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American Tv & Appliance

9191 S 13TH St
Oak Creek, WI 53154
(414) 768-1000
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I went to American TV on S 13th Street because I was building a home and needed a whole house of Appliances. After calling Daryl (he handles my builder's account) to make an appo...

We won't be shopping there again 6/10/2011

We've bought thousands of dollars worth of electonics and furniture from American Tv over the years. This is the first time we have ever had a problem with a product we purchased, and we were always in the store to buy something, so I guess that's why we were never treated badly before this. May 3, 2011 we bought a new 1080p 120hz LCD Tv to replace an older Tv in the bedroom. The new Tv quit working after only 3 weeks. We called the store and were told even though it was less than 1 month, it was over 15 days. Our only option was to bring it in for warranty repair. When we dropped it off, we were told it would be sent to Madison for evaluation and repair. We were told if we didn't pick it up by June 15th it would be destroyed. Yes, you read correctly, destroyed! They called June 4th to say it was defective...which we knew...and couldn't be repaired. We asked, and were told they didn't have another one like it to replace it. We would have to go to the store and pick out a different model. When we go to the store we went directly back to look at the Tvs. There were many sales people, and very few shoppers. An overly aggressive sales person...I suppose desperate for commission...started dogging us and wouldn't leave us alone. He was told several times we didn't need help, yet he kept tagging us like a dog in heat. We wanted to discuss the different Tvs among ourselves to make our choice. Finally, he was so rude, annoying and disturbing, my friend wanted to remember his name to complain, so he took out his phone and took a picture of his name tag. The salesman went nuts. Said, "You can't take my picture. You can't take pictures in the store. It is ILLEGAL for you to take pictures in this store! Get out of the store! Leave the store!" We went to the service desk. The salesman followed us, and the department manager came. He sided with the salesman, then admitted the salesman was "out of line" when he ordered us to leave the store, and that "perhaps" the salesman was overly aggressive. About the picture, I reminded him that I was being photographed in the store. He said that was "different" it was for theft. We reinterated that the photo was of an employee name badge, not merchandise or the salesman. He tried to explain the salesman's behavior as, "Most people are Overwhelmed by the selection in our store and need help." We reminded him we had been there before, and had told the salesman several times we did not need help, yet he would not leave us alone. He directed us to Customer Service to conclude our business. The lady at customer service told us, "you have to pick a different Tv out." Which we reinterated we had attempted to do, but the salesman wouldn't leave us alone to look for one. The department manager was called again. Now remember, we had been told they did not have another of the same Tv we had purchased to replace the defective one we had received and returned. Others on the floor with the same features were more expensive, because the sale we had bought this one on was over. The manager had them look up their stock on computer....and what do you know? They did have another one in stock. They quickly did the paperwork and we concluded our shopping experience. We felt the whole thing was to try and hard sell us and bump us up into a more expensive Tv, rather than exchange it for another one like we had purchased. From my understanding of picture taking inside a store. It is a two-way street. Just as a store has the right to film you while on their property for their own protection, it is legal for you to do the same to remember those involved in an "incident" such as the one we encountered. It may be against store "policy," but it is not against the law. We won't be making any more purchases there. You should consider shopping somewhere else too. more

big screen part not available ? 5/18/2011

Has anybody else had trouble with service on big screen tv? Service person starts to work on it, then, 20 minutes, later says that a major part is shot, there's no replacement, offers info on dismantling for garbage, tries to give info on new set to purchase. Seems strange... more

