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American United Taxi Cab & All City Vereran Taxi - 29 Reviews - 646 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI - Health Care Information & Services Reviews - Phone (414) 220-5000

American United Taxi Cab & All City Vereran Taxi

646 S 2nd St
Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 220-5000
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American United Taxi Cab & All City Vereran Taxi - Milwaukee, WI
American United Taxi Cab & All City Vereran Taxi - Milwaukee, WI
American United Taxi Cab & All City Vereran Taxi - Milwaukee, WI
American United Taxi Cab & All City Vereran Taxi - Milwaukee, WI


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Cab 174,\r \r i am looking for this cab person to give back mu husband cell phone as he lost that in his cab while going to the airport.\r i apperciate if he can retuen us. oth...


I think I'm going to carry protection from here, on in or bring mp3 player; simply asked another male driver to pls keep the noise down(conversations w/whoever on their cells)th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/19/2012

If i could have 0 stars I would. I called the night before for a pick up because I had an appt that i had to be early for and was given a medication that I wasn't supposed to drive on. I set up the pick up earlier than needed figuring if they were a few minutes late it would be fine. I called 10 minutes after the pick they said my order wasn't put in til 8:35 that morning and I had to be picked up at 8:50. They said call back in 5-10 minutes. I gave them 5 more minutes called back and they said it would be at least 10 minutes. I told them that I had to get to where I was going by 9:30 and they said Oh well you will just be late. I hung up at that point and drove my self. They called me after I had already arrived and 2 minutes before my appointment confirming the pick up. 40 minutes late for an advance pick it is bs and the attitude of the people about you being late to appointments is very nonchalant. Basically they don't care about you or your appoint or why you need the cab. I will never use this cab company again and strongly advise everyone out there to not use it either. more

Do Not Use American United Under Any Circumstance 9/8/2012

Avoid American United Taxi under any circumstance as this company is unreliable, untrustworthy and incompetent. Use any competitor as you will need to do so after you find out that American United will fail to pick you up according to the appointment you reserved with them, they acknowledged and then, through their negligence failed to pick you up. As a result, you will miss the Amtrak train, your plane or whatever. The only vacuous response you will receive from the dispatcher is that they are clueless and have no idea if any taxi will be sent as they promised. Avoid at any and all cost. They are incompetent and unacceptable under any circumstance. Be efficient and use any competition now rather than later after American screws up and you will use the competition anyway. more

I think I'm going to carry protection 4/10/2012

I think I'm going to carry protection from here, on in or bring mp3 player; simply asked another male driver to pls keep the noise down(conversations w/whoever on their cells)they all do it, but got verbally attacked and fearful; so noone protects u in these vehicles, so best to plug your ears, and get out at your stop asap! This one took the long way back so my anxiety was on high to get out asap. There are no rules of protection, I think they can drop u right on the street. Belittled but not begotten; Bigger is not always better! ac more

I called for a cab for a Client and the 3/2/2012

I called for a cab for a Client and the operator was very rude absolutely no customer service skills, then she said it would take between an hour and an hour & a half for a taxi even though I was two blocks away from the dispatch office and there are always taxis hanging around that office so I called yellow cab and they came in 10 minutes! American Cab you've lost a client and a lot of future business! more

I tried calling twice yesterday and was 1/11/2012

I tried calling twice yesterday and was on hold on almost 10 minutes total. I tried to call back today and nobody was there to answer my call. If I could rate this with a 0 being the worst, that is what I would give it. Learn to accommodate your customers and answer your phones like you are suppose to! more

Worst Taxi EVER! 11/3/2011

I called for a pick up at 7pm and was told, to call back an hour before. Guess they don't take reservations. Then, when I did call back, I got Bubba gump on the phone (seriously, that is what he sounded like) could not understand a WORD he was saying. I kept saying, ""I'm sorry but I can't understand you"" and he hung up on me. Unacceptable, so I called back and waited through the on hold time and got him again and said ""DO not hang up on me"" and told him to please speak clearly and not muffled so I could understand and when I finally got done, he told me he wasn't sure I could get picked up at that time anyway cause there were no cabs available and I should have called earlier? WHAT! THEY TOLD ME TO CALL 1 hour before!!! arrghhh...This is a looser company with looser people. They only make money off drunks at bar time. Oh, and also, this is from last year, on 9/11 one of the middle eastern drivers had the Koran visible and prominent on his dash propped up for ALL his passengers to see...on 9/11. Is it his right to do that, based on his religion, sure, but have some respect for the country that you're in. more


