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American Van Lines - 26 Reviews - 1351 NW 22nd St, Pompano Beach, FL - Rental & Leasing Business Equip Reviews - Phone (888) 759-6000

American Van Lines

1351 NW 22nd St
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
(888) 759-6000
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American Van Lines - Pompano Beach, FL
American Van Lines - Pompano Beach, FL
American Van Lines - Pompano Beach, FL
American Van Lines - Pompano Beach, FL
American Van Lines - Pompano Beach, FL
American Van Lines - Pompano Beach, FL


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I felt like American Van Lines did a really good job for us. No major problems and my whole family was very happy.


Do not use this company. These people didn't show up for my move on May 15th or May 16th. I had to rent a freaking UHaul and move myself out. My house closed on the 18th so I woul...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/25/2014

Our recent move with American Van Lines came off without a single glitch or problem. We appreciate so much the professional attention we were given on both side of the move from Miami Shores to East Sandwich, Ma. Thank you as well for your patience, courtesy, and personal attention in coordinating the move. American Van Lines certainly has a satisfied customer, and we would not hesitate to recommend them or use for any future moves we may have. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/1/2013

I admit that I was never confident in this moving company. In fact, I only hired them because they were dirt cheap. Luckily for me, things worked out well this time around. The first time I moved I hired a different company and ended up taking them to court because they never paid for my broken TV and the couch that they lost. Anyway, that's all behind me now thankfully. With this company, I got everything I needed for a fast move into my new apartment. So even though I called all of the shots, it is like they were excited about meeting me halfway. The movers did a good job and I am glad I hired them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/19/2012

My doctor told me that I should check out this company when I went in for my annual checkup. I told her I was moving into a new home and needed to find a moving company. Well, she was spot in with this choice. They had excellent customer service and the movers are fast and super efficient. The moving quote was accurate and they stuck to the plan. My on time delivery was the icing on the cake! Trust me when I say that this company was as good as it gets. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/17/2012

When I booked this company, I had second, third and fourth thoughts about it. I immediately began to think about all of the different things that could go wrong. It didn't help that my friends were criticizing me for hiring movers instead of doing it on my own as well. Anyway, now that the move is behind me, I am thrilled to report that the movers were unbelievable and their performance was more than I could hope for. Unpacking was easy because they clearly marked all of the boxes. We didn't have to worry about setting up the kitchen table or the entertainment system in the living room because they did all of that for us at an extra charge. They even stuck around and help us connect some of the stuff in my home office. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/11/2012

I liked this company because they knew how to give me a peace of mind. They just had a ?been there, done that? kind of attitude that was good enough to calm me down. It started with my customer service agent Irene and permeated all the way down to the movers who helped me put together my new living room table that I got in from Ikea. Because they acted as problem solvers from the start, I didn't really have a high level of stress during my move. If I was in charge of this company the only thing I would do is get more customer service lines to make contacting them easier. The two numbers I had were often busy and then it took a while for people to get back to me. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/24/2012

I admit that I had somewhat of a complicated moving request. I wanted them to pickup all of my things and deliver half of the items to my new home and the rest of it to a storage unit. While two other companies were not open to the idea, this one said that split deliveries were pretty common and assured me that everything would go smoothly. But I guess since they were so focused on the delivery, they neglected the pickup. I ended up having to wait an hour past the time set for the delivery window before they showed up. Thankfully, this was the only frustrating moment of the entire move for me and my family. They packed everything up wonderfully and made sure all of my furniture was delivered in one piece. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/15/2012

They did a great job moving my things from Plantation to Coral Springs, FL. Movers were careful, on time and very professional. I would definitely use American Van Lines again more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/15/2012

Everything about this company was perfect for me. I was downsizing to a 1 bedroom apartment and I needed movers who were quick, cheap and ready to work hard. I saw an ad for them in the local paper and called in right away. Here's how they were able to make me commit. more

Do not use this company. These people 6/1/2012

Do not use this company. These people didn't show up for my move on May 15th or May 16th. I had to rent a freaking UHaul and move myself out. My house closed on the 18th so I would have been screwed if I couldn't move myself. I had to contact my credit card company because they were dragging their feet refunding my $1000 deposit. Do yourself a favor and use another mover. Totally UNPROFESSIONAL....... more


