally up support for the Angels an the Angels usually can make a comeback against the opposing team to win the game. They show the video of a monkey dancing on the jumbotron. Also, when the Angels hit a home run, they have fireworks. I like the atmosphere in the park too as it is very laid back. I recommend any Angels supporters to go watch the Angels. more

The Los Angels Angels of Anaheim 8/21/2005

Whether you want to call them the LA Angels or the Aneheim Angels, the Angels are a very exciting team to watch. They won the World Series in 2002 (the trophy is on display at the stadium) and they have just about consensus the best minor league system in the majors. What that means is they have lots of exciting young players that should be good for years to come. The stadium itself is just ok compared to other stadiums I've been to. The crowd seems kind of laid back (maybe it's typical Californian style?) for a first place team. The most interesting experience I have was watching the Angels playing the Red Sox and hearing the Red Sox fans chant "Let's Go Red Sox" throughout the stadium. I thought that's a disgrace to Angels fans. When the Angels are behind entering the 9th inning, they'll show a clip of the rally monkey, and people seems genuinely psyched about about the rally monkey as you can see plenty of fans carrying rally monkeys (do they expect their team to be down every game or what?) When the Angles homer, they let loose a few fireworks. Overall, I would say it's a nice play to enjoy watching baseball. Go on a Friday and they have fireworks afterwards. more

anaheim angels of los angeles or whatever 8/20/2005

They are a pretty good team and their stadium is pretty nice. What's really a joke about them is their name, but I think people will start forgetting in a few years. Their owner Mr. Moreno changed their name for marketing purposes, and I think it will be big in the future when people really start to associate Angeles with Los Angeles. Anyway the games here are okay, the fans are kind of bad though. Most people don't know anything about baseball, and lots of people come just to see that monkey. Padre fans are way better in my experience, they are way more knowledgable about the game. more

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Cool and clean stadium 8/19/2005

Angels Stadium is one of the coolest stadiums to watch a baseball game especially if you are in one of the suites; that is really the best way to enjoy any sporting activity. The boxes have the open air seats that give you a great view of the ballpark as well as the yummy food in the suites. Plus let's not forget the dessert cart, which is always my favorite! Parking is easy and ample and I remembered not being stuck in the parking lot that long. Another plus to this place is that the fact that is located in a pretty nice neighborhood. more

With so much stuff, why watch the game 8/18/2005

With so much stuff, why watch the game? There's a geyser that gooes off everytime there's a home run (complete with fireworks), but aside from that, I'm not a big baseball fan. There are all kinds of games and activites around the arena, you can even clock your own runnning speed. With all thhis going on, why watch the game. All kidding aside the stadium is a bit too Disney, but it's fun for kids, even if thhey hate baseball and prefer sports. And if you don't likke hot dogs, there's chinese food and other non traditional stadium fare. more

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Sea of Red 8/15/2005

Angels Baseball has a cult following. At Angels Stadium, you will enjoy a game filled with Angels fans and the visiting team's fans. Either way, enjoy a friendly day/night out with those Halo fans! The team owner, Arte Moreno, has put together a championship caliber team and while many fans were upset with the name change (Anaheim Angels turned into Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), many loyal fans have stuck around through the thick and thin of this rollercoaster ride season. more

A nice Family Outing 8/7/2005

Since they have renovated this stadium, its much prettier to look at. Unfortunately, the prices went up too. Parking costs an arm and a leg, and it can be difficult to get in and out due to all of the other entertainment in the area. The team is a lot more fun to watch lately though, and every now and then, my family will splurge on tickets and junk food! more

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Go Angels~~~ 8/6/2005

If you are planning for a family event, think of Anaheim Angel's game. This can be a fun day for the family and the sport enthusiast Dad or Mom. Spending a day watching a baseball game with your kids letting them support their favorite team will engage them in some good sportmanship behavior. The availability of snack is plenty. more

Great stadium, fun times 8/5/2005

If you live in Southern California, you have two choices for baseball...the Angels and the Dodgers. My preference is the Angels...mainly because they play teams that I grew up like the Yankees and White Sox. Parking and food is always expensive, but you can't go to any ballpark and expect to get deals on those two things. The stadium is really nice, and the location can't be beat. Beer is pretty expensive too, so it's highly advised to bring your own flask with your favorite beverage. The team was pretty abysmal up until a few years ago, but now everybody has jumped on the bandwagon so it's harder to find an empty seat. If you're here on vacation, it's definitely worth the trip to check out a game while you're in town for Disneyland. Recommended. more

Go Angels 8/4/2005

The Anaheim Angels have always been a fun team to follow. The players are fan friendly, Tim Salmon has been around forever, and Vladimir Guerrero is an MVP candidate, although he has been struggling. The team this year as a whole has been struggling, just last year they had a very potent lineup, but this year their offense has no pop. Their defense and pitching is just fine, but you can't win without any offense. And you can't go to a game without having an Hot Italian Sausage, they're great. more

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My son Michael is a Huge New York Yankees Fan. On July 24, 2005, the Yankees were visiting and playing our Anaheim Angels. I paid waaaay too much for tickets on Ebay but this game was worth every penny. I called the Stadium the day before the game to inquire about the possibility of my son getting up close to the players before the game (our seats were nosebleeds). The operator was the nicest lady I have had the pleasure to speak with. She not only told me what to do, but also told me about the run the bases event at Sunday games. We arrived at the game 2 hours early trying to get autographs, we were on the Yankees side and no matter how much we and every other fan begged., the players would not even turn to look at us. Ushers let us get soooo close to the field and we got a few pictures. They really are nice (ushers), if you are nice and they know that is not your area but you want to grab a quick pic they let you. The best part of the day came at the end of the game. Angels are loosing, it is the bottom of the 8th inning so we decide to start heading down. We went to the area right behind the Angels dug out and asked the usher if it would be possible to take a close picture of Derek Jeter at the plate. The usher looked and decided since most people had already left, he let us sit in the front row behind the Angels dug out. I was 5 ft away from Vladimir Guerrero and yelled out his name, he turned around, said hi, smiled and made fun of my son's Yankee Jersey, it was cool to joke with him (in), I asked him for a ball and Vladimir got down from the fence he was standing on and was lost under the dugout for a few minutes, at that point game ended and thought he was gone. We started to walk away and then we heard a "Hey" it was Vladimir, he was standing there waiting for us to come back for our ball. He could have left at game end but didn't. My son threw him a Sharpie and he signed it and so did a few of the other players. My son still loves the Yankees as a team but we all agree that the Angels love their Fans. Thanks guys :o) S more

Think Red 7/25/2005

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California, the USA and the Milky Way Galaxy currently have the best of their 'cross-town' rivals having won a world series in 2002 and putting competitive teams out in recent years. Vlad Guerrero, Garrett Anderson, Mike Scocia and the gang play at Edison field located in Anaheim, Orange County, California, US, North America, Western Hemisphere, etc. Presumably, parking is expensive. more
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