AWFUL. Cab driver stole my phone out of hands and assaulted me. Management was awful and not helpful or simpathedic at all. more

Unprofessional and Shady 10/26/2011

The cab ride was overcharged, the driver was rude and and demanding. I left my wallet in the cab but the driver never turned it in to the lost and found. Additionally, when I called to see if my wallet had been turned the staff member I talked to insisted he needed my credit card number to look up the transaction. Since I had cancelled the card already I told him I would find it out from my bank and get back to him. When I called back with the number a different staff member told me they can't look up transactions by card number anyway, so apparently the first man wanted it for his own agenda. Don't support such a shady business! more

American Cab Company"supervisors are full of $!@@@"... 6/15/2011

On 6-15-2011 my pick app.time was 10:05,I was dressed any ready at 9am.I call the cab at 7:45am too let them know don"t send me cab 109 cause hes rude,ect...I was in the lobby waitting for my cab and no one showed up,so I called too see was a cab sent out for me at 10am.I was told no not yet,no cab even drove up in the drive area,so i called the company back and i was imformed that a cab came at 10:06am am.and a no show was placed at 10:12am.but no cab never showed now I'm talking too Mike thee Supervisor and hes talkig too me like I'm his child,so he did'nt like I had something too say so he called my Insurance company and reported me too them,ect...If you don't give in too these cab drivers nasty ass they dont like you.The cabs are nasty,their Rude,always late,Texting and driving,on Cell phone,always Speeding,Its not even about the Customers its about the drivers paying their rental fees,no reason for the customers too call the cab company and complain,cause its not going too h more

Sexually Harassed 3/13/2011

Last night while walking home from the bars he offered me a ride. I got in the back seat and he kept saying oh just climb in front, climb in front and because I was drunk and didn't like listening to him whine I got in the front but had to crawl up there while he was driving. Unsafe. Then he kept putting his hand over my crotch and kept trying to unzip my pants. He knew I had been drinking too. But I had to keep brushing his hand away. When we got to my house he wanted to drive me around the block and not take me home but I made him stop and I threw ten dollars and ran into my house. He might have only let me go because there were cops less than a block away. But I didn't get his name or the license plate either. Which was dumb on my part. But come on? You shouldn't be allowed to have a company run like this. They need to be shut down. Look at the other reviews. more

Rude Operators Late Cabs 1/29/2011

If you enjoy having a rude operator give you attitude for merely asking where the h*ll your cab is and if you enjoy cabs being really late then by all means go with this awful company. I don't drive yet so my mom relies on their service. She always has me call for her. Every time I call I always seem to get a rude or inattentive operator. On one specific call, I asked when the cab would arrive. It was taking way longer then she had originally said. I called back and she first of all cuts me off then proceeds to get an attitude.I understand that on weekends it gets pretty busy but that's no excuse to cop an attitude with the customer. If you can, AVOID this lousy company like a disease. I've rarely received a rude driver so that's why I gave them 2 stars. However one time a driver drove as if he were on drugs. So yeah. When I receive my license, my mother will no longer need their horrible service. more

Ex- customer 12/8/2010

Driver was very disrespectful, the supervisor was even worst, no accountability to clients or customers, should not be allow to continue with their contract with UHC transportation services. more

dispatcher doing what. 8/16/2010

I called american taxi to sent up a daily pickup for my wife to go to work. I started my call at 8:15 on 8-16-10. I listened to recorded music for for nearly 15 minutes. When the dispatch person came on the line, I could not understand her for one as she seemed to have her lips pressed against the phone microphone. secondly, she was very unresponsive as I tried to set up the reservation. She put me on hold. I waited for a minute or so and hung up the phone. I called back a second time only to go through the same routine. The only exception being that she disconnected me after she put me on hold. My wife and I have used your cabs for a month now. Many rude drivers. We originally chose your company because of it's name....American. It seems that word doesn't mean as much as it used to. I just finished setting up future pickups for my wife using yellow cab. Clean up your act american. Hire people that are willing to work for their pay. It's not welfare more