We contracted with this company to move our household items from Dayton, Ohio to Tampa, Florida on Friday, March 9th. In the original estimate my husband told the estimator, Joseph Amato we were closer to 10, 000lbs, but were told by him that in order to keep our deposit low we should go with 7, 000 lbs and if we went over the weight it wasn't a problem and that we would pay the difference. Well, truck shows up (a day later than what was promised to us & no notification was given to us of the date change until the NIGHT before they showed up) & there is not enough room on the truck for all of our items?!! The movers also did not show up with the items we contracted for (mattress covers) & only 2 men showed up for our 3, 500 sq ft home?! It took them over 13 hours and the help from my Dad to disassemble our furniture and carry down the stairs as surely our furniture would have been damaged/broken with only one man carrying it down the flight of stairs. We were told by the driver that the company would not be sending another truck to pick up the remaining items as they had no obligatioin to do so since they picked up more weight than was on estimate?! Again, we knew the estimate was low but swayed otherwise and told not to worry, everything would be fine?! We had to scramble the next day & rent a U-haul (more costs to us), get a storage unit (again more costs to us) and fill up my parents & sister's garages with our leftover items. Once the truck arrives at our home in Florida we discover that dozens of our items (some brand new, some heirloom pieces) are badly damaged/broken or ruined. I called ""customer service"" and they told me to write a letter describing our problems. I did this & never received a call or email back. After numerous calls into AVL asking to speak to a supervisor the only compensation made was that they would waive the deposit for our next order?? When I call back to discuss picking up our remaining items stuck in Ohio I am asked if I have anything in writing saying that they would waive the deposit?? It took over a month of calling Joseph Amato, supervisors, customer service to even get a new written quote stating the deposit would be waived. We finally gave up & went with another company. They wanted to charge us all of the fees again as if it was a brand new order. One of their fees is something they call a 'binding estimate fee' which I have been told by Sam, Aramid, Joseph Amato & Matthew all different explanations of what this fee is- all of which are bogus. We still have yet to hear anything back on what the status is of our damaged items and receiving a claim check for those items. This move cost us double what it should have & the company no concern for our problems, resolving our issues or wanting our business. I would hate for anyone else to experience what we have with this company as it has been the most stressful, horrific, frustrating & costly experience. Please people, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They seem very nice on the phone, but that is it. After they have your money forget about anything they promised you & expect headache after headache & if you even get your furniture at all- consider yourself lucky! more


The movers were supposed to arrive on a Wednesday and they didn't show up. They called us to tell us that they were running late and they would come the next morning. We had to be out of the house we were renting, so we were on a tight schedule. They didn't show up until the 27th at 2pm. In the agreement, they were to pack up our belongings. When the driver arrived he said ""I didn't know I was packing anything."" I had taken the initiative to start packing earlier because I'd known they wouldn't be able to pack the entire house in one day. They didn't give us a list concerning how many boxes went into the truck, items or anything. They were here until late that night packing everything. We flew to Florida, meanwhile they told us we were to get our stuff on November 8th--it usually takes ten days. The 8th arrived and our belongings weren't here and no one was calling us or telling us where our stuff was at. Finally, a week later, my husband was calling, and was able to get a hold of somebody. They told us that in the process of the movers coming to Florida, they had stopped at a rest stop where the truck was broken into: our possessions were missing. American Van Lines had to go and get another company to get our remaining items from where the truck was at when it was broken into. The truck that then arrived at our house was a huge semi truck. When they brought our stuff to us, everything had just been thrown into the semi. When this other company came to drop off our stuff, they stole my husband's watch from the counter. We didn't notice this until a day or two later. All our stuff was scratched from being in the semi. None of our TVs made it back, my daughter's bed was missing. Everything in the kitchen that they had packed was gone--no plates, no nothing. I had a standup jewelry box that I'd packed, all of our jewelry was missing. They took half of our couch as well--they basically didn't bring half the stuff back. Our dining room table is also gone. This moving company was contracted by Cigarette Boats to move our stuff and their lawyer is currently trying to get them to settle but American Van Lines is being unresponsive. more

Great movers! 3/21/2012

I felt like American Van Lines did a really good job for us. No major problems and my whole family was very happy. more