Response on a response 2/25/2009

Not to defend nor promote it, I am just replying to one response. If a delivery is being made to a home, you should have your infant children in there crib and your pets put away. She wrote that they left a door open while moving in a couch. Can people walk through walls yet? You have to have a door open while you move in/out furniture. Once they were in you could of closed the door. Delivery people have enough on there mind when they are delivering something. In this case a couch isn't the lightest thing to move. You have to manover it around courners and usually door ways aren't big enough so you have to tilt it. People have stuff lieing around on the floor, so no they have to watch were they walk or they could accidently step on one of the four cats she had roaming around instead of a cage or another closed room. Furniture movers also have to watch so they don't knock a lamp over or a vase or anything else that wasn't moved out of the way. It's always everybodies elses fault for the last 8 years lately. Pay attention to what you are doing and stop worrying what your neighbor is doing. Pros: enough variety Cons: nothing specific more

The worse place ever 12/2/2008

This company is the worse - I have had nothing but problems with this company. First our furniture was delayed by 3 months. The non-English speaking delivery drivers had an attitude and left the my doors open - which my son almost fell down the stairs and I almost lost my 4 cats due to them not closing doors. They also placed my couch in the center of the living room when asked to place it where the old one was (they didn't do it) they tried to get in my kitchen to put my lamps in there (??) NO ONE returns phone calls from this company. I was told that my purchase would be here at 1pm and it arrived some time later. Then my end tables were delayed and I was told those would be delivered personally from the manager at 1pm and those did not arrive till 6pm. When I puchased my couch I purchased stain guard on it which is suppose to repel stains and this company stain guard is suppose to come clean your couch once you get stains - I reported the stains within the time limit allowed and supplied pictures..... now they are not going to fulfill the contract because my son threw up on the couch and they are stating it's too many stains in too many area on my couch and although Stain guard stated I can get a refund through American they are refusing to refund me my money. They refuse to meet the obligations of the contract and since I have no received the services I have paid for they are refusing to refund me my money for the services which I purchased. It took this company 5 weeks for me to finally speak to someone after many false promises. I would NEVER recommend this company to ANY ONE despite how good there deals can be. I have reported them to the Better Business Bearu and to Contact 6 because no one should have to be ripped off that much money for a service they never received. The way they treat their customers are totally unacceptable and unprofessional. Cons: Rude and don't meet contraction obligations and refuses to refund more

RIDICULOUS!!! 11/14/2008

I went into the store in Oak Creek since is closest to my home and after 6 visits I have determined that not a single salesperson has a clue! I was looking for a 42" LCD and was directed to a 60" Plasma?!?!?!?! None of the salespeople could explain any of the FAB's. I then explained my existing surround sound system and all I got from any of the salespeople was blank stares!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! more


Please save yourself your hard earned money and time and don't ever buy anything from American TV...Right out of college purchased my first furniture set and spent 3000 on it - Douglas leather reclining sofa and chair. After 1 month, the entire sofa had to be replaced because it was not reclining properly and one side of the sofa was out of aligment with the rest of the sofa. After using reclining chair 5 times, the reclining mechanism snapped and bent the whole chair out of shape. The repairman said that the chair was defective to begin with. Not only did I pay 3 grand for my furniture, I had to fork over another 200 for the repair. American washed their hands of it and were no help. The customer service manager actually laughed when I asked if there was anything they could do for me. I thought I would give them a chance even after all the negative things I have heard about AMERICAN, but the jokes on me. This company is a joke and a shame, their reputation definitely precedes them. Its a pity they use the "American" name. more


They may have good prices in one location, but I assure you - you get what you pay for! If you have trouble with an appliance, good luck getting them to help you. Sure they'll send someone to work on it - in a week or 2! And if you have serious trouble, they'll give you the 1-800 number for the manufacturer and tell you it's their responsibility, not Americans. I will NEVER buy from them again. I am out $4,000 because the appliances they sold me don't work right, and they are too busy brushing me off to Frigidaire and telling me they can't help me. STAY AWAY!!! more