drivers are getting rude 5/16/2010

took a cab home from work today cab# 74 he was picking me up from work and was driving to the wrong door. well i waved at him so he could see me and said hey.....he turned around and picked me up. as i got in his cab he was giving me dirty looks then turns around yelling and said did you work here today?? and i replied and said yes. he said how would you like it if i came into your work and started screaming hey hey and waving at you (in a very mean voice) he was going the wrong way and i never screamed at him but had to get his attention. i work with customers all day and if i was this rude at work i wouldnt have a job. also i have been taking a cab here for 3 years and 90% of the drivers are either talking on their phones or they have someone else driving with them which they are not supposed to do. they really need to fix this Pros: n/a Cons: rude drivers more

Horrible and unprofessional 10/29/2009

Facts: requested cab at 5:48am, was told by the operator that cab will picking me up within 15-20min. Asked her if it's possible in 10, she confirmed. At 5:54am cab driver called and confirmed that he'll be in 3-5min. Cab arrived at 6:21 and I had to be at the Amtrak station by 6:30. At 6:27, half mile away from the station he misses the turn and takes me onto Highway... DO I EVEN NEED TO SAY MORE??? more

cab # 174, Khurum Awan 9/22/2009

Cab 174,\r \r i am looking for this cab person to give back mu husband cell phone as he lost that in his cab while going to the airport.\r i apperciate if he can retuen us. otherwishe its very bad, as he can not do this things with the passangers. i already inform the united service for this.\r Thanks\r \r Alka more

american united taxicab does suck!~written by former driver 2/24/2009

all is true to my belief based on word of mouth from both drivers and office management, and what i verbally heard or seen with my own eyes. first off, i started driving cab in the late 1980's. back then you could buy a "TAG"(which is the cab license # registered to the taxi) for around $ 6,000.00 ,now if you want one, there around 100,000 dollars, and guess who owns most of the tags. in the early 90's, the city decided to put a freeze on the number of tags issued in the city of Milwaukee.and mike sanfalipo and his partner and brother Joe,who then were partners in a cab company called city vet taxi,and eventually put city vet out of business, as well as brew city., decided before the freeze to start buying up all the available tags up for sale, as well as buying up all the tags from all the old timers by offering them double for what the tag was worth. as they did this, there fleet of cabs obviously grew, to hundreds.they then started American united . united has 65% of Milwaukee's bus more

An American-American United Taxi Driver 2/12/2009

Thank you cab #196. I appreciated your courtesy and professionalism. I have used this taxi service many times and was greeted by rude, smelly, non-american cab drivers that take you past your destination to earn an extra buck or will try to sexually harrass you. I often wonder how long these drivers are required to be in America before transporting lives. The driver of cab #196 is ALL AMERICAN. If you want great service request this driver. \r \r Word of advice: Try to hire more Americans Pros: American and professional and asks you the route you would like to take first more


My brother came from out of town and got stranded. His car broke down so I called a cab to pick him up and also notified dispatch that I would pay them upon arrival to my residence. 4 American United cabs came to his location and 3 of them would not pick him up. It is 5 degress outside and he was out there for 2 hours waiting! I understand that they have safety concerns but all situations are not the same and you cant make judgements on a person character at a glance so dont try. Even though three out of 4 was idiots and was going to let my brother from out of town freeze to death before they would bring him to my house, the 4th driver realized that if you are scared or concerned about your safety to take certain precautions. THANK YOU AMERICAN UNITED CAB DRIVER, CAB # 83 THAT ONE STAR IS FOR YOU. Pros: AFTER 4 TRIES YOU MIGHT GET PICKED UP Cons: YOU MIGHT FREEZE TO DEATH IN THE PROCESS more

tried to run us off the road- child in car 9/26/2008

unacceptable -tried to run us off the road- child in our car, then aggressively accelerated along side and made menacing gestures, and faces. American United Taxi Milwaukee Wisconsin taxi number 108. more
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