Happy With the Relocation 2/13/2012

Really reputable company. Perfect move. Friendly movers. more

Best movers I've ever used. 1/30/2012

This is the second time I have used American Van Lines, and the second time was even better than the first! The company sent in a 3 man (David, John, Scott) they were efficient, friendly, and competent. They make the harshness of moving way less harsh because they are very nice and very strong and hardworking. You could tell they've definitely done this before. They wasted no time. Next time I move, I will without a doubt be using them again. more

American Van Lines is simply amazing! 1/25/2012

We had to move from Allentown, PA to West Palm Beach, FL and calling this company was the best idea we ever had. They were professional from beginning to end. They arrived early and the first thing out of their mouths was ""It's a great day for moving!. The movers were friendly, thoughtful, and more careful with our things than we are. They packed everything in my three bedroom house in no time. I was worried about my HD TV that weighs a lot but they moved out with no problem. I was a 100% satisfied with their work, their professionalism and their attitude. Without hesitation I'd recommend them to anyone, and will use American Van Lines again if we ever have to. more

Excellent service 1/24/2012

My experience with American Van Lines could not have been better. It took a team of four movers who moved me from Orlando, FL to Greensboro, NC. They packed everything in no time, and and were careful with my belongings and conscientious about where I wanted everything in my new place. The price was great, but the best part of the move were the crew itself, they where friendly. After they made their final trip upstairs, each member of the team shook my hand, asked if there was anything else he could do. It's clear to me that these guys really care about their customers and want them to have positive experiences. I highly recommend American Van Lines and I would use them again! more

Awesome Movers! 1/24/2012

These guys are awesome. Moving is always stressful, A LOT stressful, but with not with American Van Lines. I've moved three times with American Van Lines, and they've put a smile on my face each time on moving day. more

Great moving experience ever!!! 1/22/2012

I hired this company to pack and move my belongings from California to Virginia. They were careful, fast, and professional. They packed up my entire house in two hours and a half. These guys are amazing. The next time I move I'll call them again for sure. I highly recommend this company. Thanks American Van Lines :-) more

Guranteed Much ... Received Little 1/17/2012

I planned my out of state move from CA to PA in ample time ... to no avail. The day prior to pickup I was informed there was a delay. I had to rent a U-Haul, a storage space and find people to help me move all of my belongings. Now I had the cost of the U-Haul, a storage unit and yet get to the airport in time for my flight. Pick up date was for 7-20-11, it was actually picked up a day after I acquired a storage unit, and then taken to an unspecified holding location ( AVL was unable to tell me location). Delivery date was for 8-7-11, however my possessions were not delivered until 8-21-11 @ 9:30 pm. In spite of multiple calls, I was unable to find out where my belongings were, even when they were finally en route. I was informed by one customer service rep that I would be reimbursed $35 per day for unreasonable dispatch service. When my belongings arrived there was one box missing, that was not tracked or recovered. I filed a claim, sending it by fax and was told that the fax was not received. So, I mailed the claim by certified mail to the address given, and this was returned to me. When I phoned AVL I was told that they did find my faxed claim (which included delay info, cost of U-Haul & storage unit and the missing box). After waiting over 90 days I was called by Cheryl Jones stating she had reviewed my claim and was prepared to reimburse. However, she had no info regarding costs incurred due to unreasonable dispatch service, or my missing and untrackable box. I was told that my delay reimbursement would be 10% of what my initial deposit had been. She had calculated a 14 day delay, when the delay was actually 19 days. When asked to speak with someone else (as she seemed to be unaware of my claim info, and was quite unprofessional), I was told she was the final authority. I am yet awaiting a response with a fair claim reimbursement amount as of today .... 1-17-12. If you want quality and fair service, do not utilize AVL for your move. Thoroughly review moving companies, as AVL is not BBB accredited and has numerous complaints filed, as well as numerous dissatisfied customer reviews. more


Shortly after signing the contract, they started jerking me around (lying, not returning my phone calls, putting me on hold for long periods and telling me it was my fault for everything that went wrong). I thought how did this happen; I read the reviews. A more careful reading of the reviews revealed they are not accredited by the BBB. Check it out for yourself. At the time of this writing American Van Lines in Pompano Beach, Florida had 79 complaints filed against them in the past 3 years at the BBB. Also I found a review from a current driver for American Van Lines in Florida who wrote how this company fraudulently makes their drivers record higher weights. Quote: more
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