Don't purchase tv's from here. Horrible customer Service!!! 7/31/2008

A little over a year ago we bought a toshiba 42" cinema series LCD tv. This after doing a lot of research as to what would be compatible with our home theater equipment. We purchased a performance guarantee to protect our investment. We paid 1999 for the tv and it had a pixel defect. We take it in to be repaired and are told it is not repairable. American's solution is to give us a down grade( they insist on calling an upgrade) and it is not only not compatible with our equipment , the pricey wall mount we had purchased doesn't fit the "replacement tv*. After many calls to the store manager'Jason" and the electronics manager (who not only was rude and offered us a smaller tv) that never said who she was , we contacted corp. thinking that we will get a response. The response I recieved was that we did recieve an upgrade and that it has more features (I have print outs of these features and I see some of the same.). We did not purchase this model tv, which was available at the time we purchsed ours ,because our equipment would not work together. The tv they gave us is a 42" regza 42RV530U LCD we bought a 42" cinema series Regza 42lx196 LCD. We understand that the tv is no longer available but the cinema series is available in different sizes and that is what we had purchased. I would strongly advise not purchase anything that may break from American. In my line of work it would be like me telling you that you paid for vicodin but all I have is percocet and tylenol. Instead of giving you the stronger medication which is the same cost, I'll give the weaker med that won't really help you but is more cost effective to my business. (Nursing). Cons: Customer service is the worst I have ever seen more

Sells defective new merchandise and won't replace 2/25/2008

We purchased a king size mattress and box springs. The box springs come in a set of two. When they were delivered, we notice one of them had a nickel size hole in the top material. I called immediately and set up a delivery date for a replacement. When the replacement arrived, it was also defective. The material on one side was not sown properly into the top seam and was fraying. We looked at the other box springs and noticed it also had a 4" area where the same defect had occurred. The material was fraying because it was not sown properly. I again called immediately and asked for another replacement for both after explaining the defect. The woman in the service department told me none to nicely that we would have to have a service technician come and look at it and determine if it could be fixed and only if it couldn't could we get a new box springs. I told her that was unacceptable as they were brand new. She kept telling me it was their store policy. I asked to speak with a manager and was told he would tell me the same thing. After I demanded to speak with a manager she told me he was on another call and would call me back. I never received a call. I called Scott our salesman the next morning and he told me it was their policy to not replace manufacturer defective products. They come and fix them. Our only option was to have the service technician come and look at it. I told him that was unacceptable as we paid a lot of money for a brand new, none defective box springs. He said their store policy was better than other stores and that we could not get new replacements and we couldn't return the set either. I have returned furniture to Colder's and did not have this problem even though the item had to returned twice so his statement wasn't exactly true. I will advise anyone not to purchase anything from American because their policy is to not replace defective brand new items but to send a technician to fix them instead. Pros: Price Cons: poor quality, unfriendly service staff more

POOR SALES PEOPLE - Great Selection 1/16/2008

I went to American TV on S 13th Street because I was building a home and needed a whole house of Appliances. After calling Daryl (he handles my builder's account) to make an appointment I was assured that I could come in at 4:30 and get helped. I came into the store to find out that Daryl was running late and that I would be assigned to Vince by Mick or Nick (Can't remember name). He said that he does not do builder sales because "I was too far out from being in my home and that I can find specs on the internet". After waiting awhile for Vince (he was on a break) I asked an older lady (Dawna?) if she could help me because I wanted to get on my way (hence the reason to set an appointment) and she was going to help me until a heavier dark haired gentleman (Mick? or Nick?) yelled across that "He is Vince's Customer" and was promptly told by Dawna that she had a phone call. I watched Dawna then go and start helping another customer who walked into the store. After that customer left she then started talking to another one! I am very upset at this time because no one wanted to help me because I now was owned by Vince who I have never met. About 30 minutes later Vince introduced himself and was rude and arrogant. When he came down he appeared to have food in his teeth, his zipper was down, and snot on his hanky hangng out of his pocket - I AM NOT KIDDING! This was awful! I walked out and shopped elsewhere. Daryl never called back to ask what happened. A real shark sales floor with dweebs running the show. Pros: Great Selection Cons: Shark Salesteam with no diplomacy more
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